Iran assembling another Hezbollah in Syria


iran hezbollahIran is working to unite Shiite foreign militias fighting in Syria under one organization that could serve as a “parallel army” to that of Bashar al-Assad’s regime, pro-opposition news website Siraj Press reported on Wednesday.

The new organization, described as similar to the highly organized and well-armed Lebanese Hezbollah group, would bring together Afghan and Iraqi mercenaries under one military command.

“This army would resemble Hezbollah in Lebanon… and will gradually work on recruiting Syrians,” Siraj Press quoted a source as saying.

The organization would then be well-armed and trained to be an independent force for long-term presence in Syria, even if the regime of President Assad collapses.

The Iranian move coincided with Damascus’ decision to recruit thousands of Syrian youth to join military service.

Jordanian Maj. Gen Fayez al-Doueiri suggested that Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani, the commander of Qods Force, was behind the new Iranian project.

“The decision maker in Syria is General Qassem Suleimani, commander of the Quds force,” Gen. al-Doueiri said during an interview on Al Arabiya’s sister channel Al Hadath.

Gen. Doueiri noted that it was Suleimani’s idea to send Iran’s Basij brigades to Syria in the early months of the Syrian civil war. He explained how Suleimani reportedly used Iraq as a training ground for foreign Shiite militias who desired to join the Syrian civil war.

Tehran, the longtime supporter of the Assad’s regime, could be re-adjusting its strategy in Syria following the rise of the militant Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group and the ongoing U.S.-led military campaign, according to Gen. Doueiri.

He suggested that Tehran no longer sees Assad’s tattered army as reliable to safeguard its interests in the country; so it needs a “parallel army” for long-term service.

The new army would provide field support for the Assad’s army, which has reportedly lost more than 200,000 fighters since the civil war began in 2011.

Iran considers the war in Syria as critical for its geo-political influence in the region and a crucial battleground in its conflict against the U.S. and Western powers.

Syria provides a strategic bridge between Iran and Hezbollah, its proxy militia in Lebanon. The fall of Syria to the liberal, pro-West opposition means that Hezbollah could be isolated and Iran’s strategic reach could be diminished.

Al Arabiya



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  1. The hideous truth-
    Its a proven fact that wherever and whenever shits are and get power they start chaos. They play their games by using actors portrayed as sunnis or shits pretending as sunnis. They are caniving, deceitful, manipulative, and pathological liars. You can never trust or belief what they say as they always use Taqiyah against non-shits.
    You can’t name a single country which is in peace where they are in power irrespective of they being majority or not. The countries in which they are not in power then they side with the enemies of Muslims to gain political power and once they attain that then their real evilness comes out as shown and proved in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, etc.
    As its taken that they will do and stoop to any level to achieve their goals. They start their age old tactics of making themselves look like the good guys, better of all evils, saviors, defenders, resistors, and if that doesnt work then they instigate hate, sectarianism, power politics, stories such as defending some shrine, ridiculing, maligning, branding anyone or everyone who stands against or in their path as wahabi, salafi, and takfiri.
    They create Khawarij’s like Isis, etc. and show to the world as sunnis. They make them do un-islamic things and bask in glory using that as a tool to propagandize, instill fear, and hate towards Islam and Muslims. Then they repeat the same rhetoric’s in social media, etc. portraying themselves as the good guys and scaring and brainwashing Muslims and non-muslims which in turn serves their purpose only at the expense of Islam, Muslims, Humanity, and Peace.
    They have done and have been doing more damage than all other haters of Islam combined.
    They are not Muslims and if they were as they claim to be then their actions proves it else.
    They are more dangerous than the worst of the humans.
    ASS ad=Isis=Shits=Iran

  2. 5thDrawer Avatar

    So … Let the huge Army have what’s left of Syria. Maybe they can learn to mix cement, and grow vegetable gardens. Maybe.

    1. Another holy resistance gang. You think they are capable of learning and doing that!? It will become just a barren land.

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        I think much of it is now … reports are it can’t feed the ones left there.
        And winter sets in ….

        1. True, hope Lebanon doesn’t become Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, etc.
          Strange how the patriotic Lebanese are not trying to get rid of the “hezshit” and Iran filth from Lebanon!?

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            As many ‘ideas’ go, it’s past it’s prime. :-))
            Not a totally bad concept, ‘to resist’, after all …. but they punted it too far and too long, doing more than simply resisting or ‘standing guard’. They decided to ‘take over’ – even did some internal attacks as well as aggravating the neighbours – but that was probably ‘the main concept’ in the first place.

          2. At last you said it! Hope others who love Lebanon understands this as well!

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