$2,000 for a ‘magical’ meal at new restaurant in Ibiza


Sublimotion restaurant ibiza spainWorld-renowned chef Paco Roncero will soon open his new restaurant, Sublimotion, at the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza, Spain where guests will be taken on a multisensory journey. Price of admission: €1,500, or just over $2000 per person. According to Eater, that hefty price, “is more than double the cost of America’s most expensive tasting menus.”

In a promotional video, Roncero, a chef awarded two prestigious Michelin Stars, says that Sublimotion has been in the works for a year and bringing it to reality is his dream come true. “I had to combine forces with talented other professions who could contribute technology, design, study the emotions, study the role of the senses,” the culinary artist said. Roncero’s team worked to create an experience for the diner that some may consider overwhelming.

“Working in Paco Roncero’s workshop, you realize that your work as a cook doesn’t end with what you put on the plate. The combination of tastes you can create. You can also perceive sensations,” said one of the Sublimotion chefs. An entire environment is created for the guests that influences how the dishes are experienced. “Eating on the beach is not the same as eating in a field. And that is what we have developed in the Paco Roncero workshop,” said another of Roncero’s chefs.

Only twelve diners can be seated at a time in the stark white space designed as a backdrop to display visual elements. Restaurant-goers are surrounded by operator controlled wall and table projections, varying temperatures and humidity, customized aromas and music, and oh yeah, a 20-course tasting menu.

While one would assume the cuisine from the acclaimed Roncero would be great, not much is said about the Sublimotion food specifically. However this tidbit is mentioned on the restaurant’s website, “Guests will travel in a world of sensations from the North Pole, where they will taste a cold snack carved out by themselves from their own iceberg, to the baroque Versailles.[sic] where the subtlety and elegance of a rose will melt in their mouths.”

The Sublimotion website also states that, “Unexpected turns throughout a magical tasting menu will incite the guests [sic] most forgotten feelings. There will be time for humor, pleasure, fear, reflection and nostalgia.” Not so sure that advertising “fear” is the best marketing plan, but the new restaurant’s guests will undoubtedly be in for quite an “emotional experience” when the eatery debuts this summer.

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