Lebanon to limit immigration of Syrian refugees


syrian refugees lebanonInterior Minister Nohad Mashnouq said that the cabinet would work on limiting the number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

“Limiting the immigration of Syrian refugees will be coordinated with the concerned organizations and will depend on two factors: defining who the refugees are and limiting migration from safe Syrian areas,” Masnhouq said in a press conference following a meeting with a delegation from the European Union and municipalities’ chiefs.

Mashnouq also noted that the Lebanese cabinet can no longer bear the burdens of Syrians’ immigration to Lebanon.

“Syrian refugees are our guests and [considered among] our relatives, but the [country] does not have enough capabilities and infrastructure to bear the [big] number of refugees,” he said.

The interior minister also noted that the refugees make up around “27 percent of the Lebanese population, 10 percent of the Jordanian population and 4 percent of the Turkish population.”

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