Jordan TV host burns Israeli flag live on air


Jordan-TV host burns Israeli flag on airA TV host in Jordan burned a paper Israeli flag live on air during a discussion on the ongoing Gaza campaign.

In a clip posted to YouTube by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Zoher Al-Azzeh burned the flag on Jordan’s 7 Stars TV while also calling for the US embassy in Jordan to be shut down, accusing America of using it as a “centre for spying”.

Describing the Israelis as “occupiers”, Al-Azzeh apologised to viewers for earlier having shown them graphic images of injured Palestinians, and then said: “For the sake of Palestine and its children, allow me to burn this filthy flag of the Zionist entity for the whole world to see”, before holding what appears to be an A4 paper print-off of the Israeli flag and setting light to it with a cigarette lighter.

It takes a while for the paper to burn, during which the host adds: “The world should know that the Zionists are our enemies. They are criminal murderers and we must fight them.

“We must demand that all Arab peoples expel them from their countries, starting with Jordan.”

He concludes: “I spit on this flag!” but actually blows on it to try to fan the flames.

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  1. cook2half Avatar

    Jordan is palestine

    1. Palaestina is East Mediterranian Sea Shore – Sinai, North Arabian peninsulas, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, parts of Syria: Alawistan, Druzia, Kurdistan, Hatay-Iskanderun etc.

    2. Trans-Jordan aka East Palestine.

    3. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

      israel is the smallest bundesland in germany… now blease go back

      1. Iran is the biggest shithole on earth tell me one thing that the iranians have contributed the wellbeing of the human race. Cant wait for someone to nuke you. goodbye coward

        1. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

          heil hitler

        2. AkhouManUki Avatar

          If you have a problem with the Iranian regime, I’m right there with you. But what you are insinuating is pure evil. With that kind of hatred, you clearly have contributed nothing to the human race – you’re just a little coward hiding behind a keyboard and a mouse.

  2. MekensehParty Avatar

    This guy must be babrabie’s dad
    didn’t see him burning bashar’s flag, or saddam’s, and certainly not Isis’… and yet all the above and more Arab leaders did way worse than what Israel is doing.

    1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

      No its okay if an arab kills an arab. that’s what M8 tells you. Syria bombarded the hell out of lebanon for 30 years. They destroyed its infastructre for 30 years, kidnapped and killed so many lebanese. raped so many women.. yet M8 says it was okay.. i dunno but i keep asking them what is the difference between what Syria or israel who have done more of the same thing. Even Syria was more brutal than the Israelis.. At least Israel left lebanon alone if we don’t throw rocks at them.. but Syria has not left. it has Nassrallah, Aoun.. Irani El Devil and Wahab,, franjieh. they love to spy for syria and even kill us in the name of bashar. I dare this iranian weirdo to go and fight with hamas. burning a flag is not going to sway israelis opinion one way or another. Nassrallah and Khameini should come out of their holes and lead the way to fight israel. talk is cheap for sure..

      1. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

        why me??? why didnt u urself fight the syrians who supposingly:

        “bombarded” “”the” “hell” “out” “of” “lebanon” “for” “30” “years”. “They” “destroyed” “its” “infastructre” “for” “30” “years”, “kidnapped” “and” “killed” “so” “many” “lebanese”. “raped” “so” “many” “women”???
        is it bcoz u r a coward? yir thats why.
        is it bcoz u fled to a ghetto instead of fighting for u country? yir thats why.
        is it bcoz u r not a lebanese?? yir thats why.
        is it bcoz they pay u to spam yalibnan? yir thats why.

        i have no respect for u n ur kind. i on the other hand will join the army the second ur filthy nation of israel dares to attack my country. i will never flee like a coward like u ghettoboy…

        1. cook2half Avatar

          Why arent you fighting in Syria then hehee

          1. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            very simple ya3ne, bcos assad is doing a great job there

          2. The real lebanese Avatar
            The real lebanese

            Ya with giving most of the country to IS while fighting the FSA

  3. LEBANON101 Avatar

    what is Palestine ? the name of the geographical area a roman king renamed to piss off the jews . who was the first ever person to be called a Palestinian ? A JEW… who did the british call Palestinians when they controlled the area ? JEWS . the news paper the palestine post was owned and run by who? JEWS . in 985 c.e. the Arab writer Muqaddasi complained that in Jerusalem the large majority of the population were Jewish, and said that “the mosque is empty of worshippers…” . ·Ibn Khaldun,”Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel extended over 1400 years… It was the Jews who implanted the culture and customs of the permanent settlement”. . PALESTINANS ARE NOTHING BUT ARAB SETTELERS WHO CAME TO THE AREA MAYBE 300 YEARS AGO SOME WAY AFTER .WHY DO WE ARABS KID OUT SELVES AND PREDENT WE HAVE ALWAYS CARED ABOUT THIS AREA. I DONT GIVE SH!T ABOUT PALESTINE OR GAZA I HAVE MY OWN PROBLEMS. ALL THE ARABS HAVE THERE OWN PROBLEMS. AND PALESTINIANS LIVE BETTER LIVES THAN 90 PERCENT OF OTHER ARABS

    1. patriotss Avatar

      from the biblical times we are all Jwes

    2. Seriously bro, do you really feel this callus about the whole thing or just having a bad day? we all have our problems but no matter what no one can really believe their quality of life is anywhere near what most of the world enjoys, BTW I blame their leadership mostly but can not in good conscience not care for them as fellow humans

    3. Palestine is named after the Philistines by the Romans many centuries after the Philistines were no longer around. Ironically, the Philistines occupied most of the area of the Gaza Strip today and they were a thorn on the side of the Jews in the Holy Land. History does repeat itself.

    4. cook2half Avatar

      Long live Lebanon. Don’t let these invented people take advantage of you, you owe them nothing.

      1. MekensehParty Avatar

        Lebanon is an invented country too…

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          True enough, Mek. Someone even invented Jews. :-))

    5. I often wonder why the whole world is focused on this situation so much. I understand that the conflict is a broader symbol for the conflict between western civilation and radical islam, otherwise people would be focused more on the other countries in the middle east of which most of them hundreds of people are dying everyday for nothing. I often wonder why arabs as a whole, especially ones who have left their own country and now live in Europe and the U.S never seem to protest or care about the issues facing their own countries. You never hear former syrians, iraqies, etc taking pride in their country and acting up to try to make them a better place. Instead most arabs protest about the Israelis spreading hate and playing the victim to support another terrorist government (hamas) that will continue to oppress its own people.

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Why ‘focused’ on ALL the Mediterranean problems?
        Aside from getting a headache listening to all the religiosity?
        Aside from the oil? Aside from all the indiscriminant killing of all age groups? Aside from the refugees and boat-people? Aside from having tax-dollars sucked into it all the time? Aside from there being too many there who simply wish to rule the world?
        I really have no idea. 😉

    6. AkhouManUki Avatar

      So I suppose that with a name like LEBANON101 we’re supposed assume you are somehow Lebanese?

      Also, STOP SHOUTING!

  4. The Fact is both sides have claim to the land sInce it has changed hands so many times in history. However one thing that is true was there was once a state of israel in the past and there was never a state called palestine evern though I agree the “palestinians” have been living there. They were offered a two state solution before Israels rebirth in 1948. The jews accepted the arabs did not and chose to attack. They lost and now they are crying about it 65 years later. Why cant there be a 2 state solution? Hamas, just like ISIS, Al quaeda, boko haram is preaching its exreme brand of hate and extreme islam and doesnt give a damn about the palestinian people. If they really cared about the paelstinian cause then as the ruling governing body of the palestinian people they would seek out means of creating a palestinian state in which people werent dying. They would build hospitals, schools and infrastructures that could help palestinians thrive. Instead they spend money on building rockets and tunnels. Every arab country where extreme islam is teached is a burning hellhole of hate and oppression and any arab that is living in a western democratic country that has had the benefit of leaving their mother coutnry and seeing what democracy can bring should be greatful and not be anti Israel but be anti hamas. Blame hamas for drawing the palestinians into another war and for exploiting its citizens in the name of free palestine. As an israeli I want to see a peaceful state of palestine sitting right next to me. Theres no dealing with terrorists though. All they want is death and destruction as evident throughout the middle east….

    1. LEBANON101 Avatar

      the same people hizballah is fighting in syria . israel is fighting in gaza .. hama = al nusra

    2. cook2half Avatar

      אבל הם לא רוצים שלום עמך כי אתה יהודי

    3. Remove your armies from the West-Bank and you colonialists. Then you have the right to defend yourself if Hamas or anybody is attacking Israel. But as long as Israel is oppressing Palestianas and keeping their land for Jewish colonialists, Palestianas have the right to fight back. The UN has called on Isarel to remove their armies from the West-Bank, but they refused. Also the Gaza Strip is a open prison with Isreal blocking land and sea access. If you want peace then stop blocking Gaza and remove the occupation forces. Gaza and the West-Bank belong to Palestina and not to Isreal!

  5. Israel killed over 9.000 Palestinans since the year 2000. 76% of these Palestians were civilians. Israel lost 1.200, 2/3 were soldiers of the IDF. 2.000 Palestians were killed in 2014, when the Terror State of Israel bombed Gaza. Burning a Israeli flag is a legitimate form of restistance, if you consider the fact that the Palestina flag was banned from 1948 untill 1994 in Israel and the occupied terretories. The Zionist occupation force called it a ´´terrorist´´ flag and showing it was considerd a crime. The flag of Palestina has only been legal for 21 years in Israel and the occupied West-Bank!

    Isreal is still the occupation force and as long as it forces and colonialists control the West-Bank, the Palestians have a right to fight back. Just as Europeans had the right to fight Nazi Germans and Stalinist Russians ( Hungary 1956 )

    1. Islamians and Orabs are still the occupation force in ME, in big part of the world

  6. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Theatrics. Gotta love TV ‘debates’. :-))))

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