Future and Amal reach a deal on payment of salaries to govt employees


berri haririA meeting was held between officials from the Future and the AMAL movements to discuss and reach a deal on the payment of salaries of civil servants and the proposed new wage scale, according to a report by al-Joumhouria newspaper on Saturday.

Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil, a close aide of Amal Movement leader Nabih Berri attended the meeting , while the Future Movement was represented by the head of its bureau Nader Hariri.

The agreement calls for limiting legislation at the upcoming parliament session to the approval of the most pressing issues, especially providing the salaries of civil servants and agreeing on the proposed new wage scale.

The first meeting between the Future and the AMAL movements was originally mediated by PSP leader MP Walid Jumblatt who assigned Health Minister Wael Abou Faour to set up and attend the first meeting earlier this week between Khalil and Hariri .

Jumblatt’s mediation effort was launched soon after he returned from a trip to Paris where he had met with Future Movement leader and former PM Saad Hariri.

The mediation calls for providing the constitutional quorum needed to hold a legislative session to approve the most pressing issues at parliament, said al-Joumhouria.

Since the country is almost broke new treasury bonds should be issued to cover the the payment of salaries to public employees



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    How about getting Doctors back the 70% taken away last year?

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