29 Hezbollah fighters killed in 2 days in Syria


hezbollah funeralsTwenty-nine fighters of the Iranian backed Shiite Hezbollah militant group have been killed in Syria’s Rankous in the last two days, during clashes with the Free Syrian Army ( FSA) , FSA Commander Abu Omar Alloush was quoted as saying by NOW news website.

Alloush also denied “claims” made by Hezbollah officials that extremist Islamists were fighting Hezbollah and regime troops in Rankous.

“We assure [you] that what is happening in Rankous is an uprising led by the town’s residents against Hezbollah and the Baathist army, as a result of their humiliation and hunger,” he was quoted as saying.

Yesterday YL reported that eleven Hezbollah fighters were killed Friday by an FSA ambush in Syria’s Rankous. Seven of the deceased party members were identified as Mohammad al-Jouni from Harat Saida, Hassan Qassem Shuk and Zaid Haider jamil Mousawi from Nabi Sheet , Mahmoud Ahmad Fathel from Qana, Mahdi Ghazi Fakhr Edine from Younin Beqaa, Raif Muif Dagher from Bint Jbeiland Ali Hassan al Hallani from Hallanieh, Beqaa.

Tens of thousands of Hezbollah fighters are actively trying to save the regime of the embattled president Bashar al Assad despite the Baabda accord which calls for distancing Lebanon from the Syrian conflict.



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  1. Tom Jones Avatar
    Tom Jones

    They will be greeted by their comrades in the hell.

    1. And there’s some left over for you as well

  2. Alotta Fagina Avatar
    Alotta Fagina

    Good news!

    1. Eat shit

      1. Alotta Fagina Avatar
        Alotta Fagina

        pack your bags alawi

        1. Quick, wipe your chin. You have been over eating, haven’t you. You animals have been telling us to pack our bags for over 3 years. Just ask you friend ASSir. Which brings me to my next question, how’s that rat hole you have been sharing with him.

          1. AkhouManUki Avatar

            No need to look beyond the ass in command, ASSad – he will be out before you know it – don’t get caught flatfooted with no escape ya Farqrallah – it’s time to leave the party of thugs for a more civilized solution.

          2. You said he will be out by the end of the year. Well my friend, time is ticking. I’ve said to you before, the big boys are at play here. If they wanted Assad out, he would have fallen long ago. Can you seriously not see that Ya Akhoumintearki.

          3. AkhouManUki Avatar

            I’m glad my prediction is on your mind, that means my technique is working. Keep your eye on the clock.

          4. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
            Ahmed Youssef

            hahaha you are such a moron, honestly. Yes, you are Dexter (with the added benefit of hypnosis / mind control)

          5. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
            Ahmed Youssef

            You will find that Hezbollah is considered the most sophisticated and professional army in the Arab world – at the very least, they have registered some victories, continue to be successful, continue to be responsible in the Lebanese arena (Hezbollah could’ve forced their rule on Lebanon and turn it into another Iraq or Iran – but didn’t because they are smart and wise) and – most importantly – they have gained the respect of their enemies. Tell me of you loonies – what have they achieved other than larger bank accounts and utterly depressing results due to incompetence?

          6. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Too bad they’re wasting all of that talent advancing Iran’s agenda. Let’s be clear – the last thing Hezblabla care about is Lebanon.

      2. AkhouManUki Avatar

        Getting a little worried Farqrallah? Maybe it’s time to start considering your escape… Hezblabla’s days are numbered!

        1. Lol. Worried about what.

        2. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
          Ahmed Youssef

          I doubt that ya ManUki. Hezbollah’s days have just begun. They are going from one strength to the next. You should hope so too – unlike you are supporting groupie who behead Lebanese soldiers because they are “crusaders”.

          1. AkhouManUki Avatar

            There you go acting like a lying fool – who ever said I support the people Hezblabla is fighting against in Syria? You just assume if you’re not with us, you’re against us. You sound a lot like George W. Bush – there’s no room in this world for people like you who have such a simplistic survival mentality – it’s kill or be killed in your black and white mind – which leads you to fight for the sake of fighting – because you know no other way of life. I feel sorry for you and the thugs you support – one day perhaps you can know what quality of life is all about, and look back on these days when you were young and stupid.

          2. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
            Ahmed Youssef

            When you say things like “Hezblabla’s days are numbered”, seems pretty obvious where you stand. If you oppose the killing of innocent civilians and soldiers from the joke called the Lebanese Armed Forces, then you must be for holding those responsible to account. You tell me, who is doing that better than Hezbollah?

            There is unfortunately no middle-point today in Lebanon. I used to have that naive point of view – that there is always a third option, no need to support either side. Unfortunately, that leads to more and not less misery. It is sort of like everybody in Lebanon north of the Litani who were indifferent to Israeli occupation, of S. Lebanese citizens suffering and Hezbollah reprisals – thinking that this was a mature and wise stand to take. Look how wrong they are. Hezbollah achieved victory and now they are the most powerful party in the country.

            Please enlighten us on your “third option” and what benefits that will entail in the context of what is happening today,

          3. AkhouManUki Avatar

            It certainly drives your agenda to only have extreme options – that is the same tactic used by extreme left or right wing politicians in nearly every country on the planet. You make it sound like if there were to be an alternative, only a third option would somehow apply. Do you realize how close minded you are? Instead of identifying your earlier days of compromise as naive, you may want to reconnect with your wiser past.

          4. arzatna1 Avatar

            There should always be a third option, otherwise we might as well forget about Lebanon
            As I can tell from your posts , It does not look like you are the one who can spearhead such an option.
            But let others do so if they please . This is the challenge we face today as Lebanese. Should it always be black or white ?

            Time for fresh thinking…if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen

          5. man-o-war Avatar

            Yes, it is time for fresh thinking. I think the political landscape has to dramatically change for that to become a reality.

            What do you consider fresh thinking?

          6. arzatna1 Avatar

            Thanks for your response .
            May be we need another shakeup of the political landscape , perhaps something similar to Cedar Revolution that could waken up the Lebanese people and reform the country . This will require forward looking non-sectarian people with vision and without any foreign agenda and who can see beyond their blinders .I mean not the current politicians that are taking the country for a ride.

            Let this be an open forum and I invite everyone to participate in providing fresh thinking to make Lebanon a modern state …it is about time. While many of us have a great influence in how the rest of the world is being run we seem to be hopeless when it comes to running Lebanon

          7. man-o-war Avatar

            Shakeup of the political landscape is what we need. We need a new political system, one that isn’t set-up in a way that divides us along religious lines. We need protection for minorities. We need to get rid of the life long politicians, it just breeds corruption and nepotism. I’m just not sure the Lebanese are ready for that kind of change.

            Someone steps up with forward thinking ideas and right away the Lebanese want to know what religious background the person comes from. No matter how much they like the ideas, no matter how educated the person is, no matter the wealth of benefits they could bring to Lebanese society. They must know their religious affiliation before they can throw their support behind them. Is the Lebanese society that fragile? Are we that scared of differing background? Maybe its the long brutal years of civil war. Its ingrained in our society to be leery of someone different, we’re not able to trust unless they pray the way we do.

          8. 5thDrawer Avatar

            And heaven forbid that there’s a different skin colour .. or in some cases, a neatly trimmed beard. ;-)))

          9. arzatna1 Avatar

            I never said it is easy , on the other hand i remember the Lebanese didn’t behave the same way before the civil war . Neither my friends nor I ever asked what religion a person belonged to , after all we are supposed to be all the same regardless of our origin, religion, color sex etc…etc

            If you ever lived in the US in the sixties and seventies you would never believe a black man will ever be in the White House and here we are Obama has been elected twice in a country where the blacks are a minority .

            People change …. but this needs leadership . Our problem today in Lebanon is the antiquated cult leadership structure and as long as we don’t change this outdated type of leadership nothing will ever change here …this is the challenge for the young generation that wants to live in a future modern Lebanon .

            lets hope this discussion will lead to a better Lebanon. I love my country and this is what I am craving for

          10. 5thDrawer Avatar

            So Ahmed. A ‘genetic’ problem? The simple problem then, as you say you naively learned, is the total inability of ‘certain people’s’ to ever be able to live under a form of democracy where all agree to live with the results of an election process, as unfavourable as the result may be, simply because they were never informed that such a ‘State’ could actually produce better and more fulfilling lives for the vast majority of it’s citizens than a ‘Religious Dictatorship’ – and will never be taught such a thing actually exists in countries where you, happily I assume, moved to, and found that indeed, YOU can live with those ‘fair and open’ results – which Hezzys apparently could not.
            Good to see you escaped.
            Although, we can note you went to one with ‘More Power’ … rather than less. Is that what you really looked for? 😉

      3. arzatna1 Avatar

        I suggest you maintain civility, since no doubt Ya Libnan is watching what you are saying and like others before you you could end up being blacklisted.
        Please consider this as a friendly advise from another reader who likes to participate in civil discussions only

        1. You’re 100% correct. So Alotta’s comment in your mind is being civil.

          1. AkhouManUki Avatar

            More civil thank your comment. He voiced his opinion, you attacked him. Big difference.

          2. Yeah, your rite, his was an opinion and mine was a suggestion. You think his enjoying the taste.

          3. AkhouManUki Avatar

            It depends – for some people in Japan, eating shit is a delicacy. But given that this is a forum that rarely includes Japanese, I have to say he probably is not enjoying the flavor of your shit as Baraze2 don’t get fully digested.

          4. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
            Ahmed Youssef

            Mate – have you seen what you’ve called yourself? Moron.

          5. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Ahmed Youssef is an extremely offensive name where I live – have you seen what you’ve called yourself? Jackass.

          6. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
            Ahmed Youssef

            Well, my name was bestowed on me by my parents – in case you were wondering. You CHOSE to call yourself AkhoManUki, and how apt that name is. Thank goodness I don’t live in whichever backstream shithole you live in – I’m a Londoner, where fortunately there’s no place for people like you.

          7. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Don’t talk down to a man because you think your life is better than his. Beyond being classless, it also shows me what type of person you are – someone who thinks they are better and smarter than others. I don’t care where I live or how much I have, I’m a human being at the end of the day, so learn to treat other humans with dignity – not something you’ll learn from being a hardcore supporter of Hezblabla, where human suffering is a key part of their business model.

          8. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
            Ahmed Youssef

            It’s a shame you feel like that; says more about your (lack of) confidence than any wrong-doing on my part; you clearly implied you live in locale where my name isn’t welcome – from my perspective, such places are backward and perverse – what else do you expect me to think!

          9. AkhouManUki Avatar

            If I may quote your despicable post, “Thank goodness I don’t live in whichever backstream shithole you live in – I’m a Londoner, where fortunately there’s no place for people like you”

            No lack of confidence needed on my part, you basically just called my home a shithole, and went on to brag about how you sound like you’re from London! You are messed up if you think that means anything. That typically “better than thou” mentality that some delusional arabs have is unfortunate, and is a quality that should be eradicated.

            Stop acting like you are better than other people, because I hate to break it to you Ahmed Youssef, you’re probably not.

          10. man-o-war Avatar

            “Ahmed Youssef is an extremely offensive name where I live ” , this comment was made first before any mention of your home.

            It was made in response to this comment, “Mate – have you seen what you’ve called yourself? Moron.”

            Just wanted to make it clear for you.

          11. AkhouManUki Avatar

            “Mate – have you seen what you’ve called yourself? Moron.” was made in response to no comment I have ever made to Ahmed Youssef. He was never addressed, never involved, never had anything to contribute to the discussion besides attacking my name.

            Just wanted to make it clear for you.

          12. man-o-war Avatar

            Correct, he jumped into the discussion, just like you did with farq.

          13. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Except I had something to add that is relevant to the discussion, just like you do now.

            Ya man, I appreciate the independent comment audit services you are providing! It’s really amazing that Ya Libnan have invested in that level of community engagement. Keep up the great work!

          14. man-o-war Avatar

            Haha, you’re welcome. I do what I can.

            You commented on civility and maybe he thought it was a bit ironic that a person with your ID was talking about being civil.

          15. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Ya man, people should learn to judge a book by it’s contents, not by it’s cover. Hence my original response to him. My name is not meant to be uncivil – it’s just a name, just as his name is just a name. If I was walking down the street with my amazing cedar shades and a tshirt that said AkhouManUki, do you think Hamoudi Youssef would dare to step up and insult me? Highly doubtful. He would probably look the other way and keep walking, like the well trained follower that he is.

          16. man-o-war Avatar

            Yep, just as you wouldn’t tell someone named Ahmed Youssef or Hamoudi Youssef that their name is extremely offensive where you live. Or would you? Nowadays you would probably get attacked depending on the neighborhood you’re in if your shirt said Ali Abbas or Hamoudi Youssef. Or a long beard in a different area.

            Do you think people that are Hariri supporters are “well trained”? Or just HA supporters? Or even Kataeb supporters, are they “well trained followers”?

            I can see in your comment to Barabie that this is how you think. So , if someone supports HA they should be “exported” to Iran or Syria? In order to be a “True” Lebanese who do you have to support?

          17. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Thank you for seeing my point. I was intending to sound outrageous, because I was being insulted for my name I chose to reciprocate. Funny how it was taken personally because his name implies what religion he belongs to… we’re all walking on eggshells.

            If someone takes orders from Saudi Arabia, that’s where they should live too. Saad Hariri is exactly where he should be right now. Look, I don’t care if you support Brazil, Germany or Argentina when it comes to football, but if you want to live in my country, you need to put Lebanon first. Do you really believe that Hezblabla put Lebanon first?

          18. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
            Ahmed Youssef

            Considering I’m a Management Consultant, I find your “well trained follower that he is” quite hard to swallow. I am well versed in critical thinking, and and a rational person would acknowledge the irony I highlighted.

            “it’s just a name, just as his name is just a name.” How naive. You choose your profile alias, but my name is not a personal choice. Disingenius to suggest they are comparable.

            It is your choice if you walked publicly looking like a fool with vulgar language printed on your clothes, but I doubt that you wouldn’t get any stares.

          19. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Management Consultant?? They could use you in the Leb-Cabinet. :-)))

          20. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Wow ya Hammoudi, a Management Consultant? Bravo 3aleyk, smalla7 shou shater. Clearly what you lack is emotional intelligence, which last time I checked is a pretty critical skill for management consultants.

            I don’t care if you work for McKinsey, Booz or LeDouche, you never walk around calling people that you don’t know morons. You should know better. That kind of lack of professionalism will get you fired on the spot.

          21. Thank you for being sensible – a rare quality these days.

          22. barabie Avatar

            Unfortunately there appears to be a place for you tho.

          23. AkhouManUki Avatar

            It is unfortunate that Lebanon is currently filled with lemmings like Ahmed Youssef, people ready to march to their death to protect a big ugly fat guy that takes orders from Iran and Syria.

            I recommend we export all of that Iranian and Syrian love back to their homeland where it belongs, and leave Lebanon for people that actually give a shit about it. People that are not funding or working towards destroying Lebanon, like Hezbollah have done for years.

          24. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
            Ahmed Youssef


            “people should learn to judge a book by it’s contents, not by it’s cover.” – No ambiguity there – the content reeks worse than the cover. I’d rather an ignorant fool than someone who advocates political cleansing. The amount of contradictions and moral breakdowns contained in your post are disturbing at the least and outright lunatic at worst.

            “people ready to march to their death to protect a big ugly fat guy that takes orders from Iran and Syria.” – You claim to be Lebanese, yet a misinformed outsider has a better understanding of why Hezbollah has so much support in Lebanon, especially among the Shia community than a blind willingness to die for any single person. Even the most Zionist and neo-Con analysts in the West all agree Hezbollah is not at the whim of Iran – let alone Syria. Actually, on the topic of Syria, I am one who believes that Hezbollah has a lot more sway on Bashar than vice versa.

            The fallacy above is further aggravated by the fact you claim advocating those you disagree with to “leave Lebanon for people that actually give a shit about it”. This ostensibly includes you – which would be funny if it were not so depressingly sad. Lesson one in loving your country: love your co-inhabitants. It is your ideology that allows Hezbollah to grow stronger. There is no doubt in my mind that if “your Lebanon” were a strong faction in Lebanon, they would not hesitate to action your recommendation to “export all of that Iranian and Syrian love back to their homeland where it belongs”. Because you are a moron – by that I mean someone who doesn’t have the capacity to think critically – you miss the point that the world did nothing to help those living under occupation in S. Lebanon except Syria and Iran (whatever the reasons may be). Ever since Hezbollah inception, its opponent claimed what you do – their allegiance lay with a foreign agent rather than to Lebanon. But those people lack on-the-ground experience of what constitutes Hezbollah members’ objectives and goals in Lebanon. Yet, all of Hezbollah’s actions have been confined to the Lebanese arena up until May 2013 – a whole 31 years passed before Hezbollah did anything remotely considered to be a favour to any outside agent (and I disagree with this narrative in any case).

            “People that are not funding or working towards destroying Lebanon, like Hezbollah have done for years.” – who do you have in mind?

          25. AkhouManUki Avatar

            You want to accuse me of advocating for political cleansing? That is fresh. Just take a look at how long Hezbollah has held Lebanon hostage for. Just getting a president elected, and Hezbollah want to cleanse the entire parliament, cabinet and presidency to be in lock step with their political perspective. That is political cleansing. When you have allies like Franjieh who boast about how Lebanon must seek Bashar’s approval of any candidate, this is nothing new. Hezbllah did not need to send their militia to fight in Syria for them to be operating outside of Lebanon. Wake the Farq up. You are a follower, you are brainwashed, and you keep regurgitating the same bullshit lies over and over again. Somehow we are supposed to take you seriously because you are a management consultant that lives in London? What a joke.

          26. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
            Ahmed Youssef

            Why is it offensive to you when I describe factually where I live and what I do for a living? I really don’t understand your issue – you have a problem with my name, with my residency and with my occupation. My shoes size is UK 8 / 42 – any comments?

          27. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Its not offensive mate, I’m just alarmed that someone as well educated as you, with a great career, living in one of the most expensive cities on the planet somehow identifies with a political militia that is built on the foundation of other people’s suffering. You’re quite the enigma ya Hammoudi.

            I’m curious, are you able to find decent shoes in your size?

          28. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
            Ahmed Youssef

            “built on the foundation of other people’s suffering” – I’m assuming you don’t mean built on the immense suffering endured by Lebanese affected by Israeli occupation of S. Lebanon? Enlighten me, how have you suffered at the hands of Hezbollah when I’m sure they have zero presence and influence in a place where my name is offensive?

          29. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
            Ahmed Youssef

            “Just take a look at how long Hezbollah has held Lebanon hostage for.” – Look at you dropping figurative analogies, I’m impressed. I would be more convinced if the analogy applied literally, but it doesn’t.

          30. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
            Ahmed Youssef

            Also makes me wonder what sort of Lebanon you envisage. Makes me appreciate what Hezbollah have in place even more, lest idiots like you are in power and start clamping down on people with ostensibly “offensive” names like mine – unlike yours! hah!

          31. Maher Mansoor Avatar
            Maher Mansoor

            I love your shirt!!! Does it come in yellow???

          32. And there we have it. It not the fact you hate HA for what you claim they done to Lebanon. It’s because they are an Islamic party. At least your true colors have finally come out. Just remember Akhou, Christians only exist in Lebanon because HA allows it so. Remember your place.

          33. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Need some people to actually make money for the country doing something.
            And paying their electric bills. Right?

          34. Keep believing it is only people in the south who don’t pay their electricity bills. The amount of money lost to those citizens from burnt-out appliances because the electricity is so regularly and abruptly switched off – compare the losses on both sides, you will quickly realise this sham of an electricity network is making people incurr more losses than adding value to tue economy.

            You want to talk about making money? Where is the Lebanese government is terms of providing social services to the poor and disenfranchised? I mean look at the dirty poor Sunnis of the North – they have NOTHING and NO-ONE. Their patron Harriri is, unfortunately for them, an illeterate, incompetent fraud who has not offered them anything. And nor has the government. That is why they are in despair and their despair has become a political commodity.

            Compare the above with the poor Shia who, despite the lack of government presence, enjoy a basic level of social provision and support to live a dignified life.

            And who told you March 14 is the answer for people to make money? The GDP in Lebanon has to reach $80,000 per person for Lebanon to clear its debt. Think about that for a sec and notice how much of Lebanons debt went to the Harriri & Co’s pockets, banks and companies. Don’t talk to us how to make money.

          35. arzatna1 Avatar

            The existence of the Christians in Lebanon never depended on Hezbollah and never will … We are a multi religious community and will always be this way.
            If you remember back in 2000 Hezbollah was the darling of the Lebanese and most of the Arabs , but Hezbollah has changed since then and started pursing a foreign agenda . It stopped being Lebanese and became a foreign agent a fifth column if you wish..It is now a tool in Iran’s hand and is being run by Qassem Suleimani the head of the Quds force of The Iranian Revolutionary Guards . Hezbollah is no longer run by Hassan Nasrallah .
            If you are a true Lebanese you should look after Lebanon’s interest and watch out for Hezbollah …it is a dangerous tool in a dangerous hand .
            We are now paying in Lebanon for having Hezbollah here …after all Iran claimed not too long ago that its border starts in south Lebanon…congratulations !!!

          36. HA has no choice but to align it’s self with Iran and Syria. Since the party was created internal forces with the help of their external backers have been trying to dissolve the party using any means possible Can you seriously not see that. You speak of HA’s relationship with Iran, however how about the rest of our political leaders like our former President Suleiman who tried to sell Lebanon to Saudi Arabia for money which apparently is for the Army when all know the fat cats of Lebanon are going to line their pockets. (AGAIN) People keep saying that HA is pushing Iran’s agenda, How? HA is pushing Lebanon’s agenda and always has. People need friends hence HA finding cover with Iran and Syria.
            Most on this blog have criticized HA for entering the Syrian conflict. Again can you seriously not see that they had no choice. It was very simple, the LAF was not given permission to protect Lebanon from these extremist so HA had to step up to the plate. (AGAIN) The same way they did when Israel was occupying the south. Were was the LAF during this. Lebanon is seeing a bit of peace at the moment thanks to the Hezb. And make no mistake, If Sayyed Hassan wanted to fully control Lebanon like you all think, He could with a click of his finger. and you all know this.

          37. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Since the alliance with Iran and Syria is so essential, then surely there is prime land in Syria for Hizballah to call home. We don’t need them in Lebanon, they do nothing to add value to the Lebanese economy, they do the opposite in fact. I hear the Golan is beautiful this time of year – we’ll do a property swap with Da7yie.

          38. Oh Akhou, HA is here to stay. You best get used to it. Your view means nothing to me or the millions who support our create Hezb. You are but a little flee who can be crushed at anytime. My suggestion to you is pack your bags and make that all important move to Saudi Arabia as your masters await you so they can command you.

          39. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Habibi, you keep assuming that I can relate to your tribal mentality. I don’t have a master – never have, never will. You on the other hand clearly do have a master, and it burns you to hear us say negative things about your master.

          40. LOOOOOOOOOL, I couldn’t give a flying F what you think. Your thoughts are all biased and based around what the media tells you.

          41. AkhouManUki Avatar

            There you go again, jumping in to defend. It’s clear that uttering harsh words about hezblabla triggers strong negative emotions from you. It’s amazing how you jump to angry denial in a flash – it’s OK, this is a safe place to talk.

          42. Hannibal Avatar

            No Farq, when you or Lebanon gets attacked we are all for one country… We fight FOR Lebanon and Hezbollah and our Lebanese people… Where we differ is that we want one nation, one secular government, NOT Islamic, NOT Christian, NOT anything… ONE Lebanese army, one country…
            As you see Israel your enemy we do, as we see the current Syrian regime our enemy, it is your side which is the problem as you side with that regime against your own people.
            Before you accuse us of being 8 or 14 or whatever number in your deck of cards, know that we are with no external or internal master. We are for a new Lebanon. I hope this helps us get along. We are not your enemies.

          43. Hannibal, everything you have said I wish for everyday. How nice it would be if all lebanese got along standing as on people for one country with one idea. Unfortunately this can not happen whilst we people with a backwards mind set blaming one party for all the issues in Lebanon. I have from the very beginning always said that HA should disarm if the LAF was given the authority to really protect our nation. I think you and many others may have understood me wrong Hannibal, I couldn’t give a shit about the Syrian regime or the Iranian one for that matter. However I would rather align myself with both instead of the gulf countries. HA alliance with Syria and Iran is a strategic one which I’m sure you already knew. I love your vision a pray that we can one day see it come true. God bless you and your family my friend.

          44. barabie Avatar

            well said

          45. Hannibal Avatar

            HA supports a hyena tyrant… YET Imam Ali said: “Be an enemy of tyrants and oppressors and be a friend and helper of those who are oppressed and tyrannized.”
            HA should stand with the people of Syria AGAINST the Islamists as much as against the Assad regime.

          46. He might be a Hyena in your mind, however I think the Syrians have a different view. So HA is doing what you suggested. Helping the Syrian people. I really think Basher is different to his father despite all the crap the media tries to spins about him.

          47. Hannibal Avatar

            WARNING GRAPHIC!
            Allah la yjarrib 7ada…

          48. 5thDrawer Avatar

            And someone finally called … ‘Alloh. Akbar??’
            Imagine how many times a day He hears that from all ‘sides’.

          49. man-o-war Avatar

            Terrible! Very sad war. Always sad when innocent civilians get caught in war. Tragic when its children. Not sure what this guy is thinking though, let me hold the child up for pictures before I rush her in for medical attention. Not sure that it would have mattered, but still. Quit your babbling and seek medical help already.

            Didn’t the international community come to a consensus that the rebels are the ones that carried out the chemical attack?

          50. Hannibal Avatar

            Rebels don’t have chems…

          51. man-o-war Avatar

            Correct, but many military installations that did have them were overrun by rebel forces.

          52. barabie Avatar

            No the international community came to the consensus that it was the hyena.

          53. man-o-war Avatar

            Ok, is it possible they both used chemical weapons?

          54. All this proves it chemical weapon were used. However what is does not prove is who used. You need to ask yourself who would benefit from such an attack. Why would Assad use these weapons when he is winning. And why would the main stream media hide the fact that extremist were caught in Turkey with the very same chemicals used in this attack.

          55. wargame1 Avatar

            Hezbushaitan and Al-Qaeda work together.

          56. arzatna1 Avatar

            Hezbollah had a choice but no more ….
            Now it is nothing but a commodity that is being sold to the highest bidder which as you correctly said it is Iran.
            Suleiman never sold Lebanon to Saudi Arabia . This is the first president in history that was able to secure $3 billion dollars to rebuild the Lebanese army so that it becomes the only entity that will be in charge of defending Lebanon . I think Suleiman will go down in history as one of the most patriotic Lebanese presidents who loved his country and tried to defend it in the best possible way he could .
            Of course Hezbollah had no choice with regards to Syria. It was hired by Iran as a mercenary army to do its dirty work in Syria…killing Syrian people…. and was paid dearly to do it at the expense of the poor Iranian taxpayers .
            If Nasrallah will ever try to control Lebanon with a click of his finger that finger will be broken. Let him dare try !!!!

          57. barabie Avatar

            Couldn’t agree more with you. nasty can’t control his bladder let alone a country. El supremo tells nasty when to eat, shit and piss

          58. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Well said.

          59. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
            Ahmed Youssef

            They claimed their first line of defense was Lebanon. What was meant by this is that Israel understand’s Hezbollah’s power, which it has confronted, and would therefore be cautious of attacking Iran, a much bigger and more powerful entity. Thus, S. Lebanon is Iran’s first line of defence: i.e. Hezbollah has done such a good job at deterrence in S. Lebanon that the rest of the region – including Iran – enjoy some form of security from a deterred Israel.

          60. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Well, if you believe that the few Jews in the world expect to conquer all of it and ‘run the show’ completely then you are as brainwashed as most of the Middle East (and many others), even IF you live in England.
            MANAGE THIS FACT !!
            (The worldwide Jewish population is 13.3 million Jews. Jewish population growth worldwide is close to zero percent. From 2000 to 2001 it rose 0.3%, compared to worldwide population growth of 1.4%.)

            Go give your head a shake. (along with a few others in here)

            I’ll tell you one thing. The Muslims will never meet the numbers of Chinese, even if they allow 10 wives and several ‘mini-marriages’ and do nothing but boink all day … which is about all they seem to be able to do besides bending over. Add as many Hadiths as you like regarding this. It won’t work.

          61. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
            Ahmed Youssef

            In response, I can only offer my condolences to your non-functional neurons who have betrayed your lack of observation skills and questionable views of Muslims. I have no idea why you felt the need to make a fool of yourself by quoting global demographic populance when my response only spoke of Hezbollah, Israel and Iran – i.e. it had nothing to do with religious affiliation of the parties cited. But if you see things in such a narrow lens – my condolences twice!

          62. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I was simply pointing out that the ‘Great Fear’ of them is Unfounded.
            How many Iranians are there, after all?
            And it IS ‘FEAR’, isn’t it? That’s what drives that ‘Great Resistance’ after all.
            So I mention the demographics …. maybe because I don’t understand your fear. But, I admit after all, I was never FORCED to believe in ANY of those FEARS of ‘the godly’. I have a set of neurons that works in it’s own way.
            Sorry for yours.

            Actually I think the Jews have managed to hold down the ‘overpopulating concept’ fairly well. Kudos. :-))

            (From 1880 till 1920 the population of Iran remained at 10 million or below. From 1920 on it increased steadily, and the population rate reached 20 million by 1955. Then, according to the statistics, the drastic increase made the population reach 50 million in 1985. After increasing to 60 in 1995, it grew straight up to 70 million in 2005. The population statistics graph shows how dramatically the population had been increasing from year to year, and now the population of Iran is over 78 million.)

            Hell. There’s more Lebanese in the world than Jews. Although, I suppose, they know why they are not all living in Beirut.

          63. Hannibal Avatar

            My family, Christian Maronites, fought the Maronite hegemony over Lebanon and were all imprisoned for it asking years ago for a non-sectarian secular Lebanon. Am I to think that their sacrifices are worth nothing? During those days Shiites lived in Lebanon because the Christians allowed them to stay. It was wrong then and it is still wrong now even though apparently the tables have turned. They will turn again and may be this time it will be in favor of the Islamists who will never allow anyone to exist.

          64. It’s amazing how the tables turn, hey Hannibal. And my friend every person who sacrificed themselves for Lebanon is a better person than me.
            As for the extremist never allow anyone to exist, that will never happen Hannibal while HA is in place. That’s why I can’t believe people want them dissolved. They are the only party in Lebanon who can take the fight to these extremist.

          65. AkhouManUki Avatar

            When you take siege of the capital of the nation you are allegedly there to protect, just to intimidate political opponents – I’m sorry, you lose any ability to take credit for past sacrifices. What have you done for me lately is the question, and when it comes to Lebanon, they have brought on much more bad than good.

          66. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
            Ahmed Youssef

            When the government is irresponsible and incompetence enough to arm militias, someone has to take action. At least with Hezbollah in the country they can deal with security threat competently – Lebanon is very far from a situation where the Americans and NATO are invited to destroy the country to achieve security / political objectives. Lebanon can be proud it has a home-grown military force which is, competent, able and willing to protect the country. Compare this to Iraq, where the cowardly army flees, or to Syria, where the army’s incompetence has destroyed the country, or in Palestine, where they have no serious military force to speak of, or Gulf Arab states, whose armies are neutered.

          67. AkhouManUki Avatar

            There is nothing home-grown about Hezbollah – they have had an agenda that has been dictated by Iran and Syria from day 1. Just watch how they all rushed to Syria to do whatever it takes to save their master, the dictator Bashar. When you have no morals, and you are willing to kill and do whatever it takes to achieve you agenda, I’m sorry, but I will take no pride in Hezbollah for what they stand for.

            Also, please don’t compare Lebanon to the rest of the middle east. We can do MUCH better than that, I prefer to aim for higher standards. No civilized nation in the world would ever stand to have a militia like Hezblabla exist, to serve the interests of foreign countries. Are you so blind to see how wrong that is? Since you are a Londoner, can you imagine your fellow Londoners with a brain embracing a militia both politically and militarily that doesn’t hide their allegiance to neighboring foreign countries? How long do you think that failed experiment would last?

          68. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Ask Arafat ….

          69. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
            Ahmed Youssef

            “Just watch how they all rushed to Syria to do whatever it takes to save their master, the dictator Bashar.” You have a distorted definition of the word “rush”. Hezbollah was the LAST to enter the Syrian conflict and probably the first to withdraw. Idiots like you blame Hezbollah for the suicide bombings and condemn them as traitors when they go into Syria and stop the suicide bombers. Either way they are doomed. Maybe you forgot how the Lebanese border was converted into a huge military facility for Syrian rebels of all backgrounds long before Hezbollah got involved in Syria. Or when Hezbollah was threatened from day 1 of the “revelution” that they will be “hunted” after Bashar’s fall – or do you have amnesia when it comes to the facts? Or when the “rebels” kidnapped scores of Lebanese Shia pilgrims accusing them of being Hezbollah members (just like all Shia in Bahrain are Iranian agents)? And the list goes on and on – you are just being willfully ignorant to support your fragile nonsensical arguments.

            Lebanon exists in the Middle East – I don’t know what else you expect. It is only natural that it is compared to its peers. But since you are such a genius and have all of Lebanon’s solutions – present your alternatives please. What needs to be done and how to get Lebanon to where you want it to be?

            BTW In the US, it is legal to have well-organised political militias. In the UK the military swear oath to the crown – which at times had been with French and German royalty. Finally, no Western country faces the predicament that Lebanon has. Be realistic – idealism is a refuge for those who have no solutions to offer.

          70. AkhouManUki Avatar

            I thought you’d never ask! I have developed a simple 7 step methodology for transforming Lebanon into the exact country I have been preaching about:

            Step 1 – integrate Hezbollah into the military

            Step 2 – disarm the militias in Lebanon

            Step 3 – pull Lebanese fighters from Syria – let Bashar deal with the hell he has manifested

            Step 4 – build a real border with Syria, shut down the weapons pipelines

            Step 5 – take a break to celebrate, have some limounada, enjoy an argileh

            Step 6 – ban Nasrallah, Aoun, Jumblatt, Hariri, Franjieh, Geagea, Gemayel, and anyone else who represents the past from representing Lebanon in politics. They have lost their rights to be public servants, as they never have been for a minute. All they have served is their own self interests and bank accounts.

            Step 7 – recruit new blood into Lebanon’s political system

            This methodology is certified by the Farq institute for Lebanon, and guarantees a return on investment of 1,000,000% for Lebanon’s security and economy.

            Easy, right?

          71. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Love it. :-))) Especially the argileh. I assume the scotch will be there too. 😉
            (and yes, the South American bikinis on the beaches.)
            (If Iranian ‘Overseers of Fans’ want a pic, I can supply it.)

          72. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Most certainly, a generous pour of 21 year old Glenlivet tickle your fancy?

          73. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Absolute ly. 😉

          74. sweetvirgo Avatar

            I think you should be president ;)))

          75. AkhouManUki Avatar

            I’m not allied with Hezbollah/Iran/Syria, I have no chance!

          76. sweetvirgo Avatar

            LOL….oh well I think you saved yourself a headache

          77. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
            Ahmed Youssef

            Like I said – you are very naive and simplistic.you a long response.

            It doesn’t matter what I think though – what is important is what you are doing to make this a reality, assuming anyone in Lebanon has an apetite for your idealistic vision. So tell me – what are you doing, or are you another keyboard activist bum?

            Then after that is solved – let’s start talking about the confessionalist political system, rife racism and homophobia, huge debts, economic misery of most of the population, lack of jobs, corruption, crime etc.

          78. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Your response is further proof of what a pathetic debate this has been – you asked for my solution, I spelled it out for you, real simple so you could follow. Instead of an intelligent response, you attacked me for being naive, and then accused me of having no ambition to follow through.

            For a moment I thought you might be capable of am intelligent discussion, but instead you resorted to a guerrilla style, passive aggressive response as usual. Grow a pair and learn how to debate young lad.

          79. sweetvirgo Avatar

            Have to agree with akhoumanuki with this one. Hezbollah has only invited chaos into Lebanon. Did you forget about the 2006 Israel bombing Lebanon? I know Israel is no angel and invades Lebanon air space all the time but Hezbollah caused it. Why are there suicide bombers in Lebanon? Again, Hezbollah. Why isn’t there an elected president?? Again it’s Hezbollah. As far as military force is concerned how is that the Lebanese army can’t do anything when it comes to Hezbollah. My friend, hezbollah only takes orders from Syria and Iran. If they ever said Lebanon needs to be wiped clean of all Sunni’s and Christians, and Druze, believe me they will do it.

          80. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
            Ahmed Youssef

            I don’t believe you – no-one else does either, because if that is true it would’ve happened already. Enough of your rhetorical theoretical scenarios.

            Hezbollah has enough power to be thrashed drunk with it by now if they were irresponsible. If they had a shred of perversity in them, sectarian violence would have been the staple of Lebanese life by now. It is clear that Hezbollah has been the one to avert such strife. The Christians had power – we all know how that went; they went down the path of collaborating with the Israelis who had invaded and devastated the country and tried to install a puppet government, all the while slaughtering Lebanese civilians in a sectarian manner. The Sunnis have always been no-bodies in Lebanon, but when they tried they were unprincipled and disorganised ala FSA. They were only ever effective in secular movements – seems that is turning on its head now in Leb.

            “Did you forget about the 2006 Israel bombing Lebanon?” Did you forget your darlings in government who were discouraging the Israelis from stopping their bombing campaign? Also, maybe this doesn’t concern you, but the Israelis still held Lebanese prisoners and hundreds of corpses captive – reneging on a deal reached in 2003.

            “Why are there suicide bombers in Lebanon? Again, Hezbollah.” That is just disgusting, honestly. These suicide bombers who fuck people’s lives all over the world, from Asia to Africa, Middle East and the West – they are wholly responsible for their vile criminality. Your excuses only legitimises what they do.

          81. sweetvirgo Avatar

            “Enough of your rhetorical theoretical scenarios”….really? This is what we call a friendly debate my friend. I do believe hezbollah is responsible for much if not most of the chaos that is going on in Lebanon wether you want to believe it or not. Why is hezbollah sending it’s “soliders” to fight in Syria? I suppose you’re going to tell me it’s to protect Lebanon. But it’s doing the opposite. It’s inviting these so called rebels into Lebanon to cause even more destruction. If anyone wants to fight for Lebanon than fight for Lebanon only. Don’t take direct orders from other distraught foriegn countries.

          82. AkhouManUki Avatar

            What confuses me is how Hammoudi is a management consultant and yet lacks both emotional intelligence and the ability to listen. Perhaps the type of consulting he does is helping politicians do a better job of lying their way through debates.

          83. Hannibal Avatar

            It is not amazing… It is sad. What goes up must come down until one day in the future we honestly and truly become a nation. Until then have fun slaughtering each others… What a waste! and based on what? Religion?
            We lay waste to our histories, to our monuments, to our infrastructure while other countries build the future we keep destroying it.

          84. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Well, they seem to have it going up in Kurdistan now too. A little far from the borders of Lebanon. And your ‘millions’ of supporters must be outside the country that only had 4 million in it – unless someone wasn’t really trying a ‘head-count’ – before all the refugees arrived, who also haven’t wanted to be ‘recruited’ it seems since they also have been beaten by ‘party people’.
            And that’s Shiite Party. Make no mistake.
            Secular government, as Hannibal and MANY wished for, will never happen under Hezzy either. They may well be helping keep the other idiots out at at the moment, which is a good thing, but for a ‘future’ of Lebanon?? Forget it.
            They have their own agenda. And that is not ‘Democracy’ or ‘Secular’.

          85. Ahmed Youssef Avatar
            Ahmed Youssef

            And it isn’t an Islamic State – as the head of the party has confirmed for some time, and as evidenced by the amendment made to their reiterated manifesto, which removes the creation of an Islamic state in Lebanon as an objective.

            So what the hell is it that they want from Lebanon? Please enlighten us.

          86. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Perpetual ‘Resistance’.

          87. wargame1 Avatar

            You have teamed up with the Shias and now you see your mate is losing in Syria and you also know that its coming to Lebanon. When Omer Al Khattab took the Key of Jerusalem from the Christian priests ,He was asked not to allow any Jew in Jerusalem. But Omer politely refused that request from the Christians and the Jews were Allowed to live in Jerusalem. During of the time of prayer the Christian Priest asked Omer to pray in the Christian holy site but Omer decided not to pray there fearing that it would be a tradition for the Muslims to pray in the future which would hinder the Christians. You just want to invent story against the Sunnis but hey the Sunnis are the Majority in the middle east so your betting on the Persian Majoos and teaming up with them will bring nothing but Misery

          88. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Yes. And here’s your ‘happy theory’.
            If each ‘country’ in this Muddled-East mess now was only ONE ‘faith-sect’ within it’s borders, they would all be happy peaceful places with everyone living their relative-ability lives under the precepts of each tribal custom. Right?
            There would be no reason for any one of them to attack another. RIGHT?
            Isn’t that the ‘dream’ of EVERY MEGALOMANIAC??

          89. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Thank you for showing your true colors – it takes a lot of courage to come out and say such hateful things. We can help you leave such a toxic culture that feeds on misery and hate. There is a brighter world out there, where you can learn to appreciate diversity, and stop judging others by their race or religion. Clearly to me at least, Hizballah practices the same type of bigotry as their worst enemy, Israel. Oppression is not our future, Iran and Syria can keep their political system out of Lebanon.

          90. barabie Avatar

            You must have comprehension issues, coz Akhou didn’t say anything even resembling “Islamic”!
            Just shows how you love to twist things to suit your agenda.

          91. barabie Avatar

            lol did someone take offense to your name? Some people need to lighten up.

          92. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Seriously, some of these people are quite stuck up. Any suggestions on how we can get people like Ahmed Yousef to take a stick or two out of their bums?

          93. barabie Avatar

            light the sticks up?


        2. wargame1 Avatar

          The Syrian rebel fight and Kill Hezbushaitan but they never threat of more attack by doing some suicide bombing in the civilian area. But in Lebanon the Al-Qaeda does the opposite. What is the reason?

  3. The real lebanese Avatar
    The real lebanese

    They are all ‘martyrs’ killing the ‘foreign zionist Takfiris’.

    1. Now your talking sense.

  4. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    Its rather sad to see young Lebanese dying to save a dictator who butchered Lebanon with his father for over 30 years. It rather strange to see then so called the mighty Syrian army fell apart and was useless according to Iran General Suleimeini. If it was not for hezballoh of Lebanon, Iraq, Iran and great help of Russian Military and I am sure many other countries involved Assad would have folded. After all its also Ironic Assad who used to send Al Qaada to Iraq to kill americans soliders and also believe it or not suicide bombers against Shiite Targets as well. Assad Supported Fatah al Islam and he took it for granted that these guys will never target him at all. Even Iran hosted many AL Qaada Leaders and used them for their own goals against the west and other sunnis as well.
    The problem now its hard to control these jihadists for the mere facts they’re willing to die for some dumb ass cause. Many countries trained them and supported them now against them. Maybe now Hezbollah siding with Assad but should he remain in power. I am sure they will be resentment from his side toward hezbollah and Iran cause both of them controlling him now to some extent. eventually they will overrun him and turn Syria into waliet al faqih. then we have waliet al faqih on one side and ISIL on another. God saves us from both..

    1. AkhouManUki Avatar

      Yislamle timmak ya Nagy – I am saddened by how many art young men have given up everything to defend a culture of death and destruction. I only hope that one day their younger brothers and sisters can thrive in peace.

    2. Leborigine Avatar

      Spot on Nagy! I have said it before and I will say it again, syria has never won a war in its past or present state and if it wasn’t for external intervention they would have crumbled like dried dog pooh a long time ago!

  5. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Low body-count-day there.

    1. AkhouManUki Avatar

      Watch out, Farqrallah will try to get you to eat your words along with a side-order of shit. We are not allowed to wish any ill will towards Hezblabla, he has strict orders from Sayyed to shoot down anyone who interferes with their propaganda campaign.

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Oh poop. 🙂
        Speaking of which, there seems to be an epidemic of it lately in Lebanon.
        Diarrhea is on the rise ….

        1. AkhouManUki Avatar

          Diarrhea in Lebanon? That seems to be what most vacationers end up discovering in their first week back, to which the locals will proceed to boast about the phenomenal immunity of Lebanese, and how wherever you came from is awful in comparison.

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            It can be caused by long-term stress too ….
            I even swam there … never had it. :-)))
            (NOT near Mt. Sidon, however … might burn the skin there.)
            (shots available for everything else … 😉

  6. zabada Avatar

    Syiah is a politcal a religion.Syiah ulema.nterpreted Islam for their lust,to gain politic power.They must remove Vilayah Alfiqh.Some sunni do the same.They interpreted religion as politic.Many muslims not understand their religion.That why they killed each others.The prophet interpreted religion as good behavior and an advice to their civilians and leaders.Plese come the true core of religion.Then people will love each others and respect each others.Achieve civilization likely to the west.In west people debated each others a bout religion,politic,culture.Civilization,modernization make more sense.what ever religion people was.Knowledge ,all kind of knowledge will spreading peacefully in civilized nation or countries.Warsis the past tool to unite any nation or countries,otherwise in modern days we unite people with knowledge,debate and democracy.The west can,t force Arabs to practice democracy..Teach them civilization,modernization,,industrialization. After that they will convert to democracy peacefully.But the west seem to be barbarian when they bombarded these weak nations and force democracy. on them.They must teach democracy by books,not by war.War it self is not a democracy.The west are working on wrong path.That why this world now full of wars and people hating and killing each others,especially among uncivilized nations.

  7. zabada Avatar

    After dethrone Sunni Saddam there will be unstable state,then a war in Iraq.Fortunately Sunni rebel on Assad Syiah.To destroy both Syiah and Sunni Jews will force America not to intervene.That is what America do now.It is planed by Jews in America and U.K.Jews still lead the west like at the past.For sure.

    Jews do 9 11.Blame Muslims on that.Accusing Saddam with wmd,then dethrone him in order to destroy Syiah and sunni,even Iran.Jews are happy if Iran intervene in Iraq..by that they fare fully destroying both Sunni and Syiah.Now America negotiate with Iran to intervene.Obama only send 270 armies in Iraq.Like at the past Jews are too smart for Whites European and Arabs.See how they took over Russia at the past and killed Romanov family.

    Jews ..Zionist Jews started all these after 9 11.It is very clear,Jews are planning to destroy middle east..For sure.

    1. Saddam Hussein’s biggest mistake was invading Kuwait. If Saddam Hussein did not invade Kuwait, he would still be ruling over Iraq.

      1. AkhouManUki Avatar

        Saddam’s second biggest mistake was being born. If he was never born, he would have never have reproduced the two devils, and Iraq would probably be in a better place.

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