7 people admitted to hospital in Akkar over food poisoning


Seven people have reportedly  been admitted to Akkar’s  Rahal hospital after they suffered food poisoning in the northern district of Akkar, National News Agency reported Friday.

The seven patients, who hail from Hosniye town in Akkar, are vomiting, suffering from diarrhea, and high fever.

They have all eaten meat from the same butchery, NNA said.

The incident comes days after more than 60 people were admitted to hospital for the same reason .

Investigations are underway to reveal the sources of spoiled meat that several butcheries in Akkar have been selling.

So far eight butchery owners in the area have been detained pending an investigation.

Last December Lebanon Health Minister Wael Abu Faour reiterated his determination to continue the food safety campaign throughout Lebanon.

Several restaurants, factories, warehouses and butcheries  have been shutdown due to food safety violations