Hezbollah commander Fawzi Ayoub killed in Syria by FSA


Fawzi Ayoub hezbollah commander

Beirut, Lebanon – Hezbollah military commander Fawzi Ayoub was killed in Syria in an ambush set up by the Free Syrian Army ( FSA) in Aleppo, accodding to a report by NOW on Sunday.

Ayoub, whose nickname is Abou Abbas, joined Hezbollah in 1982 . He had previously trained Palestinian militants associated with jihadist movements and was held captive by the Israeli army in West Bank in the year 2000.

He returned to Lebanon in 2003 in a hostage swap deal and was wounded in the battle of Syria’s Qusayr, where Hezbollah fighters defeated rebels in May 2013.

Ayoub who also holds a Canadian citizenship lived in the United States in Dearborn MI after he was released from Israeli jail under the assumed name of ‘Frank Mariano Boschi ‘

Hezbollah also announced the killing of Mostafa Hussein Ayoub in Syria, who hails from the town of Harouf in Nabatiyeh.



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  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Typical terrorist with multi-passports so he can ‘do business’ in many places, while hiding in one.

  2. 1Woman Avatar

    He went from supporting Palestinian freedom to helping Tehran to kill Palestinians and Syrians wanting freedom. No tears will be shed except by his direct family.

    1. Tomer Avatar

      hear hear. with 2 words you described the whole issue in syria. “wanting freedom”…are you a child? or just uneducated? do you realy believe that the civil war in syria is about “freedom”? the islamist networks who existed since a long time in syria were used by many nations, who were interessted in the fall of assad. do you realy believe that americans, turks, israelis or whoever cares about who rules syria? or how syrians are treated? people like you are the reason why the arabs are seen as clowns and slaves by the world

      1. Farq2 Avatar

        Very sad however very true. Well said.

      2. nagy_michael2 Avatar

        hear hear.. the Syrian regime bombarded us for 30 years. The so many Lebanese leaders who were killed not before the war but from 2005 up to date. were looking for freedom from Syrian and hezbollah control. They were killed and Israel is accused in the Process. every time some security agent have something on them, he got eliminated. you are the uneducated and perverted child. you’re the traitor to lebanon and its diginity and freedom. do not speak or say a work you moron. Who cares about islamists anyway. werent the palestinians supporting assad anyway? why is it the regime and their cousins and relatives benefit but the population don’t. The islamists came because the syrian revolution were weak and needed help. they the islamists took adventage of that and abused their power and extended their stay. Many syrians do not like them period. Are you telling the Assad who was brutal in Lebanon and have done more killing and destructions to us more than all the wars with Israel combined that he is good and fair leader to his own people? where do you people come from?

      3. MekensehParty Avatar

        The only clown here is the one who got a red nose from reading what 1woman said. Enough with the flawed theory that this war was instigated by others. There is a majority that went on the streets very peacefully asking for reforms – not even the fall of Assad – and they were answered by their children being abducted and tortured to set an example, afterwards they got shot at, arrested, tortured, killed and mustard gassed. If that moron 99.9% elected president had any vision or respect for his people he could have passed serious reforms and guess what, he would have won at least a parliamentary majority in a new open and free system, instead he chose to destroy the whole country in an all or nothing bid. So please spare us the BS that this war was imposed on the Syrians by foreign forces, this war was created and fueled by non other than bashar the sole responsible of the state the country is in today.

    2. bypest Avatar

      Zionists sure are drawn to the codename “free” for their mercenary armies. Whether it be the AFL during the civil war or the FSA in the present.

    3. Atlas Turns Avatar
      Atlas Turns

      Its not clear that theres a shred of truth to this story, given that the sources are YaHariri and NowHariri. But if it is true, then he went from defending Palestine to defending Syria.

      1. AkhouManUki Avatar

        YaHariri? If that’s all you see, maybe you should read more of their articles. NowHariri on the other hand, it’s more like NowUSA.

      2. MekensehParty Avatar

        Hahaha a new joker blogging live from mazzeh and distributing allegiances to people who use their brains instead of feeding on dr. Maher propaganda machines whether called SANA, manar, al-Akhbar…
        If anything, Hariri and his clique come to yalibnan looking for the arguments their little brains lack to generate, and this truth is eating you from the inside, the fact that rational people are leading the opposition against your dark age misinformation propaganda methods.
        No go ask dr maher what you should reply to this

        1. Atlas Turns Avatar
          Atlas Turns

          Notably, I made a clear and concise point, while you went on an incoherent rant about where you think I am from (you think wrong, and I don’t know where Mazzeh is) and accuse me of taking orders from a Maher guy (whom I don’t know and never heard of). Based on that, I’m not sure how you see yourself in the category of “rational person” while seeing me in the category of “dark age misinformation propaganda”. My personal analysis is that I’m observing facts and making judgements based on the facts, whereas you are a typical tribalistic camel-rider who is incapable of seeing beyond the views and supposed interests of the tribe that you were born into, whichever tribe that may be.

          1. MekensehParty Avatar

            Your clear and concise point is low level propaganda
            aligning any news outlet that’s against the axis you support with Hariri is flawed and not factual. So for someone who loves facts: get the facts right before spewing BS followed by insults to the tribe people

    4. Farq2 Avatar

      Your blindness is obvious through what you have written. Open your eyes and see all the Syrians hitting streets protesting in favor of Assad and his decision to run for President. These Syrians wanting freedom are targeted by your beloved freedom fighters. Better known as terrorist that have come from all over the world causing mass atrocities killing innocent human beings. Like the attack that happened last Thursday in Daraa. Tell me, are we to blame Assad for this, are we to blame HA for this, or we to blame Tehran for this. Stop picking and choosing what to believe and try and see what is really going on in Syria. Both sides have done wrong, However only one side has beheaded people, Only one side cuts the throats of innocent priests, Sheikhs or any person who doesn’t believe in their sick views and sick religion. only one side rapes woman and children, Only one side straps a bomb on themselves and pushers the button taking with them as many innocent people as possible. only one side brainwashes its followers by telling them they will have 72 virgins in heaven. So please, do me a favor and go spread your bullshit elsewhere.

    5. Farq2 Avatar

      Oh, and by the way, nobody is asking you to shed tears for this man. However try and shed some tears for the innocent people that are being killed by these low life terrorist.

    6. Farq2 Avatar

      Below are those Syrians wanting freedom which have been protesting for the past few weeks. I tell you what, for people who you claim have been targeted by HA,Tehran and Assad, they seem pretty content with Assad running for the Presidency. I wonder why this site never shows this news.

      1. AkhouManUki Avatar

        You are hell bent on getting this BS propaganda across as if it is somehow news. Assad has always had the motivation (aka fear) to light up a protest on demand, this means nothing. Of course his regime wants to give the illusion that they are righteous, popular and strong – clearly people like you believe that propaganda, and in your case, go on to try to force others to see it from their perspective. We don’t live in Syria, and we aren’t subjected to the totalitarian regime of Assad, so please excuse us for having freedom of choice.

        You probably think that Assad really does get 99.999% of the vote in his elections. Wake up!

        1. Farq2 Avatar

          Ah, the good old everything is BS when it favors HA, Assad and Iran. This is not propaganda. It is facts that most on this blog are finding very hard to come to terms with. What is propaganda however is how this site only spreads hate when it comes to things or stories that don’t suit them. I never said that Assad or his regime is righteous. What I am saying is not all is what it seems. I think the waking up needs to come from your end my friend. Because I myself can see very clearly. Next thing you are going to try and tell me is that all the innocent people in Syria who have died are at the hands of HA and Assad.

          1. AkhouManUki Avatar

            I don’t doubt the presence of evil on all sides in the Syrian conflict – I also don’t doubt that it is Assad/Hezblabla that helper manifest that presence through the totalitarian regime that has repressed the Syrian people for decades. I get that you are laser focused on whatever it takes for your militia to survive, but your lack of objectivity is keeping you from asking the critical question: to what end?

          2. Farq2 Avatar

            With all the evidence around you, is really that hard for you to beleive that the majority of Syrians do in fact support Assad. And to blame HA for the evil presence that presently plagues Syria is a joke. HA was the last foreign group to enter the battle. That evil presence you speak of joined the war in Syria way before HA entered. As for the end, well it is quite simple, let the west and it’s allies stop training, financing and protecting these animal terrorist and then and only then will there be any end in site. In the meantime, our brothers from the Hezb and the SAA with continue to exterminate these pigs. Pull out the popcorn my friend and enjoy the ass kicking our brave boys are serving.

          3. AkhouManUki Avatar

            This is the difference between you and I – I don’t feast on the suffering of others. While popcorn and massacres may be your thing, I would rather not celebrate death and destruction. What I find most disturbing is that death and destruction is the only world that Hezblabla knows how to thrive in. What on earth will your “brave boys” do in a world where ass kicking is no longer required?

            Stop trying to win the war through propaganda. It’s incredibly hypocritical of you to call the opposition terrorists in Syria – you should know better, especially as someone with yellow-fever, aka unconditional love for Hezblabla. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Funny how you use the same propaganda tactics against the Syrian opposition that Israel has used against Hizballah for years.

          4. MekensehParty Avatar

            What you’re saying is totally true: the rebels in Syria are to Hezbollah exactly what Hezbollah is to Israel. The same tactics and long term strategies used by Hezbollah against Israel are today used by the rebels against Hezbollah.
            They used to count the number of israeli corpses leaving south Lebanon to be buried in Israel, now they’re counting Hezbollah bodies leaving Syria to Lebanon. Of course the hypocrites refuse to see this, which only proves the extent of their lies throughout the decades for this is no honorable resistance as they always claimed but yet another tool to subdue people’s freedom, Lebanese Syrians and Palestinians if necessary…

    7. MekensehParty Avatar

      They claimed that they supported Palestinian freedom but in reality they used and abused the Palestinian cause to build an army that threatens first and foremost the residents of the resistance axis countries since we all know that Hezbollah is no threat to Israel.

  3. Guest Avatar

    Did you know that all of the good will that Hezbolah worked so hard to build up and get over the years between the Shias and Sunnis in the Middle East by Hezbollah being a very effective anti-Zionist force has been broken down and ruined by none other than Hezbolah’s ally Bashar Al-Assad’s bad behavior against the Sunni majority in Syria. And now adding insult to injury, Hezbollah has had to risk and sacrifice the lives of hundreds of its young men to keep Assad in power on orders of Iran which has further alienated and badly strained relations between Shias and Sunnis. The sectarian secular Bashar Al-Assad is not worth sacrificing ones life and dying for

  4. Guest Avatar

    Because of Shiite Iranian Velayat-e Faqih which Hezbollah and Nasrallah follow, sooner or later Nasrallah will have to be the absolute ruler of Lebanon as is religiously demanded and mandated by this Shiite Iranian religious rule.

  5. Fox-News Avatar

    What a shame. Died trying to massacre the blessed people of sham.

    1. AkhouManUki Avatar

      I didn’t realize Fox News cared about the people of sham – you must be an impostor! Watch out, Farq2 will accuse you of being a terrorist, and Adam will accuse you of being pro-Israeli!!

  6. GaddafiDeadAssadDying Avatar

    Another Iranian dog bites the dust. Assad, your friend Gaddafi is waiting for you in hell… 😉 😉

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