After Denmark, Hungary also posts ads in Lebanese media warning off migrants


hungary ads lebanonThe Hungarian government posted ads in Lebanese and Jordanian newspapers on Monday warning migrants not to enter Hungary illegally, saying it is a crime punishable by imprisonment.

In a full-page advertisement in several newspapers, including Lebanon’s leading An-Nahar and Jordan’s Al-Rai, the government said “the strongest possible action is taken” against people who attempt to enter Hungary illegally.

“Do not listen to the people smugglers. Hungary will not allow illegal immigrants to cross its territory,” the advertisement reads in English and Arabic.

Lebanon has nearly 1.2 million Syrian refugees and Jordan about 630,000, some of whom have expressed interest in migrating to Europe because of dwindling aid and work opportunities.

Hungary, which closed its border with Serbia on Sept. 15, erected another steel barrier at the Beremend border crossing with Croatia to try to slow the flow of migrants.

But they kept coming. People fleeing violence and poverty in the Middle East, Asia and Africa are crossing the Mediterranean Sea in rickety smuggler boats and rushing from one European border to the next to try to reach welcoming countries such as Germany and Sweden.

Earlier this month, Denmark’s Ministry of Immigration, Integration and Housing posted advertisements in Lebanese newspapers aiming to deter migrants, saying that the Scandinavian nation has reduced social aid to migrants by 50 per cent recently.

Denmark also warned that migrants whose applications are rejected will be deported immediately.

Syria’s civil war, now in its fifth year, has killed more than 250,000 people and generated more than 4 million refugees.

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17 responses to “After Denmark, Hungary also posts ads in Lebanese media warning off migrants”

  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    I’m sure they are posting it in ALL the countries the ‘boat people’ are drifting in from.
    SOMEBODY has to Educate People …..

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      And for the first time – I think EVER – YaLibnan has pasted it’s own warning. Wow … ;-)))
      Well, we won’t say anything bad about the brave Europeans who attempt to ‘Feed a Mass’ … will we.
      After all, the Fishes & Loaves are not coming from a magic basket …

      1. I guess we have to be careful what we should be posting now .
        I personally think it is about time we Lebanese learn to respect one another .
        It is incredible how some Lebanese love to destroy each other . From the moment you land in Lebanon you are bombarded with leading questions to find out what area you come from and your faith.
        I have seen some real bad comments made here. You have been here the longest , and must have seen many more bad ones

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          True Arzatna … yet I still feel it’s not as bad as some others I’ve looked into … where I didn’t feel any comment was worth attempting because of the drivel … I personally hate the thought of ‘censors’ controlling, but also admit that at times, some ‘lines’ spewed out only turn some people off completely … when they may have had one or two valid points to make. // The ‘site’ was begun originally to promote a way to ‘help’ Lebanon re-think itself … naturally some don”t want that … but space-filling with the typical invectives leads to a waste in reading time.
          We DO note there’s a lot more in here than just ‘Lebanon Woes’ these days … it’s no longer really dedicated. Something about the almighty $$ we assume.
          But some ‘thought processes’ apply anywhere, anyway.

          Tough to ‘Handle’ Free-Thinkers, eh?? :-))

          1. You, the master of drivel, accusing others of what you are guilty of. Typical

        2. If it’s policed fairly then I’m all for it but if it allows certain behind to drivel its sectarianism while policing the “other” side then I’m the first to rebel.

      2. Actually your Alzheimer’s is progressing coz Yalibnan did have warnings in the past!

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          And you ignored them all, as usual.

  2. Intouchable Avatar

    The logic says that if the EU and the rest of the world contributed hundreds of millions EUR to the UNHCR, the refugees would not have to take the “death march” to the EU’s closed borders.

    It is Sweden’s television autumn so far most embarrassing elements. Host Anders Holmberg tries in SVT’s Agenda getting Housing Minister Mehmet Kaplan, MP, to answer a simple question: Why is the Government’s goal only 250,000 new homes by 2020, when the National Board of Housing thinks that it takes almost half a million?

    Where should all the refugees live, Mehmet Kaplan?

    Despite a record influx of refugees is housing minister paralyzed.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      We have lumber for sale … or you’re all going to be using weekends to go cut trees in the north.

      1. Intouchable Avatar

        Wood are plentiful in southern Sweden.
        It is only in Skåne that the dense forest is only a memory.

        We have had tremendous housing shortage for years.
        Today, many property owners make astronomical profits from the rental of ramshackle to the state, and we taxpayers are the source lock – refugees live in moldy rooms…

        “Migration Board have themselves to blame “Bert Karlsson’s Annual Jokarjo do miljonklipp on housing for asylum seekers. Last year the company increased its profit by 400 percent, according to Dagens Industri. This year the company shows new record figures. – Sales and earnings will continue to rise, says Bert Karlsson DI.

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          Are you telling me that a ‘Housing Corporation’ for the poorest of society is ‘PRIVATIZED’?
          IT MAKES PROFITS?? OMG !!

          1. Intouchable Avatar

            ‘Today’s society’ draws attention to ‘Boverket’ report of new arrivals living situation – interim report. The ‘Boverket’ proposes that today’s passive housing with waiting times should be changed to an active housing where the refugees (“arrivals”) will go before the tenancy rights, and that any private or internal housing queues will be banned.
            In practice, the entire tenancy stock socialized and distributed by planned economies socialist and not free by the property owners.

            The housing market in Sweden consists of municipal rental apartments, privately owned properties, villas and condominiums.

            The huge housing shortage exists in communal apartments, which is why unscrupulous property owners the opportunity to earn fortune on state incompetence.

            In the seventies, Sweden had the so-called “AMS villages” – specielt built refugee villages in several locations in the country.

            The refugees lived in these facilities until it was arranged adequate jobs and housing for them. In the meantime, got them medical care and teaching.

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            And the refugees think they are coming to lands where sanity reigns. For a ‘change’. ;-)))
            But the adverts for the medical and education seemed valid enough.
            Compared to Lebanon, a good thing.

          3. Intouchable Avatar

            Hope you bothered to read the following article (raw translation) from – then you get transparency of xenophobia in the country.

            “If action is taken, the SD to become the largest party at the next election. The last three general elections, the party’s share of votes doubled, and nothing indicates that this progression will be stopped. The driving force behind such a startling advance is not in Jimmie Akesson’s reorientation of the party towards a more critical salongsfähig immigration and welfare state nostalgic stance. There has of course been liberating for the party’s wider acceptance, but it’s a powerful wave of popular discontent Ultimately, the explaining the party’s success.

            The discontent stems not in a nascent racism or xenophobia. So many wanted to argue, but without the slightest factual support. However, what is striking and well documented is a growing concern over the failure of integration, coupled with a growing segregation, exclusion and insecurity. It coincides with a record immigration, tiggeriets spread and hundreds of young people in the Islamic state’s terror war does not make it any less worrying.

            Not to recognize this and instead embark on SD’s voters, as if they were incurable racists, is not just to shoot the messenger, but evokes an even stronger reaction to what was perceived as a reality denial “establishment”. It is, in short, not only stupid, but also counterproductive.

            Keeping SD in political quarantine has also been counter-productive. It has not slowed the party’s emergence, rather the contrary: it has given the party a martyr status and is seen by many as a way to escape the issues SD takes up. Additionally, perceived this quarantine as a little-democratic and profoundly un-Swedish approach.

            For over ten years ago, I presented a study in which exclusion areas prevalence was surveyed for the first time. When SD was a small party, but nothing was done to reverse the developments that ultimately paved the way for its success. After the 2006 election, when the party got 2.9 percent of the vote, I wrote that “in light of the election outcome should ostrich politics of time to be over. Everyone understands that if we do not act quickly and decisively, we can be sure that the 2010 is a bundle Sweden Democrats in parliament. “And so it was.

            This morning, I read about the grenade attacks in Malmö and Paulina Neudings reports on Ambulance staff exposure, particularly in the exclusion areas. Henrik Johansson, chairman of the Alarm Ambulance Association, said: “It is also frightening to see that one does not seem to want to take in this in the political debate. It is that this problem did not exist. “And it is precisely this cowardice that will make the SD to the largest party.”

            Mauricio Rojas is a senior lecturer in economic history. (published 2015-08-03)

            SD as the largest party?
            The party’s new opinion figure is 25.2 per cent exploded in Debate-Sweden a week.
            Jimmie Åkesson (SD) Foto: Henrik Montgomery/ TT / TT NYHETSBYRÅN

          4. 5thDrawer Avatar

            And we always felt the Swedes were logical, hard-working, and even if a little pedantic, very good people to live beside and with. Especially the girls.
            Now you’re telling me you unwound like a broken Swiss clock. And all because you wanted to ‘help’, but now I realize that your ‘politicians’ are stupid as anywhere else.
            This is not going to be good for your ‘world image’.
            Better send a message to Iceland … they said they would take some too.
            (Lands of the Midnight Suns are going crazy … in the Long Nights)

          5. Intouchable Avatar

            As to ‘world image’, there are some who believe we have polar bears staying on the street….

            The Germans are pedantic, the swedes are “lagom är bäst” (only take so much)….

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