Syrian TV actress killed by a shell in Damascus


Suzi Salman syrian actress killed

A Syrian television actress has been killed and several people wounded in shelling of residential areas of the capital Damascus, the official SANA news agency reported on Thursday.

Hours before she was slain on Wednesday, Suzy Selman, 31, had posted a message on Facebook describing how she’d just missed a near-death experience after a mortar bomb landed outside her home. Sadly, she wasn’t lucky the second time around.

“God have mercy. I was thinking about God a while ago, no idea why. A mortar bomb landed right outside my house, Lord have mercy,” was the last message Suzy wrote shortly before her death.

“She came to me, and I tried in vain to convince her not to go home. May God take your soul, princess,” her friend Wissal Messaiti wrote on Facebook.

Selman starred in a number of television series, the latest of which was titled “All This Love”, a 30-episode programme about love in the time of war.

Originally from Sawde, a town in the western province of Tartus, she lived in the central Damascus neighbourhood of Qaimariyeh.

Rebels who have been fighting since 2011 to topple the regime of President Bashar al-Assad frequently fire mortar rounds into parts of the capital, while government forces bombard them in return.

AFP/ Al Bawaba



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  1. AkhouManUki Avatar

    What a shitty way to go. Alla7 yir7ama.

    What music do you think Bashar was blasting when the bombs were falling this time? “Sexy and I know it” I suspect

    1. sweetvirgo Avatar

      He was listening to “I’m a hustler baby….I just want you to know…it aint where I been….But where I’m bout to go”

    2. And straight away you blame the same person for this poor persons death.(may she RIP). Do you think you might be just a touch biased.

      1. AkhouManUki Avatar

        Ultimately he’s the hyena in charge.

        1. Farq2 Avatar

          Yes, in charge of one side, not the other. You do remember the murdering opposition. Don’t Akhou. Oh that’s rite, Assad is responsible for the 160.000 deaths thus far in Syria. How silly of me for forgetting.

          1. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Yeah, he is the root cause. The clusterfuck that has ensued is because of his brutal actions and nazi style toeture tactics – he attracted extremists to Syria, just as Nasrallah has done for Lebanon.

          2. Farq2 Avatar

            I just realized how full of shit you really are Akhou, WILL ALL DUE RESPECT OF COURSE. Oh and BTW, you are close to number 1 on the list for the most biased on this blog. It’s a close run between you, Real, and Mekashitfaceparty

          3. AkhouManUki Avatar

            That sounded like a rampage of personal attacks without any attempt to respond to what I said. Don’t get so emotional ya Sayyed Farqrallah – it’s not personal, it’s just politics.

          4. Farq2 Avatar

            How can one respond to a person who is so biased.

          5. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Calling me biased is a cop out – an easy way to hide from the the issues I am raising. Instead of lobbing insults then calling me biased, and judging where you know very little about me, you should learn the art of civil discussion.

  2. Truly a sad story of a beautiful human being only fortunate enough to make the headline with a photo for us to relate to, sadly 150,000 nameless and faceless victims will never make the headlines.

    On a second note it is ironic that as she looks up and said “God have mercy. Lord have mercy,” the man that fired the rocket that killed her likely said “allahu akbar” TFEH!!

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Bombs don’t discriminate, Geo.

    2. Reasonableman Avatar

      It is interesting that humans were created at times of crisis to supplicate to god even those who deny God, when death overtakes them

      “When being drowned caught him, he cried: ‘I believe that none has the right to be worshipped but He in whom the Children of Israa’eel believe. And I am one of the Muslims.” (Soorah Younus,

      “When I show favor to a human being, he withdraws and turns away; but when evil touches him, his supplications become long.” (Soorah Fussilat, 41: 51)

      As for the killer allegedly yelling allahu akbar before fireing the mortar, this is an unproven theory and the one who fired the mortar or the bullet remains unknown.
      My heart goes out to the innocent and inshaa allah this confusion stops.

      1. Reasonable first greetings to you and hope you and yours are well friend, you are correct that there is no proof of what I said to be true , the gross misrepresentation of the creator has always been rampant and exercised by many faiths that fall in the trap of falsehood and somehow believe that God is partial or takes delight in us destroying one another, I have no Idea who pulled the trigger or launched the explosive but the God that Suzy looked up to and prayed to would not abandon her faith or her precious life for a cause that is as worth less as the one before us, by the same token if you look at the flags and other paraphanelia both side use as a slogan “allahu Akbar is widely uttered or posted not when peacefull things are taking place but quite the opposite.

        All the failures of mankind and tens of millions of deaths in our generations only prove that humans are NOT qualified to self rule, whether you are Muslim or Christian or jew you must ask your self is it possible as great as Allah may be that he would miss his target so often when he is involved in any of these wars to the extent that that 150.000 die and nothing is accomplished as of yet? why not consider that the one in control is the devil and his mission is to keep all this going to disqualifies us from gods favor by means of us becoming killers

        I have brotherly love and respect for you and your spirituality but please do not believe for one second that either Assad, Hezbollah or Isis qualifies to teach us how to live, neither we should ever accept that they represent the will of God in what is taking place.

        1. Reasonableman Avatar

          I am great geo and hope you are in great health. Your point of view ssems comprehendable but let me elaborate.

          Oh but 1st I will make clear I am no supporter of isis, this group is an iranian counter offensive and there actions only support irans economical and political gains. What is the future of a muslim opposing this group besides terror, their is no homage except for those who wish to take advantage of and capitalize weaker human beings.

          the fact that all humans call on god at times of disadvantage is a sign of gods existence, so which of his signs will you deny?

          Allah created good and with good their is relative evil. Ex. The sun is good for growing crops, provides us with light etc. The relative evil is that thousands have died from drought, skin cancer etc.

          If I asked you to take an injection of a flu vaccine, but you don’t know whats in it, a sane person will tell me to go jump off the harbour bridge, because 1st pain is involved and 2nd you cannot see the good which will come out of it.

          Allah is the one without begining and without end, the all knowing all hearing he gives humans free will and with his permission they act, we may not see the good which comes out of certain things because our knowledge is limited while Allah 3azowajal knows all.

          sometimes we do not see the relative bad which come out of things we think is good either.

          In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.
          Say: “I seek refuge in the Lord of Daybreak
          From the evil of that which He created;
          From the evil of the darkness when it is intense,
          And from the evil of malignant witchcraft,
          And from the evil of the envier when he envieth.

  3. Nicky Huang Avatar
    Nicky Huang

    R.I.P. to those who was killed by this war.
    It’s sad to see anyone die.
    I hope Syria can have peace in soon.
    Taiwan supports you!
    Remember us.


      Nicky, Thanks you for the note, it is nice of you to have sympathy for “ANYONE” that dies and to be from a different region and culture and take the time to wish good will. Sometimes it seems that people from out side circle are the only ones that dont justify the killings taking place.

      1. Nicky Huang Avatar
        Nicky Huang

        You’re welcome, Geo. I’ve been tracking the news about Syrian Civil War a long time ago since the “Taiwan Public Television Service Foundation” sent a crew to Syrian to report us what happened to your country clearly, and I saw many people even just a 6-years-old kid were just killed by the Goverment’s soldiers on the street, many people said their friends, their father, their husband, their baby are dead… I felt very sad and shocked then, that’s the first reason makes me started to care about Syria, and the second reason is my country Taiwan (officially and constitutionally the Republic of China) can be in war(invaded) by the “People’s” Republic of China in any time(search wiki:Two Chinas), and Taiwan also nearly have a Taiwanese Civil War by Taiwan independence movement this year since April till now. I don’t wish to be in war. I never wanna see my friends or my family got killed or watch the destroying of Taiwan’s every building.
        What I only can do now is keep telling the world about this or join R.O.C. Armed Forces to protect my country by being a soldier. (I’d like to choose the marine corps)
        Peace for both Syria and Taiwan I hope, and also care more about our countries.

        1. Farq2 Avatar

          So you actually seen a government solider kill a 6 year old. Can you please let us were we can go to see such an atrocity. Just remember Nicky, there are two sides to each story. And not all is what it seems. Especially when it comes from the bullshit media my friend.

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Stick it in your ear. Nicky has to put up with enough stupidity in his own place.
            Nice that he can make a choice to join a real military, which attempts to have most of it’s citizens protected in their lives. Even if it’s a controlling and rather despotic China which he chooses, he may have a better future than by joining a band of ‘radicals’, and even if young seems to know this is a more sane way to go. Change happens even among the Chinese, and moving humanity along politically – slow as it seems – is preferable to killing half of it just to speed up a process. Mao tried that method. It wasn’t nice.
            The Taiwan people HAVE been ‘allowed’ some education, after all. Hopefully Nicky has enough to sort out the ‘hype’ and propaganda.

          2. Farq2 Avatar

            As usual 5th, you babble on and on about something that is completely irrelevant to what was written. I could care less about China or Taiwan. The only point I was trying to make is that the main stream media is full of shit. Especially when it comes to Syria. So if you don’t mind 5th, I suggest YOU stick it in your ear. Or any other place that may give you that long lost penetration you so desire.

          3. Farq2 Avatar


        2. sweetvirgo Avatar

          Welcome Nicky!! Glad to see your interest in the Middle East and the turmoil that surrounds it. Even though you’ve seen or claim to see that a 6 year old has been killed by soliders, do you know how many innocent people have been killed by the armed rebels themselves? These rebels don’t are not peace loving rebels even though it started that way. Their ideology is those of taliban, al qadea and IS and what ever the heck they are calling themselves now a days. It’s the innocent people of all wars that are the one’s that suffer.

          1. Farq2 Avatar

            I love how you are unbiased. -:))) Unfortunately i can’t say the same for a lot who participate on this blog. They always seem to blame the same persons or person.

          2. sweetvirgo Avatar

            Hello my friend! I think most of the people know who those rebels are. You know it, I know it and they know it. It’s a shame that the west and other countries are supporting them with ammunition. Like I said before, I’m no fan of Assad but I can’t bare to think if he is overthrown who or what will replace him?? It will be another Iraq.

          3. Farq2 Avatar

            I agree with you, everybody knows, However they choose to turn a blind eye. No side is ever innocent in war. Only the people who wish to live in peace.

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