Saudi Arabia busts Assad’s terror network, arrests 48 Shabiha


assad-syria-killerSeveral Syrian terror suspects who have been detained by Saudi authorities in recent months may have been employed by the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Forty-eight people — Shabiha — were arrested during a nine-month period for plotting to launch terrorist activities in the Kingdom, Al-Watan reported on Friday. Shabiha are Syrian groups of armed militia in support of the ruling Ba’ath Party.
Security forces monitored over the past nine months “what is believed to be a Syrian network with dubious and terrorist activities,” said the paper. 

Authorities have detained several suspects in close operations that started since last December, the paper added. It said 48 Syrians were arrested, including 11 who entered the Kingdom as “visitors.”

“The Interior Ministry in its statements did not disclose the charges against them, but the close arrests over the past few months give signals that they were plotting to carry out terrorist acts at the behest of the Assad regime,” the paper said. The number of Syrians detained in Saudi jails is the second largest for foreign detainees after Yemenis, whose number is 189, according to the paper.

The ministry said it had apprehended 88 individuals with suspected links to foreign terror groups, said

“Security agencies, over a period of several months, monitored all the suspects, particularly those with extremist ideologies,” said a ministry statement carried by the SPA.


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7 responses to “Saudi Arabia busts Assad’s terror network, arrests 48 Shabiha”

  1. Bravo Saudi Arabia

    1. That can’t be right as Infallibles can never be terrorist’s and also the news didn’t come out from their authentic sources or news outlets and thus can’t be true.
      Assad, Hezbusatan, Iran, Zionist, etc. only work towards humanity, peace, truth, resistance, protection, and are victims, oppressed, and fight on behalf of humankind against their evil creations like Isis, etc. and thus can only be Infallibles.

  2. $89733098 Avatar

    Of course terrorist sympathisers like farq will claim “u can’t believe everything the media tells u”… Only believe the media if it portrays farq’s terrorists positively and his enemies negatively. Same with that daft mare and the old broom.

    1. Unfortunately all they always can and will do is lie, manipulate, play victim and innocent when they are cornered, use deception and falsehoods to fool naive people, be cunningly evil, fabricate truth to make them look saints and saviors, cry wolf, use others to get their point across, applaud and agree with anyone even Zionists if they are talking against their enemies, use taqiyah, the list is endless….
      Only if non Infallibles were as cunning, deceiving, manipulative, evil, treacherous, lying, etc. like them but then their wouldn’t be no difference between truth and falsehood or human and satan!!!

      1. $89733098 Avatar

        Well said my friend. If honest people resorted to their tactics it would make us just as bad as them.

  3. They have been following their plans!Plan A ,Plan B and if these have not been successful ,there will always be a Plan C and D ready!!!!!

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