Jewish doctor kicked off flight after fight with a Palestinian woman

Dr Rosenberg
Dr Rosenberg claims the Palestinian woman called her a ‘zionist pig’
Dr Rosenberg claims the Palestinian woman called her a 'zionist pig'
Dr Rosenberg claims the Palestinian woman called her a ‘zionist pig’

A new, unofficial report indicates that a Jewish doctor who claimed she was the victim of an antisemitic when she was thrown off of a JetBlue flight earlier this month was actually the aggressor in the mid-air dispute with a Palestinian woman who she said was a ‘murderer’ and that she probably had explosives in her bag.

The new report, which WPBF says it did not receive from the airline, Queens Doctor Lisa Rosenberg ‘accused customer 9C of being a Palestinian murderer, and that her people were all murderers and that they murder children,’ the station reported on Wednesday.

At the time of her getting escorted off the flight, on July 7, at an airport in Florida, Rosenberg told a local news outlet that she was called a ‘Zionist pig’ by the woman seated next to her.

In a phone interview with WPBF, the airline said that Rosenberg’s version of events ‘in no way reflects the report that we have.’

In the unofficial report, a flight attendant described how Rosenberg ‘went even further to suggest 9C had explosives in her bag and it would bring the aircraft down.’

Rosenberg maintains that she was not the aggressor in the argument, saying in an interview with the New York Daily News that she didn’t say ‘anything like that.’

‘As far as I know, the reports are heresay,’ she told The News.

She then went on to say that the flight attendant used an antisemitic slur against her.

The argument reportedly began when Rosenberg was overheard by the Palestinian woman praising Israel’s military offensive in Gaza.

The Palestinian woman then reportedly said her comments were offensive, which is when Rosenberg is said to have launched into her tirade.

Blogger Steven Frischling posted on his website some excerpts from what he claims to be the official JetBlue incident report.
According to the report, Rosenberg would not sit down or stop yelling, so the captain sent a conflict resolution officer to try and calm her down.

Rosenberg continued to cause a scene and other passengers were complaining, so the crew determined she needed to be removed from the aircraft.

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