Hezbollah worried that what happened in Mosul could happen in Lebanon

hezbollah flag

hezbollah flagThe Lebanese Al Liwa newspaper reported on Tuesday that Hezbollah is extremely concerned that what happened in Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq could happen in Lebanon.

Hezbollah sources told the daily “the security and stability that followed the formation of a ‘national interest government’ does not mean that ‘sleeper cells’ have left the scene, a possible reference to the Islamist organizations that claimed responsibility for the bombings in Hezbollah strongholds.

The recent offensive launched by the so called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or ISIL is the most significant threat to Iraq’s security since the American withdrawal in 2011.

According to an observer “Hezbollah should worry because by going to Syria to defend the Syrian regime it has invited trouble and for this reason I believe the best way out for Hezbollah is to come back home to Lebanon and stop acting as a tool in the hands of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Hezbollah after all calls itself a resistance movement with the purpose of defending Lebanon against Israel and not a mercenary army to protect dictators.”