Iran’s top Afghani mercenary fighting for Assad killed in Syria


Ali Reza Tavassoli (R) wih  Qassem Suleimani, head of the Quds force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards
Ali Reza Tavassoli (R) wih Qassem Suleimani, head of the Quds force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards
One of the most prominent foreign mercenaries of the Iranian regime fighting for Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad was killed on Saturday in southern province of Daraa.

Ali Reza Tavassoli, an Afghan who commanded a brigade of Afghans dispatched by the Iranian regime to Syria, was close to Qassem Suleimani, the commander of the Iranian regime’s terrorist Quds Force.

The remains of Ali Reza Tavasooli and six others killed in Syria will be buried on Wednesday in city of Mashhad.

Other five mercenaries were identified as Reza Bakhshi, Mahmoud Hakimi, Hamed Yousefi, Nematoolah Najafi, Ghassem Sadat and Hossein Hosseini.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has been recruiting thousands of Afghan refugees to fight against the Syrian people.

The Afghan refugees are granted residency in Iran and paid $500 a month to fight for Bashar Assad, according to Afghan and Western officials, reported the Wall Street Journal in May.

A video obtained by CNN from Syrian rebels last November showed an Afghan prisoner who said: “The Iranians pay people like me to come here [Syria] and fight. I am from Afghanistan and I am an immigrant in Iran. The Iranians brought us to Syria to fight.”

He said he was paid about $500 a month to fight. There are many Afghan immigrants in Iran trying to find some shelter from the decades of war that have torn apart their land.

Afghan religious leaders in Iran and local officials in Afghanistan have confirmed the IRGC’s role in hiring Afghan refugees to fight in Syria.

Occasionally Afghans hold protests outside the Iranian regime’s embassy in Kabul protesting against abuse of their countrymen in neighboring Iran.




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  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    I guess a job is a job …. does the family get a pension??

  2. Caribbean Avatar

    “recruiting thousands of Afghan to fight against the Syrian people”

    Syrian people?. terrorists coming from all over the world are Syrian people.all the way from Chechnya.and the few Syrians that are fighting the government are not people they are traitors

    1. soo…it’s ok for one side to ship in people who do not belong in Syria to fight and wrong for another?
      the way I see it- both sides are hiring merceneries, payed to bleed out a dying nation.

      1. Caribbean Avatar

        they are allies helpings a legitimate government fight terrorists & Syrian traitors.they’re not in Syria to terrorized, beheads,killed Christians,& Sunnis.

        1. lgitimized in the eyes of Iran assad and possibly Russia.
          un legal by the eyes of otheres..whether you it’s legitimate or not is only in the eyes of the beholder ,and how much weight you’re willing to give his opinion.

        2. MekensehParty Avatar

          Funny how easy you brandish the traitor accusation when you have sold your country and people to a foreign identity…

    2. 5thDrawer Avatar

      “Well you should take a trip to the Virgin Island, relieve yourself of your worry.
      While you’re relaxing on the sand, life will be so grand, you’ll be happy in a hurry.”

  3. hmmm…so the fight for the Golan hights is not going as smooth as they declair…how about qalamon? did you eradicate the rebels from qalamon yet? no? but you sure boasted your going to clean it a year ago..

    1. man-o-war Avatar

      Most people gave ASSad months before his fall, still hasn’t happened. Boasting is easy to do. (kind of like you were doing the other day ; ))
      I’m not sure if anyone anticipated the rebels having an advanced military hospital treating wounded “rebels” on the Israeli side of the Golan. If Israel has been treating fighters and sending them back into the field, what else are they helping with? More likely than not Israel has also been arming and supplying intelligence about troop movements to the “rebels” , nobody anticipated these things.

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Read the ‘Rebels with lost cause’ article … quite good.
        ASSad’s ‘advisors’ knew what they were doing by mixing up the crowds … maybe out-did Israelis on that game … and now it’s such a mess of money-grubbing factions and ‘power-trippers’ it may never be ‘whole’ again … but ASSad will still be in his Palace.
        (Sort of like Mexico .. hmmm)

      2. it happened already and Assad is at best a puppet and at worst- a pretendance for lgitemacy. a veil for Iran to work behind.
        HA and Iran are doing the fighting. the Assad army was already beaten down when HA joined the fight.
        Israel does not arm nobody. on the contrary, we’re busy fortifing our border anticipating the worst- when one of you guys decide to mess with us. it’s not our fight and who ever wins is not a friend to Israel
        personaly, i consider it a mistake to help either one of the waring sides, it’s not our problem if the muslim parties decide to bleed each other to death

        1. cook2half Avatar

          Israel is arming the rebels

          1. ?? where did you read that???

        2. man-o-war Avatar

          “when one of you guys decide to mess with us”, Who are “you guys”? Arabs? Muslims? Lebanese? Shi’ite? Sunni? Jordanian? Egyptian? Syrian? Iranian? Are you including me in this equation of fighters?

          I can guarantee you I’m not attacking or fighting anyone. I’m perfectly happy with my life and have no need to fight. Lol!

          1. Then we get along just fine 🙂 the only things i care about are israel’s safty.
            It’s hard to define who is “you guys” any many sub branches to follow in the ME was much easier when i grew up: there’s were a bunch of arabs and they all hate our guts 🙂
            Night man o

      3. yet, I was not wrong on what i wrote- more then a year after the campaign , Iran could not seize qalamon completly.
        the attack in the Golan hights ( led by merceneries hired by Iran) falters as well.
        in Tikrit, the Irani army ( i call it Irani cause it is led by Sulimani) suffering lossess from IEDs, land mines and suicide bombers. they work to besige the city now that they can not take it.
        it doesn’t seem as if things are as rosy as Iran wishes us to believe it is.

  4. wargame1 Avatar

    Iran is getting a silent beating

  5. MekensehParty Avatar

    Earth cleans itself, that side or the other, every dog buried in this conflict is less barking on the surface.

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