Gemayel: A mafia is controlling Lebanon and its funds


gemayel-sami-press“We have come to realize that a mafia is controlling Lebanon and its funds”, Phalange party leader MP Sami Gemayel said after party’s weekly meeting on Monday.

He was commenting on the garbage scandal in Lebanon

“We do not understand the delay in resolving the waste disposal crisis” he said
“Shame on all those who are blackmailing a company or party at the expense of the people for the sake of making money and personal gains, “he said without naming the politicians behind the crisis

He said he was referring the issue to the general prosecutors, Justice Minister, and all concerned officials to uncover all politician behind the scandal

” I am turning to the finance and general prosecutors, Justice Minister, and all concerned officials to uncover all politicians who are exploiting Sukleen and the people to achieve personal gains.”

Gemayel stressed that Politicians should not exert pressure on PM Tammam Salam or the people in order to achieve financial gains .

He said ” financial gain has become more important than the people’s health.”
Gemayel revealed that he proposed a number of practical solutions

” We do not know what else we can do after proposing a number of practical solutions and doing all we can do.

Also last Wednesday Gemayel urged the government to find new landfill locations

The waste management crisis returned to the forefront after the Naameh landfill was closed last week, and since the waste management company Sukleen halted its work, leaving piles of garbage to fill the streets.

The Naameh landfill originally opened in 1998 as part of the then-government’s Emergency Plan to close the Burj Hammoud dump. The plan was supposed to be temporary, and the Naameh landfill was scheduled for closure in 2004.

Nonetheless, successive cabinets continued to defer the date, and Sukleen overfilled the site far beyond any conceivable capacity. The Naameh dump, originally appointed to receive 2 million tons of waste, has been filled with over 15 million tons to date.

Similarly lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea commented on the garbage scandal during an LF ceremony on Monday:

” What we’re witnessing today regarding the issue of waste management is a major scandal that has dangerous repercussions on the environmental, health and social security of the Lebanese, but what’s more significant is its impact on confidence in the state.”

“The issue of garbage and other problems highlight our viewpoint that a government of contradictions cannot build a country … We have our principled stances in political actions and you have your bargains.” He added

“Didn’t the government take a decision four months ago to address the garbage crisis according to a specific plan? How did we reach this situation today? Who is to blame for the failure to implement the government’s plan? he asked