UN agency appeals for funds to help Syrian Refugee women


Syrian refugees in LebanonThe United Nations appealed this week to donor countries to help fund a cash assistance program for the most vulnerable refugees in countries abutting Syria, where one in four households are headed by women.

The escalating violence in Syria has increased the hardships for women, whose spouses were either killed, imprisoned, fighting back home or abandoned them, leaving them to struggle on their own.

According to the U.N. refugee agency, more than 145,000 Syrian refugee families in Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan are headed by women. They lack the resources to pay the rent, put food on the table and live under the threat of violence or exploitation, and their children face mounting trauma and distress, it noted.

The report, which included interviews with 135 women in Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon between February and April this year, found that the overriding concern for women-headed families is the lack of resources.

“The overwhelming majority said it is the lack of money, the lack of resources and the fact that they are not able to feed their children,” António Guterres, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, said in a press conference in Amman. “Sometimes they have to send their children to beg or to work instead of school, or marry off their daughters at a young age.”

Besides their inability to work in the host communities, the commissioner noted that 60% of women live in fear. “We have many that are harassed.”

In extreme situations, there were rapes, he added, although the report noted that many were not prepared to talk about the gender-based violence.

Mr. Guterres said the U.N. agency and its partners need another $200 million until the end of this year to enable the UNHCR to extend a program of cash assistance to the most vulnerable families.

“We need to enhance our direct cash support to vulnerable families and that is a very important issue in order to allow people to have their choices and preserve their dignity,” he said. “Unfortunately, this is a very expensive protection and assistance instrument.”

In Jordan, for example, 80% of the 600,000 registered refugees are absorbed into the local community. There are nearly 60,000 female-headed households, but some 8,000 families receive cash assistance at the moment, ranging between 80 and 150 Jordanian dinars, said Andrew Harper, the UNHCR representative in Jordan. “The money is not even covering the rent…it is not enough to cover the basic resources,” he said.




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  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    “The escalating violence in Syria has increased the hardships for women, whose spouses were either killed, imprisoned, fighting back home or abandoned them, leaving them to struggle on their own.”
    IN LEBANON there are MANY in the same condition who’s ‘MALE HEAD’ of the House died from natural causes and the women HAVE NO ONE TO SPEAK FOR THEM … period … even as they attempt to keep food on a table and a roof over the family WITHOUT MUCH CHANCE OF FINDING A JOB !!! EVER !!!!
    Sorry UN, but that’s the ‘WAY OF LIFE’ in these countries … the women know it.
    Too sad when laying on the back all the time only produced females for the family. Of course.
    No wonder husbands have heart-attacks.

    1. Ya Abou glen, I recently spoke with my cousin in lebanon and here exact words were ” I cant believe we survived the civil war all the raining bombs on ashrafieh and we are weeks from being homeless, WHY? 3 brothers lost their jobs in construction to syrian refugees that would work for much less, further the landlords gave them eviction notices unless they are willing to pay $800 a month instead of $400 WHY? not all syrians are broke and the ones that have money are offering double what a lebanese is willing to pay for an apartment, she also told me that many refugees are living in appartments that are paid for by the UN. sounds like my cousins will need to apply for refugee status in some other country due to the lovely situation in syria they had nothing to do with.

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Ahhh … Tookan understands me. There ARE the real stories, after all.
        One of my ‘loves’ tried to sell her family apartment after moving herself and mother in with another female friend and her sick mother (also out of work) – after losing her job of 16 years to a ‘Syrian Nephew of a Manager’ – which Seemed a good plan since she could not find another job of course. She won’t lie on her back.
        A Syrian Escapee (with five in tow) said to the lawyer handling the sale: “I’ll give you $300 for the first month in rent, then pay the $125,000 sale price when I get my money from the Syrian bank.”
        (I’d be willing to bet he gets $ as a ‘Refugee’ from the UN if he can’.)
        That was almost 4 years ago. There was ONLY ONE month paid in rent.
        I assume the lawyer feels really STUPID !! (But then, I believe he was a Christian one.)
        WHY they can’t sell to someone else and BOOT OUT the Syrian Thief is BEYOND ME .
        Where, indeed, is ANY LAW FOR A WOMAN ??
        There are now 6 living together … 5 women and an orphaned child.
        I’m running short of food money … but who else is there? Starvation looms large.
        Health problems become a main worry.
        And these ARE Lebanese. All dead …. sooner if not later.
        Trying to send money to save a life to what ‘The Bank World’ views as a ‘Terrorist Country’ is, of course, a trick in itself. One could write a few books …….
        The UN WORRIES about ‘refugees’ … You are right, my friend. There must be some way to have all Lebanese declared as such – EXCEPT THEIR POLITICIANS !!

        1. sweetvirgo Avatar

          Why not the politicans?? I’m sure you wouldn’t want them to stop living a lavish life?? ;))))

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Well, sweets, funny … but not really. You’ll appreciate this bit.
            When the Kotex ran out, I had to suggest cloth diapers – like before the invention of Kotex – I assume there was a reason women in 1800 had so many under-garments. (when did toilet-paper come into play?)
            Otherwise, I guess, you sit in a bath-tub for a few days.

            (Hmmm .. maybe there IS a reason for the black robes to the ground after all.
            That’s not ALL ‘Goats-Blood’ on the pavement. Get the shots when visiting.)

          2. Virgo how dare you speak with a man woman? I am abou tookan here to enforce sharia…I will chop your head and eat it with chip dip!!!

            Just kidding friend I was a shaken baby and I stopped maturing lonnng ago 🙂 will be back to my just as mischivious self soon =D

          3. sweetvirgo Avatar

            LMAO……LMAO. Now that was funny.

            Hello my friend, Tcharrafna.

        2. 5thDrawer Avatar

          After 4 years they still pray a lot. At Easter they went to the Maronite church and PRAYED FOR SIX HOURS !!! Seems that was ‘normal’ and expected. Holy Shit.
          I said: ‘Did they offer coffee and cookies??’ No … and one was almost fainting from lack of water near the end.
          Again I ask (as I have before): ‘Does the Priest KNOW your situation??’
          ‘There is no money .. they have none. The man gave me a bad look when I couldn’t put anything in the plate being passed – and he pushed it at me!’
          My last question, which can’t be answered by a ‘believer’ very well it seems:
          ‘WHY do you not stop going??’
          AND HERE IS THE REALITY of ALL that UBER-RELIGIOSITY floating around and being Confessed about all the time in Lebanon.
          IT DOESN’T DO A DAMN THING FOR LEBANON – except cause constant ‘resisting’ of humanity, and angst, and death. ALL those Mufti, Priests, Imams, and Whatever-You-Want-To-Think-Is-Godly have NO GOOD RESULT for anything resembling human society as it COULD be in 2014 when they are ALLOWED to run a country – in this case, into the ground.
          And THAT is the simple fact.

          1. 5th, the first thing I would do is give you a hug!! you care about these loved ones as I do about the ones I am aware of and you sound frustrated as you should be. what you and I can do is a drop in the bucket as we are powerless spectators that are outnumbered by players that are completely desensitized to the people caught in the middle of all this madness. if you have not heard of GOFUND ME please take a look at what they do, perhaps you can post a charity fund for that familly on there. I give what I can via ebay and gofund me and I wish I can do more.

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Thanks Geo. You’re right. Frustrated. Others, who have no concept of even being IN that too-weird-to-imagine situation, don’t help – or also can’t.
            I’ll try anything.

            Tried the USAID person listed as ‘the contact’ in Lebanon. Got a reply 3 months later from South America … said she didn’t know who was in charge there, but was no longer ‘involved’.
            HAVE suggested ones I read about in the news … but they are usually very small and limited women’s organizations … no money to pump out, but will accept donations OR another body to go stand on a street in those rare ‘demonstrations’ for women’s rights. :-/ (100 showed up .. once ..)
            Got them blood once by contacting the International in Belgium. Beirut ‘top-guy’ was pissed off at me … but had been TOLD to send some to Tripoli. :-))
            He sent for the patient instead … they pumped in some, then sent her back.
            Years later, I begin to wonder if saving her life was beneficial to her in the long run. We can only try.

  2. Michaelinlondon1234 Avatar

    Not a damn penny will I give while the UK foreign office is blowing billions of our taxes on this invasion


  3. 5thDrawer Avatar

    A Year Ago ….

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