Israeli army seizes a herd of goats in Shebaa, south Lebanon

shebaa farms

shebaa farmsThe Israeli army  seized on Tuesday  a herd  of goats from the southern  Lebanese border town of Shebaa, but the  shepherds managed to escape in what was  described as ” kidnapping attempt”,  National News Agency reported.

“The Israeli Army   seized by force  a a herd  of goats  belonging to shepherds Mohammed Khalil Nabaa and Khodr Hamdan from the Sadana mountain heights in Shebaa,”NNA added

The herd was taken away to the occupied Shebaa Farms,  NNA noted, adding that the two shepherds managed to escape .

The same source remarked that an Israeli force had set up an ambush to the north of the border line, around 50 to 100 meters  inside Shebaa, before seizing the goats.

Lebanese army troops later deployed heavily in the region following these latest developments in the South, said  NNA

This is not the first incident of its type .  In attempting to kidnap suspect  shepherds , Israel seized on several occasions Lebanese cows,   sheep and goats .