82% of Democrats want Hillary Clinton for President: poll


clinton -peace talksA whopping 82% of Democrats say they want Hillary Clinton to run for President in 2016, a new poll shows.

Only 13% of Democrats said they don’t want to see the popular former secretary of state run, the New York Times / CBS poll released Wednesday night found.

While Clinton wasn’t quite as popular among self-identifying independents, 52% of those who were polled still said they want her to launch a bid.

The vice president was the clear second-place candidate — showed the poll, which surveyed Democrats, Republicans and independents last week — with 42% of Democrats saying they want him to run in 2016. Another 39% said they didn’t want him to run.

Republicans, meanwhile, have rallied around former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the poll found, with 41% saying they want to see him run for President in 2016. Another 27% said they would not want him to run.

Kentucky tea partier Sen. Rand Paul came in next, with 39% of Republicans polled saying they would like to see him run. Twenty-one percent said they don’t want Paul to run.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, however, seemed to have suffered from the ongoing Bridgegate scandal. The once-presumptive 2016 GOP frontrunner registered the support of 31% of Republicans polled, while 41% said he shouldn’t run for President.

NY Daily News