Terrorist group vows to ‘cleanse Lebanon from churches’


church_byblos_st_john_the_baptist_2976505The vague group known as the Free Sunnis of Baalbek Brigade vowed to task gunmen to attack churches in Lebanon and in the eastern Bekaa valley in particular.

The Brigade announced on its twitter account that a “specialized group of free jihadists were tasked with cleansing the Islamic state of Bekaa in particular and in Lebanon in general from the churches.”

“We will target crusaders in the state and in Lebanon to silence the ringing of the bells,” the group said.

The Brigade recently pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, previously known as the Islamic State of the Iraq and the Levant.

jihadists targeting christiansThe Islamic State declared over the weekend the establishment of the “Islamic caliphate” led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ordering ordered Muslims worldwide to pledge allegiance to their chief, in a spectacular bid to extend their authority.

A “caliphate” is an Islamic form of government last seen under the Ottoman Empire.

The mysterious Free Sunnis of Baalbek Brigade had in the past claimed that it is an affiliate of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, but the ISIL later denied that.

On March 16, the Brigade engaged in a war of words with the al-Nusra Front in Lebanon, believed to be a local franchise of the Syria-based, Qaida-linked al-Nusra Front.

The dispute erupted after both groups claimed responsibility on Twitter for a deadly suicide bombing that rocked the Bekaa town of al-Nabi Othman.

The Brigade has claimed responsibility for several rocket and bomb attacks inside Lebanon, the last of which were the suicide blasts in Dahr al-Baydar and Raouche’s Duroy Hotel.




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  1. Wow How nice , this idiot should have had 2 rolls of duct tape around his mouth by his piers, tsk tsk tsk, not a good pr campaign pea brain!! for someone who is not a fan of Hezbollah I am ready to bake some cookies for them in comparison to this garbage mouth extemist.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      “specialized group of free” idiots, of course, crusading against crusaders?
      Throw out the words, whatever. Simply another ‘GANG’.
      Hopefully not ‘free’ for very long – although with the same midget mentality of the ones who threw a grenade in Tripoli today. The LAF and Security are going to still be busy for a long time. 🙁
      Boko Haram destroyed Muslim historical sites in Timbuktu, Why would these idiots think any differently? They are of the same breed.

  2. sweetvirgo Avatar

    I hope all of you thugs rot in hell. Is this what their religion teaches them? To “cleanse” anything that isn’t Islamic? What a sad world we live in today. There are so many people that are just full of evil and want to destroy anything for pure pleasure. Filthy bastards!!!

    1. AkhouManUki Avatar

      Who the hell do they think they are coming to our land and threatening our sacred homes. Thanks again Hezbollah, this is your fault.

      1. Farq2 Avatar

        Thanks HA, Tell me Akhou, who are you going to run to when these fools start to cleanse you. You guest it, HA. You need the Hezb TO PROTECT YOUR SORRY ASSES. Always remember that champ.

        1. AkhouManUki Avatar

          Hezblabla attracted them to Lebanon, we wouldn’t need anyone to protect anyone’s ass. It’s funny that you consider me biased when you are so blind to the most basic facts.

          HA have an extreme agenda, as do all of their allies – they operate without statehood and with no accountability to anyone in Lebanon. They care more about security in Syria than in Lebanon.

        2. MekensehParty Avatar

          And the winner is…
          Farq aka free Sunni of Baalbek

      2. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
        Ahmed Youssef

        Lol you are a lost cause. You don’t see the woods for the trees, that much I am certain of.

        1. AkhouManUki Avatar

          Seems like you and Farqrallah resort to the same tired and cowardly tactic of insulting me instead of engaging in civil debate.

          1. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
            Ahmed Youssef

            You seriously think I just insulted you? Come on – you are either hypersensitive or seeking to score a cheap point.

            In any case, I never stoop low to offend people personally, I leave that to all the Akhou Manyoukis out there. Anyway, I think your bar for insults is pretty low, considering my name was an insult to you not long ago.

            Take a chill pill man – not everything said is a personal attack on you.

          2. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Dude you still have not said one thing that is relevant to my comment. Stop polluting this site with comments that add no value to the discussion. You are clearly just a troll out to instigate.

          3. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
            Ahmed Youssef

            You don’t see the woods for the trees. That was my answer. Let me elaborate:

            – Did terrorists strike London 9 years ago because of Hezbollah?
            – Did 9/11 happen because of Hezbollah?
            – Did the Madrid bombings happen because of Hezbollah?
            – Did the slaughter of Christians in Iraq happen because of Hezbollah?
            – Did Boko Haram kidnap kids because of Hezbollah?
            – Did the Mumbai and Mombasa attacks happen because of Hezbollah?
            – What about the genocide being committed against Shia in Pakistan?

            If the answer to the above is a resounding NO – then what was the cause? And whatever that cause may be, does it justify these crimes?

            The simple truth is these people are all a cut of the same insane fabric which doesn’t distinguish between the innocent and the guilty, has no sense of morality or duty to fellow people which will do as it pleases because of a sick mentality backed with vast financial backing from a MidEast nation that has been toxic to humanity.

          4. AkhouManUki Avatar

            What do any of those events have to do with Lebanon? Whatever forest you are talking about is a mystery to me, I’m looking at what Hezbollah are doing to my country. I would venture to guess that you are not from Lebanon, as you can’t care about Lebanon and support Hezblabla, it’s completely illogical. Hezballah are the reason we have had numerous planned suicide bombs in Beirut. They are the reason Israel bombed every bridge in Lebanon in 2006. They have brought destruction to Lebanon for long enough.

          5. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I think he’s talking about basic ‘brain-types’ … but he could throw Hezzy’s into that dung-heap too. 😉

          6. AkhouManUki Avatar

            This guy is confused, as so many other HA supporters are too.

          7. Farq2 Avatar

            Akhou, seriously bro, even some one as intelligent as you understood what he meant. Didn’t you. In a nut shell, you can’t blame HA for every god damn atrocity in Lebanon.

          8. Farq2 Avatar

            Get over yourself Akhou, seriously.

          9. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers Farqrallah, but hopefully you are starting to see my point.

          10. MekensehParty Avatar

            Even if he sees it, he’ll look the other way.
            That’s how he was programmed.

  3. MekensehParty Avatar

    Re- is that you farq?

  4. Hannibal Avatar

    wulak tel7asso…

    1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

      Heil Hitler..lol.. good one Hannibal..

  5. Reasonableman Avatar

    Dark day for freedom of religion. Why don’t these heros go free palestine.

  6. MekensehParty Avatar

    This group “free sunni of baalbeck” is one of two things:
    – barabie’s cousin who just learned how to tweet
    – Syrian moukhabarat spreading the equation “it’s us or this”…
    Don’t be fooled by the first moron who creates a “group” and starts tweeting

  7. Fauzia45 Avatar

    This ^terrorist vague group^,whoever ,whatever ,wherever they are and those behind them must be silenced!They are spreading hatred and fear and terror!!!

  8. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    Even Hajj Assir never insulted Christians like that.. so this lonely lunatic group want to eradicate us.. well many tribes, israel, syria, fatah al islam and many others tried to wipe lebanon and we will still be here muslims and christians. No matter what there will always be Descent Muslims who will to the aid of the christians. Therefore this group will not succeed in dividing us. Look at Tripoli when these lunatics burned the library belonging to a priest. The muslims in tripoli rose against them before christians and they all pitched in to help rebuild it. Its time to get rid of this cancer once and for all. then kick Iran out of Lebanon too and their beloved Bashar.

    1. Farq2 Avatar

      Nagy, everything you have said I agree with you 100% brother. However why is it you are blaming Assad for this when it is a known fact that he is protecting your fellow Christians in Syria. This has been the ideology of these lunatics for 100’s of years. Way before the Assad’s or the Hezb came into the picture.

      1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

        Brother Farq you and I know how much Bashar did damage to the Christians in Lebanon. While even the christians in Syria cheering him on.. I am not here to only look after my sect. But I know many fellow muslims that are better then ones i have..
        Even Bashar in his hometown had enemies from the Alawite communities and last year one of his cousin got shot because he was such a con artist. I do not support extremists no matter what religion they belong too. I am against Assad but also against extremists.. I love all sects in Lebanon and i have great friends who are shiites. All I am objecting to Iran, Syria and other arabs and western interference in Lebanon period. Syria and Iran had lebanon pinned down for a long time. Instead of supporting the army then and building a strong infastracture that would have helped both countries in the long run. they helped a group that is mostly sectarian instead building a united front. Also i never know and even read that the farms in the south were lebanese. Syria used this perogative to keep the resistance as a legit force to fight Israel. No one can deny its strength for sure. but that could been the army and hezbollah at the same time. Now you might say Iran is offering to help.. well we all know this is a tainted gesture and if Iran telling us the Hezbollah its front line of defense how are you going to convince us that all the efforts put in the army was to help confront regional powers based off the whims of Nassrallah and the Ayotollah and bashar on top of them. Many Lebanese still reaching out to Hezbollah to join and be united instead they have alienated many lebanese. But no matter I am with hezbollah against those fanatics for sure..
        Yes the Assad may have not hurt the christians in Syria but he never helped improve their economic situations and not even his own community. the rules in Syria was for the Assad clans and their cousins and nobody else’s my friend. do you call that a legit gov’t? how many times the syrian troops bombed Ahrafiah, Jounah, Zahle and many more christian towns.. so much for helping the christians..

        1. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
          Ahmed Youssef

          “Instead of supporting the army then and building a strong infastracture that would have helped both countries”…but they have. On many occassions. Our silly government turns them down in favour of old Humvees and some Dodge police cars for our zo3ran police.

  9. Hesperian Avatar

    These thugs should be burned alive…

  10. Leborigine Avatar

    That is really a beautiful church in the above pic. Does anyone know where or in which village it is located.?
    It has a lot of character and I have not seen it before.

    1. MaImequer0 Avatar

      Was there a couple months ago.. very beautiful, it’s St. John’s church, Byblos (Jbeil)

      1. Leborigine Avatar

        That will be on my list when I go there again. Thank you.

    2. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Since you like it, a couple more from my personals … 😉 Peaceful Spot.
      The courtyard stone-work reminded me of similar in Cyprus … small stones set in cement, still done there in the ‘old town’ revived by Musolini.

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        stupid net … 🙁

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          oh well … and oops. Can’t delete a pic … strange editing. :-)))))

      2. Leborigine Avatar

        Thanks 5th. I love these Gothic style architecture. Its like the church in Deir El Qamar. Such beautiful lines and design.

  11. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

    i thought they were freedom fighters.. funny how u pick & choose what suits u the best

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