Second grenade attack in Lebanon for serving food during Ramadan


grenadeA hand grenade was hurled Thursday near a bakery in the northern city of Tripoli, in the second such attack in two days.

LBCI television said the explosive device targeted a popular Manakish bakery on the Ezzeddine Street.

It said the business was apparently attacked because it continued to serve food during Ramadan’s daylight fasting hours.

A car parked in the location was damaged by the explosion.

On Wednesday, a grenade thrown into a cafe hurt four people in Tripoli’s Bab al-Tabbaneh area.

The attacks come after cafes and restaurants were recently warned against opening during daylight fasting hours in Ramadan in text messages and on social media.

Last month, Tripoli municipal chief Nader Ghazal called on cafes and eateries in the city to “respect the sanctity of the holy month of Ramadan and particularly fasting Muslims.”

The call caused controversy, with activists saying it was a breach of personal freedom. But Ghazal said it was a voluntary request, and that those who did not comply would not face punishment.

Lebanon is regarded as one of the most liberal countries in the Middle East, and even during Ramadan many cafes and restaurants remain open throughout the country to serve non-Muslims or those choosing not to fast.




10 responses to “Second grenade attack in Lebanon for serving food during Ramadan”

  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    More ‘new Muslim’ rules?
    Gee … can’t bake bread either. Work in the daylight must be stopped altogether I guess.
    Lebanon. The economy of night … hahahaha … and with no electricity too. :-)))
    Enough of that, and the ‘public debt’ will clear up real fast. Aoun&Family will have lots to pocket if the oil and gas doesn’t need to be used. 😉

    Nader Ghazal …. way to be a wishy-washy dork.
    One assumes Muslims ‘being respectful’ are not going to restaurants to sleep and wait for night.

    1. Reasonableman Avatar

      It said the business was APPARENTLY attacked because it continued to serve food during Ramadan’s daylight fasting hours.


      Can you believe this kind of reporting 5th? The header asserts its because “serving food in ramadan is bad” whilst the story is based on heresay?

      Do you think secularist news outlets should be protecting the diversity of lebanons multi ethnic multi cultural population rather than throwing their reputation in the deep end whilst observing their holy month of ramadan based on “APPARENTLY”

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Yah, Reasonable. All the ‘hearsay’ news that feeds ‘news shows’, and these sites too when it’s copied to them, AND the news about stupid Twits tweeting anything out there that pops into their cell-bred minds, is really becoming tiresome at least.
        But it’s not ‘exciting’ enough to read: “A couple of young thugs on a motorcycle threw a grenade at some cars”. Headlines are there to grab attention. When the police catch the jerks and if they say that’s why they threw it, then report that.
        It’s the same as the ‘Instant News’ pumped out: ‘There’s a Caliph’. Hahahahahahaha
        The stupid ones are the ones that keep calling him that. ;-))

        I often think I should open a TWIT account. Declare a ‘Scotch on Beach No-Clothes Day’ as being an ‘Official Holiday’ of a sect I create.
        But then, I’d be like THEM !! Arrrgghhhhh ….

        1. Reasonableman Avatar

          5th I just got off the phone to some people I know in bab el tabeneh, sadly enough the ISIS supporters are throwing the grenades for this reason, WHICH IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE AND UNISLAMIC.

          People are not happy, rivalry between the supporters of ISIS and the mainstream muslims is building up. The masheye5s are condemning. The only way to beat ignorance is with knowledge.

    2. master09 Avatar

      My heart bleeds for my Lebanon and for what a very small number of radicals Muslims are doing is one day going to make life a hell for the rest of the peace loving friends on both sides who lived side by side for so long. They will retaliate as they can not see their life becoming like the Iraqis or Syrian or becoming another S. Arabia. The time will come when hell comes again only because of people shit brains. :::((((((((
      These small Muslim radical will make it hell for the rest of the good ones 99% .

  2. man-o-war Avatar

    What a bunch of psychos! If you don’t want these businesses to operate during fasting hours than the Muslim community needs to compensate them for lost income. A’holes!

  3. sweetvirgo Avatar

    If you want to fast…stay home!! Don’t go out into the streets and you won’t have to see cafes or restaraunts serving food. Not everybody fasts you dump F***

  4. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    If someone bothers me when I am eating Manakish at the Bakery I will kick their butt let alone they throw a grenade at me. I will catch it and throw it back at them.. lol

  5. based on all the events I am seeing happening in Iraq and Syria, I thinks the process of killing or eliminatian the christian in the middle east began….

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