2 Palestinians killed by the Israeli army


Two Palestinians were killed by the Israeli army in two separate incidents in the cities of Ramallah and the border crossing point between Israel and Palestine.

Read Azeiter killed after being shot by Israeli forces stationed at the border crossing between the West bank and Jordan Monday morning.

Israeli sources claimed that Azeiter tried to theft soldier weapon on the border, but Palestinian sources demanded an investigation and watch the cameras on the border to see the details of what happened.

On Monday evening, Jordanian sources said that Azeiter work as a judge in Jordan and asked to open an investigation.

Jordan’s demand came after Foreign Minister of Jordan Nasser Judah, met with acting Israeli Embassy in Amman and told him that what happened on the border is unacceptable adding that Jordanian government waiting for a comprehensive report on the details of the accident asking them to inform the Jordanian authorities, the results of the investigation. ”

In a reaction from the Jordanian people dozens of Jordanian citizens gathered Monday evening in front of the Israeli embassy in Amman, demanding the expulsion of the ambassador in protest at the death of Zu’aytir who holds Jordanian citizenship.

In another incident, Saji Sayel Darwish (20 years) from the village of Petten was shot dead by Israeli occupation forces, east of Ramallah on Monday evening.

Palestinian sources said Israeli soldiers fired at Saji while he was between the villages of Petén, and Deir Debwan east of Ramallah, which led to his death on the spot, after being shot in the head.

The sources added that his body of Saji was transferred to Palestine Medical Center in Ramallah.