Iranian official calls Syria’s regime and election”democratic”

Hossein SheikholeslamA visiting Iranian official said after meeting Lebanese ’s Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri in Beirut Monday that Lebanon should not  lose sight of Israel since it is the real enemy .

Hossein Sheikholeslam, foreign policy adviser to Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani  praised  Berri   as one of the “greatest experienced political and national figures.”

He also praised the  June election in which Syrian President Bashar Assad was reelected as “first step toward the desired democracy ” and stressed that Iran has always been pushing for fair and transparent elections in Syria that would ensure the creation of a democratic regime.

Speaker  Berri is a key ally of  Hezbollah which is backed  and financed by Iran .

Syrian election

Assad was re-elected last June in the country’s first presidential vote since its civil war broke out in March 2011.
Assad received 88.7% of the vote, the state media outlets reported in an election that took place only in areas controlled by the government. Rebels hold significant parts of the north and east of the country.

Opposition groups and many Western countries have said the voting was rigged and that Assad’s two little-known challengers — Hassan al-Nouri, a businessman and former government minister, and Maher Hajjar, a lawmaker — were just window dressing to give the undertaking a veneer of democracy.

  • nagy_michael2

    Is this IQ below zero.. does he think that we are going to believe one word he said about Democracy in Syria? really only dumb M8 followers believe in that.. or want to force the issue anyway.. then they drag on the ISIS as if ISIS exists in Syria and Lebanon when the Assad Clans were butchering Lebanese and Syria as well.
    Yes the democracy in Syria now is as good as living under ISIS. pick your poision ladies and gentlmen.

    • arzatna1

      The worst part about all this is the fact that Iran is the master of Lebanon’s master .
      Now tell me my friend about the IQ of the idiots that follow the guy who has been hiding in bunkers for the past 8 years .
      Don’t cry for me ” Lebanon” for stating the facts about the sad affairs of the situation we have been living for the past decade

  • Maborlz Ez-Hari

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    he he he he he he he he yah waylleeeeeee.

    • Hind Abyad

      War chant :))))

      • Maborlz Ez-Hari

        No i hurt myself laughing

        • Hind Abyad

          Ha Ha!! ..You crazy majnoun

          • Maborlz Ez-Hari