3 killed in a car bomb blast near Yemen’s Oil Ministry


At least three people were killed and five others injured in a car bomb blast near Yemen’s Oil Ministry, government officials said Sunday.

The explosions happened near the rear entrance of the ministry, which is located in the capital, Sanaa, where security has been tightened in the last few weeks.

An Oil Ministry official told CNN the bomb is believed to have been planted under a car belonging to an officer.

“Security is very tight in the area and we believe those behind the attack were hoping the vehicle would be allowed to enter the ministry compound and explode inside,” the official told CNN.

“Security is always tight at the ministry, but if the vehicle had exploded inside the compound, there would have been dozens of deaths,” said Sanaa resident Bakri al-Areqi, who lives near the ministry.

Yemen’s defense and interior ministry officials confirmed the blast had occurred. It was not immediately clear who was behind the attack.

Strict checkpoints have been put up on roads leading to the oil and defense ministries.

Two soldiers were killed and 14 others were injured Tuesday when a bomb planted under a military bus exploded in Sanaa, authorities said.

The soldiers were on their way to work from another district of the capital.

Violence continues on a daily basis in Sanaa, with thousands of troops still stationed on the streets.

Yemen is home to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, believed by many analysts to be the most dangerous affiliate of the terror network.