Health Minister: All patients must be treated at hospitals with dignity


wael abou faourHealth Minister Wael Abu Faour on Wednesday blasted hospitals in the country for refusing to admit patients for treatment due to their financial circumstances.

“We, in the Ministry of Health, cannot accept any patient being turned back at a hospital’s door under any excuse,” Abu Faour told doctors at a meeting of medical observers.

He went on to express his sorrow at complaints that some hospitals have refused to admit patients that were unable to cover their medical expenses.

Abou Faour added that medical observers are responsible the health and dignity of patients as well as hospital finances.

“Today’s meeting should confirm to the [medical observers] that their responsibility does not lie in only signing financial contracts or hospital bills.”

“Their task lies in effective monitoring that targets the responsibilities of finance and health, as well as the patient’s dignity.”

The health minister concluded by saying that hospital bills in Lebanon are “inflated and contain a lot of [excess] and waste.”

“If that [money] is spent of citizens’ health, no problem. However, if it goes in to bank accounts [we have] a big problem.”

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  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Hmmm .. someone bitching too much about having to die on a hospital door?

  2. I who have lived all my life here in Beirut, Lebanon have had difficulties due to affordability, but the controversial Syrian foreign minister was given first class hospital treatment in Beirut, Lebanon.

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