Being weak leaves U.S. friendless

The Arab Gulf states appear to have lost confidence in America: and started taking matters into their own hands.  It is the beginning of the fallout from Obama’s decision to align so closely with Tehran.   They see Obama   as playing middleman to Iran as it hopes to take over Yemen ,  Iraq, , Lebanon and Syria
The Arab Gulf states appear to have lost confidence in America and started taking matters into their own hands. It is the beginning of the fallout from Obama’s decision to align so closely with Tehran. They see Obama as playing middleman to Iran as it hopes to take over Yemen after taking over  Iraq, Lebanon and Syria

By: Jennifer Rubin
Max Boot explains that “because the Obama administration is refusing to do anything to oust Bashar Assad, the Saudis are getting together with the Turks and Qataris to back some of the more fundamentalist Islamist fighters working against the Assad regime—including, it is rumored, the Nusra Front, an Al Qaeda affiliate.” He continues:

This is what happens when the Gulf states lose confidence in America: they start taking matters into their own hands and that means they will increasingly forge a pact with extreme Islamists, possibly even with ISIS, because they see the extremists as the only reliable barrier to the spread of Iranian influence.

This is a catastrophic if wholly predictable development, and it is only the beginning of the fallout from Obama’s decision to align so closely with Tehran. The next step in the Sunni pushback is, as the Saudi leadership has loudly and long signaled, for them to acquire their own nuclear weapon.

This did not suddenly come to a head. Liberal pundits and conservative foreign policy experts alike realize that the refusal of four of six Gulf heads of state to meet with President Obama was a public slap at a president who is seen as naive and unhelpful. Danielle Pletka at the American Enterprise Institute observes: “On the one hand, the notion of any Arab leader snubbing any president of the United States is offensive. On the other, it’s hard not to see their point of view: the United States has deliberately withdrawn from the region, and insofar as it remains, the interests of our erstwhile allies – from Israel to Saudi Arabia – are not first and foremost in the mind of this White House. Worse yet, Gulf countries, now engaged in what they see as a pitched battle for the future of the region, see Washington doing Iran’s bidding: helping Bashar al Assad stay in power; playing middleman to Iran as it hopes to take over Yemen via proxies; providing air cover for Iranian led militias in Iraq, and more. And while some of the suspicions of the Sunni leaders in the region are overblown, sadly, many are not.”

For several years now in private and sometimes in public, the Saudis and their Gulf neighbors have been urging the president to stand up to Iran. They see feckless action on the part of the United States. They see the administration at odds with Israel — and if Israel gets thrown under the bus, they can only imagine what their fate might be. They see serial capitulation at the bargaining table over nukes while the United States cuts its military, has abandoned Libya and failed to adopt a coherent approach to the Arab Spring.

The Iranians, of course, are not our friends and seem to take delight in taunting the United States with threats, quarreling with what has already occurred and publicly drawing their own red lines. As the Wall Street editorial board notes, “Arab leaders have already shown how little trust they put in Mr. Obama’s assurances. Saudi Arabia’s war against Yemen’s Houthis came after the Administration had made overtures to the Iranian-backed militia earlier in January. Last month King Salman cashiered his half-brother as Saudi crown prince and replaced him with his tough-minded nephew Muhammad bin Nayef, who believes in more vigorous Sunni Arab self-defense.” In short, we’ve managed to alienate Israel and the Sunni leaders while earning the contempt of Iran. A trifecta of diplomatic incompetence.

But it is the same story around the globe. The White House appeased Russia (letting it into the World Trade Organization, pulling out missile defenses from Europe, foot-dragging on human rights, etc.) while failing to come to the aid of Ukraine. Another lose-lose.

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict? Both sides distrust us and have stopped talking. Asia? We promised a pivot to that region and to support our democratic allies. But we’ve done little to comfort them while making no headway on China’s cyberterrorism, territorial ambitions and human rights. Again, we’ve managed to make our friends nervous and our foes contemptuous.

America recedes, we try to “understand” and earn the trust of foes, we push allies to the breaking point and we refuse to stand up for our own interests and values — there’s the Obama foreign policy in a nutshell. We are now facing new wars, an unprecedented level of Islamic terror threats and nuclear proliferation. And the co-architect of this, Hillary Clinton, is embracing this record while asking for a promotion to commander in chief. Go figure.

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7 responses to “Being weak leaves U.S. friendless”

  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    ‘Friendless’ ???? ONLY maybe in YOUR idiodic bits of a WORLD gone mad – and that’s a maybe.
    If we take a verbal shot at them on occasion, it doesn’t leave them friendless … For DAMN sure.
    What a stupid thing to think.
    I ANY of you could figure out exactly WHY you’re in so many shitty problems, it could, in fact, help ‘friendly-up’ the whole damned atmosphere … including the stink.

  2. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Who could be ‘friendly’ with ANY of the Fatheads running and ruining the world??

    1. zabada Avatar Zionist tool,,..Obama will tries to plant global Syiah Sunnis war at the area.Zionist just planted Sunnis Syiah wars in Iraq and Yemen.Hence Israel will
      save decades in future.Sunnis ad Syiah really an innocents.Zionist too good on planting wars at the past.America Zionist and Israel want Sunnis coalition to destroy Iran on their behalf.Iran know this.

  3. MekensehParty Avatar

    Jennifer Rubin? Seriously YaLibnan?
    Even ultra conservatives like her do not believe a word she says and many fellow journalists in the WP have called for firing her.
    So because Obama didn’t do anything in Syria, the Saudis + Turks + Qataris are getting together to do something? Not because the 3 mentioned above each took the lead in arming their own terrorists to fight Assad and fight each others did Obama do nothing…
    The Gulf states losing confidence in Obama? Or Obama is done with these backstabbing liars and is now dictating what America wants which is the continuation of the fighting until the last terrorist compatriot of all these fuckers is dead and buried?
    And are they really now “forging a pact” with the terrorists when everyone in the world knows that it was them who financed all these terrorists in the first place?
    Align so closely to Iran? Since when bringing a country on its knees means aligning?
    And if all in the region want to have nuclear weapons, shouldn’t the US give it to all of them and let them bomb each others to particles of heat?
    They don’t want to come to Camp David so that they don’t hear what the Americans have to tell them, that their air bombing of Yemen is equally monstrous if not worse than Bashar’s bombing of his own cities and towns. Of course, and since it’s now part of this “coalition” Aljazeera forgot about targeting “innocents civilians”. They can snub as much as they like, the address 1600 Pennsylvania is well known among all Arab leaders for running to kiss ass and ask for protection.
    Of course she sees that Israel will be thrown under the bus, but fails to see that a majority of Americans as we’ve seen in the last elections no longer care if this happens since our “greatest friend and ally” have shown their true colors.
    Most ridiculous of all her statements is the US “abandoning Libya…” So we liberated these fuckers and how did they pay the US back? By attacking our embassy and killing one of our brightest diplomat who discovered how entangled some Arabs and Turks are with Al-Qaeda.
    I stopped reading after that “high note”, turned to Hend and O’s comments and found them full of good sense in comparison.

    1. “Since when bringing a country on its knees means aligning? ”

      what planet are you living on!? Certainly not earth

  4. Hend Abyad Avatar
    Hend Abyad

    Go figure how much more American blood the vampires need to “strive”..

    1. As if you care about American blood. Stop your fake concern! It’s as real as your concern for palis

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