Bodies of 3 abducted Israeli teens found shot to death


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The bodies of three Israeli teenagers, who were kidnapped on their way home from religious school in the West Bank two weeks, have been found shot to death, the Israeli media reported Monday.

Israeli TV and the Jerusalem Post reported that the bodies were found near Hebron about three miles from where they were abducted June 12.

“It’s 100% confirmed, they were found in a city called Halhul north of Hebron” in the West Bank, said Jonny Daniels, an advisor to Israel’s deputy defense minister, Danny Danon, told USA TODAY.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in an emergency meeting with his security cabinet to discuss how Israel will respond, Daniels said. “Abu Mazen will have a price to pay,” he said, using the nom du guerre of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, whose Fatah party rules the West Bank.

The news gripped the nation, Daniels said.

“It really is a shock,” he said. “You can hear people even in the bars and clubs are turning off the World Cup to turn on the news.”

The students, Naftali Fraenkel and Gilad Shaar, both 16, and Eyal Yifrach, 19 disappeared while hitchhiking home, prompting the Israeli military to carry out one of the biggest sweeps of the West Bank in a decade.

Israel’s domestic security agency has already named two Palestinian suspects in the abductions — Marwan Kawasma and Amer Abu Aysha, who are described as operatives in the Islamist militant group Hamas.

Haaretz reports that a large Israeli military force had assembled north of Hebron on the West bank money evening in search of the missing teens.

A committee investigating the teens disappearance said Monday that it found a “severe failure of conduct” by operators of the Judea and Samaria Police emergency hotline on the night of the kidnapping.

Several officer were immediately dismissed over what the investigating committee described as a “mishandling of the telephone call received at the center, as far as the professional standards expected from emergency hotline operators on all levels, and which included all the ranks: police, officers and commanders involved,” Haaretz reports.

According to the committee’s report, a telephone call was made to the police at around 10:25 P.M. by one of the abducted teens who said, in a soft voice, “I have been kidnapped.”

The report says those on duty tried to speak with the a teen and called back a traced number no less than eight times but, in the end, a manager and shift supervisor decided not to look into the call any further.

Tensions have been high between Israel and Hamas since the kidnapping, which came 10 days after Palestinian leaders formed a unity government with Hamas and the Fatah party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, a union strongly opposed by Israel.

Israeli security forces searching for the teens have raided more than a 1,000 Palestinian homes in the West Bank and rounded up hundreds of Palestinians, including senior Hamas leaders, and prisoners recently released to advance U.S.-brokered peace talks that later failed. Five Palestinians have died in clashes over the rescue operation.

Since June 27, militants fired at least 30 rockets and mortar shells at southern Israel, including four intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system, according to AFP. The Israeli air force has struck back killing three Palestinians.

At least 15 rockets were fired at Israel Sunday night after Israel launched air strikes against a suspected Hamas rocket launchers in the Gaza Strip Saturday and Sunday, killing a member of the Hamas military wing, according to the militant group. Rockets fired from the Palestinian territory into Israel damaged a home and set a fire Saturday in a plastics factory in the Israeli town of Sderot, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Earlier Monday Israeli leaders said will launch an invasion of the Gaza Strip if necessary to stop renewed rocket fire from the coastal area controlled by the Palestinian Islamist terror group Hamas.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told members of his security cabinet that either Hamas will end the rocket fire from Gaza or Israeli forces will do so, like they did in 2012, in a mini-war that Israel dubbed Operation Pillar of Defense.

“I say in the clearest way possible, if the quiet that was achieved after Operation Pillar of Defense will be breached and the firing continues, there are two options – either Hamas will stop it, or we will stop it,” Netanyahu said, according to Israeli TV station Arutz Sheva. “We will not allow the continuation of this (rocket) firing.”

The 2012 operation involved eight days of Israeli air strikes against Hamas targets in Gaza and was intended to stop rocket fire on communities in southern Israel. It ended before a threatened invasion with a truce brokered by Egypt. Sporadic rocket fire from Gaza continued, but the majority of those attacks were claimed by terrorist factions other than Hamas, Arutz Sheva reported.

Reserve Maj. Gen. Giora Eiland, a former National Security Advisor in Israel, told Israeli radio Reshet Bet that a ground action is likely in the coming days if the situation doesn’t calm down.

“I estimate that there will be an Israeli action, or at least there will be a call for an Israeli action that is much more massive – like Operation Pillar of Defense maybe even bigger than it, in order to achieve a renewed deterrence for another period of a year or two,” Eiland said.

420 arrested
Israeli security forces arrested six Palestinians, five of them Hamas members, in the West Bank overnight Sunday, the Israeli military said in a statement Monday.

A total of 420 Palestinian suspects have been detained since the beginning of “Operation Brother’s Keeper” to locate the three Jewish teenagers that were kidnapped while hitchhiking in the West Bank on June 12.

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  1. man-o-war Avatar

    More sad news! Hundreds arrested and five killed, only to find them shot dead. Never ending cycle of violence. Now what?

    1. Homes of terrorists, kidnapped teenagers will be destroyed before nightfall

        1. Netanyahu: “Hamas is responsible for the abduction of teenagers and he will pay for it”

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            We cannot imagine any politician gave the order.
            Who can be responsible for the brain-dead?
            30,000 in the USA are shot each year by those types. No-one blames Obama for that. (although the NRA blames him for wanting to remove weapons from the hands of the brain-dead)

        2. High Court allowed to destroy the house of the terrorist who killed Colonel Baruch Mizrahi

    2. Israeli police are on high readiness

      1. doron Avatar

        every time they see it coming, they threaten. every time we kick the dogs back to the dog house with their tail between their legs to lick their wounds..
        Geo said they are slow learners- it’s a compliment imo. on 30 years they learned nothing, every israeli death is a celoebration for them for a week or two and then they wake up and realize it didn’t change a thing- they still are the eternal losers of humanity.
        one would expect that after the first 10 years they’d get the idea but…
        a very smart jew named albert einstin said once:only fools repeat the same expiriment and expect different results- sad ,palis do not read jewish material

          1. Hannibal Avatar

            Those guys have no shame… They pick on peaceful people… I wish they tried this on an Israeli soldier and then we shall see. Bunch of cowards.

          2. doron Avatar

            when an Israeli soldier arrives they pull out cameras and act as victims.

          3. Please, You owe not sympathize with the Jews

          4. Hannibal Avatar

            Hmmmmmmm… Are you a spokesperson for the entire Jewish populace?
            You are a Ukrainian at best… Aren’t you supposed to be defending your country from the Russian aggression? 😉

          5. Tерористи просять українських військових відпустити їх додому або прийняти в свої ряди (terrorists asked Ukrainian military to release them or take them to Ukrainian military’s ranks)

          6. OSCEs adopted the resolution, having accused Russia of occupation of Ukraine

          7. But You say innocent

          8. Hannibal Avatar

            What’s your point? The entire area was Hellenized at a certain point of time. Nations evolve… May be we should pack up and leave the U.S. and give it back to the native american Indians… Going backward into a purist Jewish homeland is as backwardly as the caliphate of ISIS… Grow up already!

          9. Hannibal Avatar

            I don’t get it… Those Islamists are speaking Russian… Who are they executing? Russian soldiers???

          10. Chechens executing russians. Please check Your ideology

          11. Sorry, humans? violating human rights or carry out ethnic cleansing, if You like

          12. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Don’t let Geo see that one.

          13. Hannibal Avatar

            Yep a warning should be placed before it… But I still do not see the point of vs mixing and matching at random… I agree with him on the Islamism yet he is posting this as a response to the “sea people”.

            He must be a testosterone charged teenager with a yarmulke… 😉

            Why do people lay down and take it? Isn’t better to die standing tall and fighting? Those idiots do not understand what a prisoner of war is…

          14. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Yes, I was impressed to see one got up and ran – amazing he still could.
            Fight or Flight. But to lie down and accept? I think not.
            Perhaps a form of ‘Fatalism’? Not worth living with those types anyway.
            Perhaps the danger of the ‘something’ ingrained during the ‘god-belief’ stages … the thought that other humans can all be the same and have compassion. There is a world of evidence against it, but the ‘hope’ in ‘belief’ is strong.
            Butchers have always enjoyed their craft.
            Assad had a few of those too, it seems, working the prisons.

          15. There is warning in Russian for russians i think

          16. nagy_michael2 Avatar

            That’s one disgusting videos. what kind of Allah these people worship? not even in old days they did this.. where these barbarians come from?

          17. man-o-war Avatar

            Do you realize how many videos are out there of this type of stuff happening to the Palestinians?

          18. report what abusive?

        1. Hannibal Avatar

          To generalize and derogatory call them “Palis” strips you of any intelligence as well.

          1. doron Avatar

            i once apologized publicly and announced that palis to me is a short for the long word of Palestinians- i think it was Hind that i apologized to.
            second- you’ll have to excuse me (or not) for not feeling any warm feeling towards them today. it’s not an every day event to have 3 students executed by low lives. i’ll be happier and friendly when i hear the IDF put a bullet through the forehead of the 2 walking dead men who did this

          2. Hannibal Avatar

            I do not blame you for feeling that way but any retaliation that punishes innocents will turn an innocent into an extremist… I do hope they find the perpetrators and hang them by their nuts.

          3. doron Avatar

            and by the way Hannibal, people here use the word Zionist as a derogatory all the time :). i never once felt i need to be ashamed of who i am ,regardless f the way other people see it or the meaning they give to the name.i am proud of what it really stands fr- love for Zion= love for the land of Israel.

            food for thought for all the quick to offend palistinians out there

          4. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Well Doron, ‘They’ use Westerner, Muslim, Sunni, Shiite, Sikh, Lesbian, Gay, and Pali or Christian the same way – you should be used to it by now. 🙂
            You should hear what ‘they’ say about Nudists who enjoy a fine Scotch.

          5. MekensehParty Avatar


          6. doron Avatar


          7. MekensehParty Avatar


          8. Hannibal Avatar

            Zionist is not the problem… The problem is that it became descriptive of Nazi like behavior towards others, a reminder of past behaviors exerted on Jews throughout history for no reason other than being of a different faith… The sad part was that most persecutors followed a God/Man who is a descendent of David Himself.

          9. man-o-war Avatar

            What was done to these young men was terrible and whoever committed the crime should be punished. However, collective punishment is not the solution to the problem. It has never worked and it will never work. It creates more hatred and anger.

            Lets not forget how many homes were raided and how many Palestinians were arrested. The five Palestinians that were killed in the search process. The people injured in the search, the children traumatized by the armed soldiers raiding their homes at night.

            The anti-zionist comments on this blog pale in comparison to the comments being posted on JPOST and YNET. The anti-Arab, anti-Palestinian, anti-Muslim comments are sick and twisted. Have you visited these sites lately?

          10. Greetings Mano, if I may compliment you first for your balance and always doing more homework than most and actually being informed from different venues, my feeling is that today is a bad one for Doron and many others and the emotions are only natural to be high, extremists from either side are unhelpful but for what it is worth Doron has always been a gentelman in his exchange and is clearly in grieve mode as I would be. I hope more on all sides subscribe to life and blood being as equally sacred.

          11. doron Avatar

            thanks for the understanding this is not a regular day for me.

          12. doron Avatar

            well you know, a camel can’t see his own hunchback :).
            you could be right but so am i.the stuff i read on alJazira and al arabia are just the same- pigs, sons of the devil- kill all jews…
            you deem us all murderers ,oppressors. many here post pics that are fakes. the propaganda machine is working here full time. and only few courages ones try to rise above it.
            all the homes raided, all the dead and all the arrests done in this search would not happen if there was no reason for a search-do you not agree?
            it is not a collective punishment. it’s a neccery thing to limit the help the kidnapers can get and limits their movements.
            i promise you -the 2 would be found and would be punished! it took us almost 20 years to get the ones that did the Rammalah linching but they are all dead or in prison now. israel never forgets!

          13. man-o-war Avatar

            I understand you’re upset and rightfully so. I also understand that the sick and twisted comments are not one sided.

            You know that a 16 year old Palestinian boy was just kidnapped and found dead in a forest. If his body was not found do you think Israel would have mobilized hundreds of troops to search Israeli homes for him? Do you think hundreds would have been arrested in the search process?

            Yesterday hundreds of Jewish youth were protesting and rioting in Jerusalem. Did the police fire tear gas? Did they use rubber bullets?

            Jewish mobs were attacking Arabs in Jerusalem yesterday and today. If the tables were turned do you think lethal force would have been used to stop the Arab mobs?

            Its no secret that there is a double standard when dealing with Arabs.

          14. doron Avatar

            there are two things i need to say about this incident:
            1. if you see my replays today to geo, you know how much against militia style revenge. yes i believe the murderers should be found and get what is coming to them but it’s not civilians job to do this.
            if it happens then the one sides anachy in judeha will be two sided and then we’re all doomed
            2.till this moment, nobody knows who killed the teenager. all we hear is speculations, this family member said he is sure, that neigbor said the same but no one knows- it is all speculations.
            i can tell you there are rumers in israel that the boy was gay and it’s a family honor murder- should i believe this? no, i need proof for who ever did this.
            we in israel all remember the “muhamad dora” case where everybody in Gazza swore he was killed by IDF and in the end it was proven he was killed by plo men while fighting IDF.

          15. doron Avatar

            i just read the other day lebanon is limiting the entrance of palistinians from syria- is it not a collective punishment??

          16. man-o-war Avatar

            No, I don’t think limiting the entrance of refugees is collective punishment. What would be collective punishment is if the deputy minister of Israel gets his wish of shutting off water and electricity to the West Bank and Gaza.

          17. doron Avatar

            no… that would be gossip
            but let me ask you something- if you have a buisness and one of your customers refuse to pay for your work for years, accumilating a huge debt- how would you react? would you still service him?i don’t see any reason we should supply electricity to gazza for free.

            refusing entrance of refugies from war zones cause they belong to a certain sector….i don’t know how you would call it if not discrimination.
            especially since you guys were more then sympathetic towards the african refugies fleeing to israel .
            btw, the africans hold refugies status only in eygpt cause it’s the first country they enterd

          18. 5thDrawer Avatar

            The Leb-Electric tried to cut off the power to the non-paying jerks.
            Did you note the results? ;-))

          19. 5thDrawer Avatar

            One reason to hang in here, Man-O. 🙂

          20. IraniAngel Avatar

            just shhhhhhhhhhh

          21. doron Avatar

            yeah , we heard you… quick to condem and quick to oppres and kill just the same. warmonger of the middle east

          22. IraniAngel Avatar

            i told u to shhhhhhhhhhhhh

          23. doron Avatar

            and i replied you are in no position to say anything.

          24. MekensehParty Avatar

            Don’t mind that tool
            If you roam the streets of Tehran all you hear is “shhhhhh”
            it’s just cultural…

          25. doron Avatar

            i don’t really, it’s just funny to see an iranian lecturing me.
            they mess with syria, they mess with lebanon, they mess with baharain, they mess with iraq.everywhere they touch rivers of blood are shed.
            small wonder sunnies hate them so much.the blood they spilled first hand & by proxy sub contractors is enough to drown the region.
            this is exactly what they do.war mongers of ME

          26. IraniAngel Avatar

            n u care about syria, lebanon, iraq n bahrain, right? shhhhhhh

          27. doron Avatar

            believe it or not i care about lebanon, the rest ..not really.
            just pointing the obvious fact that iran is a much more dangerous nation to the people of ME then israel.
            thats it’s colonial policy brings more death and destruction to ME then israel and if i were in your place,i’d concetrate more on defence strategy for the day the sunnie arabs attempt to take revenge on you then trying to shut people up

            you’re in no position to to scold me 😉

          28. IraniAngel Avatar

            7abibi ektir obvious enno 3am btkezzeb… i’m currently in beyrout to study lebanese arabic. i speak wid a lot of lebanese, syrians, palestinians here on politics when hanging out. No one n by no one i really mean no one including sunnis, shias, christians blames no others than who r to be blamed for all the mess in lebanon, syria n palestine namely israel, qatar n ksa.
            this is why i really dont buy ur ‘iran-is-the-bad-guy’-crap.
            n just to stress my point u shud know that i always start a conversation wid mar7aba n gradually switch to english.
            then they ask me where i’m from n i say iran. do u know what they then say????? they say ‘khosh amadi’ i leave it to google translate to tell u the meaning.
            b4 acting like a computer virus programmed to blame iran al the time u shud meet wid ordinary middle easterners to find out what they think instead of sit there in tel aviv n pretend n assume u know everything.
            i cant believe i wasted this much time writing a post to a filthy zionist… look this is why i told u to shhhhhhhhhhh!!! if u just had listened….

          29. doron Avatar

            really, so what is it you said once about living in scandinavia????
            i guess you were lying then or lying now.
            you assum i live in tel aviv and you assume alot of things about me and ,i might add, about yourself as
            i see alot of ordinery ME and lebanies in all forums and i follow for a long time- nassralush and HA doesn’t get a fraction of the popularity he had before he decided to “defend the shrine of Zinab” (and you think there is no sunn-shiaa issue LOL) see the change of tide as it happens, short sighted people don’t or mybe want to ignor the concequeses of their action ,but that will not make it go away. iranian imperializem through shiaa influance in arab world doesn’t go unnoticed and sooner or later iran will face the same dangers it inflict on other countries here 🙂 the wheels keep turning and only fools ignore it, i guess you are a fool
            you should really stop wasting your time cause it makes me waste my time on putting you back in your place again.
            do that and i promise not to bother you again till i pop up in in a year or two to remind you how foolish of you it was to believe you acctually know something

          30. IraniAngel Avatar

            what part of: ‘i’m currently in beyrout to study lebanese arabic’ dont u understand?????? i’m in beyrout right now as we speak!!!!
            ps i only read like the two first lines of ur bs.

          31. doron Avatar

            which explains perfectly your inability to learn and evolve

          32. Hannibal Avatar


          33. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Good one … hahaahha
            Irani just doesn’t want El Supremo to know there’s extra free thoughts out there. 😉

          34. IraniAngel Avatar

            oh my god u really dont get it. shhhhhhhhhhhhhh

          35. doron Avatar

            and neither do you..sad ,very sad

          36. IraniAngel Avatar


          37. doron Avatar

            you will learn in time

          38. sweetvirgo Avatar

            I do agree that these poor boys did not deserve this. Nobody deserves this. The ones that did this should be punished but remember that these two groups of people (Israli’s and Palestinian’s) all they do is kill each other. Both of them take revenge on each other…it’s like playing ping pong ball. But who is suffering?? Not only the grieving families but everyone. It has to stop. Do not wish for it. I know it’s upsetting I get very upset as well but both sides need to stop the “revenge killing”.

          39. doron Avatar

            do you have a way to make it stop?cause i don’t.
            all you see is acceleration.
            i can tell you from within israel that the state of mind of the everyday man here changed dramaticly after this murder.
            you hear people saying things like -there will never be peace with them (palistinians), they will not stop till they kill us all, they are seed of the devil.we must go to war against them.
            people talk from their hearts and not from their mind and this will only make the gap wider.
            simple truth- everyday israelis do not trust the palistinians anymore.and if it goes further- no one will be able to stop a new “cast led” and a new death toll

          40. Doron, the whole thing is nothing short of madness at this point, if you haven’t heard yet a Palestinian boys body was just found in similar circumstances, you ask a great question “do you see a way to make it stop?” until an answer is found I believe that the best defence is to resist being sucked into the madness that acts like a giant vaccuum with an attractive bait in front of it. from my experience as someone who grew up in a civil war with my own biases I conclude that it is much healthier mentaly and spirititually to resist leaving a neutral state and take the time to look through other peoples eyes t be more understanding of how I would feel if I was them, needless to say the mental anguish that the Palestinians feel from their experiences would make for a breaking point for any human unless they have something to rely on as a hope, as tough as it may be I say the responsibility lies on the ones who have it better to stay composed and not partake in lowering the bar, cooler heads will prevail, more are needed on both sides.

          41. doron Avatar

            Geo,i heard it and said it in my replay to Hind.
            I agree this is madness!! so far israel has kept the settlers at bay (trust me on this one- you didn’t see a fraction of what they can do. they are as fanatic as Hamas is but to the other side)
            you and i think alike on this matter, maybe it’s the wisdom of age and expiriance. resisting the suck in is the only withstand the circle of violance.
            problem is that for every extreemist on one side ,there is another one on the other side.and with every event like this one ,emotions run high and people don’t use their brains.
            the biggest danger now,as i see it, is that the murderrers did something never done before and to the worst sector possible.
            this triple murder could very well start a jewish “inthifada” among the settlers and then we’re all screwed.
            Palistinian innocents are just as easy target as inocent jews.and if settlers decid to target them nothing would stop the cycle of violance.personally i’d be content with killing the two murderers but unfortunatly, i know that if they are found and chose to surrender- they will stay death penelty in israel as yet

          42. sweetvirgo Avatar

            I like how you debate. You do make valid points. There are innocents on both sides and they are the ones who will be sacrificed. I agree on bringing justice to the murderer’s that took the lives of not only the 3 Iraeli boys but also the Palestian boy. Things will escalate and escalate and then someone will broker peace (temporaliy) on both sides and it will happen all over again. It’s a never ending cycle. I wonder if Israel did give back some of the land how will both sides live??

          43. doron Avatar

            thank you, i try my best to think logicly on things and not get carried away by emotions (sometimes it doesn’t work but i do my best)
            as for your question about giving back some of the land:
            when the oslo accord signed we gave back Gazza and Jericho.
            we also gave the control of most of Judeah and someria to the PA. allowed Yaser arafat and PLO leadership in .what did we get in return? the second intifada and the suicide bombers.we didn’t start building the wall till then.

            so you see ,we already tried that and got burned.

            i can tell you about myself that i work with arab israelis and we get along just fine.
            I wish to live in peace but if it’s not possible, i’d settle for just living

          44. sweetvirgo Avatar

            For the most part some Israeli’s and Palestinian’s do just fine together. I was in Haifa a couple of years ago and everyone got along.

            Now on to a debate :))

            Israeli’s are building homes illegally. You know this. Not the EU nor the States agree with Israel building illegal homes.

          45. doron Avatar

            morning :))
            if you’ve been to Haifa you probably visited the arab vilages around as well.
            you probably saw the houses scatered all around-iligal building against regulation and state law, yet they are still there.
            you must also noticed that many homes are left “unfinished” from the outside- that is because you don’t pay taxes for unfinished house.again i-legal yet no one does anything against it

            so it brings us back to square 1 .both sides do the same things

          46. sweetvirgo Avatar

            Top of the morning to you :))) I don’t call call what I saw “houses”. Most of the “illegal” houses don’t even have electricity, plumbing…water. While the Isralei houses are equiped with all that I mentioned with balconies. And lets not forget the fence that is being built. Now I know what you will say, you will say they are building it to protect Israeli citizens. And I will say that fence is illegal and the US and EU don’t condone it. But yes both sides are definitely are not angels. I think if it wasn’t for Hamas some kind of peace deal would have been reached already.

          47. doron Avatar

            appearance is deceptive. i mean the 2-3 stories houses that lay all around partially finished, trust me they are fully built and furnished from the inside, i had the chance to be invited to some.
            israeli houses are built according to regulation and city planning maps so there is infrastructure where they are built.
            an arab who needs a new house just go to his land in the back and builds a house without paying attention to infrastructure plans, later he complains for the lack of electricity or sidewalks…had he obtained a permit and did things according to the law, he wouldn’t build in the first place where there are no plans for infrastructure.
            it is oimportant to understand the back round of things before we commit to a side

          48. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Interesting site to file a ‘look’ from …. and I always liked the concept of Wikipedia too … although as in here, catching up on editing of most input can be an overwhelming chore in this ‘open’ market. 🙂
            Verifiable history is verified.
            Opinion pieces .. well … one needs to catch the odd mis-use. :-))

          49. doron Avatar

            as for the palistinian boy murderers- i agree with you 100%
            i just wait for a formal declaration of the guilty ones before i judge them.
            10-20 years ago (dont remember exactly)israeli intelegence caught a cell of settler would be terrorists that planed terror against palistinians- they all got jailed before they did anything. called themself the spark “hanitzotz”” in hebrew.
            my point is i am sure the israeli police will do everything it can to bring the guilty ones to court.we do not know atm who did it and it’s hard to conduct an investigation when everybody is rioting around.i hope it will not damage the investigation.

            this is an explosive situation and nobody in israeli or PA leadership really wants to light the fuse

          50. Greetings Virgo, needless to say the majority of issues and contents in this place are complex and of a negative nature, if there is a promise or hope of any kind it would require the foundation to be based on quality sincere and calm dialogue and not one that is based on a fight to be right attitude, I say this because I also take note of Doron and many others that represent many sects and nationality and although it is impossible to agree with most, it does not mean we have to be abrasive and provocative as it does not cost anything to exchange respectfully . neither side is a 100% right

          51. sweetvirgo Avatar

            I so agree with you. I respect peoples opinions. I know this a public domain and we are free to debate and all opinions might not reflect my beliefs or your beliefs but I most certainly try to respect peoples belief. There’s enough going on in this world for me to try to judge someone’s opinion. I like to read what people write as long as it’s done in a manner that is respectful. I don’t want to behave like the thugs we read about ;)))))

          52. doron Avatar

            true, and usually i speak with respect (exeptions are the people who curse me, my religion or my nation)
            i do not remember the event that made me log on here in the first place.
            but i remember it came from the wish to know what the other side thinks.
            i gain alot of knowledge and understanding from reading the comments here then i would ever get from other sources

          53. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Maybe we should have England take it all back .. then set the 2 radical ‘sides’ into rusty old boats with no motors. Tow them out and anchor them side-by-side somewhere ‘away’ … then supply them with only spears and arrows – the weapons of the era they love to live in.
            After which, a three-party Parliamentary Democracy can be established.
            Lebanese wishing to go for a boat-ride allowed to board too. 😉
            (funding supplied from Assad’s frozen bank accounts)

          54. sweetvirgo Avatar

            Forget the boats…lets just dump them deep into the sea and be rid of these vile piece’s of khara. Than we can all live happily ever after. We can go to the beach in Jounie, smoke some hookah and just party…like how it’s meant to be in Lebanon.


          56. Hannibal Avatar

            Next time I will apologize publicly for calling someone “black” since this is the color I really see.

        2. MekensehParty Avatar

          But you agree that there are people on both sides that are being sacrificed for each cause without end in sight.
          Which brings us back to the greatest mind in modern history, an agnostic may I add.
          What Einstein said applies also to the Israelis: How many times will you repeat the same experiment of kicking the dogs back to the dog house and expect different results than the dogs being unleashed again to come and bite you?

          1. doron Avatar

            we never expect different results Mek.
            we live this cycle for 30 years now: quiet-> escalation-> hit by israel-> quiet and escalation again.
            the thing is that after so many years living side to side with arabs- the quiet between escalations is a successfull result for us.
            we’re content when a day goes by without a rocket fired.we know it will not last long but it’s better to have a day of quiet then none at all.
            we’re content to live in relative peace due to the IDF superiority even though we know it’s only temporary- this is the expected result every time.
            we got to this expiriment after we ran the failed expiriment of reaching out to palistinians few times before and reached the conclusion we’re fools to believe
            we will ever succeed

          2. MekensehParty Avatar

            If there is no way of succeeding then you are acknowledging defeat.
            You are simply saying that there are no solutions to the problem other than this tit for tat approach that leads to the same result over and over just like Einstein said.
            In the mean time the Israeli society is sinking to newer lows very comparable to the Palestinian society. Your democracy is a fake one. Your population is constantly under threat and you failed to achieve security…
            I’m not sure what you’re proud of?

          3. doron Avatar

            well…there is no magic solution, can’t force someone to like me and can’t risk the nation security inorder to make people like me- that would make me like the USA is handling it’s forign affairs these days- stupid and dangerous.
            what i am proud of is that under the circumstances ,we manage to flurish.
            that we are a strong socity and culture which can thrive even in this hostile enviroment.
            i’m proud of our technological and cultural achievemnts.
            i’m proud that our economic status is on the rize for years.
            there are many things i’m proud of but you can summerise it that i am proud to be an israeli.

          4. MekensehParty Avatar

            Israel’s numbers are as fake as the illusion of security.
            Israel is nowhere close to everything you described above.
            If you cut foreign aid and investment both from countries and individuals Israel will go bankrupt in 3 months.
            Israel has been and still is on life support and for Israel to be independent and healthy the wall must fall and the Jewish people merge with their Muslim and Christian surrounding. This should be the objective of Israel and not the pursuit of a security plan that will always fail and the pursuit of a religious state on some 5k years old map.
            Start voting for peaceful heads (with muscles no doubt), but people who want peace. This is the only solution for a real return to the promised land.

          5. doron Avatar

            i beg the difference.
            israel is productive society, we do not have oil fields lke the saudis so yes we relay heavily on investments.still inorder to relay on investments- investors need to see something worth investing in- surprise surprise, they stand in line to invest.
            true that if everybody decides on a collective punishment we would fall but it doesn’t mean the economy is not strong- it will take a deliberat outsside intervention to suficate israel – it is not a critiria to measure economy about.
            the US with all its might will fall the day the chinies decide to cash on their US bonds or the saudies decide to take their mony and investments out- does it mean the US is weak?
            we do not wish for war but we are not blind either,neither naive enough to believe that all the nations around us will drop their weapons and sign true ppeace treaties with us. more then that: with whom should we sign the treaty? Assad or FSA? Hamas or PLO? will any of them stop the islamic jihad or the salafists that thrive there? its one thing do demand we sign a treaty but who can vouch the opposite side has the means to enforce it?
            your claim is naive at best.
            it’s one thing to sit behind the screen in a far away land and another to sit behind that same screen knowing that 5 hours drive in any direction there is a mass of weapons and people who will happily use it against you in the name of arab nationalism or muslim fanatisem or what ever reason they give.
            the wall must fall you say..? do you know why the wall was eracted in the first place?
            2003-2004 suicide bombers blow buses in a rate of 1-2 a week.
            around 50 dead civilian jews every week- this is why the wall was invented.
            and you tell me i should break it on a vauge claim it holds back the peace :))
            yeah right, give me a moment and i’ll tear it down.. i’m also going to supply the suicide vests to the first 100 who pass…phhhh… naive
            when it’s your people and your children’s life on the line you will not break the wall, as an american you’d kill everyone around in the name of democracy

          6. MekensehParty Avatar

            Seems that you failed your 1.01 economics class. If you still believe that China or Saudi are keeping the US on its feet then by all means our economics conversation is over. And you call me naive?
            Israel has nothing that was not imported, even the human resources are constantly imported. Anyway, investors are not pulling just yet, but believe me bring in a guy like yaalon to be PM and you’ll see them running away like the Iraqi army.
            As for the “wall” I didn’t mean the physical wall (which in time will fall) but I meant the social wall that you have built between the Jewish population and the other inhabitants of the land and the surrounding.
            I know you are a believer that this land was given to you by God, so no need to keep arguing with someone who believes legends and myths.
            Whenever you decide to live in peace rather than constant fear, wait for the coming election and vote for people whose objective is to establish peace and bring down the hatred wall. Till then, check beneath you car before you start it, look around who’s in the same bus you’re riding and sleep with one eye open…

          7. doron Avatar

            i still believe you are naive to believe USA controls it’s own fate but we wil never reach an agreement about that so we’ll just let it rest.
            as for social wall, what are you bubling about?israeli arabs are not seperat from israel. we are one country. true there are cultural differences as everywhere. i don’t have to adopt your way of life to treat you as equal , i have mine and you have yours.deeming us enemies on social differences…lame
            but lets say you have a point to argue, what am i supposed to do?
            have arab friends- already do
            treat fellow arab citizens with respect- allready do
            not discriminat arabs on busses/shops/education/freedom of speech- already do, where the h$ll is it that you think our social differences come to play a part??
            i will not accept and will distance myself from arab social customs as women humiliation, gay rights and everything that i asosiat with ignorant dark ages culturs.
            i will distance myself from that and yes, look down on people who behave like that. if you do not agree with me on this then you too belong in the dark ages.

          8. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I understand that ‘social wall’ thing a little. I had a Jewish friend – died recently. I think the religion and the angst over Israel sets up a wall of thought that is never overcome no matter what the ‘social setting’ … the ‘Jewishness’ always enters the conversation somewhere, no matter what the topic.
            Something like Muslims, I guess. 😉

          9. MekensehParty Avatar

            Are you serious Doron?!?
            We are one country?
            70 years of war, non stop belligerence and you define this as “one”?
            Hey, you can create the rhetoric you want to reassure yourself, allow me, behind my screen thousands of miles away, not to be convinced.
            Being friends with Israeli Arabs will not end the grudge with them, with the Palestinians, with the surrounding countries…
            Peace means that you wake up in the morning say hello to your neighbor and go on with your day at work with other people just like you in all security and peaceful mind. That’s peace!
            I understand that it’s hard for you to fathom, chances are you never knew such state of mind.
            Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue it.

          10. doron Avatar

            maybe i don’t explain it the right way
            when i say sitting behind a screen miles away it’s not to shut you p but more of , things i see and feel here ,you can’t from far away.i know you’ve lived here before so you must remember how complex the place is
            i’m going to say one more thing and i hope you are not offended by it but take it the right way:
            based on my years in the US i came to realise American has a good way of approaching challenges- there is good and there is bad. there is a clear separation between the two and no place to maneuver in between.where i live now, there is no absolute good and there is no absolute evil ,more then two sides to every story and someone always looses.this is not Israeli mentality this is ME mentality.
            true we should all pursue peace in ME but in the same time we all take measures for self’s true for Jews, Christians,Druze,Muslims of all sects and probably many other minority groups i know nothing about.
            sitting behind a screen miles away and dictating a text book peace doesn’t work is proven all over-in Israel, in Egypt,in Syria,in Iraq- basically everywhere in ME American foreign policy fails again and again.this alone should play as a sign.
            now view the one country claim at this light.
            we are all citizens of the same country, we know the differences between the two sectors. there were and will be occasions where tension rises and things blow up. yet we live in relative peace for the most. judging by regional standards it is a victory.

            this is my honest view on things

          11. MekensehParty Avatar

            I understand what you say and I’m not offended at all, we’re talking, raising povs and discussing them… Some may call it static but I think our conversation was and remain civil and constructive.
            I also agree that the ME and its water turn people nuts but I was hoping that the Israelis, clearly the most civilized people in the region will avert the same fate, unfortunately they didn’t. You can blame the US foreign policy as much as you like while knowing at the same time that our FP in the ME was based on what you recommended. If you think we failed in the ME it’s because we followed your advices. This is undeniable. Even today, we’re fighting Iran to protect Israel something Americans accept less and less especially that the Israeli leadership have shown utmost disrespect for our president and our nation.
            We have a bone with bibi, not Israel as a country, we have a bone with those who keep voting for bibi because our intel on the ground show that he surrounded himself with Jewish fanatic and did nothing to help moderates stay, the influx of Jewish Americans returning from Israel is proof enough that the country is going backward rather than forward.
            We ringed the alarm bell and many in Israel understood the message and bibi lost the last election even though he was capable of forming a coalition government with the help of the fanatic that he named in big ministries. Do you really think that Lieberman ought to represent your country diplomatically? Do you really think that empowering the likes of him is going to resolve Israel’s problem? Finally do you really think that you can go at it alone without big bubba USA?
            I ask you, and every Israeli friend to look inward and valuate the latest period and the mistakes done and most importantly to go back to your senses and see where the policy of your government are leading the country: no security, no peace, no Jewish state, more isolation than ever, more racism than ever…

          12. doron Avatar

            i’m happy you see it this way too 🙂

            you are very correct that we should separate national dialog from personal dialog. it is clear that bibi and obama dislike each other but it should be viewd at the right perspective .
            i do not agree about the claim you made that US FP in the region is influenced and based on Israeli least not anymore.
            the way ,Obama dealt with the riots in egypt and demanding Mubarak to step down was clearly against Israel’s interests. the following chaos was a proof US policy makers do not understand the region. had it not been to SISI’s takeover Egypt would be in much worst condition.
            evacuating the US troops from Iraq is related to maliki wanting them out and have nothing to do with israel.
            the old formula everything is based on Israel’s interest crumbled during Obama’s second term.
            Israel is no the focal point of ME anymore, the events going here that are not related to Israel are huge and take priority over Israel.even now we hear first reports on US/Irani cooperation in is a cooperation that has nothing to do with israel and everything to do with Iran/US joined enemy ISIS

            as i said before, peace is fragil here. not only between israel and it’s neighbors but between everybody. and imo, at his time of uncertainty when states fall ,new states rise and the place is as stable as quicksands ,there is no chance for a steady ground to even think a real peace is a realistic option.

            i believe that if Obama used common sense and backed Mubarak instead of taking the idealist approach and demanding his removal, much if the trouble we have today would not happen.
            i also believe that obama had a chance to repair US’s image in syria but chose to ignore it.the dis-respect ME has to the US today flaws mainly from Obama’s failed FP- brave attempt but doomed from day one

          13. MekensehParty Avatar

            sorry in advance for the long long post
            “at least not anymore.” is very true and I think that’s the point of strength of Obama’s FP which I like to add is the choice of the American people. Before Obama, we did follow most of your recommendations.
            Obama came and said, no more US military solutions echoing what most Americans want, instead we present diplomatic solutions as the carrot and economical sanctions as the stick. Many unfortunately do not realize that economic sanctions are a stronger stick than military intervention, Putin being the last to realize that.
            We can talk about Egypt as much as you want, Obama did the right thing, we stood with the majority of Egyptians who voiced their Islamic tendencies – diplomatically very correct AND genuine. When Morsi started messing up we turned the heat on him and let the Egyptians voice their choice again. We will continue with the same strategy with Sisi from country to country and let the Egyptian make their choices.
            Same with Iraq, we made the country peaceful enough for free and fair elections, the majority chose a despot who waited for our exit to install the Shiite Baath party. This is the choice of the Iraqi people! We knew it was going to blow, our diplomats traveling and reporting are doing their jobs very well, journalists have been covering the advances of the Iraqi insurgency for months, I knew the Iraqi rebels were on the outskirts of Baghdad months ago and I’m not some “insider”, they were not ISIS back then, they are/were Sunni tribes who took control of the cities while the soldiers hid in their barracks. The Baghdad siege started a good 3 months ago and during this time US diplomats were trying to bargain a deal that would prevent the invasion of the capital.
            The Iranian-US cooperation is a wet dream of the Iranians that they have been trying to market since they saw the Sunni sword on their border challenging the supremacy they thought they established on parts of the region. Iran is exhausted my friend, the Iranian people are exhausted is also what matters most, because they are the principal actor in the change to come, not us, not a military involvement from our part, and look at the outcome, Rouhani, even him not being the true choice of the people, the Iranians eliminated all the candidates handpicked by Khamenei, a true slap to he who calls himself the “Supreme Leader”. Supreme my @$$ replied the Iranians.
            And that’s the essence of the Obama FP: make your choices and deal with them. You are a country and we are a country. You are peoples with your traditions and beliefs and we are other peoples with our values. Take control of your destiny and be responsible, or not, kill each other if that’s what you want. We will deal with you on a diplomatic level and choose to do or not do business with you. Americans are perfectly fine with that. They can disrespect us as much as they want, believe me very few people care what some Egyptian thinks of them, just don’t threaten us or our allies.
            Which finally brings us to the key element of this strategy. Israeli-Palestinian Peace. If peace is achieved, the Arabs and by extension Muslims won’t have any cause of belligerence against us AND our allies. And if they do, it will be unjustified giving us and our allies the absolute moral ground to defend ourselves. So we’re asking for your (Israelis) cooperation as friends and allies. Get a goddam deal signed. A paper that we can build the next period upon. Forget about those dozens of square kilometers that you can win or loose and live in peace and security guaranteed by a long lasting agreement with the other inhabitants of the land. Now is the best time while they’re busy exterminating each other…

          14. doron Avatar

            heyya , i’m not going to answer everything you wrote here:)
            too long for me and i’ll lose track. if you want- we can break it into sectores and talk through everything here, i would like that.
            what i have to say about the last paragraph is , i do not understand what this paper we’re supposed to sign on contains and i do not know who will sign it from the other side. i do not know if the boddy that signs it will be here tomorow to vauch for this agreement. and i am not saying this based on what BIBI is saying- bibi tries very hard to concil the fact that PLO and Hamas are not the only functioning buddies in the PA.
            for me ,personally,it is a good enough reason to not hurry and sign a treaty.tomorow the geo-political situation will probably change . the new ruler will dennonce the arengment signed and israel will be (again) the only one that should stand up to it’s word.
            doesn squere miles ,might be the difference between targeting israeli cities with medium range missiles that only few hundreds of them exist in PA now and short range missiles and rockets which they have thousands of them.

            this is me talking,israeli john smith ,not some radical settler who wishes to rebuild the temple.
            will be happy to discuss more but atm i’m working (damn jews work on sundays..)

          15. MekensehParty Avatar

            That’s the key point, the rest was to put in light the US military disengagement from the region and Obama’s new country to country pillars of exchanges.
            PLO and Hamas are today reconciled
            PLO is under Egyptian-Saudi sponsorship
            Hamas was under Iranian sponsorship until Qatar stepped in and took over angering the Iranians.
            Qatar was booted out of the decision making and Hamas is now looking for a new sponsor after also loosing Mursi’s Egypt and Erdogan’s Turkey.
            They have money for some 6 months after that and without a sponsor they go bankrupt. Gulf states and Egypt are eager to step in for multiple reasons most importantly
            – remove any possibility of Iran’s return to the Gaza strip and by extension the Palestinian Israeli conflict.
            – link Egypt to the Gulf states geographically by buying the Gaza fortress and securing the Sinai region creating the moderate Sunni belt. A strategic necessity today because north of this belt is going to be chaos for a good 20 years…
            Both Palestinians factions being now under the same sponsor, you can be sure that they will not renounce the agreement which will come as a solid UN document.
            Hamas and PLO will spread their security forces on their territories cleansing them from Iranian agents.
            Israel gets its security with all rockets, short and long range, in the hand of the Palestinian government.
            Worse case scenario, if one day they go nuts again and renounce the agreement be sure that no one will expect that you sit like ducks, on the contrary you will have full international support based on the international document signed. Plus, you still have and always will have military supremacy…
            Anyway, peace might come sooner than we think
            There’s some talks of bibi’s new positioning and possibly an Israeli government reshuffle.

          16. 5thDrawer Avatar

            And how many ‘political’ parties now??

  2. Ukraine: truce expired (sorry, offtopic)

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      You used to live in Russia?

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          Brutal. Good to be out I assume ….

          1. putin will fail, hope it ends soon!

  3. Sadly once again some Pals believe that they advanced the palestinian cause with a moment of feeling in power and control its 2014 and they have nothing to show for this strategy. dead bodies dont pay dividends …HERE COMES BIBI!!! SLOW LEARNERS!!!

  4. Hannibal Avatar

    Killing innocent teenagers on both sides does not make nations but dens of vipers…

  5. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    so those palestinians who are responsible for these crimes are doing the Israelis PM a big favor. Now he can crack down on Hamas and Abbas gangs and use the settlements as perogative to expand it more.. Then many innocent Palestinians will die all because of their utter stupidity and careless acts. what good this going to do for the Palestinians. many will argue that Israelis do it to them.. well i understand but at the same time this is not going anywhere. you want israeli to give you land back yet you go around and murder innocent people? how is that serving your cause? its not like the Palestinians are mightier than the israelis and can afford a war.. this is not a winning war.. so stop these childish acts and live with the Israelis because they’re not going away whether you like it or not..

    1. doron Avatar

      thank you!!!!!
      if you can get it through their thick skull that escalations are bad for them ,you deserve a Nobel prize.
      if you could get there to understand we’re not going anywhere ..not going to happen i’m afraid 🙁

  6. sweetvirgo Avatar

    And so the killing will continue…but how will it end? How many innocent lives will be lost?

  7. 5thDrawer Avatar

    “Operation Brother’s Keeper”
    Are they trying to blame something on a Christian concept? 😉
    (although we could admit there was probably one good Samaritan too)

  8. Suspected abduction near Jerusalem: girl found in Beit Jalla

  9. Nicolas Sarkozy detained by police on suspicion of corruption (sorry offtopic)

  10. Riots in Jerusalem, police feared an escalation of violence

  11. Eyal Ifrah, Gilad Shaer and Naftali Frenkel will be buried on July 1 in Modi’in

  12. Putin expressed his condolences over the murder of three Israelis

  13. On the night of Tuesday, July 1, at least two outposts in Judea and Samaria created in response to the killing of Eyal Ifrah, Gilad Shaera and Naftali Frenkel

  14. Подробности похищения: подростки были убиты в машине

  15. UN Secretary-General and Obama expressed condolences to killed Israelis

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Because they are ‘Civil’ people.

  16. Record of telephone conversation with the police of kidnapped teenager published,7340,L-4536797,00.html

  17. GrapeLeaves Avatar

    RIP to the boys. Shame on the murderers.

    Too many families in pain over violence. Prayers for peace.

    1. sweetvirgo Avatar

      Nshallah ya rab peace will reach the Middle East. Way too many lives lost…innocent lives and for what??

  18. Anti-Orab demonstration in Jerusalem, detained about 30 participants

  19. Netanyahu: track involved in murder; destroy terror infrastructure in Judea and Samaria; strike Hamas in Gaza.

  20. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    And today we read a palestinian youth was killed by Israeli mobs.. that tells us how can switch sides so quickly depending on your demographic area.. Palestinians been victims of their leadership and israelis too.

  21. zabada Avatar

    Some one or a group wanted war among Israel and Arab Palestine.They are Chaos all over middle east.It is the time to wipe out opponent side.That why they killed the three boys.Bad people will do everything.

  22. zabada Avatar

    It is not easy to kidnapped the three big boys from their religious .School.I guess some one who close to them lured them to the shooting side.

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