Army raids Tripoli in manhunt for fugitives, one captured


lebanese army tripoli manhuntThe army on Thursday raided several neighborhoods in the northern city of Tripoli in search of fugitives, as part of the security plan that troops started implementing earlier this week to end the state unrest and instability in the North.

The Internal Security Forces Intelligence Bureau also carried out raids in the northern Akkar town of Halba, and succeeded in arresting Sheikh Musheer Khodr, who is linked to radical cleric Omar Bakri, radio Voice of Lebanon (93.3) said.

Media reports said that Bakri, however, was able to escape the raids.

“Checkpoints have been erected in the Tripoli neighborhood of Abi Samra and troops raided several locations in the region,” VDL mentioned.

It noted that army forces raided al-Bazar street in the city as they were looking for fugitive Talal Issa.

“The army also raided Hussam al-Sabbagh’s farm in Abi Samra,” the same source added, describing him as a “very important fugitive.”

Troops, however, did not find him, VDL said.

Al-Jadeed television reported that Abdullah Yahya Mahmoud al-Hussein, who is nicknamed Abi Bakr al-Ansari, was also arrested in Tripoli’s al-Qobbeh.

Meanwhile, troops positioned in the Tripoli neighborhood of Jabal Mohsen near the house of Arab Democratic Party politburo chief Rifaat Eid, who had left Lebanon along with his father, Ali Eid.

On Wednesday, the military institution announced arresting 33 people, including 14 Syrians, in Tripoli.

Troops also seized 15 motorbikes, 10 unlawful cars, in addition to weapons and ammunition.

Ex-Prime Minister Saad Hariri lauded the Tripoli security plan on Thursday, saying it proved that “the state can extend its authority across all Lebanese regions when it determines to do so.”

“We particularly salute the efforts exerted by the interior and the justice ministers, as well as all Tripoli’s politicians, and civil activists,” Hariri said in a released statement.

He also praised “the sacrifices of the army and security forces to safeguard the city and protect its people.”

Meanwhile, Telecommunications Minister Butros Harb ordered the technical teams in the ministry and in OGERO to inspect the damages sustained by the phone network in Tripoli due to the clashes.

He called for repairing the network and restoring the phone service in the region.




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