U.S. Army developing tiny ‘pocket drones’ for spying in future wars


Pocket drones

Future U.S. Army soldiers sent into combat may have a brand new tool at their disposal: the pocket drone.

The U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center in Massachusetts is developing a “pocket-sized aerial surveillance device” for soldiers assigned to small units in dangerous environments.

When the Army’s efforts come to fruition, the Cargo Pocket Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance program will provide dismounted troops with real-time surveillance of threats in their environment.

“The Cargo Pocket ISR is a true example of an applied systems approach for developing new Soldier capabilities,” said Dr. Laurel Allender, acting NSRDEC technical director, Army.mil reported July 21.

“It provides an integrated capability for the soldier and small unit for increased situational awareness and understanding with negligible impact on soldier load and agility.”

The pocket drone will be required to meet the Army’s digital security standards, fly in low-light operations and successfully maneuver indoors, Army.mil reported.

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One response to “U.S. Army developing tiny ‘pocket drones’ for spying in future wars”

  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    ‘BIG BROTHER’ looms ever closer.
    There is now a light bulb which is being installed …. a ‘smart bulb’ made by all the Smart Bulbs … 😉
    It has a chip inside for memory, and a ‘processor’.
    It puts out light … a good thing of course … and while doing that, can also:
    Send information to a central control.
    Decide if the light should be dimmed or turned off by the ambient light in a location.
    Film you. Send images on the wire – or perhaps on wifi too.
    Track any individual by a series of lights placed to do so … any light in a city, for instance.
    Read licence plates, pick up car-thieves and ‘molesters’, etc.
    (Programmed to pick up certain ‘actions’ – masturbating for instance.)
    Watch you picking your nose or wiping your ass, or any other ‘personal’ small moment in your life.
    You think those ‘cell phones’ and ‘smart shoes’ leading you to a destination are a great ‘tracking device’? ‘The Bulb’ will ensure it.
    (They have to ‘sell’ it ….)
    ‘People’ interviewed in an airport (not a campground) by a ‘news hound’ said:
    ‘If it’s for my security, it’s good. I have nothing to hide.’
    How selfish. Some of us like to ‘toilet’ without being watched.
    On the other hand, us nudists won’t care at all. Right? :-))))

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