5 more Hezbollah fighters killed in Syria


Supporters of Hezbollah funeral in SidonFive more members of the Iranian backed Hezbollah militant group were killed while fighting in Yarmouk Syria, according to a statement by the party on Friday

The party identified the dead fighters who were killed while fighting alongside the forces loyal to Bashar al al Assad against the mostly Sunni rebels who at trying to topple the regime as follows:

Ali Abdul Hassan Farhat from Taybah , south Lebanon ( top left)

Ibrahim Mahmoud Abbas from Ain Qana , south Lebanon( top right)

Mohammad Hassan Shahrour from Adsheet , south Lebanon( bottom left)

Ali Ahmad Kosaibani from See al Gharbiyeh, , south Lebanon( bottom right)

Amin Naim Qassem from Silaa , south Lebanon

hezbollah victims, syria

The Hezbollah statement did not elaborate on the relationship between Amin Qassem and Hezbollah deputy Secretary General Naim Qassem