Mashnouq urges US to increase its aid to Lebanon’s security forces

mashnouk hail
Lebanese Interior Minister Nohad al-Mashnouq (L) with US ambassador David Hale Monday June 23, 2014.

Interior Minister Nohad al-Mashnouq urged the US to increase its technical and logistical support for the Interior Ministry’s security forces.

“It is important to enroll new members in the army, Internal Security Forces, and General Security, given the challenges that Lebanon is facing, and especially since military and security forces are carrying out a large-scale deployment along the Lebanese border,” Mashnouq said Monday, following his meeting with US Ambassador David Hale.

The United States has provided security assistance to Lebanon in various forms since the 1980s, and the program has expanded considerably in recent years. Since fiscal year 2007, the United States has provided more than $700 million in security assistance to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and Internal Security Forces (ISF) to equip those forces to combat terrorism and secure Lebanon’s borders against weapons smuggling. U.S. security assistance is part of a broader assistance program designed to foster a stable, independent Lebanese government. Primary components of the assistance program include: • More than $490 million in Foreign Military Financing (FMF) designed to support the LAF’s implementation of United Nations Security Council resolutions. • More than $6 million in International Military and Education Training (IMET) training to reduce sectarianism in the LAF and develop the force as a unifying national institution. • More than $117 million in Section 1206 funds to move rapidly vehicle spare parts, ammunition, and other basic supplies to the LAF. • More than $100 million in support for the ISF for training, equipment and vehicles.

Following a n earlier meeting with PM Tammam Salam at the Grand Serail, Hale warned the Lebanese against being dragged into the region’s crises and said Lebanon needs a “fully functioning governance” so that international assistance becomes effective.

“Upholding the Baabda Declaration and adopting a true policy of dissociation from the conflict in Syria are essential,” Hale said .

“The region’s battles must not be fought in Lebanon,” the U.S. embassy quoted him as saying.

“That means Lebanese should not be drawn into the battles being fought by others,” the diplomat said in remarks tweeted by the embassy.

Hale reiterated his call for the immediate election of a new head of state, which he described as a “challenge.”

“For international assistance to be effective, Lebanon needs fully functioning governance in presidency, parliament and cabinet,” he stressed.
He pointed out that the election of a president was a Lebanese affair. “But costs of indecision (are) felt by everyone with a stake in Lebanon’s stability and prosperity.”




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  1. Fauzia45 Avatar

    In Lebanon ,^All problems are problems are of foreign policy ^,As long as one group thinks it can control political and foreign policy and impose it by use of force ,there will be instability ,insecurity and crisis!!

    1. dateam Avatar

      Yes its all that “one groups” fault isnt it? From 1975 till now its that “one groups” problem isnt it? How about our politicians stop acting like paupers and actually do their jobs? Why do we need to ask the americans to give us weapons? Why do we not just go out there and get them so we can do the job? Why have we become so impetent to do anything? “It is important to enroll new members in the army, Internal Security Forces, and General Security, “. First thing they did after 2006 war was stop conscription into the army. What are you trying to say? For 20 years we fought the palestinians and israel inavaded and took our land and we did nothing. After the civil war the politicians involved all got payed out to sit at home and do nothing fore lebanon. The palestinians ended up with more after the war than we did. Israel occupied for 20 years the government did nothing and left the people of the south to fight for themselves and now everyone blames the people of the south for our problems? look around you there is a new breed that has emerged that will cut urs and my head off in a blink of an eye and post it on youtube for all to see. Nigeria,yemen,afghanistan,syria,egypt,iraq,kenya mali,libya and the list goes on.

      1. arzatna1 Avatar

        At least the current Lebanese government and former Lebanese president are doing something to help Lebanon defend itself and take care of its security.
        You ask in your comments:

        1-Why do we need to ask the americans to give us weapons?

        First of all the United States has been the most generous in equipping and training the Lebanese Internal security forces and army.

        2- Why do we not just go out there and get them so we can do the job?

        What do you mean ? Where do you want Lebanon to go and get the arms and how ? Who will pay for them?

        3- Why have we become so impotent to do anything?

        We are not impotent …we are doing something about it . Last year former president Michel Suleiman was able to get a a $3 billion grant from Saudi Arabia to purchase weapons from France for the Lebanese army . This was the largest ever grant secured by Lebanon.

        The Lebanese don’t blame the people of the south for their problems . They blame Hezbollah for Lebanon’s problems . Hezbollah has become Lebanon’s number one …no not resistance…. but Liability. Ever since 2004 Hezbollah has been the most obstructive and destructive organization in Lebanon.

        1. dateam Avatar

          1. Weaopns they have provided are nothing compared to what is required to equip the army. its always weapons to the internal security forces to police its people isnt it? 2. Im sure we can get weapons from elsewhere. Do not be naive to think the americans who have agreements with israel as to to the type of weapons neighbouring countries can have. Any weapons israel deems can be used against it are not allowed to be given. Russia, china,france,iran,turkey,germany the black market. How come the terrorists can get a hold of better weapons than our army? 3. Still waiting to see what the $3b grant will give us. Ammunition, new vehicles, uniforms and infrastructure is the most we will get. Re hzb when there is a void and neglect what do you expect people to do? Groups like this dont rise unless there is neglect from the government.

          1. arzatna1 Avatar

            You need to be realistic my friend . Who will pay for the arms ? Lebanon is broke. Better get what we can for free than having to borrow more money. As they say “Beggars Can’t Be Choosey” . So far the United states has been the most generous in providing arms to Lebanon. As far as the $ 3 billion grant from Saudi Arabia , the army chief together with the French are working out the details of Lebanon’s needs .

            As far as getting arms from Iran ….don’t hold out for pie in the sky. Iran is good at promising the lebanese government but they never delivered . They only deliver to Hezbollah because they consider it part of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards .

            In addition , Iran is far behind any country in the west with regards to technology. It is dependent on North Korea, China and Russia who are all way behind the west in technology . Unlike Iran , Lebanon is in a much better position to get technologically advanced weapons from the west.

            Iran promised to supply Lebanon with 1500 MW of power few years ago and when the lebanese started negotiating they found out that Iran could only supply about 50 MW and t we had to buy it from Syria. Talk is cheap as you can tell.

            Fir this reason a bird in hand for Lebanon is worth a lot more than all the promises we get from various sources

      2. 5thDrawer Avatar

        “Why do we not just go out there and get them ….”
        No money dateam. That’s ‘why’. The country is deep in the red. Period.
        It needs ‘hand-outs’ … and yes, thanks to all it’s ‘glorious leaders’. ALL.

      3. libnan1 Avatar

        Affirmative my friend. The only solution is the leadership of THE GREAT to be the ultimate dictator our General Aoun.

        1. Welcome back bro. And lets hope our great general takes his rightful position as the greatest leader Lebanon will ever see.-:)))

        2. arzatna1 Avatar

          Where is the poem?

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            The poetry, like the music, died. 😉

        3. nagy_michael2 Avatar

          Hello ya libnan1 how are you and how is your son? is he in california?

        4. AkhouManUki Avatar

          Ultimate dictator? I think you have characterized Aoun to be more than he really is. He will be just another dictator, a corrupt one that desires power above all, and will take care of his own interests regardless of what it means for Lebanon.

          No thanks, I’ll pass on that future.

  2. The real lebanese Avatar
    The real lebanese

    We would sure like to see our security forces strike back at Israel or Syria next time fire crosses the border…. Not sure if more arms will work. I think its just who’s in charge.

  3. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Mashnouq … the guy who discusses nothing with Aoun about ‘the issue of presidential election’ (maybe because any sane discussion would not be enjoyed by Nastyrallah) expects the USA to pump up the funding for weapons … while the starving masses can go to hell as usual.
    Hales ‘reply’ is a sign that they know who Mashnouq works with and for.

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