Qabbani’s Sidon Mufti behind confusion over Ramadan violations

Grand Mufti of Lebanon Sheikh Mohammad Rashid Qabbani, right, receives the newly appointed mufti of Sidon Sheikh Ahmad Nassar in Beirut, Monday, May 13, 2013.
Grand Mufti of Lebanon Sheikh Mohammad Rashid Qabbani, right, receives his newly appointed mufti of Sidon Sheikh Ahmad Nassar in Beirut, Monday, May 13, 2013.

There was confusion in the city of Sidon in south Lebanon over a statement that was issued by the municipality of Abra, calling on people who do not fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan to abstain from eating in public in the city.

But Sidon’s legitimate Mufti Salim Soussan denied being behind the statement , according to a report by NOW news website

“The Abra municipality statement is rejected by the legitimate mufti of Sidon and its outskirts, Sheikh Salim Soussan. Sidon’s Dar al-Fatwa has nothing to do with this statement,” a well informed source told NOW.

The source also said that “the illegitimate” Mufti of Sidon, Sheikh Ahmad Nassar, had asked the municipality chief in Abra to issue the controversial statement.

Nassar was appointed by Grand Mufti of the Lebanese Republic Sheikh Mohammad Rashid Qabbani to replace Soussan.

“Nassar asked the municipalities of all Christian villages in Eastern Sidon to issue this statement, in accordance with an order made by Qabbani,” the source said.

“Hezbollah has called [for such step] to portray cooperation among Muslims,” he added.

Since his disagreement with the Future Movement Qabbani has been closely associated with Hezbollah

The controversial statement was condemned by Lebanese Christians all over the country as well as by many Muslims, who deemed it oppressive towards non-Muslims and non-fasting Muslims.

Last year, local media reported that the Lebanese premiership renewed the term of Sidon’s Mufti Salim Soussan for one year.

The then-caretaker Prime Minister Najib Miqati, former prime ministers Omar Karami and Fouad Siniora, and then-PM-designate Tammam Salam discussed the results of the Higher Islamic Council elections after the Grand Mufti announced at Dar Al-Fatwa that members had won the elections by acclamation.

Sheikh Salim Sousan Mufti of Sidon
Sheikh Salim Soussan. Sidon’s Dar al-Fatwa

The former prime ministers decided that the HIC election results will not be published in Lebanese newspapers and that they will keep meeting to discuss the measures that “need to be taken to confront illegal practices and preserve the Sunni sect through the institution of Dar al-Fatwa.”

Miqati had previously informed the Grand Mufti that any election of members to the council would be considered null and void as they contradict a decision of the judiciary that stipulated the suspension of the Higher Islamic Council’s elections.

In November 2012, Qabbani called for a new election for the HIC, but clerics in the body allied with the Future Movement opposed the move, after which the Grand Mufti reversed his decision and called for a new election in late February. The mostly Sunni Future Movement and Qabbani are at loggerheads over the management of the Dar al-Fatwa religious body.

The mufti later condemned the calls made by caretaker PM Najib Miqati for the extension of the term of the current council.



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  1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    These religious leaders want to show us how important they are to us.. In fact they’re the malaise of Lebanon and I wish they all disappear among the politicians too. These leaders on both sides are useless and trying to make names for themselves.. Lebanon need someone to work and produce.. not sit around and pray to God that they don’t respect and go around and kill people in the name of Allah. God ask us to work and if you fast do it for yourself and stop forcing people to do what you want. You’re not gods and your existance on earth has caused more griefs than good. Go away and let Lebanon live in peace and prosperity.. Please take Hezbollah and the Jihadists with you..

    1. master09 Avatar

      People fast for 30 days and for the rest of the year, kill, drink, rape, swear, steal, sleep with pros, lie and do 100 other bad things what you think that makes a good person fasting. A clear clean mind and helping others is a million times better than this bullshit fasting.

      1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

        well sorry but I disagree.. the fast for 30 days Jihadists in Iraq and in Syria.. Hezbollah in Syria have not stopped the killing machine. so there is no break here in the killing fields.. Allah is used as a tool to embolden their beliefs and empower them to control and brain washing.. As you can see many jihadists are washed with the idea of Dying for allah. The same for Hezbollah they die for Aisha and fatimah and something called holy shrine..Or beat themselves to near death after celebrating ashura.. I don’t believe that God wants you to die that way..

  2. 5thDrawer Avatar

    When they can’t agree on which moment the ‘Ramadan’ begins, then agreeing to eat or not so the ALREADY HUNGRY do not ‘see’ that some have food is ridiculous anyway.
    These people have nothing better to do in life than ‘issue’ crap.

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