EDL to cut power supply to officials with unpaid bills


Electricite du Liban’s  (EDL) Chairman & General Director Kamal Hayek . He has been running EDL since 2002.
Electricite du Liban’s (EDL) Chairman & General Director Kamal Hayek . He has been running EDL since 2002.
Financial Prosecutor Judge Ali Ibrahim ordered on Wednesday Electricity du Liban’s (EDL) general manager to cut off electricity from the homes of officials and institutions that haven’t paid their electricity bills.

Ibrahim told the chief of the state-run firm, Kamal al-Hayek, that he should start implementing the decision he has taken.

The judge’s bold move came at at time when anti-government activists are holding rallies stemming from a trash collection crisis.

According to observers Hayek, who was appointed by pro- Syrian president Emile Lahoud about 12 years ago may be reluctant to take action because the majority of the people who don’t pay their electric bills are Hezbollah and Amal supporters who are closely linked to the Syrian regime.

What started as protests against waste piling in the streets of Beirut and Mount Lebanon because of government dysfunction is turning into Lebanon’s largest protest movement in years, targeting an entire political class.

The protesters are not only complaining about the garbage, they are also accusing corrupt officials of being the reason behind severe power cuts and water shortages.

On Tuesday, dozens of activists held a protest outside the Finance Ministry building in Beirut, after failing to storm it.

The protesters chanted against corruption in state institutions. They asked the ministry to stop paying salaries for lawmakers who have been unable to convene.

Activists also briefly closed a main road in downtown Beirut and dumped trash outside the Environment Ministry after Minister Mohammed al-Mashnouq reiterated his refusal to resign during a meeting with hunger strikers.

Several young men went on hunger strike 15 days ago after demonstrators stormed the Environment Ministry to demand al-Mashnouq’s resignation over his failure to resolve the garbage crisis that erupted after Lebanon’s main landfill in Naameh was closed mid-July.



13 responses to “EDL to cut power supply to officials with unpaid bills”

  1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    haha the big thiefs don’t pay their bills and they burn tires if you shut it off. there are protest anyway cut it off and let them join it. Not only they want to force their agendas on us but also steal electricity for free.

  2. what about Aoun, he is the dog for the syrian regime in lebanon. is he going to be forced to pay the electric bill?

    1. Tk, you sound like you’ve been fucked by Aoun !!!! FYI, we paid our bills to Lebanon with our blood.

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        So … How many pints did you put on deposit … for the folks who needed it in Tripoli, for example, who got shot or needed an operation for a sickness? And why did ‘The Market’ shoot the supposed ‘value’ of it to $450 USD?? You think it’s worth THAT??
        By the way, who’s your banker ??
        And no, it doesn’t pay the electrical workers …. either. Your ‘fund’ wasn’t making enough interest.

      2. Then can you explain where Chantal got her private plane from ? Can you please explain to everyone who is posting on this website about the most corrupted person in Lebanon , that is Aoun, and pointing blames on other politicians in Lebanon?
        I am not disregarding others, but he is guilty as others, next to selling every drop of our soul to a Syrian regime for his presidential bid .
        you are so blinded by this man . I feel sorry for you

      3. Brainwashed while he had u bending over. Anyone who follows a thief and a coward well blind is a lite word. Get a life.
        Your lover fought the Syrians and now they bend him over and you follow this coward.

  3. 5thDrawer Avatar

    “targeting an entire political class.” …. the 4000 people who control the rest … and unfortunate that it must be this way. But It has been the ‘mind-sets’ for far too long, and the ‘COUNTRY’ is now 3rd-world in it’s ability to function as one. It lives on charity and handouts (called ‘remittances’) … shameful.

    1. Well said. Put them ALL with the zbele and burn them collectively… alive.

  4. Patience2 Avatar

    Will the Hizboobshaitans power be included??

    1. Yeh rite, just like they started a war and said they will pay for rebuilding and the sheep follow them after it cost the State 20bil.
      This is Lebanons biggest cancer.

  5. It’s about time… They arrested a poor priest in the north for stealing electricity but those thugs run free.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      And women who don’t pay get cut off. Period.

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