What is Iran up to in south Lebanon border with Israel?

iran soldiers i south Lebanon

iran soldiers i south Lebanon
Iran’s military published photos of soldiers on Israel’s border with the message: ‘with Allah’s help, we will trample their bodies,’ Israeli media reported citing an MEMRI report.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) a monitoring organization with headquarters in Washington, D.C. has published a report documenting photographs of Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers “killing time” at the Lebanon-Israel border.

Preliminary information suggests the pictures were taken in October, but were released only recently, along with verbal threats against Israel. Several photographs published contain the caption: “We have arrived to the cursed Israel.”
iran soldier south Lebanon

The Twitter account linked to the Revolutionary Guards uploaded a number of the pictures on Thursday, with the headline, “The Islamic Republic soldiers are on the border of occupied Palestine.”

The soldiers’ faces were blurred, so as not to be identified.

According to MEMRI’s reports, the photos were also published a week and a half ago on the Iranian military’s website. In this case, the soldiers’ faces are visible.

The Iranian military’s websites showcases photos of soldiers taken in the Bekaa Valley and Baalbek in south Lebanon. “We have come close to the motherland of corruption – the cursed Israel. With Allah’s help, we will trample over their bodies” the website writes.

iran soldier south lebanon 2
An Iranian Revolutionary Guards soldier poses near the Lebanese border with Israel. (photo credit:TWITTER)

In October, the Hezbollah-affiliated Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar said that militants from Hezbollah could be found operating in the area near the Litani River – in violation of a United Nations resolution.

Iranian media reported Saturday that Iran has begun running tests on a new weapon in their arsenal: domestically produced exploding “suicide” drones meant to strike targets on land, air and sea.

Iran admitted that its investments in the Syrian regime and Hezbollah was to expand its sphere of influence in the entire Middle East .

A senior military advisor to the Supreme Leader  said last May  that Iran’s sphere of influence now covers Iraq and Syria, stretching to the Mediterranean Sea.

Major General Yahya Rahim-Safavi, the former commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, made the remarks in a ceremony held to mark the anniversary of the launch of the Beit-ol-Moqadd as operation, the Fars news agency reported on May 4.

Iran’s defense perimeter has been extended to south Lebanon, he said, adding that Iran’s strategic defense perimeter has reached the Mediterranean Sea, above the borders of Israel.

Iranian MP Seyyed Mahmoud Nabavian admitted last February that Iran dispatched more than 50,000 Hezbollah fighters to help the Syrian regime against the mostly Sunni Syrian rebels. He also revealed that Iran has trained some 150,000 Syrian citizens in Iran, and another 150, 000 in Syria itself, Fars news agency reported on Feb. 12.

The  nearly four -year Syria conflict, which pits President Assad’s forces against rebels trying to end the Assad and al Baath party dictatorship, has resulted in the killing of more than 220,000 people and forced millions from their homes.