Russia praises Syrian election, but calls it not 100% democratic


syria upside down democracySyrian ally Russia said on Thursday that observers had found the presidential election in which Bashar al-Assad retained power to have been fair, free and transparent, and criticized nations that denounced the vote.

“Moscow sees the vote as an important event that safeguards the continued functioning of state institutions in Syria,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich told reporters at a briefing.

He said the election was “naturally not 100 percent democratic” due to the conflict in Syria, but that turnout, transparency and the findings of foreign monitors “give us no reason to question the legitimacy of the election”.

“Against this background, the … politicized reaction to the election from some of our international partners cannot fail to cause disillusionment,” he said. “It is unacceptable to ignore the views of millions of Syrians.”

Syria’s parliament speaker said on Wednesday that Assad won 88.7 percent in the election, which was held mainly in areas where his forces hold sway. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called the election “meaningless” and “a great big zero”.

assad-putin-bloodied-handRussia has given Assad crucial backing during the conflict that has killed 160,000 people, providing arms and blocking Western and Arab-backed efforts to adopt U.N. Security Council resolutions condemn him or threaten him with sanctions.




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  1. The real lebanese Avatar
    The real lebanese

    Ya Russia messed up..

    1. Russia didn’t mess up they were able to keep syria in one piece
      It was USA that lost instead of creating a puppet government or destabilize Syria to the no threat level They only created a bog mess where Assad is winning and their former puppet is now a part of Al-qaeda

      1. arzatna1 Avatar

        Are you saying that Russia was able to keep Syria in one piece?
        Have you looked at a Syrian map lately ?
        Assad does not control 15 % of Syria .
        Russia doesn’t give a damn about Syria or the Syrian people.

        To Russia this is strictly business.
        They are selling all the arms they can to a dictator and getting paid for them by Iran. At the same time they are being able to hold onto Tartus , their only base outside Russia .
        Time for the people of the area to know the real truth about Russia’s intentions in the area.

        1. I am talking about the syrian government
          According to america Libya was ”Liberated” but if you look it it has fractured government that can’t even control its own military
          Now the american puppet governemt is relying on Islamists to keep in control

          Syrian government is the true government and US bastards has no right to de-stabilize innocent countries and destroy them just becuase they disagree with US

          1. Farq2 Avatar

            You mentioned Libya, however allow to elaborate. They also messed up Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, Africa and every God damn country they put their hand in. People know them as the police of the world. However most people are starting to see that are they in fact only good at one thing, destabilize every country they get involved in.

          2. arzatna1 Avatar

            Remove your blinders and think straight for a second.
            Its the lack of US involvement in Syria that got us into this mess. Had Obama supported the Syrian moderates from day one with arms and not blah blah , Assad would have been eliminated long time ago .

          3. The real lebanese Avatar
            The real lebanese

            Thank you. If the US got involved in Syria there is no way it would’ve gotten to the point where it is now.

          4. It was assad who protected minorities like christians

            He is considered “the protector of minorities” and a he is like saint for the christians

            If he was killed alawites,shias,Christians and other minorities will be masscred by sunni radicals (Fact-Most syrian Sunni population of syria support Assad and
            Baath brigades are made mostly of sunni muslims only the radicals oppose him)

          5. The real lebanese Avatar
            The real lebanese

            Wow so you really think Ghaddafi should’ve remained in power? You really think the Taliban should’ve continued exercising Sharia on Afghanis? Saddam should’ve continued gassing his people? As for Tunisia and Egypt, what did the uS have to do with them? The brotherhood got elected in Egypt, which the US doesnt support. And comparing them to Syria actually proves a point that the US actually benefits countries. All those countries look more stable than Syria or Ukraine where Russia is intervening.

          6. Gaddafi was great leader that developed his nation and took Libyan Oil fields back thus allowing his nation to advance while western companies lost its income the main reason capitalist nations wanted Gaddafi gone

          7. The real lebanese Avatar
            The real lebanese

            He raped countless women. Assassinated those who were against his monarchy and political views. He created a safe haven for terrorists, possibly some which are fighting in Syria today. He attempted to procure weapons of mass destruction to use against Europe. He funded Islamist and communist militant groups in the Philippines. What a great leader?

            Ps the west never had an income with Libya since Gaddafi took power.

          8. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Don’t forget about his crew of female bodyguards…

          9. OH!!!the amazonian guard
            Although their is no real evidence that they prostitutes for Gaddafi or not.
            It also seems Gaddafi considred not using women for war as a waste and didn’t those bodygaurds take the vow of chasity

          10. Farq2 Avatar

            Don’t be jealous Pops. -:)))

          11. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Pretty damn hard not to be jealous!

          12. If he had all these against him the New government should have fair trial in a court not brutally torture and kill him and arrest his son
            The so called new “democratic” governemnt even banned his party and prohibited to even talk about Gaddafi or his party his supporters were exiled or sent to torture prsions

          13. The real lebanese Avatar
            The real lebanese

            Yes because of all the horrible crimes he has committed. Read this and tell me you wouldn’t do the same. And this is only one girl out of the thousands. I think he should’ve deserved much worse.


          14. I can’t beleive biased western media

            Some facts about Libya under the Gaddafi regime:
            (You won’t find this in mainstream media)

            1. Housing was deemed a human right – Gadaffi promised to house every single Libyan before he housed his own parents (in fact his father passed away before he was housed).

            2. Every newly wed couple got $50,000 from the state to buy a new home for themselves.

            3. The govt. gave every farmer land, a home, equipment, livestock and seed.

            4. The cost of a new car was 50% subsidised by govt.

            5. Education was free

            6. Healthcare was free and of a high standard. Even so, if you could not get the needed treatment in Libya, govt. paid for you to get the treatment abroad (travel, accommodation, cost of treatment)

            7. By law all loans were interest free.

            8. Libya was one of the handful of countries to have a central bank issuing debt free loans to their banks
            (Note: The first act of the Libyan coup rebels was to change the central bank)

          15. The real lebanese Avatar
            The real lebanese

            Ok. He was still a sick man. Too many people are permanently scarred for life or killed due to his dictatorship. Even if Libya was the most wealthy and prospering country in the world a man like that doesnt deserve to stay in power.

          16. i am not saying he is a saint but their are nations that democracy doesn’t work Libya’s tribal and islamic ways mean more conflict unless a strong leader is able to control them with an iron hand

            In fact no country has perfect huamn rights or democracy
            USA has been detaining activists ,kidnapped civilians from various middle eastern nation for no reason and tortured,killed or sent them to Guantanamo bay which is a modern day concentration camp

          17. The real lebanese Avatar
            The real lebanese

            Woah. Gaddafi supported Islamic groups. Dont get this mixed up. Its the Islamic groups that are fighting to get their influence back. And I never said the US was a saint but it certainly doesnt compare to Ghaddafi.

      2. The real lebanese Avatar
        The real lebanese

        I was referring to the statement. Everyone was saying the election wasn’t democratic except Syria and Iran. Russia basically put the final blow on the election.

        And they did mess up when the supported the regime who murders his own civilians in the tens of thousands.

        1. Its russia trying to be less Hypocritical and trying show that western nations are more Hypocritical
          West refused to accept the syrian election but accepted the Ukraine election while russia accpeted both election

          1. The real lebanese Avatar
            The real lebanese

            An election isnt an legitimate if its not democratic. That defeats the whole point.

          2. No nation have ever gained complete socialism or democracy
            this election is not really different froms hundreds of other elections that happen all across the world and I can’t blame Assad because FSA didn’t let the election happen

            Just go to

          3. The real lebanese Avatar
            The real lebanese

            Complete democracy is impossible. But the elections in Syria werent a democratic process when you exclude 90% of Syrians. And the FSA boycotted because Assad was only allowing the elections to be held in areas he controlled.the FSA wanted elections. I cant blame Assad on holding elections in his areas only since ISIS or Nusra will screw up the results in their area, but it still wasn’t legitimate for all of Syria.

          4. Farq2 Avatar

            90%. Lol. Real, please wake up to yourself and stop spreading lies. Talk about something being a figment in ones imagination.

          5. The real lebanese Avatar
            The real lebanese

            Look at the map.. Lol. Looks like less than 90% so I was being rather generous.

          6. Entire western and Central syria is under Government control Rebels in south are now cornered
            All the major cities except Aleppo is under military control and Aleppo will fall soon
            If Syrian people is against assad what about Hundreds of thousands on NDF forces with hundreds of women

          7. MekensehParty Avatar

            Sample 889 makes his debut on YaLibnan
            The same recording with the exact same (flawed) arguments all in one page.
            Read through to discover Dr. Maher’s latest and most updated rhetoric with catchphrases like: “Russia winning in Syria, bashar the protector of minorities, the Syrians lOOOOve bashar”. All the highlights are up there in each of his posts.
            Boy this sample was ready to spit all that brainwashing
            [Dr. Maher’s voice]: I’m proud of you sample 889

          8. who is sample 889??????
            I said most of syrians love Assad and Assad has the love of minorities becuase FSA slaughtering shia and Christians
            Al-quads battalion is sunni battalion that is Pro-assad which proves sunni majority workds for assad as well

            Most of the anti-assad syrians are dead in hell its the foreign al-Qaeda that is currently fighting the hopeless war against Bashar Al-Assad

          9. over a million refugees in lebenon and neighbors were allowed to vote and most of syria is controlled by Assad and these are the most populated areas in syria
            Most people in FSA controlled areas went to government areas too

            THIS MAKES OVER 70% VOTED

          10. arzatna1 Avatar

            Wake up to reality
            Even Russia , which is Assad’s key ally admitted this was not a democratic election.

            How could 70 % of Syrians have voted when only 15 % of the country is controlled by Assad?
            Be realistic

          11. Farq2 Avatar

            And who told you its only 15%. Oh, that’s rite, the main stream media. They never lie, do they. We’ll, at least gave him 15%. I have also heard he only controls 10% of the country. Just ask Real. Whats funny is there is no proof of what the media says. Only what the millions Syrians say which can be proved through live footage which shows them protesting in favor of Assad. But I guess that would be a lie as well. It’s hard for you to beleive, however more 70% of the country supports Assad. And that’s the truth.

          12. arzatna1 Avatar

            If you believe the footage of the Assad regime , then I really feel sorry for you ….you need help badly …consult a shrink as soon as you read this message

  2. 5thDrawer Avatar

    I think they said said the same about ‘elections’ in the Ukraine where the ‘Pro-Ukraine’ voters were ‘persuaded’ by the ‘Pro-Russia Goons’ to either go away or stay in their homes so they wouldn’t be beaten up.
    One SHOULD note, however, that Assad didn’t get his usual 98% … it dropped by 10. 😉
    Russia will say: ‘See? That proves it was ‘fair’.’ :-))))

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