Lebanon has a ‘prince’ ( Emir’) and Muslims have an ‘Islamic Caliph’

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant or al-Sham ( ISIL or ISIS) has appointed a man who was identified as Abdel Salam al-Ordoni as the organization’s Emir or “prince,” for Lebanon, LBC TV reported on Sunday.

And what a peaceful prince !!!!

According to the report , Ordoni gave orders to Al-Monther al-Hassan ( the middle man between the ISIL and the two suicide bombers who were behind the explosion at the Duroy Hotel in Raouche , western Beirut ), to provide them with explosives. LBCI said.

And what a very promising future indeed !!

According to the same report ISIS has also established a training camp for youths in a border area between Syria and Turkey to be sent to Lebanon for suicide attacks.

Al-Monther al-Hassan is on Lebanon’s most wanted list . General Security circulated his photo. He was born in 1990 in Lebanon’s Akkar region and carries also a Swedish citizenship. The agency warned that al-Hassan is in possession of two vehicles—an old beige Nissan or a gray 2005 Mercedes—that might be rigged with explosives.

“According to the plan devised for the suicide bombers by al-Hassan, the attack on al-Saha Restaurant (in Hezbollah’s stronghold in Dahieh) required one of them to enter the restaurant and open fire from a machinegun at the biggest number of customers at the time of iftar before blowing up his suicide vest,” LBCI’s report said.

“The second suicide bomber would blow himself up when medics and citizens gather for rescue operations,” it added.


How ISIS is carving out a new country
How ISIS is carving out a new country

In another development ISIS announced Sunday the establishment of a “caliphate,” or Islamist state and in an audio recording that was distributed online, ISIS declared its chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as “the caliph” and “leader for Muslims everywhere.”

ISIL said it would impose the caliphate on areas already conquered in Syria and Iraq.

“The Shura (council) of the Islamic State met and discussed this issue (of the caliphate)… The Islamic State decided to establish an Islamic caliphate and to designate a caliph for the state of the Muslims,” said ISIL spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani.

“The jihadist cleric Baghdadi was designated the caliph of the Muslims,” said Adnani, adding that the caliphate will extend “from Aleppo (in northern Syria) to Diyala” in Iraq.

Baghdadi “has accepted this allegiance, and has thus become the leader for Muslims everywhere.” Adnani assured everyone

“The words ‘Iraq’ and ‘the Levant’ have been removed from the name of the Islamic State in official papers and documents,” Adnani said, describing the caliphate as “the dream in all the Muslims’ hearts” and “the hope of all jihadists.”

Adnani demanded that “all Muslims pledge allegiance to the caliph.”

An activist in Raqa, the bastion of ISIL, told AFP via the Internet: “Large convoys of ISIL members arrived in the city just as the declaration was issued, to celebrate their caliphate.

“There was very intense gunfire. ISIL supporters were shooting in the air with joy,” Hadi Salameh said.


According to Wikipedia , a caliphate ( khilāfa, meaning “succession”) is an Islamic state led by a supreme religious and political leader known as a caliph – i.e. “successor” – to Muhammad. The succession of Muslim empires that have existed in the Muslim world are usually described as “caliphates”. Conceptually, a caliphate represents a sovereign polity (state) of the entire Muslim faithful (theUmmah, i.e. a sovereign nation state) ruled by a single caliph under the Constitution of Medina and Islamic law (sharia).[citation needed]

In its earliest days, the first caliphate, the Rashidun Caliphate, exhibited elements of direct democracy (shura).[1] It was led, at first, by Muhammad’s immediate disciples and family as a continuation of the religious systems he had introduced.

The Sunni branch of Islam stipulates that as a head of state, a caliph should be elected by Muslims or their representatives. Followers of Shiite Islam, however, believe a caliph should be an Imam chosen by God (Allah) from the Ahl al-Bayt (the “Family of the House”, Muhammad’s direct descendents). From the end of the Rashidun period until 1924, caliphates, sometimes two at a single time, real and illusory, were ruled by dynasties. The first of these was the Umayyad dynasty, followed by the several other sometimes competing claimants and finally the Ottoman dynasty.

The caliphate was “the core leader concept of Sunni Islam, by the consensus of the Muslim majority in the early centuries”.

It was abolished when the Ottoman empire collapsed in 1924.

Update: The correct photo of ISIL leader posted .



13 responses to “Lebanon has a ‘prince’ ( Emir’) and Muslims have an ‘Islamic Caliph’”

  1. wargame1 Avatar

    The western media is too much interested in promoting ISIS propaganda than the common Muslims. The picture in this article is of the dead person named Abu Musab Al Zarqaui.
    OK Yalibnan just changed the picture of Zarqawi and put the correct picture of Bagdadi. Thank you.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      hehehehehehehe … mass confusion reigns ….

    2. arzatna1 Avatar

      It is kind of strange that this guy was ever released from jail back in in 2009 and the other strange thing is that it is really difficult to find a real photo for him …they all look like the millionth copy of a wanted person

      1. wargame1 Avatar

        Yes we really dont know anything about that group ISIS , they are very secretive. From their own people such as Anwer Al Awlaki in a video said they are from the Banul Abbas and their new Khalifa may have a lineage from Al-Hussain. There are prophesy about a misguided person from the Ahlul Bayt creating tribulation in Syria Iraq etc. The prophet himself disowned him in a prophesy. I believe this is a fitna (Tribulation) of “prosperity” “progress” which looks like a victory but this success is built upon wrong doing , stealing , body mutilating etc. ISIS may go ahead with their version of Khalifa for a time but I simply dont support their way. I believe this pattern will be used on Afghanistan where ISIS will suddenly expand and those Shia army of Hamid Karzai run away leaving their uniform behind. This is a huge conspiracy. Now the daily bombing has started in the sunni tribal area but without the presence of ISIS it would be a crime to bomb those Area by Maliki or Assad. ISIS can be double edged sword if they become ambitious and double cross their handlers. I am following the prophesy and I have got some clue from it. I would like to share it in the future.This youtube video from that Anwer Awlaki (One of their own) reveals the identity of the ISIS. Link bellow

  2. man-o-war Avatar

    The prince is born! I heard he resembles a Prince Albert ; )

  3. The real lebanese Avatar
    The real lebanese

    This will probably be one of the shortest Caliphates ever.

  4. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    Whoever is this S.O.B I hope he and his group rot in hell.

  5. Reasonableman Avatar

    Capitalize poor sunni populated areas by force rather than with knowledge and acceptance and claiming kinghood is beyond imagination.

    Sounds very much alike the christinisation evangelisation of the dark population of poor africa.

    we are yet to see and will not see an offensive into shia populated areas because their master ayadollar hasn’t approved. Just random car bombs in the name of sunni islam for government nerds and penpushers to cover up old crimes and launder dead people.

  6. Drug Dealer Avatar
    Drug Dealer

    Now we have Hezbollah for the Shiites, ISIL for the Sunni in Lebanon. Who will we have for the Christians in Lebanon? So they can have a threesome….

    1. Reasonableman Avatar


      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        LOLOLOLOL …..

  7. 5thDrawer Avatar

    “…. and has thus become the leader for Muslims everywhere.”
    Let’s not print THAT too often, ok? They can’t ALL be that stupid.

  8. roberto Avatar

    Ma 2a2rafon. Lebanon is Lebanon and will never be part of ISIS. We do not belong to anyone, let alone a degenerate, backward and extremist state. Really despicable. Foreign powers should stop messing around with us and let us be. If only we were stronger…

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