Islamic State making it tough for drinkers


An Iraqi throws beer cans in a pile from a liquor store that was targeted in a car bomb attack that destroyed 11 liquor stores in Baghdad in 2011. While Islam prohibits alcohol, Baghdad has had a flourishing drinking scene in the past. Photograph by: Ahmad Al-Rubaye, Getty Images , Bloomberg
An Iraqi throws beer cans in a pile from a liquor store that was targeted in a car bomb attack that destroyed 11 liquor stores in Baghdad in 2011. While Islam prohibits alcohol, Baghdad has had a flourishing drinking scene in the past.
Photograph by: Ahmad Al-Rubaye, Getty Images , Bloomberg

Baghdad’s beer-drinkers have it tough. Already shot at and persecuted, they have found prices soaring since Islamic State militants seized large swaths of northern Iraq in June and barred alcohol.

Liquor shipments heading to the Iraqi capital must bypass Islamic State territory and instead run the gauntlet of Shiite militia checkpoints, where gunmen demand money for each truck, according to traders. The price of a can of Heineken has surged from $1 to $5, and a bottle of the popular moonshine whiskey Black Jack has jumped from $15 to $50.

“Drinking is our only way to forget about the mayhem, but it’s become very expensive,” said businessman Laith Nadhum, 42, by phone from Baghdad.

Islamic State, an al-Qaida breakaway group, has declared a caliphate in areas under its control that include parts of northern Iraq, enacting brutal measures against the country’s Christian community that has traditionally sold liquor. While Islam prohibits alcohol, Baghdad has had a flourishing drinking scene in the past. Drinkers of all faiths once congregated on Abu Nuwas street, along the east bank of the Tigris.

“We are increasingly losing our customers because of the security situation, a lot of them fled the country,” said Saad, a Christian who runs a liquor store in Baghdad’s Karrada district and asked to be identified by his first name for security reasons.

Liquor merchants, already soft targets for militants in recent years, are paying $15,000 per truck to Shiite militia leaders who control roads into the capital, Anwar al-Yezidi, a liquor distributor, said by phone from Baghdad.

The main routes for Iraqi merchants to import alcohol used to run from Jordan and Turkey. The former is now completely closed, as it required trucks to go through

Anbar province, largely controlled by Islamic State. Trucks carrying drink from Turkey have been forced to use old and unpaved roads through Kurdish regions along the Iranian border to areas controlled by Shiite militias, in effect circling around the city, said al-Yezidi.

“We have no choice but to pay them in order to bring the liquors to our customers,” he said.

When Islamic State militants seized Mosul they attacked the city’s Christian community, forcing thousands to flee, according to Emile Shimoun Nona, the Chaldean archbishop of Mosul.

Liquor stores in Baghdad have also repeatedly come under attack, forcing many to close and driving up prices. In December, gunmen attacked several stores and killed nine people.

“Nothing is free, owners pay ransoms and free alcohol to these army checkpoints in exchange for protection,” said Ahmed Shukur, a resident of Ameriya neighbourhood in the west of Baghdad and a consumer himself.

The threat of attack has forced many drinkers indoors or into exclusive social clubs, which are protected by private security companies and which typically charge a yearly membership rate of $2,000, according to Khalid al-Halaly, a member of the Hunting Club in the wealthy Mansur district of Baghdad. A city-wide curfew means these clubs close at 11.30 p.m.

Shukur, who used to pay $1.50 for a bottle of knockoff vodka, is now paying $5 and is faced with the prospect of drinking less.

“It has become very unaffordable,” he said in a phone interview.
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  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Come to Lebanon … :-)))))))
    Beirut PLAYED here. Thumbs UP.
    “The statement, in an August 2006 interview with New York Magazine, that he’d chosen the name because Beirut had “seen a lot of conflict” didn’t go down too well.
    His clarification that “I haven’t been to Beirut, but I imagine it as this chic urban city surrounded by the ancient Muslim world. The place where things collide,” earned him accusations of being an Orientalist.”
    (Fatwah-heads … hahahaha)
    Read more:

  2. The real lebanese Avatar
    The real lebanese

    Im sure somebody is getting rich off moonshine. Arak is very easy to make. Wonder if they have family recipes like we do in Lebanon.

    1. $89733098 Avatar

      How do u make arak. I seriously want to know

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Get a bunch of Anis-seed … ferment … triple distill … Mmmmmmm

        1. The real lebanese Avatar
          The real lebanese

          The fruits you add during the distillation give the subtle changes from one arak to the next. Not sure if store brands even do this from reading the Wikipedia link.

          Love how Lebanon has the longest list of brand names.

      2. The real lebanese Avatar
        The real lebanese

        Ferment grapes for a couple weeks to a month, white grapes always. Fill the distiller with water anise, various fruits(this is where the secret is but apples and oranges should be enough for you to get started on making your own recipes), any spices(also up to preference), and the fermented grapes. Distill three times and your good to go.

        May mess up on the distilling process the first couple times. Use clear tubing so you can tell when you need to start the next distilling cycle (when it turns white you need to start the next).

        1. $89733098 Avatar

          Thanks. Not grape season ATM but will let u know how I go with ur recipe. Xx

        2. 5thDrawer Avatar

          You should see how many fruit and other flavours Vodka can have in Poland.
          I don’t advise the ‘Pepper’ one….. 🙁

  3. sweetvirgo Avatar

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            Maborlz Ez-Hari

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            Maborlz Ez-Hari

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            Comtessa di Alba

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          64. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

            Not in Sao Paulo, when i was small we lived in front of the Sea in beyrouth, when my father said we were going to Brasil, i told him if Iff it has no Sea i Won’t go, he said there is..Santos just two hours from Sao Paulo, i refused, we went anyway against my wishes. There’s an article in Daily News today about Lebanese big success in Sao Paolo.

          65. 5thDrawer Avatar

            As long as they didn’t import the sectarianism along with the bodies. 😉
            Parents, eh?? Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. It’s a bugger.

          66. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

            I Can! I despise their narrow minded snobbish sectarianism, yak, when i visited my cousins in Beyrouth, we were sitting in the living room the phone rang just next to the youngest, he called the Maid to hand him the phone, i gave him hell.

          67. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I did the same with the Beirut friend who called the maid her ‘servant’.
            I think ALL the ladies need some ‘reality chat’ to get into the 21st century. 😉
            And us guys can’t afford it any more, either. :-))
            Equality … tada …

          68. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

            They will never change…it’s even worst maids are commeting suicide 🙁

          69. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            We’ll if you start cooking and ironing then maybe the maids can let their hair out a little more often… Maybe some of the mums can take their own kids to school for a change, what do think?

          70. $89733098 Avatar

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          71. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

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          72. $89733098 Avatar

            Ahla feek ya unreasonable

          73. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

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            Maborlz Ez-Hari

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          77. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

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            Comtessa di Alba

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          80. 5thDrawer Avatar

            One you’ll like .. a sensible man … (although he missed some education about condoms) …. Go Go Albanians.
            “Hysen Doli, an 85-year-old Muslim who had come to the square with 10 members of his family, told AFP: “We belong to another religion but have come here out of respect to get the pope’s blessing.”

            Read more:

          81. 5thDrawer Avatar

            * I was devastated to find out my wife was having an affair but, by turning to religion, I was soon able to come to terms with the whole thing. I converted to Islam, and we’re stoning her in the morning.

          82. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            Looooooooooooool, and that’s how it should be. Looooooooooooool.

          83. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

            What about stoning men in the morning?

          84. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            Come on it was funny and you know it, yallah go back to the kitchen and cook something nice.

          85. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            Then iron my shirt the way I like it. Mwaaaa

          86. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

            I don’t iron’s written in the marriage contract.

          87. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            Aya marriage contract aya balout, no ironing no marriage. Khalas I’ll marry my dry cleaner but she only cooks rice. 🙁

          88. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

            Precisely, i wanted to warn you 🙂

          89. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            I admire your upfront honesty…
            But how many shirts must I ruin before I work it out?

          90. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

            Send them to the cleaner and save time.

          91. 5thDrawer Avatar

            How things change in 60 years. Mom even ironed all the underwear … although that was good, because they were freeze-dried on the clothesline. 😉

          92. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            They don’t wear underwear nowadays.

          93. 5thDrawer Avatar

            (I’m really ‘out of touch’ …. sigh ….)

          94. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

            No cooking for you, aemiltillak kebbe ou laban, khalas.

          95. 5thDrawer Avatar

            One for the Ladies then ….

          96. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

            That’s right, when Malmequer impersonated me
            saying “I had a female circumcision when i was 7”
            huh..i denounced him, barabie became hysterical
            “Nobody is impersonating you LIAR LIAR LIAR”,
            a woman knows..maybe she’s not a woman…

          97. MaImequer0 Avatar

            oh my… false accusation, delusions, paranoia…. your statement about what happened to you when you were 7 might explain some of this…. ☻

          98. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

            Shhhh.. Christian girls are not circumcised, my Jewish stalker Malmequer wrote this supported by barabia Salafist Christian hater..

          99. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Yah … we agree he’s a dumb-ass … and shouldn’t have fired that one in.
            Faking identities is really idiotic too. Even if most are fake.
            But please stop harping on it … we know now. End of story. We’re ‘aware’.
            And by the way, most Christian guys don’t have that stupid procedure of the ‘Tribal Rituals’ either. (Just letting you know … wink, wink, nudge, nudge…)

          100. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba


          101. $89733098 Avatar

            “, a woman knows..maybe
            she’s not a woman…”

            Yes a woman does which explains why u didn’t know

          102. MaImequer0 Avatar

            LOL !!

          103. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

            Your generals are not happy..what’s hilarious is
            they say it doesn’t help Israeli “Democracy”..

          104. Anti ISIS Avatar

            I love it 5th, lol.

          105. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Not that we think they are ALL sacred …… 😉

          106. Your bad mouth show your limited mind and knowledge.

          107. sweetvirgo Avatar

            Yeah yeah….watch it before I show you more. Oh and by the way you have no knowlege what so ever.

          108. Leborigine Avatar

            Don’t bother sweets, its like pissing against the wind.

            This is what IS supporters are doing to the Lebanese Christians in Sydney. I can’t wait to come across one! Now they are playing with fire.


          109. $89733098 Avatar

            And no one thought of taking the number plate? Even tho they noticed the flag? Something doesn’t sound right!

          110. Leborigine Avatar

            Spoke to an elderly man who was there and he said that it did not have any plates. It could have been a prank, but in times like these, I think this goes beyond the joke!

          111. $89733098 Avatar

            That school has cameras. I know the school

          112. Leborigine Avatar

            We’ll have to wait and see for more news.

          113. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Not everyone knows all the sports-teams’s flags anyway …

          114. sweetvirgo Avatar

            Good Morning Leborigine, if you ever come across one make sure he will remember you ;)))

          115. Leborigine Avatar

            Oh I will 🙂 – Top of the Morning to you too sweets

          116. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Oh well … only Maronites … 😉 :-))))))))))

          117. A bad mouth is better than a sick twisted brains like the ones chopping heads off. What one would you prefer in this world, head on or someone saying something bad. I know which you would take. These head choppers are not protecting any country or any family do your real research not on YouTube and see why they are chopping heads of. We are not like them that’s why.
            Go the Jews. Lol

          118. you forget 1 million that killed by your side what invaded Iraq America attack .For you one white is more valuable than 1 million non whites.That your ill mentallity

          119. $89733098 Avatar

            Masterofstupidity is braying like the donkey it is

        2. Don,t forget 1 million iraqis your side had killed,even it is not for a virgin,it is for oil.Your side is robber and killers.

          1. $89733098 Avatar

            Mate I don’t have a side. They r ALL killers!

      2. sweetvirgo Avatar

        See that’s where you’re wrong. I believe in something more powerful than the west and any terrorist organazation. I beleive in God. He will strike them all down. And for the last time if you had a brain you would remember that I told you that I’m not a teenager. You go to your evil masters so you can be struck down along with them and by the way why don’t you go learn to write before you start calling people ignorant.

        1. khah..khah…khah..bloody fool.All side there, is terrorist,since they are killing each others,not only blame ISIS.I believe you are not a teenage..but a kid.

          1. sweetvirgo Avatar

            Go learn to write more clearly so people can understand what exactly it is you’re trying to right……you bloody fool!!

          2. $89733098 Avatar

            “Go learn to write more clearly so people can understand what exactly it is you’re trying to right……you bloody fool!!””

            LMFAO if u r going to give people lessons on English then learn the diff between WRITE and RIGHT!!
            You bloody fool!

      3. Go Jews. Lol

        1. $89733098 Avatar


  4. Nothing to do with these evil Iran/Assad/Zionists created isis khawarijis!
    Here are some verses from Holy Bible regarding Wine. It was prohibited in Judaism and Christianity.

    Bible: Proverbs: 20:1. Wine is a mocker, STRONG DRINK is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.

    Bible: Proverbs: 23:31. Look not thou upon the WINE when it is red, when it giveth his colour in the cup, when it moveth itself aright.

    Bible: Ephesians: 5:18. And be NOT DRUNK WITH WINE, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit.

    He who loves pleasure will become poor; whoever loves wine and oil will never be rich.
    (Proverbs 21:17 NIV)

    Do not join those who drink too much wine or gorge themselves on meat,
    (Proverbs 23:20 NIV)

    Woe to those who rise early in the morning to run after their drinks, who stay up late at night till they are inflamed with wine.
    (Isaiah 5:11 NIV)

    Woe to those who are heroes at drinking wine and champions at mixing drinks,
    (Isaiah 5:22 NIV)

    And these also stagger from wine and reel from beer: Priests and prophets stagger from beer and are befuddled with wine; they reel from beer, they stagger when seeing visions, they stumble when rendering decisions.
    (Isaiah 28:7 NIV)

    Christians drink because they believe that there is nothing wrong when one drinks moderately alcoholic beverages. They even support their claim through medical research, that moderate drinking is good for the heart. They support their claim by stating that Jesus Christ (PBUH= peace be upon him) made fermented wine at the wedding in Cana; That he approved of intoxicant drinks in the parable of new wine skins and old wine; That he admitted to drinking wine in describing his lifestyle (”eating and drinking”). And by instituting the cup of the Lord’s Supper he commanded its use until eternity. In otherwords for the Christians, Jesus’s (PBUH) example and teachings form the belief and practice. Logically and rationally if wine was good for Jesus (PBUH) it is also good for his followers.

    “The Biblical terms for wine (yayin in Hebrew and oinos in Greek) are used in Scripture to refer to the juice of the grape, whether fermented or unfermented. This significant finding discredits the popular claim that the Bible knows only fermented wine, which it approves when used moderately. The truth of the matter is that the Bible knows both fermented wine, which it disapproves, and unfermented grape juice, which it approves.

    Some of the reasons Scripture condemns the use of alcoholic beverages are that they distort the perception of reality (Is 28:7; Prov 23:33); they impair the capacity to make moral, responsible decisions (Lev 10:9-11); they weaken moral sensitivities and inhibitions (Gen 9:21; 19:32; Hab 2:15; Is 5:11-12); they cause physical sickness (Prov 23:20-21; Hos 7:5; Is 19:14; Ps 60:3); and they disqualify for both civil and religious service (Prov 31:4-5; Lev 10:9-11; Ezek 44:23; 1 Tim 3:2-3; Titus 1:7-8).” (REF: S. Bacchiocchi. The Sobering Facts About New Testament Wine, Signs of the Times, January 1990)

    “Contrary to popular opinion, in the ancient world the preservation of grape juice unfermented was a relatively simple process. It was accomplished by boiling down the juice to a syrup, or by separating the fermentable pulp from the juice of the grape by means of filtration, or by placing the grape juice in sealed jars which were immersed in a pool of cold water, or by fumigating the wine jars with sulphur before sealing them. The use of such techniques clearly indicates that the means of preserving grape juice without fermentation were known and used in the ancient world.” (REF. Bacchiocchi, Ibid)

    The Wedding at Cana

    In the Bible (Revised Standard Version or RSV) in the book of John, Chapter 2 and verses 1-11, describe that Jesus (PBUH) his mother and his disciples were invited to a wedding at Cana in Galilee. Here Jesus (PBUH) shows a miracle by converting water into wine.

    ” When the steward of the feast tasted the water that was made wine, and did not know where it came from: the steward of the feast called the bridegroom, and said to him, “Every man serves the good wine first; and when men have drunk freely, then the poor wine; but you have kept the good wine until now.” John 2: 10, 11.

    Samuele Bacchiocchi (REF: S. Bacchiocchi. The Sobering Facts About New Testament Wine, Signs of the Times, January 1990, pp. 3-5 ) argues that “good wine” does not mean that it has a high alcoholic content.

    He says Christians believe that the wine was fermented from grape juice and that the word “the best” (John 2: 10 NIV) is interpreted as “a high quality alcoholic wine.” He further states that the words “have drunk freely” does not mean that they were intoxicated from an overuse of fermented wine. According to Bacchiocchi the wine” used in the wedding at Cana was unfermented grape juice and that the Jews at that time knew how to preserve unfermented grape juice through the year. The expression “have drunk freely”, he says, “is used in the sense of satiation. It refers simply to the large quantity of wine generally consumed at a feast, without any reference to its intoxicating effects.”

    One can read “In Cana, the disciples did not enjoy the new supply of wine but ‘believed in him’ who had made it (John 2: 11).” (The Broadman Bible commentary Vol. 9, 1970, p. 229).

    “ And no one puts new wine into old “wineskins”; if he does, the wine will burst the skins, and the wine is lost, and so are the skins; but new wine is for fresh skins.”

    Mark 2: 22

    Christians interpret this verse to mean that Jesus (PBUH) is advising not to put “new wine into old wineskins.” This is rebuffed by Bacchiocchi by quoting Alexander B. Bruce (”The Synoptic Gospels” in The Expositor’s Greek Testament, Grand Rapids, 1956, p.500) “ Jesus was not thinking at all of fermented, intoxicating wine, but of must, a non-intoxicating beverage, which could be kept safely in new leather bottles, but not in old skins which had previously contained ordinary wine, because particles of albuminoid matter adhering to the kin would set up fermentation and develop gas with an enormous pressure.”

    “ For John the Baptist (Yahya (AS)) has come eating no bread and drinking NO wine; and you say, ‘He has a demon.’ The Son of man has come eating and drinking; and you say, ‘Behold, a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!.’

    Luke 7: 33,34 (RSV)

    Again Christians believe that Jesus (PBUH), is admitting his ‘eating and drinking’ life style and they conclude that Jesus (PBUH), must be drinking alcoholic wine, otherwise he will not be called a “drunkard.” In counter argument, Bacchiocchi (Ibid) says “Jesus used the phrase “eating no bread and drinking no wine” to describe the life style of John the Baptist (Yahya (AS)) who was socially isolated, whereas Jesus describes his own life style as “ eating and drinking” meaning that Jesus lived a “life style free of social association.” “ The important point is in the words “Son of man has come eating and drinking” the word wine is missing. Hence if Jesus (PBUH) was a wine-drinker he could have repeated the word wine which he used in describing John the Baptist.

    The word “drunkard” used against Jesus (PBUH) is a false accusation. Because on two occasions his adversaries said of him “you have a demon” (John 7:20., 8:118). Does it mean that Jesus (PBUH) had an evil spirit within him simply because his adversaries say so. Jesus (PBUH) was a Prophet and his life style of self-denial is the proof.

    The following verses refer to the Last Supper of Christ (PBUH):

    “Drink of it, all of you for this is my blood of the cove­nant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. I tell you I shall not drink again of this fruit of’ the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father’s Kingdom.”

    Matthew 26: 28-29 (RSV).

    “ And he said to them, “This is my blood of the covenant,

    Which poured out for many. Truly, I say to you, I shall not drink again of the fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new in the Kingdom of’ God.”

    Mark 14: 24-25 (RSV)

    Christians believe that the wine used during the Last Supper was alcoholic because words “fruit of the vine” are interpreted as fermented wine. Secondly they assume that during Passover time Jews drink only fermented wine. Bacchiocchi (Ibid) says “Fermented wine is not the natural fruit of the vine but the unnatural fruit of fermentation and decay. The Jewish historian Josephus, who was a contemporary of the apostles, explicitly calls the three clusters of grapes freshly squeezed in a cup by Pharaoh’s cupbearer “the fruit of the vine.” Thus the phrase was used to designate the sweet unfermented juice of the grape…. Christ could hardly have commanded “all” of his followers through the ages to drink the cup if it contained alcoholic wine. There are some to whom alcohol in any form is very harmful. We cannot conceive of Christ bending over to bless in grateful prayer a cup containing alcoholic wine which the Scripture warns us not to look at (Prov 23:31). A cup that intoxicates is a cup of cursing and not “the cup of blessing” (1 Cor 10:16); it is “the cup of demons” and not “the cup of the Lord” (1 Cor 10:21); it is a cup that cannot fittingly symbolize the incorruptible and “precious blood of Christ” (1 Peter 1:18-19). This gives us reason to believe that the cup He “blessed” and gave to His disciples did not contain any “fermented thing” prohibited by Scripture.”

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      “whoever loves wine and oil will never be rich”

      Whoever wrote that has never heard of rulers of gulf countries or BP/EXXON/etc

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        Body-oil is OK. 😉

      1. Ouch…go grab a bottle of water.:)))

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          Only to make ice-cubes. 1 per glass …. 😉

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            Please drink lots of water before you call it a day and while Ra is still on or may be off, already.:))))

    2. The prophet Muhammad saw said….some of verses in bible,Torah and Plasm are true..some corrupted..

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    “Islamic State making it tough for drinkers”

    “Liquor stores in Baghdad have also repeatedly come under attack, forcing many to close and driving up prices. In December, gunmen attacked several stores and killed nine people.

    “Nothing is free, owners pay ransoms and free alcohol to these army checkpoints in exchange for protection,” ”

    Last time I checked Baghdad was controlled by shites and so r the army checkpoints.
    Incredible how the media will spin BS!

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