Jumblatt fears a major security incident in Lebanon

Berri Joumblat
PSP leader walid Jumblatt and Speaker Nabih Berri

During the most recent dialogue session that was headed by Speaker Nabih Berri at the parliament  , a senior official of a  major political party  expressed concern over the  domestic situation, and was quoted as saying , “I will not hide  from you the fact that ( PSP leader MP) Walid Jumblatt fears  a major security incident.

The senior  official added as quoted by the Kuwaiti newspaper al Anbaa .

“Diplomatic reports express deep concern over  security and stability in Lebanon , especially since there are internal and external parties who are trying to destabilize the country “.

No other details were provided by the daily .

Some media  outlets still claim Jumblatt has good political antenna, but the situation in Syria pointed otherwise