A new Grotto discovered in south Lebanon

Majedel Zoun grotto

Majedel Zoun grottoA new Grotto was discovered by accident in south Lebanon town of Majdel Zoon, near the city of Tyre,NNA reported on Sunday.

The cave was formed over thousands of years under a hill which is about 500 meters above sea level and contains stalactites and rock formations similar to the ones found in Jeita Grotto in north Lebanon.

The Cave lied beneath a garbage dump but the heavy rain led to the formation of a pond which later collapsed under the feet of fishermen and exposed the newly discovered grotto.

The reason it reportedly took such a long time to discover the grotto is because it lies on the 1982-2000 border demarcation between Lebanon and Israel .Israel withdrew from the area in 2000 and the UNIFIL forces used the hill for controlling the border area.

Once considered as a finalist for the “7 Natural Wonders of the World”, Lebanon’s Jeita Grotto ranks as one of the top cave complexes on the planet.