Future Movement backs Geagea for President, would never support Aoun


geagea - aounFuture MP Atef Majdalani confirmed that his bloc has no objection to Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea representing the March 14 alliance in the upcoming presidential elections, and said rumors that the Future Movement would support Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun as a presidential candidate were untrue.

“There is someone trying to [stir up trouble] in March 14. [The idea] of Michel Aoun being presented as a candidate by the Future Movement is inconceivable.”

“[We have no objection] to the adoption of Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea as the March 14 [bloc’s] presidential nominee,” Majdalani told Radio Free Lebanon on Tuesday.

He added that rumors claiming the Future Movement would support Aoun as a presidential candidate were false.

“We confirm that March 14 forces will go united to the presidential elections.”

On Tuesday Geagea said, “the Lebanese need a president who does not compromise and who rather takes clear and bold stances and the Bekaa and the North need an urgent security plan.”

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  1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    Can we get somebody else other than Geagea, AOun, Franjieh and same also for the PM and change Berri too. wooh are we ever going to get out these gangs control..

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Nope … same problem as women have … Religions & Their Gangs.
      “BEIRUT: A woman died last week after reportedly being shot in the chest by her husband, a local non-governmental organization told The Daily Star Monday, the latest in a series of domestic violence cases plaguing Lebanon.
      Rouqaya Mounzer was allegedly shot in the chest by her husband Wednesday night, said Maya Ammar, communications officer at KAFA. It is not known whether she died immediately or at the hospital.
      Mounzer, 24, lived in Beirut’s southern suburbs with her husband, identified as M.M., and their two young children. She had been married for seven years, according to Ammar.
      “It was most probably her husband [who killed her],” she told The Daily Star. “It was known that he was violent with her.”
      This is the third such case in Lebanon this year, …. etc …
      A draft law to protect women from domestic violence was first submitted to Parliament in 2010. A parliamentary subcommittee began studying the draft in May 2011 and finalized its amendments in August 2012, which altered the title of the text, now referring to violence against the family, as opposed to women specifically. A key clause criminalizing marital rape was removed by the committee after it sparked a backlash from religious figures and some politicians.”
      BUT …. here’s some parties to consider if voting …
      “Of the 128-member Parliament, 43 supported the draft law in 2012, mostly from the Lebanese Forces, Free Patriotic Movement, Future Movement and Kataeb Party.”

      1. Religion what is it good for…absolutely NOTHING!

      2. nagy_michael2 Avatar

        we need to overhaul the whole country man..

      3. barabie Avatar

        Domestic violence against women by shites? Who would’ve guessed. It’s not like them to use violence against women, look at the perfect shite gentlemen on this blog who would never threaten a woman, let alone hit her. Shites are a peace loving people who r only forced to resist by Israel and Wahhabis/salafis/takfeeris/Martians.

        1. MaImequer0 Avatar

          LOL! Sarcasm at its best!

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            They are all the same … dropping bombs on a crowd of women, or shooting them in restaurants isn’t any better.

          2. MaImequer0 Avatar

            You’re correct, violence is not good, but sometimes ‘violence’ is actually justified defense… depends on one’s point of view. My point however was that barabie’s sarcasm was brilliant.

          3. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Yes. Fine. But ALL males are guilty of that ‘Power Trip’ if they don’t defend the rights of the women to NOT be their personal punching bags. The women need to KNOW who to vote for – then be allowed to do it.

          4. MaImequer0 Avatar

            I don’t quite catch your point.. ‘ALL’…”if’… But for voting, in any country that has democratic election, and IF the election is not a farce, the ALL eligible voters need to know who it’s in their best interest to vote for.

          5. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Exactly. And all is ALL if not educated differently.

          6. MaImequer0 Avatar

            I not exactly following you, but were you one advocating using barabie for a punching bag?

          7. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I know you’re not … but you have knack for twisting words, don’t you.
            Are you Israeli? :-)))

          8. MaImequer0 Avatar

            No, never have.

          9. abyadhind Avatar

            An israeli..(like IDF Zio).

          10. MaImequer0 Avatar

            How now brown cow?

          11. barabie Avatar


          12. barabie Avatar

            No Malmequer it wasn’t 5th. It was Hannibal and farq(ed) up.

          13. MaImequer0 Avatar

            Oh, OK, thanks!

          14. cook2half Avatar

            Looks like Abbas is pretty much rejecting Kerry’s ideas. Kerry rushed to take a 5 hour flight to Amman just to meet fat head LOLOLOL

          15. MaImequer0 Avatar

            Kerry has ideas???

          16. cook2half Avatar

            Same old land for peace, stupidity stemming from President Johnson in 1967

          17. barabie Avatar

            Thanks. Watch the hezzy terrorists on this blog jump up and down screaming like cavemen.

          18. MaImequer0 Avatar

            LOL!!! Cavemen… like their ‘leader’…

          19. barabie Avatar

            Lol that’s exactly who I had in mind when I thought of cavemen.

          20. Yep, our leader who has his foot on the neck of your leader. Bwahahahahaha.
            Enjoy and be sure to polish his shoes while your down there begging for mercy.

          21. MaImequer0 Avatar

            LOL !! You arrived right on queue… Barabie told me to expect you and then poooof… there you are…

          22. Glad I didn’t disappointed you.

          23. barabie Avatar

            And there’s one of those cave”men”.

        2. man-o-war Avatar

          Domestic abuse crosses religious and cultural lines. Your hatred for Shi’ite continues to come through in lots of your comments. There are good and bad people from all walks of life.

          1. cook2half Avatar

            The organized Shia’s are always trying to attack Jews and sunnis. Like recently those Iranians who forged passports on the Malaysia plane.. we all know Malaysia is a sunni country so thats an example for that.

          2. man-o-war Avatar

            What? Ok, and 1+1= chair

          3. cook2half Avatar

            The shias are also trying to get Jews and Sunnis against each other by persuading Hamas to attack Israel

          4. man-o-war Avatar

            You’re talking nonsense, but ok. I’ll play along. The Jews are always attacking Arabs regardless of religion. The Jews are always trying to pit the Sunnis and Shi’ite against one another.

          5. cook2half Avatar

            This was probably the case until 1979, one of the hostages in the embassy was probably Jewish and the sunni led Iraqis helped him and the Canadian ambassader’s cleaner to cross the border, Khomeini since this has tried to keep the two separate

          6. 5thDrawer Avatar

            And THAT little incident, cookie, was worth ‘free rounds’ for Canadians in American Bars. I had a few … Thumb UP. 😉

          7. cook2half Avatar

            :))))))) good old days

          8. MaImequer0 Avatar

            ??? Haven’t you seen the filth spewing out of Iran? They teach things like:

            Everybody knows that Imam Hussain, the third Imam and his friends were killed by Yazid, The Omavi Caliph of Islam. Everybody knows that Yazid was neither a Christian nor a Jew. He was a Moslem. If he was a Shia he would not do that and therefore he must be a Sunni

            — Oh really? Is this logic?

          9. man-o-war Avatar

            “they teach things like”, really? Where did you get this excerpt from? An article by Dr Esaam al Emad? There are lots of Sunni scholars/Imams who talk badly about Shi’ite and how they are sinners. How they deserve death, and on and on. This doesn’t mean these people represent the entire Sunni community.

            What do some scholars/Politicians/Rabbis in Israel say about Sunnis/Arabs? They love them to death? Or do they think of them as less than human?

          10. MaImequer0 Avatar

            All political and religious groups have benign and radical elements. Does that give a foreign country a right to exploit the stupidity of a part of one group to serve their national interest??? Furthermore, whatever goes on in Israel, I have no idea, but if you want to know, you’re more than welcome to go and ask them… oops… well, maybe not…

          11. man-o-war Avatar

            “All political and religious groups have benign and radical elements.”, exactly! How do you know that is happening in Iran? Because you read an an article written by a Shi’ite convert? I don’t have to go to Israel to find out what goes on, they don’t exactly make their feelings secret. Have you been to Iran to find out how the general population feels and thinks? The radical elements of a government doesn’t represent all members of a society.

          12. MaImequer0 Avatar

            Well, yes I have… my impression, common people, food, very good,but, government and radicals. very bad.. and exactly what happens if or when the radical elements revolutionize themselves into power and refuse to give it up, at all costs???

          13. cook2half Avatar

            All religious radical leaders should be avoided, and most of them are. Its just a shame though that in the case of the welfare parasites in Ramallah who spread religious hatred and incitement, we give them billions from our tax money. We try being civilized and give aid to civilians, and $3 billion of this goes ‘missing’ which ends up with 1,700 Hamas millionaires

          14. 5thDrawer Avatar

            … who, in turn, ‘donate’ to gun clubs …. 😉

          15. cook2half Avatar

            Building material that UNRWA insisted Israel to let pass into Gaza was found being used to build those tunnels which bring in the weapons from Egypt. Remember turtle and scorpion? Do good and expect nothing expect bad

          16. Hannibal Avatar

            I wish Yazid were a Jew… It would have solved the problem 😉 lol

          17. MaImequer0 Avatar

            Well, you could re-write history… Why not take it a step further? Use it as a wedge issue for some group to become the sworn enemy of some other group. It’s been done before and generally, it works… Let’s make him a Kurd, froth up the iranians and let’s what happens. That’s the hard part, easy part is to find a way to use this scenario to gain power and $$$

          18. barabie Avatar

            Can u show me when u pointed out to hind, amongst others, her hatred for Sunnis? Don’t b another geo.

          19. man-o-war Avatar

            If I notice blanket statements regarding a religion or sect that’s degrading and just plain wrong, I call it out. I’m not on here 24/7, some things do slip by me. I’m not defending Hinds statements, but most of the time they are referring to extremist elements of the Sunni religion. For example, ones that commit suicide bombings and beheadings. I could be wrong, she can defend herself if need be. She makes lots of comments I don’t agree with, sometimes I respond to them and sometimes I just ignore and move on. It depends on my mood.

            It’s fine for you to defend the Sunnis when you feel they’re being slandered, nothing wrong with that. What you did here though is just inaccurate. Shi’ite are not unique when it comes to domestic abuse, and you know that to be true.

          20. cook2half Avatar

            pffffft lol

          21. man-o-war Avatar

            haha, I’m also respond to cook2long when he makes blanket statements regarding Palestinians or Muslims. And sometimes I let the troll in peace.

          22. cook2half Avatar

            Aha! A new avatar.

          23. man-o-war Avatar

            Yep, time for a new pic. Jbeil/Byblos in the spring. You went back to the Nun with a gun.

          24. cook2half Avatar

            ya its nice.

          25. barabie Avatar

            Lol u know as well as I do that nearly every second comment from hind was denigrating Sunnis, just like libnan1 etc but u never call them out on that.

          26. barabie Avatar

            And when did I say “all” shites abuse women? I never ever have made a blanket statement.

          27. man-o-war Avatar

            “Domestic violence against women by shites? Who would’ve guessed. It’s not like them to use violence against women,” , sure does sound like you’re implicating all Shi’ite.

          28. barabie Avatar

            Shites are a peace loving people who r only forced to resist by Israel and Wahhabis/salafis/takfeeris/Martians.

            Put it into context Mano.
            R all shites part of the hezzies?
            So obviously I wasn’t talking about all shites but was making a point that shites do assault and kill women, contrary to what some shites on this blog have tried to portray.

          29. man-o-war Avatar

            Ok, fair enough, but it wasn’t clear you were talking only about HA. The only Shi’ite on this blog that I know of are Farq and Prophetttt, do you know of others?

            Just curious, do you think HA is targeting Syrian women?

          30. barabie Avatar

            how about persistent and datem? i also believe hind and libnan1 are shites masquerading as Christians.
            And yes i believe the hezzies are targeting ANYONE opposed to their “resistance”.

          31. man-o-war Avatar

            Yeah, forgot about persistent. Not sure about datem, I think I’ve heard him say his Christian. There are non-Shi’ite that support HA or at least that are not anti HA.

          32. barabie Avatar

            Btw u missed the tongue in cheek blanket statement: I never ever have made a blanket statement.
            And now waiting on libnan or farq to take the bait.

          33. abyadhind Avatar

            I have no hatred for Sunni, rapers and behaeders are not Sunni they are
            The “Apostates”.

          34. MaImequer0 Avatar

            Shuushhh, the adults are talking here.

          35. Seeing though the adults are talking, what’s a donkey like you participating for then.

          36. MaImequer0 Avatar

            lol… farq u 2 and stop talking shiite.

          37. Can you at least answer the question before getting upset with me. I was being serious.

          38. barabie Avatar

            You and libnan have a fascination with donkeys. Is that a sign of repressed sexual fantasies? U must b a great daddy, seeing u spend so much time with ur “lovely” wife and children and not on the net abusing anyone who doesn’t support the terrorists hezzies. When I grow up I want a daddy just like u xx

          39. That’s right Princess Nasty, when you grow up.

          40. MaImequer0 Avatar

            Well, normally in English, we put a question mark at the end of a question, especially if we expect an answer… FYI, a question mark looks like this ‘?’.

          41. barabie Avatar

            Omg I’m sitting at a cafe and literally laughed out loud.

          42. I have heard that the RSPCA has pretty good cafe. Enjoy Princess Nasty.

          43. barabie Avatar

            U would know seeing ur a dog.

          44. Oh Princess Nasty, please find something original as your come back.

          45. MaImequer0 Avatar

            See. weren’t you schooled on this topic just yesterday? (notice the use of the question mark. For your review, again, it looks like this ‘?’).. Now, carrying on. Yesterday you were scolded for dishing it out and not accepting the ramifications of your actions (ramification, if you don’t know this word, you can find it on google).
            We’ll continue your education later… Please study hard! Good things come to those who study, and if you fail in your studies, there are other choices, rather than joining a shiite gang.

          46. Why thankyou for schooling me professor dip shit.

          47. MaImequer0 Avatar

            LOL… Tooo funny. Laughing out loud is perfectly fine in public… just don’t start talking to imaginary people and about imaginary conspiracies and in imaginary languages… If you do, people will start calling you ‘hind’… LOL
            Barabie, you’re a riot, I’d love to catch-up with you next time I’m in OZ!☺

          48. And for your information I really don’t give a flying F@%k. Now please sir, answer the question, Why is a donkey like you trying to talk amongst adults. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

          49. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Not needed, if it’s a statement.

          50. MaImequer0 Avatar

            That’s correct, but ‘dude’ continues to demand an answer rendering the rhetorical question as an actual question.

          51. barabie Avatar

            i have no hate for sunnis but they are “behaeders” (sic) and “Apostates”. lol
            ok dear.. have another cigarette. PLZ.

          52. man-o-war Avatar

            Hind, are you saying all Sunnis behead people? I’m sure you know thats not true.
            Confused by your comment, are the “apostates” beheading each other?

          53. cook2half Avatar

            Only the ones who call themselves “palestinians”

          54. man-o-war Avatar

            Do Palestinians behead people?

          55. cook2half Avatar

            They think of it

          56. man-o-war Avatar

            ^^^Mind reader! He is listening to your thoughts. What am I thinking now cook?

          57. cook2half Avatar

            You’re thinking of knafeh with Michelle Obama twerking for you

          58. man-o-war Avatar

            Close! Mostly about azz and tiddays, but not Mrs. Obama’s. Not my type.

          59. cook2half Avatar

            Here’s what was said in my local Church few weeks ago about what Jimmy Carter once said:

            “I’ve looked on a lot of women with lust. I’ve committed adultery in my heart many times.”

            Doing it in his heart is like doing it for real. He’s one of the few who owned up to it

          60. man-o-war Avatar

            Doing it in your heart is anatomically impossible. You have so much to learn cook. Maybe one day I’ll have the birds and the bees talk with you, but only when you’re ready.

          61. cook2half Avatar

            Im ready

          62. man-o-war Avatar

            I was going to teach you about the penis and vagina, but I don’t think you’re ready. Sorry! You can start by buying an anatomy coloring book.

          63. cook2half Avatar

            LOLOLOL!!! Ive had plenty of experience despite my religious side 😉

          64. man-o-war Avatar

            Chronic masturbation doesn’t count as experience, lol.

          65. cook2half Avatar

            No I meant apart from that lol

          66. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Apart from that, you need to teach HER if you want it to feel the same. !! ;-)))

          67. Hannibal Avatar

            OMG LOL

          68. Hannibal Avatar

            lmao… I just tried and got a heartache instead… lol

          69. lol

          70. man-o-war Avatar

            Why is your church in England quoting Jimmy Carter?

          71. cook2half Avatar

            lol, was a comparison between someone who merely speaks of his actions and someone who admits he’s done it in his heart. Sinning in your mind is no different than in reality from an ethical point of view. Of course harm etc in the actual world is bad but thats more from a psychology/anthropology point of view, not the subject of ethics

          72. 5thDrawer Avatar

            One needs to understand the reality of an action, and it’s effect, before making a decision to not do it. If you didn’t think of it in the first place, it would not be a subject to explore. And if you had never read the ‘great texts’ of the humans, but had the thought about doing the action, would you still think it was sinful? Couldn’t you still make a decision to not ‘do it’ even if the thought had crossed the mind – possibly because the subject which drew the thought didn’t respond in kind? Or because, after getting your face slapped a few times, you learned something about the subject – rather than about ‘sin’?

          73. Hannibal Avatar

            Many words have been falsely attributed to President Carter… His only mistake? He dared tell the truth about IsraHell… Mind you I will never agree to anybody throwing Jews in the sea or anywhere else… I would like to get the Lebanese Jews back to Lebanon, their country and mine. However a Jewish state? NOPE as I say NOPE to an Islamic Saudi Arabia or Islamic Iran.

          74. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I think, Hannibal, that ‘people of western thought’ are beginning to understand that none of those Middle-East ‘tribes’ had evolved any real brains in the first place. :-))))

          75. cook2half Avatar

            Iran and Saudi Arabia? oh ya cause laws in Israel are from the Torah and women cover themselves amiright

          76. Hannibal Avatar

            That comes next… Give it time.

          77. cook2half Avatar

            lol, this is interesting. So if Iran and Saudi remove their religious laws, they have a right to exist. But Israel has no religious laws, but nonetheless it has no right to exist (??)

            No one told 850,000 Jews from Arab countries like Lebanon to suddenly come to Israel btw, they were persecuted and most deported from their homes following the 1948 war. They wouldnt even wish their enemy to return to these apartheid countries.

          78. Hannibal Avatar

            I agree with you wholeheartedly except for having a Jewish identity. For IF the Arab population of Israel one day becomes a majority then what? In Lebanon they were never kicked out. They left because of the civil war as did many people including myself. All this propaganda is nonsense… There MUST be a solution to the entire area and it MUST be secular and INCLUSIVE. This stupidity of the land is mine and this land was given to me by God is a tired argument specially that no record but the Jewish bible describes the stories therein. NOT even ONE record in Egypt that they were ever there or EVER crossed into Palestine and the Egyptians wrote profusely on their walls 😉

            The ONLY mention is of the “sea people” and a war with the Hittites which incidentally never made it into Jewish writings as they were nomadic tribes as many other tribes moving around between Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean sea. All the rest is pure Mythology…


            Honestly Cookie grow up already and let us all make a new nation inclusive of all instead of years of wars and misery and backwardness… Instead of following the Star of David let us follow a real star and reach out to the skies as ONE species Homo sapien sapien rather than Homo sapien stupidus. 😉

          79. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Hannibal … ended up with History in there … but love WIKI, for the shortest facts.
            Amazing how so few people are ‘controlling’ the world, isn’t it?? :-))))

            The history of Israel encompasses the history of the modern State of Israel, as well as that of the Jews in the Land of Israel. The area of modern Israel is small, about the size of Wales or half the size of Costa Rica, and is located roughly on the site of the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah except that these ancient kingdoms also included what is now the West Bank. It is the birthplace of the Hebrew language spoken in Israel, and of Judaism and Christianity. It contains sites sacred to Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Druze and Bahá’í Faith.

            Although coming under the sway of various empires and home to a variety of ethnicities, the area of ancient Israel was predominantly Jewish until the Jewish–Roman wars after which Jews became a minority in most regions, except Galilee. The area became increasingly Christian after the 3rd century and then largely Muslim from the 7th century conquest until well past the middle of the 20th century. It was a focal point of conflict between Christianity and Islam between 1096 and 1291, and from the end of the Crusades until the British conquest in 1917 was part of the Syrian province of first the Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt and then (from 1517) the Ottoman Empire.

            In the late-19th century, persecution of Jews, particularly in Europe, led to the creation of the Zionist movement. Following the British conquest of Syria, the Balfour Declaration in World War I and the formation of the Mandate of Palestine, Aliyah (Jewish immigration to the Land of Israel) increased and gave rise to Arab–Jewish tensions, and a collision of the Arab and Jewish nationalist movements. Israeli independence in 1948 was marked by massive migration of Jews from both Europe and the Muslim countries to Israel, and of Arabs from Israel leading to the extensive Arab–Israeli conflict.[1] About 42% of the world’s Jews live in Israel today.

            Since about 1970, the United States has become the principal ally of Israel. In 1979 an uneasy Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty was signed, based on the Camp David Accords. In 1993 Israel signed Oslo I Accord with the Palestine Liberation Organization and in 1994 Israel–Jordan Treaty of Peace was signed. Despite efforts to establish peace between Israel and Palestinians, many of whom live in Israel or in Israeli-occupied territories, the conflict continues to play a major role in Israeli and international political, social and economic life.

            The economy of Israel was initially primarily socialist and the country dominated by social democratic parties until the 1970s. Since then the Israeli economy has gradually moved to capitalism and a free market economy, partially retaining the social welfare system.

          80. cook2half Avatar

            There is no law or anything in Israel claiming that the land was given by God. Many religious Jews speak of this only from a symbolic point of view, but thats where it stops. Many Jews in Israel, including Ben Gurion who was the first Prime Minister are atheists. Even the first zionists like Hertzel were atheists and secular. I just dont see why asking the British for a state in territories where they were a majority anyway (even east Jerusalem before 1948 had majority Jews) is expected to have some religious justification.

            lol, name a single country that doesnt b-tch about territory and land, hasnt went through wars. We saw Thatcher going to war with Argentina over an island thousands of miles away from the UK. There’s disputes over an island between China and Japan. Alsace-Lorraine being annexed by France and Germany like 5 times within 50 years. Northern Cyprus being in dispute between Turks and Greeks. etc etc. Why is Israel a special situation? As for demographics, countries like France or Germany would never ever let muslims immigrate there if their local population wasnt in the several millions. Unlike Israel we never hear the UK whining about demographics, but lets bear in mind muslims in the UK are like 1.7% of the population while in Israel we’re talking about 25% already, with the Arab population going to over 50% if Areas A and B of the West Bank are annexed or the foreign born 5 million so-called “refugees” walk in.

          81. libnan1 Avatar

            cookie, No one forced Jews to leave. They left on their own wishing to live in a jewish state and all the one I know regretted it as they left Israel within a year or two.
            I recently attended a weeding of a Jewish friend in NYC, during the reception I felt I was in a Lebanese wedding. Nothing Israeli about it, the music, the band, the alcohol, the food were all Lebanese. The only thing was the chicks were not as hot as the Lebanese ones but after few drinks they looked fine…..

          82. Adam Yonatan Ben Yoel Avatar
            Adam Yonatan Ben Yoel

            Actually that is completely untrue. Their situation became incredibly precarious in the Civil War being pretty much the only group without a militia. I have a lecturer who wanted to go to the USA and was told he was having his citizenship revoked because of it.

          83. cook2half Avatar

            Well 50% of the Israeli population today is Middle Eastern Jews, so it doesnt seem like that many left afterall. Lebanon is obviously a milder case, but with more or less every other Arabic country they had their property confiscated and deported. Not all of them went to Israel, and the point here being that the ones that did come to Israel werent necessarily zionists who unless deported would have wanted a state.

          84. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Oh, so what. If I went with that kind of line, I wouldn’t be watching ‘news presenters’ at all. All men contemplate a few curves here and there. If they didn’t, marriage would be the last thing on anyone’s mind. :-))

          85. abyadhind Avatar

            Hi cookhalf, shoufft chou sar oult’el majnou yeji shoufni houn. Katter khairak:(

          86. MaImequer0 Avatar


          87. abyadhind Avatar

            Shut Up Zio stalker Majnounn

          88. MaImequer0 Avatar

            majnooni, yesterday was really nice.. you took a day off from your activism… everyone here had respectful and interesting conversations.

            If you go back to RT to ‘fill-up’ on propaganda, you should find another direction to spew it at, once you’re reached the bursting point.

          89. abyadhind Avatar

            Your impressed by “majnoun” Maluko?

          90. MaImequer0 Avatar

            “you’r”… not ‘you’re’…???

          91. barabie Avatar

            I promise you I was thinking the exact same thing re yesterday’s conversations and hind. Shows who is the disrespectful one on here. Hind never stops with the name calling, whether it’s “majnoun” or “zio” or “stalker” or “blah blah blah”. hind just doesn’t know how to converse like normal human beings do.

          92. MaImequer0 Avatar

            Absolutely !!! In all honesty, I don;t think it’s a case of know knowing how, I think it’s a case of cannot. Due to big budget cuts in Canada, and especially Montreal (514), there are a lot of ‘certifiable’ people out mixing with the general public. I suspect this includes her and it’s too bad. She obviously requires professional help (I say this in all seriousness).

          93. barabie Avatar

            I couldn’t agree more re hind need professional help. It’s frustrating that someone like that is allowed to spew vile hatred at anyone who doesn’t bow to her way of “thinking”. I wonder if it is possible to have an Internet intervention?

          94. MaImequer0 Avatar

            lol… Good question… You know, when people imagine voices, due to their condition, and somehow come to realize that they are imaginary, they tend to have a melt-down… I think we should work hard to facilitate a grand melt-down w/hind. I think this may be the only way that she will seek the help that she needs.
            It’s our humane duty….

          95. Hannibal Avatar

            Your personal agenda is clogging your judgement… How can you speak to Zionazis to get a few followers against your own kind despite the fact that they are not of your religion? That Shia – Sunni bullshit has got to stop. The prophet is spinning in his grave — Which explains all the oil in Arabia. 😉

          96. MaImequer0 Avatar

            Who is this supposed zionazi that you speak of? ‘Own kind’.. what’s that supposed to mean? Shia – Sunni BS has to stop… HOW did it start??? And that last point of yours is just blasphemy.

          97. Hannibal Avatar

            Is it still blasphemy if I do not believe in religion?

          98. MaImequer0 Avatar

            Yes, in the eyes of those who do. Got the answer to your question? Now gonna answer mine?

          99. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Correct, in the sense that ‘blaspheme’ only refers to God(s) or sacred things.
            Although, why any human, prophet or not, spinning in a grave would be blaspheming is a bit of a stretch … you would need to believe the prophet was the god in this case.
            The word is from the Greek ‘blasphemos’ – evil speaking. (Maybe the oil is evil?)
            Hannibal doesn’t say he doesn’t believe in God, just not ‘organized religions’. If he says ‘There’s no God’, then that would be blasphemy … to the ears, actually. 😉

          100. MaImequer0 Avatar

            So, han makes some outrageous claims. When clarification is sought, no answer, just more questions. Final in the end, you speak for han?
            In any case, yes, as you said, sacred things.. so it depends on who or what one holds sacred doesn’t it? I hold logic sacred; therefore, his outrageous claims and insinuation is blasphemy to my ears…

          101. abyadhind Avatar

            Dear man-no-war i am trilingual but English is not my strongest language, many Christians are educated in French (women never come here), i did 🙂
            When you translate direclly from French it does not always come out with the same meaning.

            Let me be clear i believe there are moderates and extremists in every religion
            and by no means i claim all Sunni are extremists, i fail to see beheading a
            human being as a religious act while praising AllahuAkbar believing God wants this..(it’s apostasy). And for the record i don’t believe all Jews are bad and Assad is an angel, but my concern all along as with many others is that although the original desire for democracy in Syria was native to Syrians, it quickly got hijacked by violent extremists in documented horrific beheading- i have never seen in my life before – and those groups that i fear with good reason make feel as imperfect Assad is, they are likely to be much much worst for the whole region if they achieve their own agenda, that is not nessecarily that of the original Syrian protesters.

          102. man-o-war Avatar

            Thanks for the explanation.

          103. barabie Avatar

            if you are going to use your limited understanding….of English then why don’t you go “activate” on a blog where you do understand. It’s clear as day that you dislike Sunnis and Jews so stop with the “i don’t speak English” BS.

          104. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Wow. Quite good, that one. Thumbs up.
            Actually, by now, you are probably ‘quadrilingual’ – if we consider that Quebecqois is not really French. 😉 Government translators have a separate dictionary for it.

          105. barabie Avatar

            “…. but most of the time they are referring to….”
            “Most” of the time? So you admit that some of the time hind has attacked Sunnis. But yet never called her out on it. hmmmm
            Come on mano, you are better than that. xx

      4. barabie Avatar

        I wonder if he shot her coz she didn’t approve of him going to Syria to massacre children.

    2. Hannibal Avatar

      Can we get someone with a full set of hair? 😉

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Prophetttttttt …. 😉

          1. barabie Avatar

            So u admit ur sect(arian) Is wrong. Good boy. Now for u to admit nasty is a pig who is backward and obese.

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            He did. He hates the ‘sect’ crap.

          3. man-o-war Avatar

            Do you know how the Lebanese constitution works?

          4. barabie Avatar

            Which constitution? The general one or the hezzy one?

          5. man-o-war Avatar

            The general one, the one that says the president has to be Maronite Christian. I don’t know of any HA constitution that sets out rules for elections.

          6. Hannibal Avatar

            There is no such constitution… It is a pact and a verbal one.

          7. man-o-war Avatar

            Which part? The part regarding the religious affiliations and political structure?

          8. Hannibal Avatar


          9. 5thDrawer Avatar

            That’s why it’s called a ‘Confessional’ Parliamentary Democracy … no-one confesses anything, but the 2 main sides needed to each have a ‘speaker’ for the ‘dialogues’, and they called those President, and Prime Minister – and so ‘the west’ would think they were all worth the triple pay of other countries.

          10. master09 Avatar

            HA call it GUNS to the Head or 300kg near a car. Lol

          11. Lol, this thing is not even Lebanese.

          12. barabie Avatar

            If ur Lebanese then why don’t u hop on the first plane or boat to ur country?

          13. Hannibal Avatar

            lebanon is full… We are waiting for Syria to fall apart so we invade. lol

          14. barabie Avatar

            I’m still waiting for you to man up and apologize for threatening to assault me.

          15. Hannibal Avatar

            I am still waiting for you to prove to me you’re a woman. 😉 Hopefully a pretty one.

          16. barabie Avatar

            when u apologize

          17. It don’t matter how pretty a woman is, when it speaks like this thing does it will always be unattractive.

          18. man-o-war Avatar

            I know you guys don’t get along. At all! However, when you refer to her as a thing its doing nothing to resolve the situation. We know she’s a female and half Lebanese, so not a “thing”. Is she strongly opinionated? Yes, but most of us on here are. Respect is a two way street.

          19. Don’t lecture me Man o, Lecture that monkey who has no god damn respect for anybody. Let her use disgusting language towards your family and then come and see me. Suprised you can’t see it. She has an issue with two of the most respectful people on this blog for what. Because they asked her to show a bit of respect. She’s nothing but a little animal with a big mouth in front of a computer which she more than likely earned spending a lot time on her back.

          20. man-o-war Avatar

            Farq, I remember the exchange that started this whole thing between you two. You insulted her first and then she insulted your wife/mother. It really doesn’t matter, but you want to keep bringing this family thing up. If she wants to use disgusting language towards my family, it would be no skin off my back. I can dish it out just as well, but if you dish it out you have to be able to take it. Just remember that its just a stranger insulting your family that they don’t even know. It means nothing!
            My apologies for the lecturing, again.

          21. Man o, nothing to apologise for bro. I know your intentions and really appreciate it. As for her insulting my family, bro I really couldn’t give a flying F what she says. She is irrelevant to me. I just like to give her the shits. Which is easily acheived. Thanks all the same brother.

          22. barabie Avatar

            Your life must be meaningless if you spend so much time replying to someone that is “irrelevant” to you. lol
            You are too easy, I will bet whatever you want that you never went to university.

          23. 5thDrawer Avatar

            And University makes a difference ????? Sorry … nope. Education does.

          24. barabie Avatar

            One would hope university would educate but yes plenty who attend uni are never educated. Point taken.

          25. barabie Avatar

            You truly are a great man. It takes a real man to have the integrity to apologise. I just wish others on here who claim to be men could follow from your example. I’m running short on time atm but will endeavour to answer ur other comment as soon as time permits. For now have a good day/night. Xx

          26. nagy_michael2 Avatar

            Ya Allah shou Mahdoum Nassrallah..Finally he is laughing..

          27. barabie Avatar

            Thanks. That was a total waste of 2 minutes before I got bored with watching stupidity and obesity. Nasty doesn’t need encryption haha.

          28. Hannibal Avatar

            OK find this place in Lebanon… My village people will spot it easy:
            tuut el ba3el 3al jebb le chmeele… Honestly it is a location 😛

          29. barabie Avatar

            I found it. It’s on the left

          30. libnan1 Avatar

            I guess you get bored watching men from the chest up.

          31. Lol

          32. barabie Avatar

            Yes I prefer to watch the podium instead.

          33. Hannibal Avatar

            That was nasty… 😛

          34. A nasty comment for an extremely nasty thing.

          35. barabie Avatar

            Who let the dog out? Get back in ur kennel!

          36. Again, point proven. Princess Nasty.

          37. Patience2 Avatar

            When the caravan goes by, the dogs must bark.

          38. Patience2 Avatar

            No, Nasty needs ‘Weight Watchers’.

          39. libnan1 Avatar

            This is what you call a true Lebanese. In your face mentality, thank you Nisrallah.

          40. 5thDrawer Avatar

            One must assume he was capable of some sort of good dinner speeches, even from a cave, and possibly humour as well, since no-one can stay awake through religious diatribes and purely political drum-thumping. He had to have some good moments as a politician – as well as good propaganda to become ‘El Supremo’s ‘resistance’. I did note the women sort of gasp, and a lowered applause level, when said he could snap his fingers and ‘we’ could produce another 50,000 shiites in a year. It wasn’t the best comedy-line, perhaps.
            The goose-stepping arrow and bombs at the end kind of kills the entertainment.

          41. libnan1 Avatar

            Speaking of the women, they looked hot. Nothing like what you guys talk about. HA does not force women to cover from head to toe.

          42. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Dab knows THAT … hehehe

          43. libnan1 Avatar

            Yeah good old DAb, I didn’t see any comments in long time.

          44. 5thDrawer Avatar

            His nephew tries to translate what you guys say … probably not possible. :-))))

          45. Hannibal Avatar

            Look but don’t touch… 😛

          46. Patience2 Avatar

            Yah … it’s hard for them to find the button through all that clothing.

          47. Hannibal Avatar

            I wonder what your stance will be when the alliance between Aoun and HA ends… I am just curious. Only time will tell. 😛

          48. libnan1 Avatar

            I will always support the resistance no matter the alliance with Aoun. I supported them way before Aoun came back and will always support them. I will stop supporting them if they ever start kidnapping and killing innocent people based on religion which I doubt they will ever do. No matter what happens I do have a very soft spot for Shia in general.

          49. 5thDrawer Avatar

            What? You can’t remember the Turkish Airline Pilots??
            They didn’t even make it into the city ……

          50. Persistent Avatar

            Stupidity and bigotry have no cure…opportunist looking for cheap shots….

          51. barabie Avatar

            U can criticise me but just don’t bash me. Xx

          52. Persistent Avatar

            It sounds to me that you understand but you don’t get what you write, you are oblivious to the fact of how a comment can affect a lot more than one person, think about it,,,,

          53. Hannibal Avatar

            What is xx? Kisses? May I get some?

          54. cook2half Avatar

            Small x is kisses, capital X is blow…

          55. Hannibal Avatar

            My comment is innocent… You are nasty. Go away. lol

          56. cook2half Avatar


          57. barabie Avatar

            cook go jump off a high a bridge and die

          58. Prophettttt Avatar

            Persistent,I know your intentions are good,but in this case they are counterproductive ,and they serve exactly the purpose ignorant people were hoping for,which is drawing any response from anywhere,and they produce more of the same.Obviously,laying eggs can be painful.
            Bitterness,ignorance,and stubbornness are the basic ingredients for misery and disaster . Don’t let these cheap shots bother you,and don’t give them the satisfaction they so desperately seek. Just wish them well because there is nothing darker than ignorance,and they may never know.Thank you.

          59. Persistent Avatar

            Prophettttt, allow me to answer you this way, I live with three beautiful ladies whom they are the love of my life, the center of my world, I cherish and respect more than anything, you can imagine (Libnan1 don’t get any ideas, they are my wife and my two daughters), I always lose with them, they are more emotional than reasonable.
            I am pretty mellow guy but you can’t always sit back and take it, sometimes you need to give someone a little of their own medicine, may be Barbie got under my skin a little, and my reaction true or not came from the the common sayings that I heard a lot growing up and I am translating them as such “if you can’t fight at least stare back, a kilogram needs kilogram and a half” . I think you get the picture……
            I feel so sorry for people like this who bottle up so much hate and it burdens them to the point of exhaustion and clouds their brains, It takes much less energy to be loving, caring and happy. No worry buddy, hang loose…

          60. Prophettttt Avatar

            I sure do. Happy for you and for your loving family.Another thing we have in common is that I too live in a household of women.I have been blessed with three beautiful girls.

          61. Hannibal Avatar

            Jeez you two are surrounded with girls? That is torture 😉 lol I gang up with my son against the wife and daughter… We have some balance. 😛 But they often win lol

          62. Prophettttt Avatar

            Yup,Outnumbered now and thereafter.lol

          63. Persistent Avatar

            They are so kind and gentle with a lot of emotion though, we have our disagreements but I wouldn’t trade for anything. Between my two brothers and I, my two sisters were always the peace makers when things got rough….

          64. barabie Avatar

            “Bitterness,ignorance,and stubbornness are the basic ingredients for misery and disaster”
            Lol u couldn’t help urself ay.
            U still replied and made urself look like a hypocrite again.

          65. Hannibal Avatar

            No worry I will baptize you as I am a khoury 😉 lol

          66. Prophettttt Avatar

            Ya khoury, you must have missed my last comment to pope costa, lol

      2. nagy_michael2 Avatar

        I doubt it very much! Living in lebanon will only leave hair on your arzz not your head..

        1. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
          Maborlz Ez-Hari

          Or your borlz.

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            No .. Leb Ladies like to shave … 😉

          2. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari


          3. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Only time woman in REAL control …. and you allow it because you ARE male. :-)))
            Need the ‘oiling’ after ….

      3. Patience2 Avatar

        Except Yul maybe, he would’ve been alright.

  2. This is a joke… Lebanon needs fresh progressive leadership, the care about revitalizing Lebanon politically and economically. Not criminals and militia heads, that only care about about deep pockets and power!

  3. Beiruti Avatar

    MTV Statistic…
    44% would vote for Geagea
    20% would vote for Aoun
    I forgot the other statistics….

  4. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
    Maborlz Ez-Hari

    I’d vote geagea before aoun anyday of the Week, but why are the choices so limited? Surely there is a friendlier face in these parties that can help in moving forward. The same old faces only cements the same old opinions, and those opinions are not positive in moving forward.

  5. those people have blood on their hands. We need one that works for the good of Lebanon.

  6. The guy selling felafel on the corner of Hamra St for President!!

  7. Leborigine Avatar

    I personally prefer Strida for President, or baptize Haifa Wehbe Maronite and she can run the country for us. I bet either of them will do a better job than all these clowns!

    1. barabie Avatar

      Sounds good lebo

      1. Leborigine Avatar

        Or maybe we can baptise you Maronite and you can run our country! A Sunni born, Maronite convert half blooded Lebanese female might be the cure for Lebanon 😮
        Haha, that would send a few shockwaves!

        1. barabie Avatar

          Btw my father is christian but yes my mother was Sunni.

          1. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            I knew you had something going for you, lol.

          2. libnan1 Avatar

            There you go Barabie, find you a Shia husband and you’re set. BTW, I don’t think Farq is a available.

        2. libnan1 Avatar

          Sure Leb also get that fag what his name (the shia with big hair) to be the speaker, they can all hang out in presidential palace and play hide and go seek wearing their x-fit cloth. I just love to watch.

    2. libnan1 Avatar

      “these clowns” There is one clown and one GENERAL in the picture.

  8. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Daily Star informal poll has Geagea on top – among you net-newsies at least. 😉

    1. cook2half Avatar

      I voted for him 😛

  9. Constantin7 Avatar

    What a huge error from the Future Movement to back Geagea. Although I agree with the guy with his political views in the last few years, but I would never support him for President because of his criminal past and “hunger” for power at any cost that the Christian society in Lebanon has paid dearly for. Yes we need a strong CLEAN president, but not any strong president. How about Carlos Edde ? Very clean, very educated, very patriotic.

  10. barabie Avatar

    The Lebanese have exported their crooked politicians to Sydney

    “Mr Brook told the inquiry the Obeids thought they ran NSW and were looking at a privatisation deal which would make a fortune.”

    “Mr Brook told the ICAC on Tuesday he got to know Moses Obeid while
    working on a coal deal at Mount Penny in the NSW Hunter region – a deal
    the watchdog has already branded corrupt in a separate inquiry.

    “Moses said that he and his family had an ownership in Australian
    Water (Holdings) and that they had great influence over it,” Mr Brook
    recalled in a written statement.

    “The company was looking into a privatisation deal where they could effectively control all of Sydney’s
    water. Moses said, ‘We are going to make a fortune out of it’.”

    Mr Brook told the commission a payoff of $100 million was mentioned.

    Mr Brook said he met with the two Obeids and and former Labor MP Joe
    Tripodi in August 2008 in Elizabeth Bay, where the men canvassed selling
    off NSW electricity assets and Moses repeatedly declared “this
    conversation’s not happening”.”

  11. IraniAngel Avatar

    i’m back bitches :))) how r u all doing bithcy bitches. i see u r still bitching like u have always bitched. Me myself started missing bitching with u guys

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