Nato jets to monitor Ukraine border


Nato is to deploy reconnaissance planes in Poland and Romania to monitor the Ukrainian crisis.

It gave the go-ahead for the flights on Monday, a Nato spokesman said.

“All Awacs (Airborne Warning and Control System) reconnaissance flights will take place solely over alliance territory,” the official said.

It comes as Russia cements its control of Ukraine’s Crimea ahead of Sunday’s referendum to join Russia. Ukraine and the West say this is illegal.

Nato said the surveillance flights would “enhance the alliance’s situational awareness”.

Last week, the organisation said it was reviewing all co-operation with Russia and stepping up its engagement with the government in Kiev.

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One response to “Nato jets to monitor Ukraine border”

  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Bad enough the Russians, according to Putin, ‘don’t’ have troops attacking Ukrainian Army bases, or invading, or surrounding them; ‘don’t’ have ‘Russian-looking Paramilitary Militiamen’ pushing people around, blocking roads, and blocking access by reporters to the whole Crimea; they also are ‘not’ following reporters back to Kiev to make sure.
    The citizens standing beside the road and shouting ‘Russia Go Home’ are mostly women and kids, because if the men join them it will be an excuse by the ‘Para-Military’ to go beat heads. ‘News people’ still have enough access to show it – even if ALL of what the citizens now call ‘the green men’ have no uniform insignias to display a Russian ‘presence’ – and they are now fanning out to ‘secure’ a ‘fair vote and keep polls safe so ‘everyone’ will have a say.
    The ‘referendum’ is illegal … but that won’t stop it anyway … we’re sure all those ‘green men’s’ trucks are there to make sure people get past the road-blocks and to the polling stations.
    Sure …. even the troops in ‘lock-down’ on their bases.
    The wonder is that the ‘green men’ have not been able to provoke the first gunfire from Ukrainians. Although the ‘militias’ seem to have ‘roughed up’ a few … as well as threatening reporters.

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