Death Toll Rises to 28 in Venezuela Protests


Thousands of people gathered in central Caracas to protest against the government of Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela’s attorney general on Thursday raised to 28 the official death toll in the violence linked to nearly a month of anti-government protests against leftist President Nicolas Maduro.

Another 365 people have been injured, including 109 members of the security forces, Luisa Ortega told Globovision from Geneva, where she is attending UN meetings.

“I must clarify that of the people who have died four were public officials: a prosecutor and three National Guardsmen,” she said.

Ortega added that the three guardsmen died from gunshot wounds that, she said, prove that the demonstrations have not been peaceful.

“They have been violent demonstrations because, in addition, we have seized 25 firearms from people who have been apprehended during the demonstrations,” she said, going on to explain that explosives, including Molotov cocktails and even C-4, had been seized from some people.

Opposition sources have accused pro-government groups of firing on demonstrators and have complained of “brutality” in the National Guard’s repression of the protesters

The government, meanwhile, has said that there are groups that are only seeking to create turmoil so that the situation becomes uncontrollable and international intervention is justified, and in support of that viewpoint it pointed to the fact that on Wednesday snipers fired on a march in the central city of Valencia, where three people were killed.

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6 responses to “Death Toll Rises to 28 in Venezuela Protests”

  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Only 28 a month?? That’s almost utopian.

    1. 5th ass Avatar

      Utopian? Just last year 24,000 plus homicides were recorded nationwide. This is much higher
      than in countries such as Mexico, where about 17,000 homicides took place during
      the same period of time, – the worse is yet to come- Violence in Venezuela has no political, racial, or economic orientation; former Miss Venezuela was murdered alike young workers and often children- Now the Cubans, Russian, Chinese, Iranians Parasites are infesting the Venezuelan society with destructive future ideology to save them for the evil USA! being deprived from essential things like food and daily needs, Venezuela will have a long road to walk on until it is clear what this county will be like-

      1. MekensehParty Avatar

        Right, it’s going to be bloody, very bloody
        This bus driver has no idea how to drive the country out of the present situation safely.

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          There seems more Anarchists everywhere all the time Mekenseh.
          “… groups that are only seeking to create turmoil ..” run all over the world to do it.

          I think it’s huge problem that something about education has failed miserably to address. Can it be possible that it’s genetic?? Some have not really learned that ‘freedom’ does not mean they are allowed to do any idiot thing they wish.
          And the net fills with examples …. see Facebook things …
          One guy rides a bicycle into a swamp and everyone thinks it’s ‘jolly’.
          500 do it, then notice they feel yucchy and stupid, but then want to beat some heads because nobody drained the swamp they wanted to ride into.
          I can’t even bring up the ones who stand on moving cars. Those idiot-heroes film up to the moment they find out that pavement is great sandpaper – and then a bunch decide to harp at the police who ‘should have stopped them’ … GENTLY.
          I begin to suspect genetics … greatly.

          1. MekensehParty Avatar

            others suspect the “Zionists” 😉

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            That’s been the convenient line for simply AGES :-))))

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