A text message was enough for a southern Lebanese to kill his sister


honour killingA young man who hails  from  the  southern Lebanese town of Kfaroueh in the  Nabatieh district  was arrested on suspicion of murdering his sister  after reading a text message on her mobile phone,  according to a   report by Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces  on Monday.

“At 13:00 on June 28, 2014, Zafta police station received a telephone call from an unidentified person stating that S.A. – born 1982 – had been found shot dead in her house in Kfaroueh.”

“At 16:00 [the same date] after following up on the information, the [ISF’s] Information Branch was able to identify and arrest the suspect: [S.A.’s] brother Z.A. – born 1990.”

The report added that under interrogation Z.A., who  had initially  claimed the death of his sister was an accident later admitted to killing her after seeing a text message on her mobile phone which led him to believe she had “carried out an action damaging to the family’s honor.”

The practice of honor killing , which occurs in various cultures, is universally condemned by human rights organizations.






17 responses to “A text message was enough for a southern Lebanese to kill his sister”

  1. MekensehParty Avatar

    Farq is that you?

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      LOL … hmmm … one never knows. 😉
      The whole question of ‘honour’ of a family which kills for the use of a cell-phone other than blowing up a remote bomb in a car is a rather mute point, I’d say.
      (Aside from the fact a woman is allowed no privacy when using her own phone … obviously the brother is one of the ‘brain-dead’ from prior programming.)

    2. Farq2 Avatar

      Is this one of your attempts in trying to be funny. If so, then I will humor you in good faith and scream out LOOOOOOOOL

      1. MekensehParty Avatar

        I see they released you already
        After all you know you did the right thing

        1. Farq2 Avatar

          Of course they released me. After all,my boys from HA do run the country and everybody in it.

          1. you bastard lol, still love you bro 🙂

          2. Farq2 Avatar

            Plenty of love back my friend. Just having a bit of fun Geo.

          3. MekensehParty Avatar

            Too bad for your sister then…

          4. Farq2 Avatar

            Another attempt at trying to be funny. The joke’s just keep getting better and better. Looks like that job you took as a clown is paying off. Good luck with that.

          5. MekensehParty Avatar

            You keep misunderstanding me, I’m not joking at all.
            You and your boys in HA running the country IS too bad for your own sister(s).
            I understand why you’d think it’s funny… after all why would you care about your sister’s wellbeing, she is expandable like an sms. Or is she worth more than this? You still haven’t specified…

          6. Farq2 Avatar

            Oh no, I completely understood you. Your attempt to be funny has only shown how stupid you really are. Say what you want about me or my sister’s. It makes no difference to me because you are irrelevant to me.

          7. MekensehParty Avatar

            My main question is how relevant are your sisters to you?

  2. 18-year-old girl burned to death for refusing to marry http://www.dawn.com/news/1116069/girl-burnt-to-death-over-marriage-refusal

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Wow … her family and the suitor were all brain-farts.
      Better dead than in bed, to simply propagate THAT kind of thinking.
      Hard on the girl, unfortunately.

  3. GrapeLeaves Avatar

    Poor woman. Meanwhile he’s probably soooo moral himself. Ugh, honor killings are done by savages.

    1. sweetvirgo Avatar

      Love your profile name 😉

  4. sweetvirgo Avatar

    He should be shot…who the hell are these people that think honor killings are the norm?? May he rot in hell and may he never “get up”

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