Israel is prepared for any Hezbollah threat, report



A future war with Lebanon’s Hezbollah could see the Shiite militant group cross the border in strength and seize Israeli territory, a senior officer said in comments widely reported by Israeli media on Monday.

The Jerusalem Post quoted the unidentified officer as saying that Hezbollah had learnt much about ground tactics from Syria, where it has fought alongside President Bashar al-Assad’s forces in the three-and-a-half-year-old civil war.

“Hezbollah’s confidence is growing, along with its combat experience in Syria,” it quoted the officer as saying.

“The battlegrounds of Syria have enabled Hezbollah to upgrade its capabilities. Hezbollah plans to send many combatants into Israeli territory near the border and seize it.”

Israel and Hezbollah fought a devastating war in 2006, which killed more than 1 200 people in Lebanon, mostly civilians, and some 160 Israelis, mostly soldiers.

Since then the border has remained largely quiet, but in February Israeli warplanes attacked targets inside Lebanon for the first reported time since the 2006 conflict and Hezbollah vowed revenge.

Monday’s reports, based on a briefing to Israeli defence correspondents, said that although another confrontation did not appear imminent, it was inevitable sooner or later.

Army spokesperson Major Arye Shalicar told AFP that the military was prepared for any threat from Hezbollah.

“We are ready for any challenge. We are observing… what’s going on,” he said. “We are ready and it’s not worth it for them, it’s not worth them even trying it.”

Shalicar said that since 2006 the Shiite movement had re-established itself in the frontier region.

“In more than 200 villages in south Lebanon, they’ve built up a lot of strength, with all kinds of weapons, all kinds of missiles of varying range,” he said.

“All of their money is flowing in various directions to an offensive capability which, among other things, includes about 100 000 rockets of various types, most of them from Iran and Syria.

“You don’t get yourself 100 000 rockets for nothing. It would seem there’s a reason behind it and it’s certainly not for the good of the people.”

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11 responses to “Israel is prepared for any Hezbollah threat, report”

  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Another story full of CRAP. And useless speculation, at this moment in time for sure.
    After all, Hezzys only ‘Resist’ … we all know that.
    (anyone have a light-bulb … ?)

    “…. an unidentified ‘senior’ officer” (alzheimers) said something … ostensibly in Israel …. about Hezzy’s stockpile which they have been collecting in Syria … like no-one knew.

    1. Reasonableman Avatar

      Yeah, for some reason israel seems to want to magnify the issue by releasing details to the media.
      Good cop, bad cop maybe…

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Watch the work of a ‘coalition’ now, which has had enough of the threats and stupid talks, and the indiscriminate killing of people who are not part of any so-called ‘army’.

        1. Reasonableman Avatar

          High in the sky is good, no need for boots on the ground…yet which is why I start to wonder.

          It is obvious the air strikes will open doors to ex militants and a covert operation to gather and or destroy stored information ‘possible evidence’ to advance a political ideaology, geographical gains.

          Is this an act of redemption(which is illegal according to western law) or rehabilitation?

          Obama said IS is certainly unislamic and certainly no state. Yes we know that so why do we indiscriminatly bomb the arabs? Why don’t we let arabs deal with the arabs? The sunnis deal with the sunnis? Why don’t they Gather more information, cut off supply routes, choke them to find out who they really are since they are certainly not islamic? The most effective wargame played against the muslims was by the media, advertising atrocities as islamic and were committed by somebody anti-islamic.

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Yes Reasonable … sure became a confusing world of ‘directed thought’.
            I had the feeling the ‘west’ didn’t want to be directly involved … perhaps hoping that people could actually work out how to have ‘peace’, and what was ‘truth’ for themselves … yet the philosophies for that concept are not really ‘in place’ in enough brains.
            Today the crowds gather for the ‘Global Warm’ fight … and MOST of those are not literally fighting except by the numbers and their message. You can have a ‘peaceful’ demonstration without bashing heads.
            You also don’t need ‘the head’ of every country there to discuss it if the people you send are competent enough to be in on the discussion, and to bring back a ‘general report’ of the facts presented.
            Yet, there are always a relative few who want to twist and cause disorder. When they do it ‘on-line’ so easily, and others fall for the propaganda, the disorder and discord grow.
            One needs to very careful trying to sort it out. Always begin with the concept.
            If the concept is unrealistic, and it is forced anyway, people revolt.
            If they are threatened directly, they react.
            The recent ISIS threats were fairly clear. ‘Kill a westerner any way you can.’
            I think, ‘well, that’s as simple as they can make it’.
            SO….. I’m hoping any so-called ‘Canadian’ who went over there to fight for THAT line of thought gets to stay there six feet under the rubble caused by any ‘coalition’ missile that lands on their heads. Won’t bother me at all, then.

  2. Can’t they talk about peace for a change.

    1. There is no money in peace.

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Actually there is. But not in only one guy’s hands.

  3. “The battlegrounds of Syria have enabled Hezbollah to upgrade its capabilities. Hezbollah plans to send many combatants into Israeli territory near the border and seize it.”

    And I was gullible enough to believe earlier YaLibnan/March14Groupies/Israeli/Western reports in 2013/14 that Hezbollah is being weakened by the day due to their engagement in the conflict? ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT WAS BULLSHIT?

    Commentators – the above applies to you too. Thank goodness Hezbollah didn’t hand over their weapons to the unbelievably incompetent “Army”.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Where is the ‘strength’?? Not in it’s ideology.
      Why didn’t they ‘join’ the country, instead of resisting anything which might give it some government?? Where is the electricity? Where is the money owed to the EL company?
      Where has the last of ‘infrastructure’ gone?
      And, considering how the ‘Syrian Factors’ have messed Lebanon up, why would anyone have helped Assad live at all?
      If the sole purpose in life for Hezzy is to ‘fight’ all the time, and threaten Israel all the time, and follow the orders of a third country to aid THEIR ‘ally’ even if he’s a despot continually messing Lebanon up, they have NOT gained any strength – except in weapons and the ‘Art of War’ which no-one Lebanese wants to have in the first place.
      I don’t think the ‘weakness’ being talked about, is about the weapons.

  4. 5thDrawer Avatar

    OMG !!! They are going to celebrate killing each other on the same day??? Get in extra supplies of the bagels and falafels …. and, yah … beer Ok too.

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