M8 rejects Harb's suggestions for cabinet policy statement


harb boutros 7 defIn an effort to end the impasse over the cabinet policy statement, Telecommunications Minister Boutros Harb suggested new formulas during the last meeting of the committee charged with drafting he statement , but his suggestions were rejected by the March 8 members of the committee, Al-Joumhouria newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The issue revolves around Hezbollah’s role in defending Lebanon against Israel in the aftermath of its controversial role in Syria .

Harb suggested to mention the resistance as follows: “The government holds onto the right of its army and all people to resist Israeli occupation and confront attacks” but Minister Ali Hasan Khalil who represents speaker Nabih Berri, a close ally of Hezbollah rejected the statement which he described as “muddled.”

Harb also made another suggestion: ” The government holds onto the right of the state, supported by the Lebanese, to resist occupation” but it was also rejected by the March 8 members of the committee.

March 8 ministers reportedly refused Harb’s suggestion because “it does not give independence in facing Israeli assaults to the resistance as an entity.”

The ministers also said that Harb’s suggestion “harms the resistance’s identity and culture.”

The committee charged with drafting the new government’s policy statement failed again on Tuesday to agree on a draft that meets the demands of the rival March 8 and 14 camps and for this reason it decided to refer the issue to the cabinet, which will convene on Thursday to take the appropriate stance on the matter, said the PM’s office.

Labor Minister Sejaan Qazzi told reporters after the committee’s tenth meeting: “Hezbollah is still insisting that the resistance be granted freedom of mobility and action away from the authority of the state.”

President Suleiman and the March 14 alliance want the Baabda Declaration to be the basis for the policy statement, but the Hezbollah-led March 8 camp is insisting on basing the policy on the so called resistance formula: People + army + resistance. Resistance here means Hezbollah.

March 14’s suggested formula is “Lebanon’s right to defend itself,”

The new 24-minister cabinet, formed after more than months of political bickering, has been trying to formulate the ministerial policy statement to present to the parliament for a vote of confidence.

The Baabda Declaration was adopted in June 2012 during a national dialogue session headed by Suleiman and attended by the rival March 8 and 14 camps. All ( including Hezbollah) agreed to distance Lebanon from regional and international conflicts. The participants also all agreed to back the Lebanese army both financially and morally as the guarantor of civil peace and national unity.



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  1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    Hezbollah want to show one hand they helped facilitate the government. On the other hand they’re hampering the formation of the government by insisting on the agenda to include them. Which part doesn’t hezbollah understand. more than half of Lebanese and the ministers in the government do not recognize them as the resistance first. second we label as much terrorists as israel, syria and iran. third the only reason they’re in the government cause they forced themselves on us. Last night i heard Moussa Kennaan the orange Tweety and another mouthpiece of the resistance saying the gov’t is that the President and some ministers holding up the reforms that are badly needed. the president and M14 want to move on you hezbollah lacky. stop trying to make think we’re dumb and believe what you’re saying. enough of this political bickering in order to force the resistance on the formula. screw the formula let’s move on with work toward what can the gov’t do to help eleviate the sufferings of the Lebanese. Scrap this formula alltogether and move on.. M8 always hold us up all because of orders from Iran and Syria. they’re the main culprit behind the sufferings of the Lebanese and bring wars and misery to our beloved nation. now they’re saying we’re nothing without them. any lebanese who have an inch of dignity must reject the beliteling of our people and army. If the army was supported for 30 years and trained and equipped for that long. I am sure the army would be a good and commandable force like Hezbollah is.
    Their point (M8) why not accept Iran help now. then I ask why do you ask now when you had a chance before? then they say where were the gov’t when Israel was hammering the South for so long. I totally agree but again if you have worked jointly with the army for 30 years and work toward Lebanon salvations, then we will worship you and include not only in the formula but everywhere in the gov’t. just because you freed the south and my hunch israel got tired of tic tac fightings. then that doesn’t give you the right to control and manupilate Lebanon and bring us war and decide our fates. anyone disputes my statement is a liar and a traitor to Lebanon..

    1. Hannibal Avatar

      I was with you until the last sentence… Traitors here, traitors there, traitors everywhere… 😉

  2. HA is using it “resistance” as a staling tactic to keep status quo…they do what they want on their schedule. It’s a matter of time before things will come to a head, and all hell breaks loose (as in 1975). If HA truly cared about Lebanon’s sovereignty (they don’t), their actions would be otherwise.

  3. The real lebanese Avatar
    The real lebanese

    Off the daily star

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