March 14 criticizes Hezbollah for lack of action over Syrian border attacks


hezbollahThe March 14 General Secretariat called on the government to file complaints with the Arab League and the U.N. over the latest Syrian shelling of border areas, urging Hizbullah to take a “clear and frank stance over the Syrian regime’s attacks.”

In a statement issued after its weekly meeting, the general secretariat said it “thoroughly discussed the Syrian regime’s recurrent violation of Lebanese sovereignty through ground and aerial shelling and its assassination and chasing of innocent Lebanese citizens with military helicopters.”

“These repeated attacks push us to call on the Lebanese government to file complaints against the Syrian regime with the Arab League and the United Nations, and we also called on Hizbullah to take a clear and frank stance over the Syrian regime’s attacks on national sovereignty,” it added.

The general secretariat emphasized on the authority of the Lebanese state in “controlling security domestically and on the Lebanese-Israeli and Lebanese-Syrian borders,” noting that “the only solution that can preserve security is the deployment of the army along the Lebanese-Syrian border, with the assistance of U.N. forces as allowed by (U.N. Security Council) Resolution 1701,” which ended the 2006 war between Israel and Hizbullah.

Turning to the recent standoff over the border town of Arsal, the general secretariat lauded the announcement about the entry of the Lebanese Army and security forces into Arsal and its outskirts, praising the town’s residents for “their compliance with this necessary step.”

The general secretariat also called on the army to “control security and secure the public roads to prevent the besiegement of any town on the area … at the hands of armed militias under the pretext of stopping the flow of bomb-laden cars into Lebanon.”

Commenting on the protests and blocking of roads that erupted across the country to demand the opening of the al-Labweh-Arsal road, the general secretariat said the unrest “evoked the scenes of the civil war”

It stressed the government must shoulder its responsibility and “implement the law fairly in all Lebanese regions so that no one in Lebanon would sense that there are double standards.”

And on the occasion of Mother’s Day, the general secretariat greeted all Lebanese mothers, “especially those of them who are awaiting any news about the fate of their sons who are in Syrian prisons.”

It urged Lebanese security agencies, “especially those who exerted lauded efforts for the release of the Syria nuns,” to employ all available means to secure “the release of Lebanese detainees from Syrian jails.”




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  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    EVERYBODY complains to the UNITED NATIONS. (log another one)

    Oh, Mother’s Day??? Really ??? Had to be one, I guess.

  2. MekensehParty Avatar

    Are these idiots delusional asking Hezbollah to take a clear stance? Hahaha
    Hezbollah has taken a clear stance by giving the Syrians coordinates to strike Lebanese targets.
    Go form a government and sit with the murderers and yeah, keep filing complaints, they pissed on diplomacy a long long time ago if you haven’t noticed yet.

  3. Idiots full of hot air…Lebanon the waste land, full of howling stupid politicians!

  4. The real lebanese Avatar
    The real lebanese

    Syria violates Lebanon’s sovereignty more than Israel. Where are the empty threats of existence?

  5. Muslim countries have a total of:
    3100000 soldiers
    3742 Jet fighters
    Yet, Muslims around the world are being butchered….
    We need khilafah ,
    Also Mosque in C.A.R overtaken and turned into a nightclub..

    1. barabie Avatar

      When they say “standing army”, does that mean they don’t sit down? :p

      1. It’s more like the sleeping army at the moment ,

        A standing army is a permanent, often professional, army. It is composed of full-time soldiers (who may be either career soldiers or conscripts) and is not disbanded during times of peace. It differs from army reserves, who are enrolled for the long term, but activated only during wars or natural disasters, and temporary armies, which are raised from the civilian population only during a war or threat of war and disbanded once the war or threat is over. Standing armies tend to be better equipped, better trained, and better prepared for emergencies, defensive deterrence and, particularly, wars.[1] The term dates from approximately 1600, although the phenomenon it describes is much older.[2]
        The army of ancient Rome is considered to have been a standing army during much of the Imperial period and during some of the late republican period.[citation needed]
        The first record of a standing army is the army of Sumer in Mesopotamia, recorded on the Stele of the Vultures, between 2600-2350 BCE.[citation needed] The first ‘modern’ standing armies in Europe were the Janissaries of the Ottoman Empire, formed in the fourteenth century CE.[3][4] In western Europe the first standing army was established by Charles VII of France in the year 1445.[5] The Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus had a standing army from the 1460s called the Fekete Sereg, which was an unusually big army in its age, accomplishing a series of victories and capturing parts of Austria, Vienna (1485) and parts of Bohemia. The establishment of a standing army in Britain in 1685 by King James II and the later assumption of control over the British colonies in America by the British Army were controversial, leading to distrust of peacetime armies too much under the power of the head of state, versus civilian control of the military, resulting in tyranny.[citation needed]
        In his influential work The Wealth of Nations (1776), economist Adam Smith comments that standing armies are a sign of modernizing society as modern warfare requires increased skill and discipline of regularly trained standing armies.[6] Since the eighteenth century standing armies have been an integral part of the defense of the majority of more economically developed countries.[citation needed]
        In Great Britain, and the British Colonies in America, there was a sentiment of distrust of a standing army not under civilian control.[7] In England, this led to the Bill of Rights 1689, which reserves authority over a standing army to Parliament, not the King, and in the United States, led to the U.S. Constitution (Article 1, Section 8) which reserves by virtue of “power of the purse” similar authority to Congress, instead of to the President. The President, however, retains command of the armed forces when they are raised, as commander-in-chief.[1] In the course of this constitutional debate, Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts, arguing against a large standing army, compared it, memorably and mischievously, to a standing penis :

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          Very good. Wiki is useful indeed. 🙂

        2. barabie Avatar

          Thanks. U r a gem. Xx

          1. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            I think the word “germ” would be more appropriate.
            And no Xx he sounds too religious to be able to accept.

          2. barabie Avatar

            You got a like from one of the most despicable people on here, that doesn’t bode well for your comment.

          3. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            Did I? Wow, that’s awesome. As for not threatening no one, he mentions the combined Moslem world in a jihad or rather, maybe I’m wrong but that sounds a little threatening don’t you think. Any how, lets see the gates of whatever he’s on about open up, cos they will not prevail against people WHO want to live in peace.

          4. barabie Avatar

            btw Btru2u has more integrity than most on this blog and has never attacked or threatened anyone on here.

          5. Thanks for fighting the good fight , xx00

        3. libnan1 Avatar

          Did you say “standing penis”? that is why barabie jumped all over it calling you a gem ….:)

          1. Lol

          2. barabie Avatar

            wow all you have on your filthy child killer supporting “mind” is “anal” and “penis”, such intelligence from an orange pig.
            And of course that would amuse the other uneducated pig, farq(ed) up.

          3. libnan1 Avatar

            Well no barbie, my comment was a compliant to you for appreciating a good “standing penis”.

          4. barabie Avatar

            “Compliant” to me? Lmfao come on, Lebanese r better educated than libloser1 and farq(ed) up.

          5. LOL,You are slamming this thing left right and center.

          6. barabie Avatar

            r u giving him a “compliant”? hahaha

          7. libnan1 Avatar

            Ok barabie it’s “compliment”. Good girl you like to be called “compliant” don’t you???

    2. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Well, basically ‘around’ the Arab World. And if they are losing worshippers, they might as well have a nightclub paying the taxes.

    3. libnan1 Avatar

      Man that picture looks like a shack more than a club. As far as the jet fighters, you need to count the capable pilots not the planes … plus these planes are older versions with much less electronic capabilities also you need the missiles that go on the planes. All these planes you counted can be taken down by 30 sophisticated jets…..All the soldiers you counted will flee when the shit hits the fan.
      “Muslims around the world are being butchered” not true at all. The ones getting killed are the ones that harbor terrorists but sadly many innocent people are killed of no fault of their own.

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Speaking of shacks …. And what the Russian Army had to ‘overcome’ in heroic fashion
        … No ‘arms’ there …

      2. Once the combined Muslim world reopens the gates of itjihad, progress will come very quickly.

        Please read how on the link below,


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