What is Iran up to in south Lebanon border with Israel?


iran soldiers i south Lebanon
Iran’s military published photos of soldiers on Israel’s border with the message: ‘with Allah’s help, we will trample their bodies,’ Israeli media reported citing an MEMRI report.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) a monitoring organization with headquarters in Washington, D.C. has published a report documenting photographs of Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers “killing time” at the Lebanon-Israel border.

Preliminary information suggests the pictures were taken in October, but were released only recently, along with verbal threats against Israel. Several photographs published contain the caption: “We have arrived to the cursed Israel.”
iran soldier south Lebanon

The Twitter account linked to the Revolutionary Guards uploaded a number of the pictures on Thursday, with the headline, “The Islamic Republic soldiers are on the border of occupied Palestine.”

The soldiers’ faces were blurred, so as not to be identified.

According to MEMRI’s reports, the photos were also published a week and a half ago on the Iranian military’s website. In this case, the soldiers’ faces are visible.

The Iranian military’s websites showcases photos of soldiers taken in the Bekaa Valley and Baalbek in south Lebanon. “We have come close to the motherland of corruption – the cursed Israel. With Allah’s help, we will trample over their bodies” the website writes.

iran soldier south lebanon 2
An Iranian Revolutionary Guards soldier poses near the Lebanese border with Israel. (photo credit:TWITTER)

In October, the Hezbollah-affiliated Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar said that militants from Hezbollah could be found operating in the area near the Litani River – in violation of a United Nations resolution.

Iranian media reported Saturday that Iran has begun running tests on a new weapon in their arsenal: domestically produced exploding “suicide” drones meant to strike targets on land, air and sea.

Iran admitted that its investments in the Syrian regime and Hezbollah was to expand its sphere of influence in the entire Middle East .

A senior military advisor to the Supreme Leader  said last May  that Iran’s sphere of influence now covers Iraq and Syria, stretching to the Mediterranean Sea.

Major General Yahya Rahim-Safavi, the former commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, made the remarks in a ceremony held to mark the anniversary of the launch of the Beit-ol-Moqadd as operation, the Fars news agency reported on May 4.

Iran’s defense perimeter has been extended to south Lebanon, he said, adding that Iran’s strategic defense perimeter has reached the Mediterranean Sea, above the borders of Israel.

Iranian MP Seyyed Mahmoud Nabavian admitted last February that Iran dispatched more than 50,000 Hezbollah fighters to help the Syrian regime against the mostly Sunni Syrian rebels. He also revealed that Iran has trained some 150,000 Syrian citizens in Iran, and another 150, 000 in Syria itself, Fars news agency reported on Feb. 12.

The  nearly four -year Syria conflict, which pits President Assad’s forces against rebels trying to end the Assad and al Baath party dictatorship, has resulted in the killing of more than 220,000 people and forced millions from their homes.



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  1. One Woman Avatar

    Blah blah blah… they’re almost as full of sh*t as Obama. Why not use the massive arsenal of weapons, including ballistic missiles, helicopter gunships, warplanes, etc that they’ve got in Syria and are using to slaughter Syrians and Palestinians across the border from Israel for almost four years, while all they’ve fired at Tel Aviv is speeches? Maybe it’s time they used their massive arsenal against their supposed ‘arch enemies’ – they could do it from Iran so that Tel Aviv will target them in response instead of Arab countries.

    1. Caribbean Avatar

      yes one woman what’s about Isis,Qatar, Saudi, Turkey-I’m not seeing them at attacking israel.all I’m seeing is the slaughter of Arabs by them.why Isis didn’t helped their brothers Hamas in the recent war with Israel? why Saudi Arabia wants to destroyed Syria, a Arab country but not Israel?

    2. they know that destroying Israel equals destroying Iran and it’s not what they want really.
      they are fooling everybody, by pretending to fight Israel they make sure everybody is focusing it’s attention here while they do what they really want in the gulf.

    3. One Woman wants death and destruction while she sits at a quiet table sipping coffee.

  2. It s there ^to expand its sphere of influence^ in the Middle East!!!and to follow its interests !!!

  3. So can everyone say that Iran occupies southern Lebanon (unofficially of course). Through their Lebanese cover of brainwashed Lebanese traitors named Hezbullah. Iran will use Lebanon for another war and there is nothing the majority of Lebanese can do.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Maybe this was why they sent all the Hezzy boys to die in Syria … so they could sneak into Lebanon to have a holiday, and take ‘selfies’ at the border. 😉
      Any reporters down there covering the ‘day to day’ activities??

  4. 5thDrawer Avatar

    “suicide drones” …. really … they don’t even need to brainwash those things.
    Nice of them. Fly them from Lebanon, and let the Lebanese suffer the consequences.

    1. kick them out

      1. Hind Abyad Avatar

        5 guests, house is full,

        1. lol..honestly, i do not know who up voted.

      2. Anti ISIS Avatar
        Anti ISIS

        We need to kick you ass holes out of Palestine first. Send you back to Europe.

        1. hahaha.. what you really need is to accept that you can’t force the world to work for you .
          the palis need to learn that the world does not see them as the poor and underprivileged they pretend to be
          that the world does not buy the sh*t of aparthaid state blah blah, racicst state blah blah etc.
          and since i Cant “go back” somewhere i do not belong , i can advise you to go back to Syria where you came from. you might have to confront IS and if not else- atleast you’ll get the Idea of what Genocide really looks like.
          your rage is as amusing as it is futile

          1. Anti ISIS Avatar
            Anti ISIS

            All we have to do is look at what Israel does to Palestinian children. Which is genocide at its best.

          2. or..you can admit to yourself it is a cr@p propaganda .. :))
            i.e: no one is targeting children on purpose, you saw like i did the photos showing how close the children are to Hamas men.
            there are accidents like those Gaza children at the beach that were bombed and died – but it’s an isolated incident which blows out of proportion by pali propaganda queens.
            on the other hand: 2 days ago a pali threw a Molotov cocktail on an Israeli car, burned an 11 years old to death.. do we make a huge propaganda out of it? no. does anyone on arab media outlet report that? no…when you read half of the story, you would never get the full picture.
            i know hard solid verified facts will not change your mind yet here is one to think about ..if only to read your squirming explanation to that:
            the PA population is on the rise in a steady line .it can’t be genocide if the population is not decreasing .
            you’re nothing but a cry baby who will not stop crying till the entire house hold succumb to your whines. yesterday’s vote was the first step in your re education.
            it’s going to be painful no doubt but in the end you’ll thank everybody who contributed to it

          3. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            We are accustomed to Israeli “accidents”…the list is long, why don’t you get out of the occupied territories

          4. So you claim it didnt happen?again..if it doesnt fit your pov it didnt happen.lol amusing indeed.
            The moment we’d feel safe enough to trust the pa we’d withdrow.not asec earlier.
            I dont expect you to understand it, a forigner to the region

          5. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            You persecute me even on Christmas and New Year..no respect..now bébé doron calls me “a forigner to the region”.

            It was no accident the children on the beach were playing football with a journalist, they were staying with their parents in the Hotel where the media stayed, when the journalist went back to the hotel, the media watched the bombing screaming; “they are just children..!!.
            Many others were bombed on the beach for nothing, youngsters watching the football series on television..
            Poor things, they ca read the numbers on the plate of a
            car from their state of the art planes.

          6. never fails to astonish me how Arabs can deny and ignore reality and facts…you’re so sure that everyone is lieing but you I bet you’d even pass a lie detector lol

  5. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
    Maborlz Ez-Hari

    What a load of crap, again they are filming more propaganda. Very amateur attempt to convince anyone with half a brain.

    1. Hind Abyad Avatar

      It’s not a load of crap.. one has the right to reflect on the question: Why Saudi Arabia want’s to destroy Syria. It’s from Saudi Arabia US bases planes took off to destroy another Arab country, Iraq.. is anyone chocked by the misery each war creates? Millions of refugees who lost everything, poor, hungry, cold, overloading neighbouring countries.
      Now Israel wants US to keep permanent military base in Afghanistan (in case it attacks Iran), how many countries have Lindsey-McCain destroyed in Middle East, Africa and Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, now eyeing Iran. dominate whole regions FOR Israel (y na marre).

      1. MaImequer0 Avatar

        Sweetie, sweetie…. is this a new conspiracy or an old one?☻

        1. Hind Abyad Avatar

          Yes, always the same

          Dany Nohra

          As a Christian Lebanese, I love watching you sand niggers argue and measure dicks. The Shi’ite and Sunni’s of the Mid East are bunch of barbaric tribes with uneducated extremist citizen disconnected from reality and misinformed. Iran is a cancer with evil intention and
          policies of hate and ignorance, KSA on the other hands, are fraudulent, sneaky, dirty and without oil the US would’ve turned it into a parking lot after what 17 of its citizen flew into the world trade. In conclusion, exterminate each other you dumb animals and cleans this world from this evil you spread.

          2:22 a.m., Saturday Nov. 15

          Malmequer in person, an Israeli sand nigger.

          1. MaImequer0 Avatar

            Wow sweetie, your imaginary characters have jumped out of your ‘mind’ and into photographs? Is that you in the picture?… lol sweetie☻

          2. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Haha..that was your Discus photograph avatar (only one comment), you have darker skin than a sand nigger.
            PS. No “Lebanese Christian” calls Arabs “Sand Niggers.

            Here’s another of your Stolen Malmequer ID..
            a dead chicken with 800 comments, 1985 likes hhh:)) I found it by chance following Coockie to Jerusalem Post (your home), and saw my Stolen name on it.
            Up there is an old Hind Abyad avatar, Stolen.
            You are really an ugly vulgar thing 🙁

            Hind Abyad

            4 months ago

            No more Avatar so the zio-stalker cannot find me



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          3. MaImequer0 Avatar

            lol sweetie… taking selfies?

      2. it’s Iran that is destroying Syria, not Israel or US dear.
        Assad was losing everywhere as the Syrian people fought him till Iran sent HA in to enforce a stalemate
        so what we have now?Irani agents rushed to save the hated dictator, arms and fighters rush to Syria to fight for both sides,all in the name of “god” the fight became Sectarian religious war instead of a revolution.
        the people of Syria didn’t want this, they wanted to outcast the dictator and on with their lives.a fair chance for better live.
        now cause of Iran’s egoistic interests – they will never see their country rehabilitated in their life time.
        just thought to give a cold shower of reality to the make believe stories some here find too appealing not to believe

        1. Hind Abyad Avatar

          I’m not your “dear”..speak for yourself and leave Arabic big problems to Arabs, your analysis are bias, the last phrase your arrogance is becoming childish “

        2. It’s an Iran vs Saudi Arabia pissing contest played out all over the middle east; and right away it’s the West or Israel to blame!

          1. yep, some still repeat the mantra “Israel is the source of problems in ME “..as out dated as it is

          2. Hind Abyad Avatar

            You’re so crooked you deleted the post, why am i surprised? In fact the mantra is ‘dishonesty’..Balfour Declaration never gave you permission to take a whole country, God or not..

          3. which post you suggest i deleted ??
            and like it or not, there were never a people named Palestinians and they never lived in a country never called Palestine

          4. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            “WHICH POST i ‘suggest you deleted’? What a sneak.
            Read below i replyed to a post you deleted, aren’t you a dishonest man? What about “my dear”..
            Who cares i have no respect for you..as for Palestine. You can change history as much and as hard as your Zionist state wishes – i can see lately your younger generations are ignorant completely brainwashed like in manufactures not schools-, the Middle East knows their

            In December 1945 and January 1946, the British Mandate authorities carried out an extensive survey of Palestine, in support of the work of the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine. The results were
            published in the Survey of Palestine, which has been scanned and made available online by Palestine Remembered; all 1300 pages can be read here.

            One of the subjects investigated in the Survey of Palestine is land use; specifically, which crops were Palestine’s leading agricultural products at the end of the British Mandate, and whose farms were producing them.

            So, according to the Survey of Palestine, who really made the barley fields of Beersheba bloom?

            The British government survey found that in 1944-45 Palestine’s farmers produced approximately 210,000 tons of grain.

            About 193,400 tons of that grain were cultivated on Palestinian farms; about 16,600 tons were cultivated on Jewish farms.

            See the precise numbers, from a scan of the relevant page of the Survey of Palestine, here.

            Who made the melon patches of Jaffa bloom?


          5. Again ,Which post did i delete?
            It’s not even posibble to delete a replay only edit it.

          6. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Thank for remembering.
            I said you deleted (edited) what i responded to.

          7. Oh..you say i edited it now…. do try not to alter truth next time, it’s too time consuming to double and triple check you time and time again.
            what i did i edit again ?

          8. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            I think you’re kherfan.. i can’t believe this.

          9. what is kherfan?

          10. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad


          11. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            Kherfan is another way of describing ‘when shit hits the fan’ in the upstairs region of the human body.

          12. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            pffhhhh..my tummy.. cant stop laughing..this is too much :))))

          13. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            (i can’t believe this)..forget it

      3. nagy_michael2 Avatar

        really Hind and Saudi Arabia was the biggest supporter of Assad in Lebanon. they pumped billions of dollars to alwaite regime. I guess you didn’t mind that then.lol

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          We have yet to hear when the homes of friends in Tripoli will be re-built.

          1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

            yes how come the Saudis don’t build it? the Saudis are trying to counter Iran in the middle east. I bet you Saudis would not interfere if the Iranians are not everywhere.

        2. Hind Abyad Avatar

          Stop being cynical with me, so they did and i already said it many times here..warning Lebanon, Saudis are the biggest traitors to Arabs since WW1, the British helped them conquer Arabia from the Hashemite, Wahhabi cruel, conqueror made love (raped), excuse, me the wife of the conquered and forced him watch.
          They were and still are today the most powerful country in the Middle East for their oil, they and they alone sold Palestine to Rothschild (Standard Oil).
          They keep on destroying, i also mentioned also Iraq didn’t i?

          1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

            Not only Saudi destroyed the arabs, so did Saddam, Iran, Syria and turkey and the list goes on and on. I am not siding with Saudis but was there an arab leader that didn’t destroy their their neighbors and their own country? Palestinians self destructed as well.

          2. Hind Abyad Avatar

            I can’t deny that it’s true..how come all started after 1948? Israel caused the creation of PLO in the 60ths, Hezbollah was born in 1982 when they invaded Lebanon, Hamas was created in 84-86 by Sharon, as a rival to Arafat to divide Palestinians. Khomeini appeared after other Moslem countries watching ill treatments of Palestinians in Israel.. Can you tell me if there were Islamic extremism in the Middle East before Khomeini?

          3. nagy_michael2 Avatar

            well all I can say is that Iran and Syria harbored many Al Qaada and fatah al islam.
            Syria and iran open the roads wide to Al Qaada to attack the US and cause chaos in Iraq.
            Yes the extremists were supported by gulf nationals but only proven Qatar as a gov’t that supported them. but also Qatar helped Hezbollah before during the war in 2006. All I can say all in all the arabs nationals and that including Lebanese and Palestinians are the victims mostly from their own leaders. Israel used the chaos basically and you can’t blame them for leaving in sea full of enemies. Saudi wants to counter Iran now and you can’t blame them either. If Khomeini cared truly about Palestinians he should care about his own people who are suffering from many ailments ranging from economic injustice that is created by the IRGC and Al Quds Brigade. those guys are taking over everything and when Iranian protested they rapped them and shot at them and let them die in the streets. you can’t pick and choose your poison. they’re all guilty one way or another. Extremism always existed in Lebanon history the Turks armed the muslims and turned them loose to slaughter Christians.. what do you call that? muslims extremists and even Christians extremists existed big time during the Lebanon so called civil war. I say that because the war was created by Israel and Arafat then Assad extended it. we are all victims of our leaders who still we follow blindly despite our demise.. what has Geagea, aoun, Nassrallah and done for their own people? nothing but destructions and chaos.. if we stop following these assholes and unite against them no matter what we would been better country and would be infiltrated by Iran, Al Qaada and every foreign jackass who wants to destroy our country. The biggest Jackass is Assad before Israel. I expected Israel but from a so called Sisterly nation who have caused us more destructions and killing 1000 times what Israel have done. Love your enemies before you friend and you might be better off next time..

          4. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Chaos in Iraq..nagy, there were no Al Qaeda in Iraq even America said Iraq Saddam had nothing to do with 911, the attackers on 911 were all Saudi, Ben Laden is Saudi he exiled himself to become a terrorist, after pleading with Saudi King not to allow US military bases in his country (he called sacred land), US & company invented that war with fake evidence. Moshe Arens said; “we must create wars to get what we need”..They need the whole ME and beyond. People i know they saw thing happening live on television, it’s just the continuation of recent history. Sharon and Netanyahoo openly asked Bush to invade Iraq..to bring Democracy to the Middle East
            The rest is history, everybody including US UK’s friend King Hussein who was asked to give his opinion, stressed and begged them to reconsider the consequences “for the whole region the domino effect on neighbouring borders”, his grand father ruled Arabia for 900 years, they know the history they lived it in WW1, “sectarian wars would explode, new generations of terrorists will be born”, then the Abu Ghraib and other horrors took place, Falluja depleted uranium using Arabs as lab rats, did they bring democracy? Only death and destruction as you say,
            there’s not much possibilities with the petty leaders we have..i mean what’s going on.. how come people still trust the US..what “the Prince”, Bernard Henry Levi Israeli right hand in France, did to Libya…see were we are now same thing in Syria, the Middle East as we knew it is gone forever.
            I mentioned Khomeini because before him there were no veils in Iraq, in Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, only in the Emirates or Caliphates.

          5. Saudi Arabia is the only country on Earth named after a family: the adjective “Saudi” indicates something belonging to the House of Saud., which is of Jewish heritage, and empowered by the west , Which has been typical throughthe funding of financial and military support to the minority groups,, which are now dictatators so as to keep the muslim ideloeology in check.


          6. Hind Abyad Avatar

            The second only country is House of Jacob, Israel.

          7. good point , also i think Turkey is named after Attaturk , (another crypto JEW,),
            Notice the pattern here, Jews love to name stolen countries after themselves.

          8. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Ataturk was Jewish, the creator of Revisionist Zionism Jabotinsky, i believe was editor in chief of Ataturk paper
            “The Young Turks”. Jews and Turcs are the greatest Christians haters in the Middle East.. it’s in their genes.

          9. 5thDrawer Avatar

            They all hate nice folks.

          10. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Rhodesia in Africa was named after Cecil Rhodes, a British Jew. We live their dreams not ours “the rich and powerful”. No number of dead and suffering will alter their interests. I wish people were less naive.

            (..) Put your mind into another train of thought. Fancy Australia discovered and colonized under the French flag, what would it mean merely several millions of English unborn that at present exist {Hitler was not more racist} we learn from the past and to form our future. We learn through having lost to cling to we hat we possess. We know the size of the world we know the total extent. Africa is still lying ready for us it is our
            duty to take it. It is our duty to seize every opportunity of acquiring more territory and we should keep this one idea steadily before our eyes that more territory simply means more of the Anglo-Saxon race more of the best the most human, most honourable race the world possesses {i.e. genocide of other peoples}.

            To forward such a scheme what a splendid help a secret society would be, a society not openly acknowledged but who would work in secret for such an object.” (..) http://mailstar.net/rhodes-will.html

          11. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Wasn’t it wonderful, Hind? That ‘Age Of Empires’. Britain wasn’t the only one doing it, of course. But while ‘the greats’ competed with each other, it spread ‘knowledge’ into places – and brought some back to others – and ‘The World’ was opened to it all. Weren’t the megalomaniacs of those times as ‘justified’ as the ones we have now?
            These days, of course, one only has to create the ‘Great/El Supremo Virus’ to wipe out a civilized net-site, and the economy of a business, to TAKE IT ALL. :-)))))
            Bit-coiners to the fore.
            Not nearly as much romance and adventure any more.

          12. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Did you read it? The megalomaniacs had money.

          13. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Which is why we say ‘Follow the Money’. Following a religion while thinking it should be the controller is just the patent farce which keeps the megalomaniacs (ISIS) in that ‘power-trip’ they love to have. Yet everyone loves to ‘believe’. And is thus ‘justified’.

          14. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Addendum to that:
            I find it immensely curious, that in Lebanon – although the Hezzy-gang will rob you blind at the airport with a theoretical ‘duty-tax’ – they seem to make sure none of ‘their people’ starve to death. Money must be floating in for that from somewhere.
            Yet in Tripoli, the ‘Christian’ groups (Maronite included) seem to have no income at all, and simply tell the ‘believers’ that there is none. Sorry. No food baskets either. And those are the ones who most often lose their jobs to the Syrians too, I suspect. The ones I know lost their homes and jobs.
            So … ‘why try to stay??’ is what I’m thinking. Christians don’t have any money.
            And for sure, praying harder isn’t saving anyone.

          15. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Politicians in Lebanon get elected just to vote for a law (gimmick) that helps his Real Estate interests..then he give his resignation 🙂

          16. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            It’s midnight under the snow. Happy New Year to you and all..:))

          17. 5thDrawer Avatar

            And a very good one to you too. AND to All. No snow, only -10. Better to get back inside – which I just did. Avoided ‘spot-checks’. 🙂

          18. Hind Abyad Avatar

            There’s Rhodesia.

          19. Cecil John Rhodes was a British Jew, a student and a devoted fan of another British Jew, John Ruskin (1819-1900).


          20. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Yah. We know all that. The problem is that No-One wants to admit they are all Jews. :-)))))
            But even WORSE, to admit that before Jews, they were ALL AFRICANS. :-)))))

          21. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Jews in Medina were the first to convert to Islam.

          22. currently Muslims are divided . there are the hypocrites who are addicted to greed and the love of worldy gain. they have sold their soul for amiserable price.
            And you have the muslims who want to implement Gods law in the land and be true to his word. This is the internal struggle muslims are facing.

          23. 5thDrawer Avatar

            You forgot that physics and other sciences whacks them both up-side the heads.

          24. man-o-war Avatar

            “And you have the muslims who want to implement Gods law in the land and be true to his word”, I think this is the problem. We live in a diverse world, with many different religions and even people with no religion. Why should none Muslims be subject to Islamic laws?

          25. Anjum Chaudry and his ISIS friends are idiots. But there’s nothing wrong, in principle, with the idea of restoring a pan-Islamic caliphate.About two-thirds of the world’s Muslims support this concept. So if you support democracy in Muslim-majority nations, you are supporting a pan-Islamic political entity replacing today’s nation states.

            Scary? It shouldn’t be – unless you are an international bankster.

            A new caliphate or pan-Islamic entity in the Middle East would control the world’s most valuable and accessible energy supplies – and energy is the basis of today’s global currencies. Since Islam bans usury, the Caliphate would quickly put an end to the current usury-driven fiat currency system.

            That’s why the international banksters staged the 9/11 false flag event: To create a phony “war on terror” that is actually a war on Islam. They are terrified by the Islamic Awakening set off by Iran’s Islamic Revolution of 1979, and the prospects of Islamic renewal leading to Islamic political power – which will torpedo the bankster project to unify the world under their New World Order dictatorship.

            Most of the boneheaded “Islamic extremism” that the Zio-media bombards us with is the work of agents provocateur. The banksters have created and nourished this synthetic “Islamic extremism” as part of their psychological warfare against the Islamic Awakening. 9/11, 7/7, Madrid, Bali, Mumbai, ISIS – it’s all false-flag.

            The banksters are fearful for good reason: A unified Islamic world is an entirely realistic prospect. Even the US National Intelligence Council “Project 2020″ report issued in 2005 predicted the emergence of a caliphate in the near future.

            The idea of pan-Islamic political unity is a no-brainer. The Muslim-majority world has a common language of education and culture: high Arabic. It has a common cultural core: the culture of Islam, what Marshall Hodgson called “Islamicate” culture. It has a common currency system: the gold dinar and silver dirham. It has a common legal system: the five major schools of fiqh and shariah. There is no reason why Muslim-majority countries should not dissolve their national borders and unite under Islam.

            The coming caliphate will have to be a somewhat loose, pluralistic federation, not a one-size-fits-all dictatorship. It will have to respect the rights of minorities, both Muslim and non-Muslim. It will have to bring different nations, ethnicities, and schools of thought together and safeguard their autonomy. It will have to forge coalitions and win support from many different directions. In short, it will be exactly the opposite of the phony false-flag “caliphate” of ISIS.

            A loosely federated pluralistic caliphate that respects minorities and safeguards everyone’s autonomy?! Is this some kind of modernist post-Enlightenment thing?

            No – that’s Islamic tradition. The Ottoman caliphate, for example, was far looser and more pluralistic than the European nation states that destroyed it. It offered local folks of various religions and schools of thought more autonomy than any of the European states did. That’s why for centuries, people seeking religious freedom fled Europe to resettle in the Ottoman lands.

            A new caliphate would presumably be more democratic and respectful of human rights than the Ottoman caliphate was, just as today’s European nations are more “progressive” than those same nations were two or three centuries ago. And Islamic law – which is by its very nature hyper-pluralistic, with five major law schools and a wide variety of modes of influencing behavior – would likewise adapt to today’s conditions, just as have centuries-old European legal traditions.

            In short, there is no reason to fear the rise of a new Islamic Caliphate…

            …Unless you are an international bankster dedicated to raping and enslaving the world.

          26. Nows not the time to admit that they are secret jews,

            upon a time, (1890’s to be exact) the Zionist Jews of Europe asked the Ottoman
            Turkish Empire for permission to allow a small handful of Jewish pilgrims
            (about 10,000) to settle in the Arab land of Palestine. “Don’t
            worry.”, they said. “It’s only a small, harmless religious community.


            upon a time, (After World War I to be exact) the Zionists of Europe asked the
            British to take Palestine away from Turkish control, and allow European Jews to
            begin settling there after the war. “Don’t worry.” they said to the
            British and local Arabs. “These are only medium sized religious
            communities which will be confined to small designated areas. Don’t believe the
            anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists. We have no interest in displacing Arabs or taking
            over Palestine.”

            upon a time, (after World War II to be exact) the Zionists of Europe asked the
            US & UK to grant them a new nation of their own, Israel. “Don’t
            worry.”, they said.”We only want half of Palestine so that Holocaust
            survivors can have a State of their own. Don’t believe the anti-Semitic
            conspiracy theorists. We have no interest in taking over the rest of

            4: Once
            upon a time, (After the 1968 War to be exact) the Zionists grabbed additional
            chunks of land from Syria (Golan Heights), temporarily occupied the Sinai
            (Egypt), and permanently occupied Palestinian territories (West Bank &
            Gaza). “Don’t worry.”, they said to the world. “It’s only for
            our own protection. Don’t believe the anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists. We have
            no interest in taking over more territory.”

            upon a time, (1980’s – 2001 to be exact) the Zionists built many new
            settlements in Palestinian territories. “Don’t worry.” they said.
            “We want a peaceful 2-State solution. We just need a little extra living
            space for all the Russian Jews that are arriving. Don’t believe the
            anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists. We have no interest in taking over more
            territory after this.”

            6: Once
            upon a time, (ever since 9-11-2001 to be exact) the Zionists surrounded the Palestinians
            with walls and barbed wire, carpet bombed their crowded neighborhoods,
            bulldozed their farms, and rapidly expanded their settlement building.”We
            are only doing this for our own protection. Don’t believe the anti-Semitic
            conspiracy theorists. We have no interest in driving the Palestinians

            Once upon a time, (2006-2014 to be exact) the Zionists pressured the US
            & UK to provoke Russia and China, and wage war against Syrians.Don’t
            believe the anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists. We have no desire to instigate
            World War III.”

            upon a time, (after World War III to be exact) the Zionists finally realized
            their ultimate goal of a “Greater Israel” between “the two great
            rivers” stretching from the Nile (Egypt) to the Euprates (Iraq), with
            parts of Jordan and Syria also annexed.

            Israel then declared to a broken and demoralized world: “OK. You got us.
            We planned it all along. You got a problem with that?”

          27. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Your ‘once upon a time’ really NEVER goes back far enough. If you were talking about a million years ago, I’d listen. Even about half of that ….

          28. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Please go tell the Rabbis see if they admit they’re not World’s only Semitic race.:))

      4. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
        Maborlz Ez-Hari

        Im not to concerned about what sa wants to do in syria, im not to concerned about what turkey is doing either, syria enjoyed inflicting misery on lebanon for a significant number of years and till today many of our people are still missing. It’s countries like syria, Iran and so on who promoted division in Lebanon and fueled the fire that charred the fabric of the lebanese society. So many countries over the years have tried to grab political influence in Lebanon and still to this day nothing has changed. The Isrealli and iranian relationship is not one of war or adversity they are playing a tune and your ears are soaking it all up. Nothing could be further from the truth, that ayatollah whatever is more of a Zionist than Sharon and again I’ll repeat this is all a load of crap my friend.

        1. Hind Abyad Avatar

          OK it’s crap big deal happy now?pfffttt macho baby

          1. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            Not happy till there is no more war and corruption in the world and the names in the Lebanese parliament are new ones based on merit not inheritance. And of course a couple of females in bikinis are waving ostrich feathers to my left and right cos I’m hot.

          2. Hind Abyad Avatar

            We will never be happy Lebanon has no “We the People” Parliament, it’s owned by tribalism based on inheritance not merit.. and your crazy you want to be a Pasha with females in bikini..waving ‘ostrich feathers’?

          3. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Yah … I’d also say Forget the Feathers. :-)))

          4. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            He discovered his real identity..(women spoiled him), humm..

          5. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            Yeeeèeeeees, i want to be a basha, Basha Maborlz.

          6. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Yiiiiihhh..it suits you perfectly ya Basha Malbrouk..

  6. Time will tell if they are there for a Holiday or it’s Shiite Iran’s Propaganda or to wage another phony war or to Protect the Zionist nation or such events are prelude to the zionist’s own prophecy about it’s nation’s End !!???

    Let’s examine with some explanation their prophecy which became famous as “Jewish Old Lady’s Prophecy”

    It goes like this…

    When the state of Israel was declared in 1948, a Jewish old lady came to a Palestinian mother crying. When she (Palestinian mother) asked her about the reason for her crying while other Jews were celebrating. She replied: “The establishment of this state will bring about the slaughter of the Jews.” She said that this state will last 76 years.
    According to the zionist prophecy it’s regarded that this matter (prophecy) could be related to the rotation of Comet Haley, for according to it, this comet has certain significance in Jewish beliefs.

    People are used to hearing various invalid stories from old ladies and thus truth and falsehood are mixed up and people, particularly the educated ones, have become resentful to this kind of talk. But, then, people thought “What’s wrong with checking what the old lady said? She must have heard it from the rabbis.” It cannot be assumed that these were her own predictions and fancies. Furthermore, the rabbis have a residue of revelation mixed with remnant human illusions and legends. This was the starting point of this research.

    A book about Fundamentalist or Orthodox Jewish beliefs (probably based on the Jewish Talmud which is not part of the Old Testament) mentions what can be translated as: “This is the kind of peace predicted by Menachem Begin (Israel’s Prime Minister at that time) when he declared at the climax of the Israeli war against Lebanon in 1982: Israel will enjoy the 40 years of peace, mentioned in Torah.” Is Begin referring to the same prophecy of the Jewish old lady we mentioned earlier? Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982 and thus, the end of the 40 years (of peace) will be: 1982 + 40 = year 2020.

    1- According to the mysterious prophecy (of the Jewish old lady), Israel will last 76 years or 19 × 4. And it is assumed that the 76 years are lunar years, for the Jewish Calendar follows this system. And for every three years, they add a month to balance the difference with the solar system.

    2- The Jews declared the establishment of the current State of Israel in Palestine on 15 May1948 AD, but we cannot consider it to be the actual date of the establishment of Israel. In the aftermath of this declaration, the Arab armies retaliated by declaring war against Israel. The United Nations issued a resolution of cease fire and the Arab League accepted it on 10 June 1948 (10/ 06/ 1948). This was called “The First Truce” which is the effective date of the creation of the current State of Israel. Please note that 10 June 1967 AD is the date of the end of the six-day war in 1967. So, the number of years between the first truce in 1948 to the truce of 1967 is full 19 solar years.

    3. The fighting erupted again after 4 weeks. The U.N. issued a resolution of cease-fire and the Arab League accepted it on 18 July,1948 (18/ 7/ 1948), which was called “The Second Truce”. This date was considered to be the completion of the creation of Israel. It is interesting to see that the number of days since the day of the declaration of Israel until the completion of its creation is 38 days (= 19 × 2). Furthermore, the sum of adding up the numbers in the date 18 July,1948 (18/7/1948) , is: 1+ 8+7+1+1+9+4+8= 38 (= 19 × 2). The following day on which the artillery stopped was 19/7/1948.

    4. The date of Israa most agreed upon is 10/ 10/ 621 AD (which was Yom Kippur- Day of Repentance- for the Jews). On the basis of our findings, the timeline becomes:

    10/10/ 935 BC 10/10/ 621 AD 10/6/1948 AD 5/3/2022 AD (1443 H)

    As mentioned earlier, the effective date of the creation of the current State of Israel was 10/6/1948. If we add 76 full lunar years (each lunar is 354.367 days), the result will be: 76 × 354.367 days = 26,931.892 days; therefore; the end of its completion will be on 5/3/2022 AD.

    The first period from the first corruption committed by the Israelites which started following the death of Solomon on 10/10/ 935 BC (we know the year of Solomon’s death, but we do not know the specific day and month of Solomon’s death, so we supposed that it is 10/10/935 to match it with the day of Israa) to the Israa [Prophet Mohammad’s صلى الله عليه وسلم overnight journey to Al-Aqsa Mosque’s location in Jerusalem] on 10/10/ 621 AD= 935 + 621= 1556 solar years.

    The second period from the Israa in 10/10/621 AD to the expected end of Israel in 5/3/2022 AD = 1400.4 solar years.

    Thus, by how much does the first period exceed the second period? 1556 – 1400.4 = 155.6 years.

    The time span from the beginning of the first corruption to the end of the second corruption = 1556 + 1400.4 = 2956.4.

    2956.4 divided by 19 = 155.6 and 19 is the result of 10 + 9. If we multiply 155.6 × 10 = 1556 (the first period) and 155.6 × 9 = 1400.4 (the second period). Therefore, the sum of the two periods is 19 parts: 10 of which passed before Israa and 9 would pass after Israa.

    So, we conclude that: (a) 155.6 years is the difference between the two periods, and (b) 155.6 years is equal 1 out of 19 parts that make up the total of the two periods, from 10/ 10/ 935 BC to 5/ 3/ 2022 AD.

    5. We have noticed something special about year 779 BC and the number 779 in general :

    The end of the first 155.6 years after the end of Solomon was: 935 BC – 155.6 = 779 BC which is equal to 19 x 41.

    If 779 is multiplied by 2, the result will be: 779 x 2 = 1558. This number (1558) is more than 1556 by 2, meaning: 1558 – 1556 = 2.

    There are four similarities between 779 BC and 1967 AD:

    (A) The reign of King Azariah (Uzziah) of Judah began in 782 BC, according to Philip Hitti. The Old Testament stated that he came to the throne when he was 16 years old; thus his age in 779 BC was 19, and the age of Israel in 1967 AD was 19. Some sources mention that King Azariah (Uzziah)’s reign started in 779 BC. He restored the glory of Judah. During the same period, the northern Kingdom of Israel was also in its glory days under King Jeroboam II. So, all of this may explain the significance of year 779 BC. In 1967, Israel was in its glory days.

    (B) 57 years after 779 BC ( 57= 19 × 3), the northern kingdom vanished, and 57 lunar years (55 solar years) after 1967 AD, the fall of the current Israel is expected to be in 2022 AD.

    (C) The sum of adding up the digits of 779 is 23 ( 7+ 7+ 9= 23), which is equal to the sum of adding up the digits of the year1967 (1+9+6+7= 23).

    6- When Solomon died in 935 BC, the state split into two parts: Israel in the North, which was destroyed in 722 BC , and Judah in the South, which was destroyed in 586 BC. Thus, Judah lasted 136 years longer than Israel. Nevertheless, Philip Hitti in his book The History of Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, says that when Israel vanished, 19 kings had already succeeded to the throne. He adds that Judah also had 19 kings succeeding to its throne. This is interesting because as mentioned earlier, Judah lasted 136 years more than Israel!! In the Jewish religious law, the Israel’s Knesset of today represents what the king in ancient Jewish states. Will the current Israel last 19 Knessets (Parliaments)?

    7- The year 586 BC is the date of the destruction of the Southern Kingdom of the Jews known as Judah while the anticipated fall of current State of Israel will probably be in 2022 AD. Thus, 586 + 2022 = 2608 years. This number (2608 years) is 19 times the period between the fall of the northern kingdom and the fall of southern kingdom (722 – 586 = 136 years): 2608 divided by 136 = 19.17 . Notice that the sum of digits making up 586 is (5+8+6 =) 19. Furthermore, according to the Old Testament, the end of the kingdom of Judah (Judea) was in the 19th year of the reign of king Nebuchadnezzar.

    We note that the year 722 (the date of the destruction of the northern kingdom of Israel) is a multiple of 19 (19 x 38= 722). If this number is doubled, the result will be 722 × 2 = 1444, which is the number of lunar years from 621 AD (year of Israa) to 2022 AD (expected end of Israel). Note that 1444 is equal to 19 x 76 . The current state of Israel is expected to last 76 lunar years: 2022 AD – 1948 AD = 74 solar years= 76 lunar years.

    8- The whole matter to be related to Haley’s Comet because –according to the Jewish faith. The Haley’s Comet, which completes its orbit in 75 or 76 solar years. The astronomers consider the start of Haley’s orbit when it is in its farthest point from the sun, [this point] is called aphelion. People on earth see Haley when it is in its nearest point to the sun, which is called perigee.

    Strangely enough, Haley began its last orbit in 1948 AD. This is found in astronomy books. I have consulted many astronomy books to find when Haley returns to aphelion to complete its final orbit but found no books addressing this issue. So in theory if each orbit is completed in 76 years then Haley will complete its orbit in 2024 AD. If the orbit is completed in 75 years then Haley will complete its orbit in 2023 AD. My hands happened to fall on a book (by an Egyptian astronomer) with the title (Microcomputer and Astronomy). Given all the necessary information by the computer, the answer was that Haley will reach aphelion in 2022 AD. Thus there is conformity between the prophecy and Haley’s orbit (1948 – 2022), which is an amazing coincidence requiring verification of the origin of this prophecy. Some people saw Haley on 10/2/1986 i.e. when it was in perigee stage it was half way through a period of 38 solar years (= 19 × 2), if it maintains the same speed: it will complete its orbit in 76 solar years: if it started its orbit in the beginning of 1948 and will complete it at the end of 2022 AD. It is noticeable that the period from 10/2/1986 to the end of 2022 AD is 38 lunar years (= 19 x 2).Thus the total is 75 solar years. It is strange though that the first half of the first orbit took 38 solar years and the second half will take 38 lunar years. Is this some kind of clue relating to the prophecy?

    We previously noticed that the solar year was used before 621 AD and afterwards lunar years were used. In other words, before Hijra we reckon in solar years and after Hijra in lunar ones, as if the lunar system is particularly Islamic. From the “aphelion” of Israel to its “perigee” there are 38 solar years, and from the rise of Muslims from their nadir to their zenith with regard to the Holy Land there are 38 moon years. The ascent of Muslims means the descent of Israel. It is noted that Haley increases its speed after 1986 to orbit one year less. Notice the rapid change in the world after 1986.

    9- Ian Lustig (1991) in his book Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel (translated by Husni Zainah published by the Institute of Palestinian Studies, first edition, Beirut, p. 95) states: “This is exactly the kind of peace that Menachim Begin predicted when he announced at the peak of the prima facie Israeli victory in the war against Lebanon. Israel will bask in what the Torah described as ‘the forty years of peace’.” It seems that Begin is referring to the prophecy referred to in the beginning of this research. It is known that Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982 AD, thus the end of those 40 years of peace will be: 1982 + 40 = 2022 AD.

  7. Iran: Israel’s Ally !!??

    Let’s revisit history to uncover their Secret Alliance and better understand Iran’s hot air rhetoric’s against their fictional arch enemy. Time unravels many secrets, mysteries, deceptions, treacheries, etc. and it has already begun unraveling their Hidden Alliance and making it blind obvious for people of the world to see. Their little secret will be “Have Made” as soon as 2020/2022 !!!

    “How can we tolerate the disgrace of having our Islamic country turned into a base for Israel and Zionism?. . . Israel wants to take our economy in its clutches. Israel wants to destroy our trade and agriculture. Israel wants to destroy that which stands between them and domination. This buffer is formed by the ulama who have to be broken. . . In this way Israel gets what it wants, and in this way the government of Iran threatens us with contempt to achieve its base wishes.” -Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Qum, June 1963

    After the Shiite fundamentalist movement led by Ayatollah Khomeini seized political power in Iran, many observers predicted the end of the close political-military relationship between the shah’s Iran and Israel, and the beginning of a realignment of Iran toward nationalist Arab states and movements including the Palestine Liberation Organization. Within two years, however, both predictions proved wrong.

    Soon after the overthrow of the shah, PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat went to Tehran, where Khomeini and a group of Iranian religious and secular leaders expressed their support for the struggle of the Palestinian people against Israel. The newly established Islamic regime closed down the Israeli Embassy there and offered the building to the PLO as its new office in Tehran. After the American Embassy was seized by a mob, Yasser Arafat journeyed again to Tehran to plead for the release of the U.S. staff. Had Khomeini allowed the PLO leader to conduct the Americans safely out of Iran, it could have reversed years of negative imagery of the Palestinians in the United States. Khomeini, however, had plans of his own to hold the Americans for arms if possible, and for the release of Iranian funds frozen in U.S. banks.

    After their spectacular beginning, relations between the Khomeini regime and the PLO quickly deteriorated. Iranian officials made clear that documents recovered from the Israeli Embassy would not be handed over to the PLO along with the building. The Iranians said the documents belonged to the state of Iran and could not be turned over to a foreign government or organization. (Iranian opposition newspapers claimed, however, that the documents revealed that influential members of the Iranian clergy had received regular payments from the shah’s secret police.) Soon after this incident, the PLO office in Ahwaz, in southwestern Iran, was closed down and accused by the Iranian government of spying and interfering in the internal affairs of the country.

    No country has helped Iranian terrorism and subversion more than Israel, which emerged after the 1979 departure of the shah as one of Iran’s closest and most reliable allies:

    The increasing tension between the Khomeini regime and the PLO was a byproduct of the Iranian government’s attempts to penetrate and subsequently take over the Palestinian national movement. The Iranian strategy was first to create an Islamic fundamentalist faction within the PLO, then use this faction to replace the PLO’s predominantly secular nationalist leadership with a new pro-Iranian fundamentalist leadership. As the PLO leadership increasingly resisted Iran’s fundamentalist penetration, the Islamic regime moved away from the PLO, attacking it in the state-controlled media as a group comprised of “those who refuse to admit that the Palestinian cause is an inseparable component of an Islamic movement.”

    The final breakdown of the relationship between Iran and the PLO corresponded with the outbreak of war with Iraq and the sudden desperate need of the Khomeini regime to find allies willing to help in Iran’s war efforts. The Iranian military found itself unable to carry out successful counteroffensives against Iraq due to a lack of spare parts and armaments. As a result, Iranian national morale showed signs of cracking.

    The Beginnings of the Israeli-Iranian Secret Alliance:

    It was at this critical juncture that Israel and Iran began to restore their historic secret alliance. The origin of the Israeli-Iranian relationship dates back to the 1950s, when emerging radical Arab nationalist movements and governments caused much anxiety both in Tel Aviv and Tehran. Although Iran had recognized Israel in 1950, relations between the two countries at first remained distant.

    The unification of Egypt and Syria in 1958 seemed to be transforming Arab nationalism into a dynamic political and ideological force. Israel and Iran, both of which greatly feared Arab unity, saw these first tangible steps toward it as a major threat. By the early 1960s, therefore, the Israeli-Iranian relationship had evolved to include trade as well as military intelligence cooperation and coordination. David Ben Gurion, Golda Meir, Abba Eban, Yitzhak Rabin, Yigal Allon, Moshe Dayan, Menachem Begin, and many lesser Israeli leaders visited Iran and discussed the common interests between the two countries with the shah.

    When it became clear that Iraq could not win, continuation of the Iran-Iraq war was considered beneficial for Israel because it divided the Arab states into two antagonistic camps:

    Petroleum was the major Iranian export to Israel, and military equipment the principal Israeli export to Iran. By 1968, according to Edward A. Bayne (Persian Kingship in Transition), “virtually every general officer in the shah’s army had visited Israel, and hundreds of Iranian junior officers had undergone some aspect of Israeli training.” In contrast to the assertion made repeatedly in the popular media, therefore, Israel’s close contacts with the Iranian military did not begin in the early 1980s but were a continuation, with only a brief interruption, of the relationship going back to the early 1960s.

    Israel Penetrates Iran During Shah’s Reign:

    Between 1962 and the shah’s downfall in 1979, Israel’s military intelligence established close contacts with many of the Iranian officers being trained by the Israeli military. Israel also expanded its intelligence network in Iran by using members of Iran’s large Jewish community. William H. Sullivan, the last U.S. ambassador to Iran, noted that “the Israelis enjoyed an information network that was second to none, thanks to the large colony of 80,000 Jews who penetrated into almost every aspect of Iranian life.”

    One of the most prominent of these Iranian Jews with special contacts with the Israelis was Albert Hakim, who has subsequently figured so prominently in the Israeli-brokered sales of U.S. arms for American hostages. Hakim’s company, Stanford Technology, dealt in sophisticated electronics and had extensive business dealings with the shah’s military.

    Besides its strong links with the Iranian military and the Jewish community in Iran, Israel also enjoyed a very close relationship with the shah’s notorious secret police, Savak. The popular belief in Iran was that Savak agents were trained by the Mossad and the CIA. Richard T. Sale reported in the Washington Post on May 9, 1977, that “Innumerable Iranians, including many in a position to know, told me that the Israelis oversee Savak’s techniques.”

    Throughout the shah’s reign, Israel also recruited Savak agents to work with Israel’s external intelligence service, the Mossad. One Savak agent recruited by the Israelis was Manucher Ghorbanifar, who later emerged both as a key player in the Iran-contra secret operations and as the originator of false reports of armed Libyan “hit squads” headed for Washington that had the U.S. national capital tied in knots throughout much of 1981.

    By arming Iran to the extent that it was able to turn the tide of the war against Iraq, Israel raised the prestige of the Khomeini regime and fueled Islamic fundamentalist sentiments in the Arab world:

    After the fall of the shah, Ghorbanifar and other such former Savak agents proved to be extremely useful to Israel because they continued to maintain their contracts with the Israelis while working for the Khomeini regime. Their central role in the Iranian-Israeli (and U.S.) relationship was made possible by Khomeini’s decision to leave the shah’s secret police untouched. Beyond executing three former chiefs of Savak and changing the name of the remaining organization to Savama, the Khomeini regime did little to alter its functions. Many of its agents were called back and assigned the same duties by the Khomeini regime that they had performed for the shah.

    Double Agents Sell Iran Israeli, U.S. Arms for Its War With Iraq:

    After 1980, with the Iranian military desperately short of spare parts for its war with Iraq, Ghorbanifar and other former Savak agents were assigned to find badly needed armaments. Ghorbanifar’s principal Israeli contact was Gen. Yaacov Nimrodi, a former Israeli military attache in Tehran who had become a successful arms merchant. Nimrodi, while he was head of the Mossad station in Iran, had been the Israeli official closest to the shah and to the former chief of Savak, Gen. Nassiri.

    As early as Nov. 30, 1980, the London Observer reported that Nimrodi had sold the Khomeini regime advanced U.S. military hardware including “Lance missiles and the latest laser-guided Copperhead anti-tank shells.”

    Nimrodi subsequently played a role in organizing the mysterious shipments of U.S. arms from Israel to Iran which were exposed when, in July 1981, one of the three planes carrying them crashed on the Turkish-Soviet border. Israeli officials said the three shipments had been authorized by the Reagan administration shortly after the hostages at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran were released on President Reagan’s inauguration day.

    In his memoirs published in 1983, Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter’s national security adviser, said the U.S. government had become aware of Israeli shipments of U.S.-made armaments to the Khomeini regime in 1980. Defense Minister Ariel Sharon himself admitted in May 1982 that Israel was selling military equipment to the Khomeini government. Five months later, the then-Israeli ambassador to the U.S., Moshe Arens, stated that Israeli shipments of arms to Iran were “taking place in coordination with the highest level of the U.S. government.”

    Ghorbanifar’s role as a double agent working for both the Israeli Mossad and Khomeini’s secret police assumed greater significance when the Israelis decided to involve the U.S. directly so that Israel could continue shipping arms to Iran at a time when the U.S. was urging its NATO allies to avoid such sales. After David Kimche, director general of Israel’s Foreign Ministry and former deputy chief of Mossad, suckered-to use Secretary of State George Shultz’s term-the Reagan administration into selling arms to Iran, Ghorbanifar and others enticed Col. Oliver North and other American negotiators to remain involved by suggesting diversion of the profits to the Contras.

    From the very beginning of the Iran-Iraq war, the Jerusalem Post reported on Dec. 6, 1986, the entire Israeli intelligence community “supported the policy of backing Iran because Iraq has taken part in every war against Israel and is an integral component of the Eastern Front, whereas Khomeini’s fundamentalism is first and foremost a threat to the Arabs themselves.”

    Israel Gains Economically and Politically From Iran-Iraq War:

    When it became clear that Iraq could not win, continuation of the Iran-Iraq war was considered beneficial for Israel because it divided the Arab states into two antagonistic camps, with Syria and Libya supporting Iran, and Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan backing Iraq. The increasing instability caused by the war permitted Israel to pose as the only internally stable country and the only reliable U.S. ally in the region. Meanwhile, the Israeli-Iranian arms tie enabled Israel to renew the relationship which has always been central to Israeli strategic objectives in the region.

    Israel’s faltering arms industry has profited immensely from the Iran-Iraq war. Despite assertions by Israeli officials, Israel’s sales were not mainly of munitions for Israeli-made systems that had formerly been sold to the shah, but included Hawk anti-aircraft missiles, TOW anti-tank missiles, and aircraft spare parts. In this case, as in the past, Israel’s export-geared arms industry was a primary consideration in political decision-making.

    A U.S. Department of State special report, entitled “Iran’s Use of International Terrorism,” asserts that “major goals of Iranian-backed terrorism and subversion include spreading its Shiite fundamentalist revolution to other Islamic states, creating a copy of an Iranian Islamic Republic in Lebanon, and driving Western influence-esspecially that of the U.S.-from the Middle East.”

    It would have been only fair for the State Department to add that no country has helped Iranian terrorism and subversion more than Israel. By helping to arm Iran to the extent that it was able to turn the tide of the war against Iraq, Israel raised the prestige of the Khomeini regime in the region and fueled Islamic fundamentalist sentiments in the Arab world, particularly among the Lebanese Shiites who are now the principal source of terrorism directed against Americans in the Middle East.

    Even since the public disclosure of the Iran-contra connection, the Israelis have continued to supply the Khomeini regime with armaments made in the U.S. and the People’s Republic of China. The Danish Seaman’s Union reported that between September 1986 and March 1987, Israel constituted the major exporter of military supplies to Iran.

    Iranian opposition groups now cite Israeli press reports to demonstrate that Israeli cooperation with the Khomeini regime increasingly resembles cooperation with the shah’s Iran. These groups say Israel has been training Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, who are charged not only with internal suppression of the Iranian people and continuation of the war with Iraq, but also with the training of Hezbollah members in Lebanon. They are the same “Party of God” terrorists who are holding Americans and other foreigners for ransom, and who have undermined American influence in what once was the most pro-American country in the Middle East.

    1. you don’t have an economy or anything else Israel desires..truth be told- we don’t really care for or about you.we’re concentrating on keeping our state safe and that’s it.

      as for Iran & Israel- we’re not pacted but i can see where you’re coming from , for years they are threatening and threatening us ,while doing nothing. it is suspicious till the simple truth raise it’s head: we’re not the main target, we’re a secondary target at best and a diversion at worst.

      the real target is ME dominance and the easiest way to mask it is by pretending to fight the “big devil” in Israel.

      the Irani hands are busy in spinning the web around the Sunni Arabs while the Irani rhetoric is always pulling the Arab world’s attention to the fight with Israel.

      sadly, there are enough dumb Arabs to fall for it , If i were Iran’s leader i would keep that going as long as I can ( and it’s a very long time already :))

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        (well .. except for the water …. 😉 )

  8. The secret Israel-Iran alliance isn’t much written about (it’s a secret, after all). Here are some quick points to think about:

    The ‘doctrine of the periphery’, the idea that Israel’s natural allies are non-Arab states not adjacent to Israel, which Susser indicates is dead, is very much alive, applying now both to Turkey and the Kurds (an impossibility in the long run, which both Turkey and the Kurds are going to find out), and applies most of all to the Persians (Cyrus the Great was the liberator of the Jews!).

    Iran facilitated the immigration of the Jews from Iraq to Israel in 1948-1949.

    Continuing dealings between Ledeen and Ghorbanifar, who represents Iranian business interests (the real long-term power base in Iran).

    Israeli support for Iran in the Iran-Iraq war.

    Iran’s terrorist group Hezbollah safeguarding both Iran’s and Israel’s interests against Sunnis and Islam.

    Iran’s indirect assistance in helping zionists, etc. inch towards forming greater Israel.

    Iran’s role in aiding, creating, funding, harboring, sponsoring, and exporting terrorists groups like isis, boko haram, alcaida, hezbollah, basijs, etc. in collaboration with the zionists, etc.

    Iran’s colloboration with zionists, etc. in forming one world government, etc. for shiite / zionists savior, mashiach , king, mehdi, etc. which in reality is dajjal, anti-christ, lucifer, sun god ra, etc. who will come out of Isfahan, Iran.

    Iran’s collaboration with zionists, etc. since centuries against Sunnis and Islam.

    A little thing we like to call Iran-Contra, although the Contras got very little out of it, should have been called Iran-Israel, as it was primarily a deal for the Israelis to sell arms to Iran.

    The relationship is literally thousands of years old, and the crypto-yahud ayatullahs in qom, najaf, etc. are only furthering or say expediting zionists, etc. evil agenda.
    The fact that Iran lies completely outside the proposed boundaries of Greater Israel is a bonus.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      I think you’re repeating yourself ….

      1. Is that so? Learning from the master Propagandists… !!

      2. Hind Abyad Avatar

        ..as well as the “likes”zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      3. Anti ISIS Avatar

        Must love the sound of his own voice.

    2. You read the news backwards. Just because you hate Shia and Jews, does not make them allies. They are fierce enemies.
      It is guys like you who claim that Israel was behind 9/11 while the terrorists say, “What are you talking about? We did it! Give us credit!”

  9. Who will be the Followers of Dajjal, will they be the Shiites, Zionists, etc. ??

    Here are some bitter facts from Shiite’s own Books and Sources which most non-muslims, Sunnis, and even Shias aren’t aware of. Hopefully this will clear the air as to who are and will be on the side of Dajjal upon his arrival.

    The hypocrites, liars, impersonators, etc. which we usually see here and everywhere else will keep propagating falsehoods and fitna as they are the Agents and Followers of Dajjal who sold their souls for the un-Godly desires, beliefs, etc. they pursue.

    Lets examine what do Shia’s books say about what Shia’s Imam Mahdi will do after he appears?

    1. Shia’s Mahdi kills and does not accept repentance

    ان القائم امر ان يسير بالقتل ولا يستتيب احدا

    “The Qa’im (Shia’s Mahdi) has been ordered (by God) to go forth killing (people) and does not ask for or accept repentance of anyone.” (Al-Numani, Al-Ghaiba , p. 153 and Baqir Al-Majlisi’s Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol. 52, page 353)

    ان الامام المهدي (ع) سوف يضع السيف في كل المنحرفين …فيستاصلهم جميعا ولا يقبل اعلانهم التوبة

    “Al-Imam Al-Mahdi will strike with the sword all those who deviate (meaning deviate from Shiism or the new religion he will be spreading) … and will eradicate all of them and will not accept the declaration of repentance.” (Al-Sadr, Tarikh ma ba’d Zuhur (History of After the Emergence) p. 558 )

    2. Shia’s Mahdi will be cruel towards defenceless people

    القائم له أن يقتل المولي ويجهز على الجريح

    الغيبة للنعماني ص121

    “It is permissible for Al-Qa’im to kill Al-Mawla (the captive person) and finish off (kill) the wounded person.” (Al-Numani Al-Ghaiba, p. 121)

    3. Shia’s Mahdi is sent as a Vengeance

    : عن عبد الرحمن القصير عن أبي جعفر عليه السلام

    إن الله بعث محمدا رحمة وبعث القائم نقمة : قال

    Abd-Rahman Al-Qaseer reported that Abi Ja’far (a. s.) said:

    “ Allah sent Mohammad (p) as a Mercy, and sends Al-Qa’im (Mahdi) as a Vengeance (Revenge).” (Baqir Al-Majlisi, Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol. 52, p. 314-315)

    Imam Mahdi will take revenge against all the sins (meaning the sinners) since Adam (a.s). (Muhammad ibn Hasan al-Saffar, Bashairu al-Darajat, p. 83)

    4. Shia’s Mahdi will persecute the Sunni Muslims

    فإذا قام قائم عرضوا كل ناصب عليه فإن أقر بالإسلام وهي الولاية وإلا ضربت عنقه أو أقر بالجزية فأداها كما يؤدي أهل الذمة

    52/357 بحار الأنوار , تفسير فرات ص 100

    “ When Qa’im (Shia refer to their Mahdi as Al-Qa’im) appears, they (the Shia) will bring every Nasib (a term used by Shia to refer to Sunnis) to him (Shia’s Mahdi). If he (the Nasib) accepts Islam, and it is recognition of Al-Wilaya (meaning Imam Ali is Representative of God), he will be freed; otherwise his head will be cut off. Alternatively, if he accepts jizyah (penalty tax), he will be required to pay as a Zhimmi (Zhimmi is a status given by Islam to Christians & Jews).. ( Baqir Al-Majlisi’s Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol. 52, page 373 and Furat ibn Ibrahim’s Tafseer , page 100)

    According to Shia’s book, Baqir Al-Majlisi’s Haq Al-Yaqeen, page 527, Imam Mahdi will kill all Sunni Scholars:

    يناكحوننا ويوارثوننا الى ان يظهر المهدي حيث يبدا بقتل علماء اهل السنة ثم عوامهم

    “They (Sunnis) may marry from us and inherit from us until the Mahdi emerges. He starts by killing the scholars of the Sunnis and then ordinary Sunnis.” (Baqir Al-Majlisi’s Haq Al-Yaqeen)

    According to Shia’s book, Al-Kulaini’s Al-Rawdah min al-Kafi, Vol. 8, page 160, the Sunnis who do not accept his teachings of Shiism will be beheaded.

    In a narration attributed to Imam Abu Abdullah [a.s.], (Shia’s 6th Imams), he says: “As mankind realize what is going to be done by Al-Qaim (Shia’s Mahdi) when he appears, most people will prefer not to see him because of the killings he will do to mankind, it makes most mankind say: ‘ He is not from the House of Muhammad, if he were from the House of Muhammad, he would certainly have compassion.’ ” (Baqir Majlisi, Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol. 52, page 353)

    Nuaim bin Hammad’s Kitab Al-Fitan mentions a variation of this narration, but says “from the progeny of Fatima” (Prophet Mohammad’s daughter and wife of Imam Ali), instead of “from the House of Muhammad”.

    Sayid Sadr states: “Indeed, most the killings (by the Mahdi & his followers) that happen to mankind will be directed against the Muslims. Then, he (Shia’s Mahdi) will distribute a copy of his book (a new scripture, not the current Quran)…” (Sayyid Husein Al-Musawi, Li Allah Thumma Li Tarikh, p.137)

    ما لمن خالفنا في دولتنا نصيب إن الله قد أحل لنا دماءهم عند قيام قائمنا

    بحار الأنوار 50/373

    “For those in our (Shia’s) State who differ with us, there is a punishment. God has made their blood Halal (permissible to be shed) when our Qa’im (Shia’s Mahdi) emerges.”( Baqir Al-Majlisi’s Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol. 50, p. 373)

    مال الناصب وكل شيء يملكه حلال

    وسائل الشيعة للحر العاملي 11/60 , تهذيب الأحكام للطوسي 2/48

    “ The money of the Al-Nasib (the Sunni) is Halal (permissible to be stolen) and every thing he owns is Halal.” ( Al-Tusi, Tahzeeb Al-Ahkam, Vol. 2, p. 48 and Al-Hur Al-Amili, Wasil Al-Shia, Vol. 11, p.60)

    خذ مال الناصب حيثما وجدته وأدفع إلينا الخمس

    وسائل الشيعة للحر العاملي 6/340 , السرائر لابن أدريس ص 484 , تهذيب الأحكام للطوسي 1/384

    “Take the money (meaning by stealing or rip-off) of Al-Nasib (the Sunni) wherever you find it and pay to us Al-Khums (one fifth of the money).” (Al-Tusi,Tahzeeb Al-Ahkam, Vol. 1, p. 384, Ibn Idriss, Al-Sarair p. 484, and Al-Hur Al-Amili, Wasil Al-Shia, Vol. 340, p.6)

    5. Shia’s Imam Mahdi will be an Anti-Arab bigot who will massacre the Arabs

    The following is some of what Shia books say their Mahdi’s massacres of the Arabs:

    ما بقي بيننا وبين العرب إلا الذبح

    الغيبة للنعماني ص155, بحار الأنوار 52/349

    “There will be nothing left between us and the Arabs, except slaughter.” (Baqir Al-Majlisi, Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol. 52, p. 349 and Al-Numani, Al-Ghaiba, p. 155)

    “Al-Muntazar (the Awaited One, meaning Shia’s Mahdi) will walk amongst the Arabs and kill them.” (Baqir Al-Majlisi, Bihar al-Anwar, Vol. 52, p. 318)

    منهم أحد اتق العرب فإن لهم خبر سوء أما إنه لم يخرج مع القائم

    52/333 بحار الأنوار , الغيبة للنعماني ص254

    “Fear the Arabs because there will be very bad news for them, which is that none from amongst them will come out with Al-Qa’im (Shia’s Mahdi).” (Baqir Al-Majlisi, Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol. 52, p. 333, and Al-Numani, Al-Ghaiba, p. 254) This Shia narration is warning the Arabs of bad things that will happen to Arabs because none of the Arabs, including Shia Arabs, will follow the Mahdi.

    يروي المفيد عن أبي عبدالله أنه قال

    إذا قام القائم من آل محمد عليهم السلام أقام خمسمائة من قريش فيضرب أعناقهم ثم خمسمائة أخر حتى يفعل ذلك ست مرات

    In a Shia narration attributed to Imam Abi Abdullah (Shia’s 6th Imam), he say: “When the Qa’im (Shia’s Mahdi) from the family of Mohammad (peace be upon him) rises, he will resurrect five hundred from Quraish (dead people of Prophet Mohammad’s tribe) and cut off their necks, then another five hundred, until he does this (action) six times.” (Al-Mufeed Al-Tusi, Al-Irshad)

    6. Digging up the graves of the Prophet’s Sahabahs (Companions)

    وأجيء إلى يثرب فأهدم الحجرة وأخرج من بها وهما طريان فآمر بهما تجها البقيع وأمر بخشبتين يصلبان عليهما

    بحار الأنوار ج 53/104-105

    “(When Shia’s Mahdi) Will come to Yathrib (Medina’s old name), and destroy the Al-Hujra Al-Nabawiyya (the Room of Aisha in which Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.) was buried and later Abu Bakr and Omar were also buried there) and will dig out who is in it while they are lean and will order them to be sent to Al-Baqi and order two pieces of wood to be crucified on them…” (Al-Majlisi, Bihar al-Anwar, Vol. 53, p. 104 -105)

    The graves of Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq (r.a.) and Umar bin al-Khattab (r.a.) (Prophet Mohammad’s companions and successors as Caliphs) are to be dug up, and they are to be crucified and flogged in front of the crowds. Both of them will be resurrected to receive their sentences. (Ni’matullah Al-Jazairi, Al-Anwar Al-Numaniyah, Vol.2, p. 85 and Baqir Al-Majlisi, Haq al-Yaqeen, Vol. 2, p. 242)

    : عن عبد الرحمن القصير عن أبي جعفر عليه السلام

    إلى القائم ؟ فكيف أخر الله ذلك :قلت ردت إليه الحميراء حتى يجلدها الحد ، وحتى ينتقم لأمه فاطمة ، أما لو قام قائمنا

    إن الله بعث محمدا رحمة وبعث القائم نقمة : قال

    Abd-Rahman Al-Qaseer reported that Abi Ja’far (a. s.) said: “When our Qa’im (Shia’s Mahdi) rises, Al-Humaira (Aisha, Prophet Mohammad’s wife) will be returned (resurrected) so that he flogs her according to the law of hudud, and takes revenge for the Umma (nation or people) of Fatima (meaning the Shia).”

    So, I (Abd-Rahman Al-Qaseer) said: “How come Allah (God) delays this punishment to (be performed by) the Qa’im (Mahdi) ?”

    He said: “ Allah sent Mohammad (p) as a Mercy, and sends Al-Qa’im (Mahdi) as a Vengeance (Revenge).” (Baqir Al-Majlisi, Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol. 52, p.314-315)

    7. Shia’s Mahdi will destroy the Ka’bah and the two Holy Mosques of Mecca and Medina

    القائم يهدم المسجد الحرام حتى يرده إلى أساسسه ومسجد الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم وإله إلى أساسه

    بحار الأنوار 52/338 , الغيبة ص 282

    “Al-Qaim (Shia’s Mahdi) will demolish Haram Mosque (in Mecca) down to its foundation and the Messenger’s Mosque (Prophet Mohammad’s s.a.w. Mosque in Medina) down to its foundation.” (Al-Majlisi, Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 52, p. 338, and Al-Tusi, Al-Ghaibah, p. 282)

    … إذا قام المهدي هدم المسجد الحرام

    الغيبة للطوسي ص282 , الإرشاد للمفيد ص411

    “When Imam Mahdi rises up, he will demolish Al-Haram Mosque ( in Mecca) …’” (Al-Mufid, Al-Irshad. p. 411 and At-Tusi, Kitab al Ghaibah, p. 282)

    أول ما يبدأ به يخرج هذين هل تدري أول ما يبدأ به القائم

    ويكسر المسجد رطبين غضين فيحرقهما ويذريهما في الريح

    بحار الأنوار 52/386

    “Do you know what the Qa’im (Shia’s Mahdi) will start with? What he will start with is that he will dig up/out the graves of these two (Abu Bakr al-Siddiq r.a. and Umar bin al-Khattab r.a., Prophet Mohammad’s companions and successors as Caliphs) while they are still wet and fresh and burn/cremate them and throw them (their ashes) into the wind. And he will break/destroy the Mosque (meaning the holy Al-Haram Mosque of Mecca).” (Al-Majlisi, Bihar al-Anwar, Vol. 52, p. 386)

    8. At the time of Shia’s Mahdi, the Shia will be gathered from all over the World

    This is similar to the notion that the Jews will gathered from around the World, according to Jewish beliefs as well as the Quran)

    عن أحد موالي أبي الحسن عليه السلام قال

    {أينما تكونوا يأت بكم الله جميعا } سألت أبا الحسن عليه السلام عن قوله تعالى

    وذلك والله أن لو قد قام قائمنا يجمع الله إليه شيعتنا من جميع البلدان : قال

    – بحار الأنوار –

    A follower of Imam Abu Al-Hasan (Shia’s 7th Imam) asked him about his interpretation of (verse 148 of Sura Baqara) {From wherever you are, Allah will bring forth (or gather) all of you…}.

    Imam Abu Al-Hasan said: ” When our Qa’im (Imam Mahdi) rises up, Allah will gather for him our Shia from all countries.” (Al-Majlisi, Bihar Al-Anwar) Please note that the Sunni classical interpretation of this verse is that it pertains to God’s gathering people around the time of the Day of Resurrection.

    9. Jews & prominent Prophets will be among the followers of Shia’s Mahdi

    According to the Shia, the Jews will also be among the followers of Imam Mahdi:

    عن المفضّل بن عمر عن أبي عبد الله قال

    يخرج مع القائم عليه السلام من ظهر الكوفة سبعة وعشرون رجلا من قوم موسى، وسبعة من أهل الكهف ويوشع بن نون وسليمان وأبو دجـانة الأنصاري والمقداد ومالك الأشتر فيكونون بين يديه أنصارا

    الإرشاد للمفيد الطوسي ص402

    Sheikh al-Mufeed has reported in his Al-Irshaad based on al-Mufadhaal ibnu Umar that Imam Abu Abdullah [as] said: “With the Qa’im twenty seven men from the people of Moses (meaning Jews or Israelites), seven from Ahl Al-Kahf (People of the Cave), (prophet) Joshua bin Nun, (prophet) Solomon, Abu Dajana Al-Ansari, Al-Miqdad, Malik Al-Ahtar will come out and they will be his supporters.” (Al-Mufeed Al-Tusi, Al-Irshaad p.402)

    10. Shia’s Imam Mahdi will bring the compete, original Quran

    – “ …The Qur’an which we have in our hands today, has suffered some changes after the Messenger of Allah [pbuh]. Those who collected it after him, dropped and deleted many words and verses, and that the protected Qur’an from such changes and agreeable to the (true & original) revelation of Allah (Ta’ala) is the one which was collected by Ali [as] and guarded until it reached his son Al-Hasan [as] and so on until it ended in the possession of Al-Qa’im (Imam Mahdi) who has it with him today…” (Hashim At-Tubari Al-Bahrani’s Al-Burhaan fi Tafseer al-Qur’an, Introduction: the second premise, Volume 1, p.36, and last paragraph, p. 49)

    The Quran has been purposely altered by the drunkard Caliphs {Abu-Bakr (r.a), Umar (r.a) and Usman (r.a)}. The present Quran is false; It is the duty of Imam Mehdi to bring it in its original form. When Imam Mahdi comes, the Quran will be recited in its original form. (Quran Translation by Maqbool Hussain Delhvi, Chapter 12, p. 384 & p.479 – Published in India)

    Original Quran will not be known until the manifestation of Imam Mahdi. (Ni’matullah al-Jazairi, Al-Anwar Al-Numania, Vol. 2, p. 360 – Published in Iran)

    The present Quran is abridged (an an abbreviated version) whereas the Original Quran is kept by Imam Mahdi.” (Hazaar Tumhari Das Hamari, p. 553)

    The original Quran (which was compiled by Imam Ali (r.a) will be brought by Imam Mahdi when he appears before the Day of Judgment. (Usul Kaafi, Vol. 2, p. 123)

    11. Shia’s Mahdi will bring and rule based on a New Book of Scriptures

    عن أبي جعفر أنه قال

    فوالله لكأني أنظر إليه بين الركن والمقام يبايع الناس بأمر جديد شديد ، وكتاب جديد ، وسلطان جديد من السماء

    الغيبة للنعماني 107 ص

    A narration attributed to Imam Abi Ja’far (Shia’s 5th Imam): ” By Allah, as if I see him (Imam Mahdi) between Rukn & Maqam (of Kaba, Mecca), people are declaring allegiance (to the Mahdi) based on a new, powerful matter, a new Book (scripture), and a new authority from Heaven.” (Al-Numani, Kitab al-Ghayba, p. 107)

    “Imam Mahdi will bring new Sharia (divine law) and commandments.” (Al-Majlisi, Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol. 10, p. 597)

    “Al-Qa’im (Imam Mahdi) will bring a new teaching, a new book and a new law.” (Al-Majlisi, Bihar al-Anwar, Vol. 52, p. 354 )

    12. Shia’s Mahdi will declare himself to be a prophet

    Imam Mahdi will declare himself to be a prophet. (Al-Majlisi, Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol. 10, p. 550)

    13. All angels will swear allegiance to Shia’s Mahdi

    All angels will swear allegiance to Imam Mahdi. (Syed Najmul Hasan, Chodah Sitaray, p. 594)

    14. Shia believe Prophet Mohammad (p) will return and be the first person to pledge of allegiance to Shia’s Imam Mahdi

    The first disciple to take a pledge of allegiance (bay’a) to him will be Prophet Mohammad ( Al-Majlisi, Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol. 52, p. 348)

    The Shia believe Prophet Mohammad (p) and many of the early Muslims will come back to life at the End Times and they call this “Raj’ah” meaning the “Return”.

    15. Shia’s Mahdi was born before God created human beings

    مهدي الشيعة خلق قبل خلق الخلق (بحار الأنوار 51/144)

    According to Al-Majlisi’s Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol. 51, page 144, Shia’s Mahdi was born before God created human beings.

    16. Mahdi’s Shia does not have a shadow

    مهدي الشيعة ليس له ظل (بحار الأنوار 52/322)

    According to Al-Majlisi’s Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol. 52, page 322, Al-Mahdi does not a shadow.

    17. Mentioning the name of the Shia’s Mahdi is not permissible

    مهدي الشيعة لا يحل ذكر اسمه ومن سماه ملعون (بحار الأنوار 51/33)

    According to Al-Majlisi’s Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol. 51, page 33, it is not permissible to mention the name of the Shia’s Mahdi and whoever refers to him by his name shall be cursed.

    18. Shia’s Mahdi will Rule according to the Law of David

    محمد بن أحمد عن محمد بن خـالد عن النَضر بن سويد عن يحي الحلبي عن عمران بن أعين عن جعيد الهمداني عن عليَ بن الحـسين عليه السَلام قال:

    روح القُدُس به تلقَانا شيء فإن أعيانا بحكم آل داود، قال سألته بأي حكم تحكمون ؟

    Muhammad ibn Ahmad attributes to Jaeed al Hamdani asking Ali ibn Al-Hussein [a.s.] (Shia’s 4th Imams): “I asked him by which law will you (the 12 Imams) rule?” Ali ibn Al-Hussein [as]: said: “By the ruling (law) of the family of David, and if we encounter something perplexing, Ruh Al- Quds ( Holy Spirit, meaning Angel Gabriel ) will solve it for us.” ( Al-Kulayni , Al-Kafi, Vol. 1, p. 397)

    … جعفر عليه السلام: عن أبي عبيد الحذَاء قال

    قال يا أبا عبيدة إذا قام قائم آل محمد عليه السلام حكم بحكم داود وسليمان ولا يُسأل بيننة

    Abu Obeida Al-Hazza attributed to Imam Abu Abdullah [a.s.] (Shia’s 6th Imam) saying: “O Abu Obeida when Qa’im (Imam Mahdi) of the House of Muhammad (s.a.w.) rises up, he will rule according to the law of David and Solomon and he will not be asked for evidence.” (Al-Kulayni, Usul Al-Kafi, Vol. 1, p. 397 , Al-Mufeed Al-Tusi, Al-Irshad, p. 413, and Alam Al-Wara, p. 433 )

    Note what this narration says, “he will not be asked for evidence.” Islam emphasizes that in order to make a fair judgment, you need to rely on evidence. So, Imam Mahdi will break that rule of fairness. In other words, the Mahdi is above the laws of Islam. He will not follow the Quran, but rather he will follow Jewish laws.

    19. The source of Shia’s knowledge is from the Israelites, most probably, the Talmud

    The Imam (a.s.) remained silent for a while and then said, “(Held) With us, there is Al-Jifr (the parchment). Do you know what Al-Jifr is?” I then asked, “What is Al-Jifr ?” The Imams (a.s.) said, “It is a container made of leather that contains knowledge of the prophets and the executors of their wills and theknowledge of the scholars of the past from the Israelites.” (Al-Kulayni, Al-Kafi, Vol. 1, Chapter 40, p. 635)

    20. Shia’s Mahdi will call God by God’s Hebrew name

    العبراني دعا الله باسمه إذا أذَن الإمام : للنعماني الغيبة في كتاب

    Al-Mufadhal ibn Umar is reported to have said that Abu Abdullah [a.s.] (Shia’s 6th Imams) said: “When the Imam (Mahdi) makes a call (for prayer), he will supplicate to God using God’s Hebrew name…” (Al-Numani, Al-Ghayba , p.326)

    21. When Shia’s Imam Mahdi appears, Shia’s Taqiyyah will be annulled

    Taqiyyah is something compulsory to be practiced by one who is following the Shiism.

    In a narration attributed to the 8th Shia Imam, Ali bin Musa, he said,“ The one who is not wari (pious) has no religion and the one who does not practice Taqiyyah has no Iman ( deep faith).” So he was asked, “O grandson of the Messenger, until when (is one required to practice Taqiyyah)?” He replied, “Until a certain day (i.e. the day Imam Mahdi appears). Whoever does not practice Taqiyyah before the appearance of Imam Mahdi, is not one of us.” (Al-Ardabili, Kashf al-Ghummah , p. 341).

    22. At the time of Shia’s Mahdi, people will rise from the dead

    وروى العاملي عن المفضل بن عمر قال : ذكرنا القائم عليه السلام ومن مات ينتظره من أصحابنا فقال لنا أبو عبدالله عليه السلام : إذا قام أتى المؤمن في قبره فيقال له : يا هذا إنه قد ظهر صاحبك فإن شئت تلحق به فالحق وإن تشأ تقيم في كرامة ربك فأقم

    In a narration attributed to Imam Abu Abdullah, he said: ” When he (Imam Mahdi) rises, he will come to the believer (meaning a Shia) in his grave. The dead believer will asked: ‘ O you, your friend (Imam Mahdi) has emerged. If you wish to follow him, follow him. However, if you wish to stay in the dignity (or honored status) provided by your Lord, you may stay ‘.” (Baha’ Din Al-Amili)

    23. Imam Mahdi recited the Sura Al-Qadr (Chapter 97 of Quran) before his birth. (Jalau Al-Uyoun, Vol. 2, p. 475)

    24. The Sun will rise from the West at the time of Imam Mahdi’s appearance. (Syed Najmul Hasan, Chodah Sitaray, p. 585)

    25. Imam Mahdi will appear when only forty two believing Shia will be left on the face of the Earth. (Syed Najmul Hasan, Chodah Sitaray, p. 571)

    Other Characteristics of Shia Mahdi from Shiite’s Books and Sources:

    1) The Mahdi of Shia is supernatural being

    Shia Mehdi: Supernatural being with powers alive for 1200 years.(“The Imams know when they will die, and they do not die except by their own choice.” (Al-Kafi)

    2) Shia Mahdi will have Supernatural Powers and will have the power to resurrect

    a) “By listening to the voice of a person, the Imams can tell if the person was destined to go to hell or to heaven; they would thus answer his questions accordingly.” (Usool Al-Kafi.)

    b)“The Imams possess all the knowledge granted to the angels, Prophets and Messengers.” (Al- Kulaini, Al-Kafi)

    c) Mullah Baqir Majlisi writes in Haqqul Yaqeen: “When Imam Mahdi arrives, Aisha will be resurrected so that she may be given a prescribed punishment and that Fatima be vindicated.” (Haqqul Yaqeen: 347) see how they curse Ummu Aisha (RA), you still say they are Muslims?

    d) Here we go with another Shia text. The shia also pray (astaghfirullah) that they ressurect Abu Bakr (RA) and Umar (RA) and punish them. Look at their believes about sahaba, He, the Mahdi, will first dig the grave of Abu Bakr (RA) and Umar (RA),then hang them on a stake He will remove the body of Ayesha (RA) and implement the same punished for Zina. He will then kill the Sunni Scholars. Punish the Muslim Ummah. First kill Ahle – Sunnah, then Ulema, then Kuffar , thats what even the dajjal would do. (Al Kafi, Al Kulaini and Usool ul Kafi)

    3) Mahdi of the Rawafidees will rule according to the Laws of David and the family of David.

    (Al-Kulaini reports in his work al-Kafi, volume no.1, p.397-398)

    a) Narrated Ali ibn Ibraheem -from his father-from ibn Abi Umair-from Mansour-from Fadhl al Aour- from Abi Ubaidah who reported: “During the times of Imam Jaffar[as] we used to go around like herds without a caretaker. We met with Salim ibn Abi Hafs who asked me: ”Oh Abu Ubaidullah, who is your Imam?” I replied:” My Imams are from the household of the prophet”. He then stated: “You have perished and so have I for both of us have heared Abu Jafar[as] saying: “One who dies without recognizing his Imam, he dies a death of Jahiliyyah.” Then I affirmed what he said. It was before that three or somewhat close to it(time span) when I entered upon Abu Abdullah[as] and God granted me knowledge. Then I said to Abu Abdullah[as]: “Salim said such and such.” He replied: “Oh Abu Obaidah nobody here will die until he is succeeded by some one who does the same thing as his, and adopts the similar manners of his predecessor, and calls to the same thing as his predecessor did. Oh Abu Ubaidah, it was permitted that whatever was given to David was also provided for Sulaiman.” Then he added: “Oh Abu Ubaidah when the Qaem of the household of the prophet appears, he will rule according to rule of David and Solomon.”

    b) Muhammad ibn Yahya-Ahmad ibn Muhammad- Muhammad ibn Sinaan-Abaan who reported: “I heard Abu Abdullah[as] saying: “The world will not fade away unless a person from us appears who will rule according to the rule of the family of David and he will not ask his house. He will give every one his right.

    c) Ahmad-Ahmad ibn Muhammad-Ibn Mahboob-Hisham ibn Salim-Ammar as Saabati who reported: “I asked Abu Abdullah [as] : “On what will you rule if you are made the rulers.” He replied: “By the rule of Allah and the rule of David. And if we are confronted by a situation which we cannot solve, Gabriel (Ruh al Quds) will reveal it to us.”

    d) Muhammad ibn Ahmad-Muhammad ibn Khalid-Nazr ibn Suwaid-Yahya al Halabi-Imran ibn Oueiyn-Jaeed al Hamdani–Ali ibn al-Hussein[as] said: “I asked him by which law will you rule?” He said: “By the rule of David, and if there is something which we are unaware of, Gabriel(Ruh al Quds) will reveal it to us.”

    e) Ahmad ibn Mahran[ra]-Muhammad ibn Ali-Ibn Mahboob–Hishaam bin Salim-Ammar as Saabati reported: I asked Imam Abu Abdullah[as] :“What is the status of the Aimmah.” He replied : “It is similar to the status of Dhul Qarnain, Ushegh, and Asef the companion of prophet Sulaiman.” Then I asked: “By what will you rule?” He replied: “By the rule of God, by the rule of David, and by the rule of the Prophet Muhammad[saw] and by the revealation of Gabriel.

    4) Mahdi Al-Muntazar will speak in Hebrew.

    Reported to us Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Saeed al Uqdah who said: Narrated to us Ali ibn al-Hasan at- Taymali who said: narrated to us al-Hasan and Muhammad the sons of Ali ibnu Yusuf, from Sa’daan ibnu Muslim, from rajaal, from alMufadhaal ibn Umar who said: Abu Abdullah[as] reported: “When the Imam Mahdi calls out, he will supplicate to God in Hebrew.”[ Shiite source: Al-Ghaybaa of an Numani, p.326]

    Lets see the evidence from the Quran revealing the connection between the Shia and the Anti-Christ:

    The following 2 consecutive verses 158- 159 of Sura Al-Anaam (Chapter 6) provide additional clear evidence that connects the Shia to the Dajjal (Anti-Christ):

    158. هَلْ يَنظُرُونَ إِلاَّ أَن تَأْتِيهُمُ الْمَلَآئِكَةُ أَوْ يَأْتِيَ رَبُّكَ أَوْ يَأْتِيَ بَعْضُ آيَاتِ رَبِّكَ يَوْمَ يَأْتِي بَعْضُ آيَاتِ رَبِّكَ لاَ يَنفَعُ نَفْسًا إِيمَانُهَا لَمْ تَكُنْ آمَنَتْ مِن قَبْلُ أَوْ كَسَبَتْ فِي إِيمَانِهَا خَيْرًا قُلِ انتَظِرُواْ إِنَّا مُنتَظِرُونَ158. They are just waiting for the angels (of torment) to reach them, or your Lord to come (Himself), or some (exclusive) Signs of your Lord to come (perceptibly. Tell them:) ‘The Day when some Signs of your Lord will come (in such an evident way, then accepting) the belief will not benefit someone who had not believed before, or did not earn any good (in the state of) having believed.’ Say: ‘Wait; we (too) are waiting.’159. إِنَّ الَّذِينَ فَرَّقُواْ دِينَهُمْ وَكَانُواْ شِيَعًا لَّسْتَ مِنْهُمْ فِي شَيْءٍ إِنَّمَا أَمْرُهُمْ إِلَى اللّهِ ثُمَّ يُنَبِّئُهُم بِمَا كَانُواْ يَفْعَلُونَ159. Those who have caused schism (splitting or division) in their religion and they have become Shia (sects or groups), you (Prophet Mohammad صلى الله عليه وسلم ) are not one of them in any way. Their case (for judgment & punishment) is up to Allah. Then, He (Allah) will tell (confront) them about what they used to do.

    Verse 158 of Chapter 6 is telling us that once Certain Signs of God occur, believing in God will no longer benefit because God will no longer accept repentance.

    The following Hadith specifies these Certain Signs. One of these signs is the Dajjal (Anti-Christ):

    ثلاث إذا خرجن لم ينفع { نفسا إيمانها لم تكن آمنت من قبل } الآية الدجال ، والدابة ، وطلوع الشمس من المغرب – أو من مغربها

    الراوي: أبو هريرة المحدث: الألباني – المصدر: صحيح الترمذي

    Abu Huraira said: “Three things that once they occur, the soul will not benefit from believing (in God) if it did not believe before … (verse 6:158): the Dajjal (Anti-Christ), Daabba (Beast), and Sun rise from the West.” (Tirmizi and Al-Albani)

    So, we have verse 158 that refers indirectly to the Dajjal and the next verse 159 warns us about the Shia. It seems that God is making in these verse a connection between the Shia and the Anti-Christ.

    Lets examine if Shia’s Imam Mahdi could be the Dajjal (Anti-Christ):

    The Shia are waiting for their Twelfth Imam, sometimes referred to as Imam Mahdi (Mehdi) or Qaem, to appear. The evidence suggests that the person that the Shia will take as their Twelfth Imam could be the Dajjal (the Anti-Christ).

    Jewish Law

    The “Qaem” (Imam Mahdi) of the Shia will rule according to the Laws of David and the family of David, according to the Shia narrations they attribute to their Imams in Al-Kafi, the book most relied upon by Shia scholars out of the four Shia Hadith books.

    All of the following Shia narrations come from the same section in Al-Kafi reported by Al-Kulyani, located in Al-Kafi (Volume 1, p. 387-398):

    1. Ali ibn Ibrahim attributes to Abi Ubaidah saying: “When the Qaem (Imam Mahdi) of the household of the Prophet appears, he will rule according to the ruling (law) of David and Solomon.”

    2. محمَد ين يحي عن أحمد بن محمَد عن محمد بن سنان عن أبان قال : سمعت أبا عبد الله عليه السلام يقول : << لا تذهب الدنيا حتى يخرج رجل مني يحكم بحكومة آل داود ولا يُسأل بيّنة ، يعطي كل نفس حقها.

    Muhammad ibn Yahya attributes to Muhammad ibn Sinan- Abaan saying: “I heard Abu Abdullah [as] (one of Shia's 12 Imams) saying: "The World will not fade away unless a person from us appears who will rule according to the ruling (law) of the family of David.”

    3. محمد عن أحمد بن محمد عن ابن محبوب عن هشام بن سالم عن عمَار الساباطي قال : قلت لأبي عبد الله عليه السَلام : بما تحكمون إذا حكمتم قال << بحكم الله وحكم داود ، فإذا ورد علينا الشَيء الذي ليس عندنا تلقَانا به روح القُدُس .

    Ahmad ibn Muhammad attributes to Ammar AsSaabati saying: “I asked Abu Abdullah [as] (one of Shia's 12 Imams): "On what will you (the 12 Imams) rule if you are made the rulers." He replied: "By the ruling of God and the ruling (law) of David. And if we are confronted by a situation which we cannot solve, Gabriel (Ruh al Quds – Holy Spirit) will reveal it to us.”

    4. محمد بن أحمد عن محمد بن خـالد عن النَضر بن سويد عن يحي الحلبي عن عمران بن أعين عن جعيد الهمداني عن عليَ بن الحـسين عليه السَلام قال: سألته بأي حكم تحكمون ؟ قال << بحكم آل داود، فإن أعيانا شيء تلقَانا به روح القُدُس .

    Muhammad ibn Ahmad attributes to Jaeed al Hamdani asking Ali ibn Al-Hussein [as] (one of Shia's 12 Imams): “I asked him by which law will you rule?” Ali ibn al-Hussein [as]: said: “By the ruling (law) of David, and if there is something which we are unaware of, Gabriel (Ruh al Quds- Holy Spirit) will reveal it to us.”

    5. اًحمد بن مهران رحمه الله عن محمَد بن علىَ عن ابن محبوب عن هشام ين سالم عن عمَار السَاباطي قال قلت لأبي عبد الله عليه السلام : ما منزلة الأئمَة ؟ قال"كمنزلة ذي القرنين وكمنزلة يوشع وكمنزلة آصف صاحب سليمان." قلت : فبما تحكمون ؟ قال : " بحكم الله وآل داود وحكم محمَد صلى الله عليه وسلم ولتلقَانا به روح القُدُس".

    Ahmad ibn Mahran attributes to Ammar AsSaabati saying: “I asked Abu Abdullah [as] (one of Shia's 12 Imams): …‘By how will you rule?’ Abu Abdullah [as] replied: ‘By the rule of God, and by the ruling (law) of David.”

    Supplicate to God using God's Hebrew name

    في كتاب (الغيبة) للنعماني : <>

    Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Saeed al Uqdah attributes to al-Mufadhal ibn Umar saying that Abu Abdullah [as] said: “When the Imam Mahdi makes a call (for prayer), he will supplicate to God using God’s Hebrew name and then his three hundred thirteen friends (followers) will rush to him…” (AnNumani, Al-Ghayba , p.326)

    Jews & prominent Prophets will be among the Followers of the Mahdi

    According to the Shia, the Jews will also be among the followers of Imam Mahdi (Mehdi):

    روى الشَيخ المفيد في (الإرشاد ، عن المفضّل بن عمر عن أبي عبد الله قال <> . الإرشاد للمفيد الطوسي ص402 .

    Sheikh al-Mufeed has reported in his Al-Irshaad based on al-Mufadhaal ibnu Umar that Imam Abu Abdullah [as] said: “ Twenty seven men from the people of Moses, seven from Ahl Al-Kahf (People of the Cave), (prophet) Joshua bin Nun, (prophet) Solomon, Abu Dajana Al-Ansari, Al-Miqdad, Malik Al-Ahtar will come out with the Mahdi and be his supporters.” (Al-Mufeed Al-Tusi, Al-Irshaad p.402)

    Jewish Books

    According to a Shia narration in Al-Kafi, the Imam Mahdi learns from Al-Jafr, which contains the knowledge from the Israelites:

    The Imam (a.s.) remained silent for a while and then said, “(Held) With us, there is Al-Jafr (the parchment). Do they know what Al-Jafr is?” I then asked, “What is Al-Jafr ?” The Imams (a.s.) said, “It is a container made of leather that contains knowledge of the prophets and the executors of their wills and theknowledge of the scholars of the past from the Israelites.” (al-Kafi, Vol. 1, Chapter 40, p. 635)

    Zionist Jews Messiahs and Christians Witnesses:

    Some of the Jews are expecting two Messiahs for them in the End Times. They refer to first Messiah as Son of Joseph and the second Messiah as Son of David.

    Christians are expecting 2 Witnesses in the End Times. They tend to expect one of the witnesses to be Elijah.

    The first Dajjal Messiah, in the End Times, will probably falsely claim to be Son of Joseph of the Jews and Elijah of the Christians. He may claim to also be paving the way for Shia’s Mahdi, if no Shia person emerges. However, it is more likely that a Shia person (such as President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejjad) will emerge and claim to be paving the way for the Mahdi. The Shia have many narrations about individuals whom they expect to appear and pave the way for Shia’s Mahdi. Most likely, there will NOT be anyone in the beginning of the End Times who will claim to be Shia’s Imam Mahdi, but only claim to be paving the way for Shia’s Imam Mahdi.

    The first Dajjal Messiah will probably NOT claim to be God. Whereas the last Dajjal, son of David, is likely to claim to be God.

    The last Dajjal may also claim to be Shia’s Imam Mahdi.

    In a way, God uses the Dajjal to mock and test the followers of false/corrupted religions of Judaism, Christianity and Shiism:

    (a) Zionist Christians will be following the Anti-Christ, as if he is God, while he will be committing evil things. God will be laughing at them. Jesus in his first life was a good man and prophet, and never claimed to be God. They corrupted the Gospel by making Jesus into a a human God. Now, God is punishing them for this major sin by having Christians face the prospect of following the Anti-Christ, who is an evil man, thinking that he is Jesus/God.

    (b) The Jewish and Shia books portray their Messiah/ Mahdi as someone who does evil things to their enemies. God will be testing the Jews and Shia to see to what extent they are willing to accept the evil-doings of the Anti-Christ who will be acting as their Messiah/Mahdi.

    Faithful Sunni Muslims are less susceptible to be tempted or deceived by the Anti-Christ.


    All of these narrations from Shia’s books lead us to believe that the Shia’s 12th Imam is actually the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) that the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) warned us about, who would mislead many and create destruction on Earth. This is man who the Shia are waiting for.

    According to the evidence, this is what we know about the Shia’s “Qaem/ Imam Mahdi ”:

    1. Shia’s Imam Mahdi will rule according to the laws of the family line of prophet David, using the Talmud.

    2. Shia’s Imam Mahdi will use Hebrew language in his prayers .

    3. Jews will be among the followers of Shia’s Imam Mahdi (Mehdi).

    4. Shia’s Imam Mahdi learns from the Talmud which is contained in the “Jafr.”

  10. probably planning the next destruction of Lebanon..sad really.

    1. Hind Abyad Avatar

      how manipulative..how sad really you’re scaring us….

  11. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    They have been vacationing since 1982.

  12. Funny how every one thinks Israel and the west are the enemies of the ARABS, yet the Devil Wears Iran, sleeps in the same bed with them, and eats in their homes.

    1. Hind Abyad Avatar


  13. Who was Khomeini?
    Why was Shah toppled and Khomeini installed in Iran and by whom?
    Why was the fake Islamic Revolution of Iran orchestrated and by whom?
    Was KHOMEINI an agent of western governments and intelligence agencies?
    Was Khomeini secretly working with the western governments?
    Was Iran working with the western intelligence agencies at the time of the 1980 hostage crisis and the October Surprise?
    Was Iran working with the western agencies at the time of the Lockerbie Bombing?

    The questions go on… but their answers shut from people’s eye !!!
    They only show what they want people to see and know, rest is all Hidden !!!

    The chaos, deceptions, wars, etc. you see in the World today only started and got more inhumane after Khomeini was placed and the fake revolution of Iran was orchestrated.

    Let’s go through some highlights of the untold truth about Iran’s deceptive and treacherous regime and Khomeini before and after Shah was toppled.

    The Ayatullahs did not come to rule in Iran on the basis of their own power; they were placed in power by men more evil than they – who would use the depravity of backwardness for their own ends.

    Khomeini, was a Western agent for 25 years before the Illuminati placed him in power in 1979.
    Khomeini was an Illuminati agent and an agent of Western intelligence agencies, which shared the vision of a global fascist government.

    He belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood. The “Iranian Revolution” was similar to the “Arab Spring” revolutions in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and now Syria.

    Iran is run by the Illuminati and is being used as an excuse for war.

    In 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini took over Iran.

    In 1979, Grand Ayatollah Mussa Sadr disappeared during a visit to Libya.

    Mussa Sadr was the Iranian born leader of the Lebanese Shia and he “was revered and respected above all others in the Shia world.”

    Mussa Sadr had refused to accept Khomeini as an ayatollah.

    Reportedly, Khomeini was not Iranian.

    He”was neither born (in Iran) nor had any Persian blood in his veins at all, paternally or maternally.”

    1. In 1964 Ayatollah Shariatmadari and Ayatollah Golpayegani gave Khomeini the title of Ayatollah.

    Reportedly, they had done this to save Khomeini’s life, as Khomeini was facing a charge of treason against the Shah.

    And reportedly it was the UK ambassador who had urged that Khomeini be saved.

    2. Shariatmadari was higher in the religious hierarchy than Khomeini.

    In 1979, Shariatmadari was placed under house arrest.

    3. Khomeini’s mother was a Kashmiri Indian.

    The Iranian Senator Moussavi knew Khomeini’s father. Reportedly Khomeini had Moussavi killed.

    Reportedly, a story was invented that Khomeini had a Kashmiri Indian father with Iranian origins.

    4. Reportedly, Khomeini’s real father, was William Richard Williamson, born in Bristol, England, in 1872 of British parents and lineage.

    A witness to this was a former Iranian employee of the Anglo- Iranian Oil Company (later BP), who knew the Khomeini family.

    In 1979, when Col. Archie Chisholm, a BP political officer and former editor at The Financial Times, was asked about this, he neither confirmed nor denied the story.

    William Richard Williamson’s biography was written in the early 1950s, by Stanton Hope, a British Journalist and writer who had met Williamson in his home near Basra in the late 1940s. The book title is: Arabian Adventurer: the Story of Haji Williamson Lovers

    5. Reportedly, Richard Williamson, at the age of 20, was working in South Yemen in the local police force.

    “His good looks soon had Sultan Fazl bin-Ali, ruler of Lahej, persuading him to quit the police force to live with him. Richard later left him for another Sheikh, Youssef Ebrahim, a relative of the Al- Sabah family, which rules Kuwait today.”

    6. In Iran at this time, the British were exploiting the oilfields.

    Williamson, now a Moslem, joined British Petroleum as political officer. He called himself Haji Abdollah Fazl Zobeiri.

    7. Williamson took holidays in Kashmir and married at least seven times to Arab and Indian women.

    His sons attended religious schools.

    Reportedly, one son went to the Iranian holy city of Qom and took the name Khomeini.

    8. In the early 1960s, Khomeini began to plot against the Shah. In 1964 Khomeini was sentenced to death. By becoming an Ayatollah, his life was saved.

    9. Reportedly, in 1979, Khomeini was flown from France to Tehran, with the help of MI6.
    On February 1st, 1979, two weeks after the Shah’s departure, Khomeini made a triumphant return to Iran. The BBC’s John Simpson was on the plane that carried him back from Paris.

    The Shah of Iran was toppled by the western intelligence agencies?

    The mainstream media would like us to believe that the Shah was overthrown by People Power and that the western intelligence agencies were taken by surprise.

    However, there is evidence that the western intelligence agencies toppled the Shah because he had become too much of a nationalist, like Nasser, and was not following instructions on oil or even opium.

    The western intelligence agencies did not want left-wing democrats taking over from the Shah as they might not be easy to control. So, reportedly, the western intelligence agencies allowed the Ayatollahs to take over.

    Radio Free Iran claimed that while at Qom, the Ayatollah Khomeini received a “monthly stipend from the British, and he is in constant contact with his masters, the British.”

    On 19 January 1980, the International Herald Tribune reported that the Shah had said, two years before he was overthrown, that he had heard from two different sources connected with oil companies that the regime in Iran would change.

    ‘We believe that there was a plan to ensure less oil was offered to the world markets in order to bring about a price,’ said the Shah. ‘One country was to be chosen for the sacrifice… It seems that the country chosen to drop its oil production was mine.’
    webgardian: Shah:Oil Companies Helped to Oust Him

    The Shah’s nationalist policies were making him more popular in Iran and making his country more independent and more powerful. This worried the western intelligence agencies.

    1. The Shah bought land from the upper classes and, along with the crown’s own land, sold it back cheaply to tenant farmers. Over one a half million people to became land owners, thus ending the old feudal system.

    2.The Shah allowed women the right to vote. He brought an end to the wearing of the veil.

    3. He developed plans for a $90 billion nuclear power program.

    4. The Shah signed petroleum agreements with ENI, the Italian oil company.

    5. He began to close down the opium industry. This had been created during the days of British influence.

    6. ‘Former intelligence officer’ Dr John Coleman considers opium to be of prime importance in the toppling of the Shah (Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300)

    Coleman believes that the western governments toppled the Shah of Iran.

    He writes:

    Why was the Shah deposed…?

    In a word, because of DRUGS. The Shah had clamped down and virtually put an end to the immensely lucrative opium trade being conducted out of Iran by the British. At the time that the Shah took over in Iran, there were already one million opium/heroin addicts.

    This the British would not tolerate, so they sent the United States to do their dirty work for them in terms of the “special relationship” between the two countries.

    When Khomeini took over the U.S. Embassy in Teheran, arms sales by the United States, which had begun with the Shah, were not discontinued…

    After 1984, Khomeini’s liberal attitude toward opium had increased the number of addicts to 2 million, according to United Nations and World Health Organization statistics.

    Both President Carter and his successor, Ronald Reagan, willingly and with full knowledge of what was at stake, went on supplying arms to Iran even while American hostages languished in captivity…

    The arms trade with Iran was sealed at a meeting between Cyrus Vance… and Dr. Hashemi, which resulted in the U.S. Air Force beginning an immediate airlift of arms to Iran, carried on even at the height of the hostage crisis the arms came from U.S. Army stockpiles in Germany and some were even flown directly from the United States with refueling stops at the Azores.

    With the advent of Khomeini… opium production skyrocketed. By 1984 Iran’s opium production exceeded 650 metric tons of opium per annum…. Iran presently rivals the Golden Triangle in the volume of opium produced.

    The role of the Moslem Brotherhood and the Ayatullahs.

    (Sources used in the article: The Biography of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh, jebhemelli.org
    Killing Hope – U.S. Military and western intelligence agencies interventions Since World War II, William Blum, 1995
    MI6 – Inside the Covert World of Her Majesty’s Secret Intelligence Service, Stephen Dorril, 2000)

    Prior to World War II, British Intelligence cultivated ties with the Brotherhood through agent Freya Stark, the British adventurer and writer… The Muslim Brotherhood spread throughout the Muslim world and has evolved into something like a Muslim equivalent of the West’s Masonic brotherhood…

    “According to an intelligence agent Miles Copeland, the Americans began looking for a Muslim Billy Graham around 1955… When finding or creating a Muslim Billy Graham proved elusive, the western intelligence agencies began to cooperate with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim mass organization founded in Egypt but with followers throughout the Arab Middle East… This signalled the beginning of an alliance between the traditional regimes and mass Islamic movements against Nasser and other secular forces.” (Blum)

    The most noteworthy success of the Islamic movement during this time was of course the overthrow of the Shah of Iran and the installation of the Ayatollah Khomeini as the Islamic dictator. British Intelligence had used their contacts with Iran’s mullahs and ayatollahs to help overthrow Mossadegh and install the Shah back in 1953, and these contacts were maintained and used again to overthrow the Shah when his regime fell out of favor.

    The Establishment history of Iran’s Islamic Revolution is that Khomeini’s revolt was spontaneous and populist, and that it overthrew a repressive dictatorship that was hated by the people but supported wholeheartedly by the United States. It is true that the Shah’s government was not a democracy and that his secret service, trained by the western intelligence agencies, was one of the most effective intelligence organizations in the world.

    But what is not reported is that prior to the British-sponsored massive public relations campaign on behalf of the Ayatollah the government of the Shah was loved by the vast majority of the population.

    After taking over from Mossadegh the Shah began to push forward a number of nationalist policies that increased his popularity at home but, in some cases, worried the Anglo-American Establishment.

    First, he signed petroleum agreements with ENI, the Italian oil company.

    Then in 1963 he pushed forward on a series of popular reforms that became known as the White Revolution.

    The Shah evolved into a nationalist whose path paralleled that of Nasser far too much for the Establishment’s liking:

    – He bought land from the upper classes and, along with the crown’s own land, sold it back cheaply to tenant farmers, allowing over one a half million people to become land owners and ending the old feudal system.

    – He allowed women the right to vote, and brought an end to the wearing of the veil, which were “Westernizing” moves unwelcomed by the religious sector.

    – He pushed forward on a $90 billion nuclear power program.

    – He moved to shut down the lucrative opium industry that had been created during the days of British Empire control that had been running for a hundred years….

    The attack on the Shah’s government came through the Muslim Brotherhood and through the mullahs and ayatollahs of Iran, supported and manipulated by British Intelligence…

    Dr. John Coleman, a former British Intelligence agent… states in his report on Iran’s Islamic Revolution (11) that the Muslim Brotherhood was created by “the great names of British Middle East intelligence” …and that their mission was to “keep the Middle East backward so that its natural resource, oil, could continue to be looted…”

    Dr. Coleman writes that in 1980 the broadcasts of Radio Free Iran divided the enemies of the Shah into four categories: 1. Iranian politicians bought by the Israeli Shin Bet, 2. The network of intelligence services agents, 3. The feudal landowners, 4. The Freemasons and the Muslim Brotherhood (viewed as the same enemy).

    In his report Dr. Coleman writes that in Iran, “At one time there was even a joke about the mullahs being stamped ‘made in Britain.’” When the Shah introduced his plan for modernization in 1963 the Ayatollah Khomeini emerged as the leader of the religious opposition. Up until his exile from Iran in 1964, Khomeini was based at the religious city of Qom. Dr. Coleman relates that Radio Free Iran claimed that while at Qom Khomeini received a “monthly stipend from the British, and he is in constant contact with his masters, the British.”

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