Turkey evacuates troops guarding Suleyman Shah tomb inside Syria: PM


mausoleum complex of Suleyman Shah, grandfather of the Ottoman empire's founder, Osman IAlmost 600 Turkish soldiers crossed the border deep inside Syria overnight in a successful operation to repatriate troops guarding a Turkish enclave surrounded by Islamic State (IS) militants, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Sunday.

The Turkish troops, reportedly numbering around 40, were guarding the mausoleum complex of Suleyman Shah, grandfather of the Ottoman empire’s founder, Osman I, which under a 1920s treaty is considered sovereign Turkish territory.

The tomb containing the remains was also successfully brought back to Turkey and Suleyman Shah will be reburied in a different pocket of Syria over which Turkey has also secured control, Davutoglu said.

One soldier was killed in an accident during the operation to relieve the guards at the tomb on the Euphrates River some 30 kilometres (18 miles) inside Syrian territory, the Turkish army said in a separate statement.

It said the soldier lost his life in the “initial stage” of the operation but emphasised there were no clashes during the mission.


The army said the decision to relieve the guards at the tomb was taken because of the worsening security situation in the area, part of Syria’s Aleppo province that is under the control of IS jihadists who have captured swathes of Iraq and Syria.

Turkish authorities denied press reports last week suggesting that one of the guards may have been kidnapped by IS.

– ‘Considerable risks’ –

mausoleum complex of Suleyman Shah,  mapDavutoglu said in a statement that the mission — called Shah Firat (Shah Euphrates) — had resulted in the successful repatriation of the soldiers guarding the tomb, as well as the remains of Suleyman Shah himself.

“The remains of (Suleyman Shah) have been temporarily repatriated and will be reburied inside Syria at a later date,” he added.


“It was a highly successful operation to the last degree,” he said, emphasising that the mission was fully in line with international law.

Davutoglu congratulated the Turkish army on the success of an operation that he said had posed “considerable potential risks”.

Davutoglu said that 572 Turkish soldiers using 39 tanks, 57 armoured vehicles and 100 other military vehicles took part in the operation.

There has been considerable concern in Turkey in recent months over the wellbeing of the troops guarding the tomb although the government has always kept silent about their status.

Ankara had repeatedly warned of military reprisals if the troops guarding the tomb were ever hurt.

– ‘Rebury inside Syria’ –

Davutoglu said that the remains of Suleyman Shah, who is said to have died in 1236, would be reburied in Turkey at a religious ceremony in the next hours.

However he said that within days Turkey planned to bury the remains once again inside Syria in the area of Eshme, which Turkey took over in the operation.

Turkish television channels broadcast images of Turkish troops planting the Turkish flag overnight at the site. There were no further details on the size of the new pocket of territory under the Turks’ control.

The tomb of Suleyman Shah is considered Turkish territory under the 1921 Treaty of Ankara between the Turkish authorities and France, which then controlled French-mandated Syria.

The tomb was moved in the 1970s when its then location — also on the Euphrates — was flooded by the Syrian authorities to construct the Tabqa Dam that forms Lake Assad.

A screenshot from msnbc.me of the tomb of Suleyman Shah in Syria
A screenshot from msnbc.me of the tomb of Suleyman Shah in Syria

The tomb had for years been guarded largely by conscripts but in March 2014 Turkey reportedly sent a special mission of several dozen special forces to guard it.

A press report in the Taraf daily last year said Turkey had been negotiating with IS to hand over the tomb in exchange for Turkish diplomats who were then held by the group. Ankara vehemently denied the report.

The operation to relieve the soldiers guarding the tomb took place as Turkey is coming under pressure from its Western allies to play a greater role in the fight against IS jihadists.

The United States and Turkey on Thursday signed a deal to train and equip thousands of moderate Syrian rebel forces opposing President Bashar al-Assad after several weeks of talks.

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  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Well, ONE out of his cave … temporarily. :-)))
    Nice move, however …

    1. when they say Syria, who do they mean exactly?
      I don’t see a state there anymore.
      the so called president is incapable of securing the state. his militia, formally known as the Syrian army withdrew from most of the land and silently handed over most of what’s left to Iran and HA to administer.

      1. Open your eyes Avatar
        Open your eyes

        I think they meant Iran minor

      2. Hind Abyad Avatar

        Better be Daesh Caliphat than a State.

        1. why are you here? i though you declared you left this blog

          1. Open your eyes Avatar
            Open your eyes

            Lol never believe anything sweetie says. How MANY times has sweetie said “bye” only to return a millisecond later. It’s just done for effect and sympathy.

    2. Open your eyes Avatar
      Open your eyes

      “Like Syria ‘followed’ any agreement from 1921”

      Something about hypocrisy and a “certain sect”

    3. Open your eyes Avatar
      Open your eyes

      Walmart have a special on backbones. You better hurry coz its only for one day.

  2. The question is why doesn’t Turkey bury him in Turkey ?
    Why keep his tomb in Syria proper ? Who wants to remember the Ottoman rule in the Arab world
    After all he is supposed to be Ottoman empire’s founder, Osman I.

    The worst thing that ever happened to the Arab world was the Ottoman rule. Take him and bury him deep inside Turkey please.

    1. Most of Arab territories at the times is in the hand of Turk.Western power divided Arabs and Turk to weaken both the Turk and Arabs .Divided and rule is an old school at the past for western colonial force to invaded half of the world.Western force now divided Iraq in two or three..Syiah,Sunnis and Kurd.They are going to panted full scale wars in all Arab countries..that why they urge Saudi.Jordan and Iran to strike on isis and they are not.Beware to Western force..they are fox in hen shape.

      1. But the Ottoman empire vanished and has been dead for over 90 years .
        This guy should be buried in Turkey and not in an Arab land .
        We don’t want any memories of the Ottoman rule.

        1. it is not smell any more.

      2. Turks were invader and they were from central Asia. So its natural for the Arabs that they have their autonomous rule. The Turks were defeated by the Arab when the Arabs made a treaty with Great Britain. Both party had common interest against the Turks. Great Britain later betrayed the Arab leaders i.e. Sharif of Mecca. Arabs had to lose some of the territory and divided in to countries but the Arabs finally drove the Turks away. The Sharif of Mecca could hold his power for some times and then he lost it when the Saudi tribe own the battle. There is no reason for any Arabs to bring back the Turks in. The Turks after their defeat tried to make some attack with the help of the Beduin but eventually the Al-Saud tribe unite all the tribes and made the beduins run away. Today the Turks are using the same technique by using the Khawarij dogs against the Arabs.

        1. Western power betrayed Sunnis and favor Jaziratul Arab to Wahabis,,who are helped by Bedouin..Western prevent Muslims to unite themselves.Easy to eat the smaller than big one.That why western power created many borders and many countries at the area.now they come again to divided and rule.

          1. they created many countries cause they had many allies to please, not cause they wanted to weaken them.

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            True enough … and ‘The Tribes’ are always happy to go with ‘a winner’ and to be ‘allies’.
            What they can’t seem to do is ally with each other over a concept of ‘country’ …. the ‘Religions’ defeat them every time. Which is something the Empire Club basically didn’t understand .. and still has trouble with understanding, even while it gave up on ‘Empires’ which were too costly, and went to ‘Shared World’ ideas instead.
            That ‘sharing’ bit is proving to be a great problem, of course.

          3. 100% agree.
            the world changed.the old aging empieres sought a “way out” of high maintanance empires-nowadays, you don’t need to hold India in order to drink indian imported tea for example.
            the problem is, no one informed the tribes they need to play ball with progress, ME stayed just as it was in the turn of the 20th century , only hell of a lot richer

          4. I guess you are bad historian..who are believe to the west..he is really very bad historian.True historian will not believe to western power..not its civilians.

          5. The Saudi family ruled for many years and the other party couldn’t over come them. Accept the reality.

          6. The prophet said..Monarchy govt is bitter..see in Hadith..you are an expert on that.

          7. It doesnt matter who rule as long as the Muslims can practice their religion.

          8. yes..I understand..that why the prophet not strict to one kind of politic only…otherwise the best is limited Khulafa Arrasyidin Democracy…not open democracy..it is also in Hadith…but it is not an obligation..if the rest likes to practices another kind of politic..such monarchy…socialist..and ect ..it is o.k..because it is not a religion..religion is nothing to do with politic.That why all the wise ulemas are not rebelled on any kind of politic..and also me.That why Imam Syafie,Hanbali ,Manafi fi and malik are not oppose monarchy at their times. We can advice them anyway we can,t rebelled on leaders..it is will killing many.Any way I m advising Muslims countries to practice demoracy, limited democracy.Open democracy have too many problems.In democarcy the best among people are available to be a leader.But in monarchy the cleverest among people can,t be a leader..because there are no vote in monarchy to choose a leader.Guess if a teacher in a school is not clever..what will happen then.That why the prophet said..monarchy gov is bitter..when a fool become a leaders ..he will do anything and you can,t advice him..a fool never hear any advice.The worse when a king is brutal..not only a fool..you can,t dethrone him by vote..civilians will suffer at the times.Or a fool king will not find how to modernize his countries..that why there are no modernization,no weapon industry in Arabs world..because their leaders can,t find any ways to protect their glory..their nation and their countries..otherwise western are flourishing,progressive in economy.politic,weapons industries,science and high tech,because they choose their leaders.The cleverest make sense as a leader beside a fool.

          9. So what is your problem? The Saudi people are happy with their Government. The Saudi Government conduct the yearly pilgrim in a best possible manner. Thanks to Allah that those feces eating sufi or Shit from Iran couldn’t capture Mecca. If they could then they would make the place filthy grave worshiping place. The Arab tribes drove the Turks out and who ever were stronger among the Arabs got their way to rule. If the British betray any once then its a game of geopolitics. Sunnis all over the world appreciate the governance of the Saudi Government. Its the Shits and the Shit eating sufi are against the Saudi Government. You can have a lots of wet dream but that will never come true. Iran will be attacked and Turkey will be captured by the Arabs.

          10. man-o-war Avatar

            It’s actually Shi’ite, not Shit. How do you expect any respect when you show none yourself? I understand you’re a Sunni and you don’t care for Iran or Shi’ite, but you’re just showing your bigotry and ignorance when you refer to another branch of Islam as Shit.

            The Saudi government is a joke and big supporters of terrorism. You may feel Iran is as well and thats your opinion, but there is no doubt that Saudis fund and support terrorist groups.

            Saudi government gave a sheik less than 4 months in jail and he was forced to pay his wife blood money. You know what his crime was? He raped, tortured, sodomized and murdered his 5 year old daughter because he accused her of not being a virgin.

            This same government still doesn’t allow women to drive. Why? because driving will harm their ovaries, duh! They treat foreign laborers like slaves and they have no rights under Saudi law. They are one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to human rights.

          11. Shit is a counter argument against those who call the Sunnia as Wahabi. I am not looking for any respect. You are well come to call me wahabi πŸ™‚

          12. Open your eyes Avatar
            Open your eyes

            War game this hypocrite man o wart is a truly nothing more than a joke, hypocrite and liar. I’m sure you have read how I wiped the floor with his/it’s hypocrisy. Notice how he never tells hind to stop calling people Salafi or Wahhabi.

          13. man-o-war Avatar

            Dumb slag

          14. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I have a feeling that Wargame is even less interested in ‘wiping floors’ than I am. :-)))

          15. Open your eyes Avatar
            Open your eyes

            “No Salafa bahr”

            That is an example, and one of the MANY, that the crazy lunatic hind insults people with but I promise you will NEVER see man o wart telling that daft mare to stop insulting Sunnis. So take what he barks as nothing but pure hypocrisy. In fact not only will man o wart say nothing to the daft one but will actually make excuses and justify why the daft mare does what it does. That fool has been exposed and now is only worthy of ridicule and mocking.

          16. man-o-war Avatar

            Maybe you should search the archives you dumb slag. You’re nothing but a Jewish bigot. Jesus doesn’t suck dick. You and your mum suck dick, you cum guzzling gutter whore.

          17. I think Shit is the appropriate term because in English they identify them as Shiet or something ! where we need to roll our tongue and waste extra energy. So Shit is straight forward and widely used and easy to pronounce.

          18. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Nothing translates well, does it. Shiite works – saves ink for the apostrophe ….
            In England, Shite is North American Shit. But pronounced with a long ‘i’.
            Basically, who gives a crap? ;-)))

          19. How true!!! Well said!!! :)))

          20. Well said!!!:)))

          21. The man is crazy..have mental problem..likely to some Christian in the west..they are killing,raping and ect.Not all muslims are terrorist..terrorist got their name by Zinonist..Zionist discredit all people who are oppose them.Assad is brutal,but Zionist dosen,t call him terrorist.

          22. Open your eyes Avatar
            Open your eyes

            So said the hypocrite

          23. man-o-war Avatar

            So said the dumb slag

          24. Open your eyes Avatar
            Open your eyes

            The Iranian government is a joke and big supporters of terrorism. You may feel Saudi Arabia is as well and thats your opinion, but there is no doubt that Iranians fund and support terrorist groups, ie: Hezbollah, badr brigades in Iraq, houthis in Yemen, whatever the fuck they are called in Bahrain.

            Thank you man o wart for revealing your true identity. No wonder you insult my mother to the degree you do. I swear I love exposing your hypocrisy you “salafa bahra”

          25. man-o-war Avatar

            Dumb slag

          26. Open your eyes Avatar
            Open your eyes

            “Vicious pervert wahrabia”

            I could sit here ALL day quoting your cohort insulting Sunnis. But yet NOT ONCE have you corrected it. Lol hypocrite.
            Cook was right. You are a Shiite.

          27. man-o-war Avatar

            dumb slag

          28. man-o-war Avatar

            Lol, dumb slag. You must be a Jew.

          29. Open your eyes Avatar
            Open your eyes

            Haha replying to me with more than dumb slag even though you said you would only reply with just “dumb slag”.

            Haha yet again you have been caught out as a liar. Hahaha πŸ™‚
            You couldn’t keep your word for even one day. If a man doesn’t have his word he’s got nothing.

          30. You had doubts??? They are ashamed of calling themselves SHITS and being SHITS that’s why they fake and lie about their real SHIT cult. Remember, Taqiyah they can lie as it’s allowed and is an integral part of their SHIT beliefs and is encouraged and recommended and considered as a divine deed!!!
            Lol….Christian, agnostic, denying alawite….remember them??? All SHITS no matter what they claim to be !!! :))))
            ONCE A SHIT ALWAYS A SHIT!!!


          31. The word of bid,ah or innovation are using by wahabis to enrage to Sunnis side who are lead mecca at the past..all ignorant bedouin believe in them..bid,ah or innovation is kafir and infidel at the times..they drove many bedouin to fight and killed Sunnis and got mecca nad Jaziratul Arab for them..Saudis after decades the word turned to a religion teaching.even it is a tool to gain politic and a toll to killing sunnis at the past..anyway I m not going to revenge on you..it is only worldly life take its..kheah..kheah…likely to Syiah they are discredit Abu Bakar,umar,and uthman to enrage Persians who lost their Empire to sunnis at the past..Syiah also using some bad events in sunnis side to enrage Persians.Syiah and wahabis have the same tool..deluding the teaching of islam and plant hatred by that to gain politic and gain more territory..aftre decades ..the teaching turned to religious believe…that why your side always crying bid,ah..bid,ah..bid,ah..the political tool by saudis planted badly in all wahabis…likely to syiah,,they are crying..uthman kafir..Abu Bakar Kafir and also Uthman..the same tool (hatred) planted in their religion badly..but wahabis still islam..but their theology are bad..so their ritual..have some differences even not too far..Syiah is not..I ve no problem with them..even so I,ve some problem with your ball.Kheah,,kheah,,kheah.Beware my father buy a new gun along with many bullets.

          32. Open your eyes Avatar
            Open your eyes

            Dude you are another mental case. I swear you are the male version of that daft mare

          33. 5thDrawer Avatar

            But … he’s on ‘your side’ … :-)))

          34. Open your eyes Avatar
            Open your eyes

            Show me where I said he’s on my side you senile old fart

          35. no..it is pure fact.

          36. What if it’s actually he-r?? These IRANIAN HASBARA TROLLS posts the same SHIT favoring Iran, ASShead, HezbulSHAITAN, SHITS using zillion discus names.
            No matter how many names they use the end matter is always SHIT!!! :)))


          37. Only the Shit and their stooge sufi use that term Wahabi. The Al Saud family is there for many years and you nagging bitch will only cry but you couldt overthrow them. You cant do your grave worship and praying to dead people there.

          38. Western power did what they think best for their interest. The Arabs had a goal to drove the Turks and they made a truce with England to do the job. Now England need to think of their own interest too. Arabs divided in to many countries but they could drove the Turks out. Western power didnt want to see a big Arab country which can be a threat to them so they played the game well. The Saud tribe was smart and dealt with the situation well and thats why they could last long. The main party who initially fought against the Turks were Hussain Ibn Ali and his Sons. One of them were successful who are now Ruling Jordan, but Faisal and his father Hussain Ibn Ali couldn’t hold the power and the Saudis came in. Blaming the British has no use. The Arabs had the goal to drove the Turks and they did. The only loser in the game was the Iranian Shits and those butt sucking sufi who couldnt get hold of Mecca and Medina to make it a grave worshiping place and the Turks didnt find them useful anymore when they were driven out of the Arab land

          39. Make friend with wolves in the west and killing and mess up with Muslims Turk.Zionist not only divided western people,they also divided Muslims in two.Many Arab fall in Zionist game ..Western force really advocating Zionism,so who are allied with them , eventually advocate Zionism.Zionism also promote wahabism in order to divided Muslims..they also promote Syiah..Bahai and Ahmadiah to destroy Islam and Muslims.Many Christians or Muslims trapped in Zionist games..but me.

        2. Sunni Arabs,not Arab Wahabis or Arabs Syiah or Christian Arabs.

          1. There is no wahabis. The Saudi regime are from the tribe of Hashem. They rule and they didnt come from the back door.

          2. We invite you to Lebanon so Christian Arabs do unholy stuff to your ass… Why don’t you like fuck off this site honestly.

          3. yes ..why not…I will replace Hariri…we both is sunni.You buy a ticket..I will go there.I will prevent all wars at the area.Who are engage in wars i will kick their ass.All side.

          4. 5thDrawer Avatar

            LOL … You DO have a touch of ‘humour’ after all … that’s as good as Dad popping the nuts. :-))) What’s your ‘plan’ for electricity?

          5. Is that before or after you do the crazy Sufi dance?

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          7. The Arabs who fought and won rule Arab land but the Loser Turks do not rule

        3. Racist is not i Islam…all nation is equal…you know that or not.

      3. It was the Sufi cockroaches who worked against the Turks and against the Arabs in favor of Iranian Shit. The Sodomite sufis gave their ass to be buttfucked by the Turks. The Turks will be driven back to central Asia by the Arabs

        1. you have harsh word..it ,s seem you are not a muslims.Or Muslims at the area is common to have harsh words..? I not not belive you are a muslims by your harsh words..even wahabis not that bad..it is common on some Christians on their comments to using words such..f…k..m….r f….r…and ect..word.Your father not teaching you to have some fine words..?.or my father i will shoot your ball

          1. It is Allah who knows about who is Muslim and who is not. I wrote comment. Making Takfir on others is the sign of the Khawarij.

          2. But muslims have fine words..but you are not.

    2. Turks should bury those bones in Central Asia from where they originally from.

    3. The Turks are one of the tribes of Gog and Magog i.e. Yajuj Majuj.
      Muslim Scholar Abd Al Razzaq narrated from Qatada that ” Gog Magog consist of 22 tribe. Dhul Qarnine built a wall, holding back 21 of them. One tribe had gone out on a raid and remained outside the wall. They are called Turks because they were left (Turikat) outside the wall” (Musannaf Abd Al Razzaq)

      Ibn Mardawaih narrates, “Turks are brigades of Gog and Magog. They went out in conquest when Dhul-Qarnine erected the barrier and they stayed outside”
      Gog Magog are basically two tribes but the other 20 tribe joined the movement and became part of them.

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Every time you say ‘Gog and Magog’, I think of the preacher in ‘The Simpsons’.
        What a hoot. :-))
        Nice to see you ascribe to my ‘Tribal’ theory …

  3. MekensehParty Avatar

    Turkish lame Hollywood
    So you walk fully armed into the most dangerous place in the world and not one shot was fired…
    How did the poor soldier die? Probably triped on his shoe laces and fell on a bed of roses he’s allergic to…
    Leave it to erdogan and his minions to bark for an Oscar to Muslims too.

    1. Open your eyes Avatar
      Open your eyes

      Tbh I stopped reading a third of the way through the article, roughly around the part where they said one soldier died. It is a ridiculous story.

      1. MekensehParty Avatar

        Unimaginative PR stunt
        Might as well have sent a bus to bring back both the 40 troops and the coffin. ISIS would have volunteered a driver too.
        What the article fails to mention is that all these troops went in to syria with tanks and all the weapons and probably returned without any of these as a token of appreciation for the peaceful ride.

        1. You can be correct . I have read from the prophesy that the Turk will invade Northern Iraq. Well they revere their old hero and during the invasion their opponent might target those bones out of anger…at least the Turk may perceive in that way

          1. MekensehParty Avatar

            Prophecy fulfilled, half of daesh are Turkish

          2. You hate them badly..Obama just calling all nation to defeat them…but failed..so ask Obama to calling UFO to defeat them on behalf of you.I guess coalition will win in one day..kheah..kheah..kheah.I hate your ball.Remove that .

          3. Open your eyes Avatar
            Open your eyes

            Ask a UFO to remove his ball you raving lunatic.

          4. yeeeaaaaahhhh..I agree.Yeeeaaahhhhoooo.

    2. :))))
      the most dangerous place in the world is my mother in law’s house

      1. MekensehParty Avatar

        That’s universal :-))))))

        1. Open your eyes Avatar
          Open your eyes

          Generally speaking. Mine is the best mother in law (in case the wife reads this one day:))))

          1. MekensehParty Avatar

            … or the mother in law reads it
            she’s checking your computer history too

          2. Open your eyes Avatar
            Open your eyes

            Loll true. She is in the PC all day. Mek there’s a new article on yalibnan “they call me putinyahu”.
            Read it. It’s explosive

      2. Open your eyes. Avatar
        Open your eyes.


  4. Open your eyes Avatar
    Open your eyes

    “β€œThe remains of (Suleyman Shah”

    What remains remain after so many years of maggots feasting on that fool!?

    It took 40 soldiers to protect a guy that died that long ago?
    I notice no Turks making a pilgrimage to his tomb during wartime unlike certain others who claim to be making a pilgrimage to their “holy” sites.
    And he certainly had good real estate, uninterrupted views of the Euphrates… Oh wait he is dead so that view was wasted on him.

  5. Caribbean Avatar

    I’d wish these isis cannibals had took over the tomb of that filthy Turkish Shah & eat he’s remains.

    1. Those Daesh Dogs had clearing understanding with the Turkish Government. These Khawarij dogs destroyed the shrine of Prophet Jonah and Prophet Seth (Peace be upon them) plus many other shrines but when its connected to Turkey then they didnt do it.

      1. sweetvirgo Avatar

        Yes they were able to remove their soilders safely from the mausoleum which was surronded by ISIS. How is this possible if ISIS is not working on Turkey’s behalf???

        1. Turkey will invade the Northern Iraq as their Daesh foot solders are getting heavy beating. They are securing those bones NOT from the Daesh attack but from any other possible attack. I have read from the prophesy that Turkey will invade Northern Iraq. Its happening partially but a full invasion may be on the way.

          1. i think the turks did a smart move here.
            the tomb was like a trigger in the face of anybody who wished to make turkey enter the war- invade it and Turky is involved.removing it means removing that risk. true the alawat leaders object in the name of Syria but since they do not speak for Syria anymore- the turks ignored them (besides a courtcy notice which is more like- we’re doing this now so you better not stand in our way).
            I think Daesh is too chicken shit of the turk army to mess with them.
            the only army that can rival Turky (maybe) is the Iranian army but certainly not Daesh

          2. man-o-war Avatar

            The place was supposedly surrounded and still not a single shot was fired. You don’t find that odd?

          3. there is nothing i find ordinary about Syria since 2011 πŸ™‚ it’s all a big spaghti tangled within itself and no one knows which end leads where.

            i’m positivly sure that Daesh don’t want to fight Turkey. they prooved it by resisting the temptation to fight the Kurds on the other side of the border.
            if it’s cause of somesort of deal or if it’s only because they are scared i do not know.

            do not mistake me for a pro-turk here.
            in my opinion Araduan is a meglomanic fool and the one responsible for the Marmara and the cool down of relationship with Israel

          4. Open your eyes Avatar
            Open your eyes

            I find you more odd.

          5. man-o-war Avatar

            You’re a dumb slag

          6. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I don’t think they managed ‘surround’ anything yet … not even the Kurdish city Lobane was ever totally surrounded. Only Mosul is filled with them.
            Mostly, they walk up to one side, and people run out the other. Those who run the wrong way get shot, or their heads chopped … or in the case of captured Yazidi women, just buried in a hole. The advertising for the ‘Fear Factor’ was heavy …
            But Thank goodness some Kurdish Women decided to make a stand in Kobane. πŸ˜‰
            And in that case, they believed their own advertising … were afraid to be killed by a female. :-))))

    2. Hind, nice post. πŸ™‚ True, filthy Majosi tombs and their Daesh cannibal pets! :)) Disgusting if they eat their masters remains. :)))

      1. Hind Abyad Avatar

        What post Tx. shitanir. barabie. open your eyes. .i didn’t “post” anything. I see you throw bones at 5th like barabie..?

        1. ??? LOL, yeah yeah blah blah black shit. :)))

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