Abducted ISF members in Arsal forced to declare “defection”


isf members declare defectionLBCI television that a number of Internal Security Forces were forced to defect by al-Nusra Front members on Sunday after being taken captive by the group.

About 20 security forces members were shown announcing their defection “from the army and Hezbollah” in a video uploaded to Youtube.

The abducted Lebanese members of the security forces announced that they were defecting in protest against the army’s “targeting of civilians in the eastern Bekaa region of Arsal.”

They also declared their condemnation of Hezbollah’s “terrorist actions” in Syria.

In the video the abducted Lebanese were told to present themselves to the camera and condemn the army and Hezbollah’s practices.

At the end of the video, a captor was seen presenting the defected members with sweets.

The Lebanese army battled Islamist fighters near the Syrian border on Saturday, killing 11 militants, a security official said, in a move against al Qaeda-linked gunmen who had seized a police station and killed two soldiers.

The gunmen included fighters from the Islamic State, a radical Sunni group that has seized control of large areas of Syria and Iraq, Lebanese security officials said.

The army issued a statement on Sunday announcing the death of 8 soldiers as result of the clashes .

The clashes in Arsal spilled over to Tripoli’s Bab el Tabbaneh neighborhood where the situation is extremely tense



7 responses to “Abducted ISF members in Arsal forced to declare “defection””

  1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    I don’t understand the army and the security forces had many warnings like this. how could they put themselves in this situations? where is the so called hezbollah intelligence to give the warnings anyway.. Well as much as I condemn the Al Nusra Action and I pray they don’t harm these security forces. hezbollah is the main instigator here where they go around and kidnap people who don’t sympathize with them. take the tripoli alwaite leaders those who were responsible and aided in the bombing of the two mosque were given ample enough time to leave the area and flea. too many Sunnis getting arrested while others who are pro hezbollah are not being touched. However I do not support Al Nusra or any fanatics and I hope the army would be able to free these officers and don’t let these scumbags do this to the army again..

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      … or any other army this sort of thing happens to….

  2. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Sweets instead of bullets seems a reasonable choice. There’s always hope for a rebuttal.

    1. $89733098 Avatar

      Sweets just doesn’t go down sweetly when they r being forced to defect.

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Sometimes barabie, for survival, one accepts the bitter candy, which is the beginning of the plan to escape, and keeps the head. I realize it’s not an absolute guarantee, but the alternative is known and most of us ‘take chance if we want to’.
        I often consider the inability of the people in gangs like ISIS or Nusra or Talban, to consider with any rationality what they could see if their eyes were actually open.
        They have advertised well what they want to do.
        Like people with bad armpits or feet or unwashed hair, you’d think they would wonder about it eventually – why everyone moves away – and have by now an inferiority complex instead of a god complex.
        But in ‘news’ I see a guy with a GUN stands happily unaware in the greatly reduced traffic flow of a major city stopping cars to hand out ‘Free Korans’ and actually believes that the people actually wanted them.
        (Or he is doing the same -following orders – waiting the chance.)
        He runs to supply all who hold out their hands … works like an idiot in the hot sun … not realizing the hands are held out only in fear.
        There are few, I think, who refuse to stop, or attempt to drive around him.
        Or even say they have several copies at home.
        (Look eager … Stack ’em up … fuel for the winter if we can’t get out before that.)

  3. Leborigine Avatar

    That is why we need to build that wall with syria!


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