Syrian defector shows US lawmakers images of Assad torture

July 31, 2014: A Syrian defector who goes only by the name 'Caesar,' and who wore a hood to obscure his face, testifies before the House Foreign Affairs Committee.FNC
July 31, 2014: A Syrian defector who goes only by the name ‘Caesar,’ and who wore a hood to obscure his face, testifies before the House Foreign Affairs Committee.FNC

A Syrian defector who goes only by the name “Caesar” delivered dramatic and disturbing testimony Thursday to a congressional committee about the Assad regime’s atrocities, sharing with lawmakers just a few of the thousands of photos he took showing prisoners who were brutally beaten, starved and murdered.

Dressed in a blue rain jacket with the hood up and tied tightly around his face to disguise his appearance, Caesar spoke before the House Foreign Affairs Committee about what he saw while working for Bashar al-Assad’s army.

Speaking through a translator, Caesar, a former military photographer, testified he had smuggled 50,000 photographs of 10,000 dissidents out of Syria with the help of family members. Thursday’s hearing is the first time he told his story in a public setting on American soil.

Several pictures — some of which were turned into poster-size prints and displayed in the hearing room — depicted emaciated corpses, the bony skeletal remains littered in dirt fields.

Other pictures were of young children and the elderly. One man had his left eye gouged out. Others showed deep wounds, marks from strangulation and “beatings that broke through bones,” Caesar said.

“I not only had access to my photographs but others taken by other photographers as well as the state,” he said through a translator.

Caesar said he knew he had to show the world the images but also “knew death would be my fate” if caught.

“But my worth ethic, morals and religion did not allow me to be quiet,” he said.

Caesar’s trip to the U.S. has been managed by the Coalition for a Democratic Syria – a Syrian-American umbrella organization that coordinates nonprofit groups in Washington aiding the Syrian opposition.

The photos Caesar showed offered lawmakers a rare glimpse of the human tragedy tied to Syria’s three-year-old civil war which has already claimed more than 170,000 lives, by one group’s estimate.

“No one here can bring their lives back to them but I am here to tell you there are 150,000 people still incarcerated,” Caesar said, adding, “their fate will be the same fate as those I’ve taken pictures of.”

syrian torture by AssadRep. Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., who in March 2013 introduced the Free Syria Act which authorizes President Obama to provide “lethal assistance to carefully vetted members of the moderate Syrian opposition,” blamed the White House for not acting sooner.

“If we had taken that approach a year and a half ago, we may have been able to stem the growth of ISIS and weaken the regime of Bashar Assad,” he said.

Instead, Engel said America has failed in its pursuit of Assad.

“We had a responsibility to send a message to Assad that his criminal behavior would not be tolerated, but we didn’t,” he said. “Instead, here we are a year later, and we see new evidence of the Assad regime’s torture chambers and death squads.”

Obama has come under fire for cooling his once-strong Assad “must go” demands. Despite the situation in Syria falling of the media’s radar, the death toll in the country’s three-year civil war is escalating daily.

Fresh casualty figures from the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, as reported by Reuters, say at least 700 people were killed in a 48-hour period two weeks ago that represented “the bloodiest fighting since the civil war began in 2011.”

That same group put casualties at more than 171,509, as of July 8 — though they believe the actual number could be much higher.

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  1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    Yah Assad is the head of ISIS among his loved ones in Dahesh..

  2. The real lebanese Avatar
    The real lebanese

    Assad is doing to Syria what he did to Lebanon. He did whatever he wanted in Lebanon and hes doing whatever he wants in Syria.

  3. Michaelinlondon1234 Avatar

    This is a US propaganda piece. Run by the jewish mafia

    1. master09 Avatar

      Yes the Arabs are saints that’s for shore. When we are wrong lets just blame the Jews and America. Typical . The Arabs have a choice. Good election result 99% vote win, that does not happen when 10 kids vote for best mother or father. Lol

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        He probably likes the communist Russians in Ukraine too.

        1. Michaelinlondon1234 Avatar

          You need to read some history.
          Nato expansion in to eastern Europe. Controlled by the US.
          Read the Bulkan War. It was an American lead invasion (Again)
          All sides committed war crimes but only those that opposed American wishes were prosecuted by the ICC.
          Then think who supplied the cluster bombs that keep killing farmers in southern Lebanon.
          I have read all the Ism philosophy’s from Capitalism to communism. Not really a fan of any of them. very 19- 20th century. Have you read them?

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            So, you run with ‘Laissez-faire leadership’ concepts instead?

      2. Michaelinlondon1234 Avatar

        Bizarre but True. The British government paid for photographs in the early days. of violence and death taken by the opposition. Basically they were paying Syrians to kill each other for a photo op. If you were living on a pound a day and near starvation How many people would you kill for large sums of money? Not something I would do.
        ISIS pay 600 dollars a month. African UN peace keepers (Somali occupation Army) $1100 a month. British battle group in Poland £5000 Living away from home allowance.
        Syrian Army was paying $1000 for capture of any one entering illigaly from Lebanon.
        Most of this is people just trying to survive.

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          So, that makes it all ok? Survival being the ‘prime directive’?
          I fail to see what ‘pay-scales’ have to do with it. Unions were allowed in Britain. Emulate their ‘system’ and come up in the world.
          Some went there to live in it. ;-))

    2. 5thDrawer Avatar

      The US Congress NEEDS some correct propaganda. I doubt the photographer is Jewish.
      You’re fine in London …. stay there.

  4. master09 Avatar

    The world will sit on its hands just like they always do. If they take action they will say the Crusades are back even if they are helping humans and not just Christians. People are screaming about 1300 people but I see no bands, no UN personnel crying No critics lashed out at this and other monster acts that are going on in the ME and Africa.
    Arab countries treat Palestinians like shit in their country but they have much to say in Israel.
    If you are going to lash out like I am saying lash out at ALL. The Jews are doing bad things but I also am saying the Arabs are doing just as bad and worse. When you have 19 thugs doing the same bad action, at least point the finger at 19 not just ONE. I call that stupid and brainwashed. I blame all.
    Oh that’s rite I’m a Jew lover only. Lol

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Lay it on them, master09 ….

  5. master09 Avatar

    As the crisis in Syria enters its third tragic year, and the daily headlines focus on military clashes and political efforts to resolve the crisis, the world must not forget the human realities at stake. The risk of losing a generation grows with every day that the situation deteriorates, while the progress made for Syrian children in previous years is undone.
    All around them, their dreams and opportunities for the future are being lost. And as they lose their childhoods . . . as their right to be children is denied . . . their views of their neighbours are coloured in ways that can create future generations of self-perpetuating violence. With all that implies for the region as a whole.
    Children face tremendous dangers on a daily basis. They are being killed, maimed and orphaned by conflict. Health clinics that have not been damaged or destroyed struggle to deliver life-saving services. Clean water and adequate sanitation – the most fundamental of daily necessities – are increasingly scarce.Many schools have been damaged, destroyed or taken over by displaced people seeking shelter. Countless children suffer from the psychological trauma of seeing family members killed, of being separated from their parents and being terrified by the constant thunder of shelling. Girls and women are further vulnerable to violence.
    Many have fled their country to live in refugee camp. What is the world doing oh that’s rite in the world we put all our energy and hate to one direction the Jews. If we can redirect all that hate and turn it to peace and love maybe something better can be done. Get of that chair and make something positive I know I have and continue to do. But that makes me a Jew lover. Lol

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