Syria’s opposition chief says Assad regime is finished


jarba assad tortureSyria’s opposition leader on Thursday laid out his demands for talks on ending the country’s civil war, calling for the creation of a transitional government that does not include President Bashar al-Assad.

Ahmed Jarba told reporters in Geneva, where rival sides in the Syrian conflict are due to hold several days of negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations and major world powers, that he was looking to a future without Assad.

In a defiant speech, Jarba said the international community had now realised that Assad cannot stay in power.
“We have started to look into the future without him. Assad and all of his regime is in the past now. Nobody should have any doubt that the head of the regime is finished. This regime is dead,” Jarba said.

Moscow, Assad’s major backer, had given assurances that it was not “holding on” to Assad, Jarba said.

Assad’s officials, who left talks with a U.N. envoy on Thursday without making any statement, have insisted that the Syrian president is not going anywhere, a view endorsed by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

“Obviously he is not ready at this point in time,” Kerry said in an interview with Al-Arabiya television.

The opposing views of Assad’s future underlined the difficulties facing the Geneva talks, the first time the rival sides have met since the fighting began.

Jarba said the talks would be difficult, long and would look at all “core issues” as a package deal, including the creation of a transitional governing body.

“This is the basis of our negotiations and we will demand it,” he said.

The first day of talks on Wednesday was dominated by fierce rhetoric from Assad’s government and its foes, with each accusing the other of atrocities and showing no sign of compromise.

Few expect the peace talks to result in a breakthrough to end the war, but officials hope they can salvage the process by starting with more modest, practical measures to ease the plight of millions of people on the ground, especially in areas cut off from international aid.


Islamist fighters who disdain the Western and Arab-backed opposition are not present at the talks, and nor is Iran, Assad’s main regional backer.

More than 130,000 people are believed to have been killed, nearly a third of Syria’s 22 million people have been driven from their homes and half are in need of international aid, including hundreds of thousands in areas cut off by fighting.

Wednesday’s opening ceremony saw global powers vigorously defend their sides, with Western countries, Arab states and Turkey all joining the opposition in demanding a transitional government that would exclude Assad.

Russia, his main global supporter, said the focus of talks should be on fighting “terrorism”, a word the Syrian government applies to all of its armed opponents.

The main negotiations, expected to last up to a week, are due to begin on Friday at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva. The two sides are not expected to meet face-to-face for now, leaving U.N. officials to act as go-betweens.

One of the opposition negotiators has spoken of a two-stage process, with practical steps like prisoner swaps, ceasefires, the withdrawal of heavy weapons and setting up aid corridors being dealt with first, before the political future.

The talks remain fragile, however, with both sides threatening to pull out. The government says it will not discuss removing Assad, while the opposition says it will not stay unless Assad’s removal is the basis for talks.

Among the many difficulties with the process, the opposition delegation does not include the al Qaeda-linked Sunni Islamist militant groups who control much of the territory in rebel hands and have denounced those attending the talks as traitors.

Rebel ranks have been divided, with hundreds killed in recent weeks in battles between rival factions and the al Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri called on fighters to unite.


Photo : A TV grab made on January 22, 2014 from a United Nation’s UNTV broadcast, shows Ahmed al-Jarba, the head of the Western-backed Syrian National Coalition, holding up an image of alleged opposition torture victims, during the Syrian peace talks in Montreux, Switzerland, Wednesday January 22, 2014. (Photo: AFP / UNTV)



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  1. man-o-war Avatar

    “The report was authored by de Silva, Crane, and Professor Sir Geoffrey Nice, former lead prosecutor against former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic.

    Its release comes just days ahead of the Geneva II conference, the latest push for a diplomatic solution to Syria’s bloody civil war.

    The lawyers were hired to write the report by the British law firm Carter-Ruck, which in turn was funded by the Government of Qatar, de Silva told Amanpour.

    “Ultimately, the validity of our conclusions turn on the integrity of the people involved,” he said. “We, the team, were very conscious of the fact there are competing interests in the Syrian crisis — both national and international. We were very conscious of that.”

    “We approached our task with a certain amount of skepticism, bearing that in mind.”

    CNN was referred to Carter-Ruck, and this report, by a Qatari government official, and a CNN producer met in the Qatari capital Doha with the report’s authors.”

    Doesn’t mean the stories of torture aren’t true, but damn interesting timing to release the report. Just as everyone is meeting to discuss a resolution.

    1. wargame1 Avatar

      Remember Sea of Galilee 😉

      1. man-o-war Avatar

        Not sure what you’re referring to. Are you suggesting that they timed it like that to gain world support during negotiations? Makes sense.

        1. wargame1 Avatar

          The Muslim Leader will slay the Sufyani (Syrian tyrant) under a tree, the branches of which grow in the direction of Lake Tiberias , i.e. The Sea of Galilee.

          1. man-o-war Avatar

            Is this the prophecy you were referring to the other day?

            Alright, lets say they overrun Assad tomorrow and hang him under this tree. Then what? What will become of the Alawite community? The Christian community?

            Is it possible to create a secular post Assad government with equal rights for everyone? Or is an Islamic Caliphate the only option for Syria?

          2. Many Muslims watch in horror these days as some of the terms they associate most positively with their religion are appropriated by extremists and then fed back to Western media with a negative spin. “Jihad” and “sharia” were the first victims. Now “caliphate” has met the same fate.

            “Jihad” has traditionally referred to the effort made by pious Muslims to better themselves and the world around them through spiritual, mental, educational and physical — including military — means. But the extremists today use the term only in the military sense, against anyone they arbitrarily name as the enemy, including Muslims they disagree with. Similarly, “sharia,” an Arabic word meaning “the Way,” refers to broad moral and legal principles from which specific laws may be created through human interpretation.

            Mainstream Muslims regard the sharia as a source of mercy and justice. A considerable number among them insist that, outside of matters of worship, much of it is subject to different interpretations in different times and circumstances. The sharia is not simply a collection of harsh punishments, such as stoning for adultery and amputation of hands for theft, nor does it necessarily dictate inferior social status for women and religious minorities. Yet thanks to the extremists, jihad and sharia have entered the Western media primarily as terms which point to essentially violent, merciless and unchanging Islamic societies.

            Now militants have tainted another cherished concept, the caliphate, something they hope to recreate in order to impose their bloody world order. Understandably, this has caused concern in many circles. President Bush recently raised the “specter” of a revived caliphate, causing goose bumps to form on the collective national epidermis. Others have warned of the dire consequences of a universal community of Muslims united under a single leader, their caliph. This would inevitably lead to totalitarian rule and a holy war against the West, an event desired by mainstream Muslims, or so we are told.

            For those who know anything about early Islamic history, these characterizations are alarmist and historically inaccurate. The caliphate for which most Muslims have a high regard is specifically that of the Rightly Guided caliphs. This is the name given to the first four men who ruled the community between 632-661 CE, after the death of the prophet Muhammad. As recorded in early texts, the time of the Rightly Guided caliphs represents certain cherished ideals.

            For instance, these men who succeeded one another were not related by blood and came to power through some process of consultation. They admitted their accountability publicly, as did Abu Bakr, the first caliph, who asked the people to correct him if he should fall into error. They became fabled for their tolerance toward religious minorities and respect for the rights of women. Thus Umar, the second caliph, refused to pray in the Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem when invited to do so by the patriarch there because he was afraid that the site might later be wrongfully claimed by Muslims as a mosque.

            According to the ninth century historian Tabari, Umar promised the Christians of Jerusalem that their churches, crosses, lives and possessions would be protected. Umar also appointed a woman to the influential post of market inspector for the city of Medina and entrusted his copy of the Quran, which was the basis for the final version, to a daughter and not to a son.

            Many mainstream Muslims I know point to examples such as these when they wax poetic about the Rightly Guided caliphs.

            But a very different Umar crops up later in history as a kind of intolerant twin to the above. In contrast to the caliph described by Tabari, this Umar forbade Christians from repairing their churches and imposed humiliating restrictions on the practice of their faith, according to the terms of a treaty called the Pact of Umar. Is this also the Umar invoked by certain Muslims today? Certainly, and particularly by extremist Muslims. He has been used to justify discriminatory attitudes toward non-Muslims at different points in history.

            Interestingly, Umar’s double does not make his appearance in any historical source before roughly the 11th century. The second, later Umar was clearly invented in more sectarian, troubled times. Quest for worldly power and social privilege sometimes trumped fair treatment and justice and became reflected in law. This has been the unhappy experience of most societies of the world in relation to women and minorities. In our own times, when a Christian West is perceived by many to be on a collision course with the world of Islam, the alternative Umar’s harsh decrees have been marshaled to legitimize bigotry practiced by, and against, Muslims.

            So should mainstream Muslims today want a return of the caliphate? They should — but of the first type as exemplified by the early, magnanimous Umar, and in a metaphorical sense. Muslims should indeed want a revival of many of the tolerant and compassionate values and practices associated with the Rightly Guided caliphs and their era. We forget how much of modern Western political and legal reform was predicated on a return to the past for a selective retrieval of ideals. It was an appeal to an idealized ancient Roman republic that brought about the establishment of representative government in the West after centuries of despotism that had been justified by some on religious grounds. More recently, it was the privileging of Biblical insistence on the dignity of human beings that focused attention on human rights in the West.

            Many of the values and practices associated with the earliest Islamic caliphate could and can translate into democratic governance, equal rights for women and religious minorities and creation of civil societies today. They set powerful historical and legitimizing precedents for genuine reform and revival in contemporary Islamic societies. Rather than causing goose bumps, a responsible and critical engagement with the past, including the caliphate, on the part of reform-minded, forward-looking Muslims should be cause for optimism.

          3. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I think, Btru2u, that is the most ‘moderate’ and sensible thing you have come up with … similar to ‘ways of life’ taught by ‘reasonable’ and logical humans over time in different places … such as the the Japanese ‘Do’ as ‘Way’ … not about fighting, but as a direction to follow for life. Some screwed that up too.
            It is important to ‘know’ the way. But it must be taught … always.

          4. man-o-war Avatar

            Thank you for the explanation. Now, what do we do about the extremists that are attempting to hijack the religion?
            It’s a good start that the FSA has turned on the extremist groups in Syria and are fighting them. Will the moderate Muslims be able and have the willingness to protect the minorities if they form a new government in Syria? Will Christians, Druze, and Alawites be able to practice their faith freely without fear?

          5. It is possible to weed out the extremists, because the majority of muslims are moderate and recognise the quran and sunnah.
            unfortunately there are many wolves in sheeps clothing among us,( they are hypocrites and traitors) and that will be the hardest problem to resolve, because it is an enemy in disguise as a brother.
            what punishment would you suggest for such people, if there was to be one.
            treason is a grave offence and its punishment should reflect that. unfortunately it is easier said than done.

          6. My friend they will never allow the minorities to practice their religion freely. They believe that anybody who doesn’t follow their satanic faith is an infidel and death is the only punishment. They are brainwashed sick people who have no compassion for humanity. There was a girl last week who was attacked in a shopping centre car park by 4 Salifi bitches. This innocent woman was beat up because she is an Alawite. She was called every name under sun while being attacked. This is how deep the brainwashing is. And the scary thing is these animals run in packs. Like dogs do.

          7. man-o-war Avatar

            I understand the hatred runs deep and some take it too far. I’m hoping that these crazies that attacked the girl are not the moderates he’s talking about, but rather the brainwashed extremists.

            We also have to understand that nothing will fix ignorance. However, there has to be a way to resolve the situation in Syria. If people don’t feel like they are being wronged and under attack then maybe they will stop acting like wild animals. Although, I can’t for the life of me understand how a girl sitting in her car in Australia has anything to do with the war in Syria.

            What do you think would be the best way to bring about an end to the brutal war? Complete destruction of the country has happened and the extremists are still there. The harder the Assad regime fights them the more determined and extreme they become. The more innocent lives are lost the more the desire for revenge increases. You see how the hate just keeps spiraling and reaching across oceans. It has to stop!

            How? How do you come to a just and fair resolution for all Syrians?

          8. Stop telling BS! Nothing like that happened and you know it that’s why u haven’t provided proof. Amazing how gullible people are that they will just believe any rumour without any evidence. Instead of trying to “love thy neighbour” people like u try to stir trouble with BS rumours. Karma will bite u in the ass one day

          9. do you have acces to youtube? type in priests beheaded in idlib and first tell me if the guy is syrian or chechen then tell me if its BS

          10. Wtf does that have to do with his story!? Another hind

          11. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            I just watched it, the world is gone to the dogs. Very sad that animals like these are allowed to freely terrorize other people. After watching that video I don’t blame the Israelis for being so blunt in their dealings with Arabs. Sharon is a saint compared to these dirty flea bitten dogs. These animals are proof that an axe must strike at the root of this disease called islam. I pray everyday for the eradication if this scourge from society. Tfeeeeeeh alaikom.

          12. Stop judging everybody coz of a few.

          13. MekensehParty Avatar

            In the ME it’s actually the other way around.
            The few good people are judged negatively because of the general bestiality.

          14. My friend you still dont get it….noone is judging the faith and noone is judging sunnis…..but you cannot seem to differentiate that this has become a cult and not a religion. We are not talking about muslims and we are not talking about sunnis we are talking about animals. We are talking about something un seen in humanity. Look around you egypt,libya etc

          15. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            Watch the video stupid, there wasn’t a few people. There were hundreds of satan inspired assholes ranting and chanting in a frenzied attack on their victims. Allah Akbar being screamed out like they were possessed it was horrendously evil, couldn’t imagine a more devil inspired act. I will stop judging when I see fit until then I hope and pray that God will return the favour to each of these scumbag, flea bitten hyenas. If your not against them, your with them you turd.

          16. Why is it u haters can’t make a point without resorting to abuse? Is that how ur parents brought u up? Did they abuse u every time they made a point. You should go hang ur head in shame

          17. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            My parents did their best I might be abusive at times but that’s the least of your problems, go speak your mind to your fellow Moslems the ones killing and murdering and looting like the true SCUM they are. Don’t worry about my foul mouth worry about the madmen calling on their gods name while killing anyone who crosses their path. Make yourself useful and start directing you lectures to those hyenas who represent your faith. You have nerve telling me to hang my head in shame…….. Haters is exactly what your people are making us become.

          18. You’re not a person of strong character if u r blaming people u haven’t met for turning into something that u supposedly weren’t. Stop blaming others for who u r.

          19. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            No I haven’t met people like those in the middle East thank God, and as bad as I may be I wouldn’t in my dreams be able to imagine or carry out what your fellow Moslems are doing. If not to each other they do it to others, what they do is not human and not from God. And if I hate your faith it is your fault.

          20. Reasonableman Avatar

            Dont let his ego shake you, keep doing what your doing.

            I live in chezo and he lives in granville i thought about offering him to meet up so he can prove he is not just a coward behind a screen, but i thought about it and realised if i go ahead what would i have done to “better” islam and my answer was “nothing but give him another excuse to be more cowardly online” i thought about replying but i again came to the conclusion since he lives in granville surrounded by muslims he should knowbetter than to talk about his neighbours, so replying to him will fall on deaf ears.

            Its clear his life is miserable when he doesn’t know his circumstances from a simple conversation, so he created this “cyber” personality to stimulate his brain to make up for his lack of confidence in real life.

            In conclusion “keyboard warrior” is the best word to describe him, i have a friend who was in the army for 10 years and his symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder are nowhere near as heavy as marborlz but a coward wont admit his symptoms he will continue living in denial.

          21. Stop being a hypocrite, all you and you buddies do is judge the Shites and Alawites because of a few.

          22. I can prove that is a lie. I can guarantee u can’t prove u don’t label all “Wahhabis” as “takfiris”. Stop trying to justify your racism by trying to incriminate others in what u r clearly guilty of.

          23. MekensehParty Avatar

            The people of the region are animals. They just use Islam and interpret the Koran in a way that makes their bestiality justifiable. There are plenty of Muslims in the US, most, especially 2nd+ generation American Muslims, are good citizens like everyone else.
            It’s just something in the water I think…
            A native instinct towards bestiality.

          24. wargame1 Avatar

            The Muslims ruled Spain for 800 years and the Jews celebrate their Golden age under the Muslims in Spain. The Muslims let the Christians and the Jews have their own court of Justice but in the end many frustrated Jews and the Christians used to go to the Muslim court for justice. When the Arabs conquered Jerusalem , it was the the Christian Father who happily gave the Key to Omer. Those days were beautiful but few obnoxious minority who like power and money like Bashar Al-Qaeda start making conspiracy. But hey you can sense that the tide is turning. Long way to go but those ambitious minority is in trouble.

          25. Have the Christians, Druze and Alawites practiced their religions throughout the last 1400 years in the Middle East? Stop trying to create divisions between people.

          26. You my friend are gifted with the ability to reason, but without mentioning any names, reasoning with the deaf dumb and blind is a losing battle, so it is sometimes better to ignore.

          27. Thank u 🙂
            Unfortunately I can’t help but act against injustice. I will give u an example that is funny but shows what type of person I am. I was walking thru Sydney city about lunchtime, so plenty of people around, and see two guys running after one guy. They caught him and started bashing into him. So I ran up and said stop, that’s not fair two against one. They looked at me and said “fuck off we r filming”. I look around and see cameras everywhere. It was for a tv show oops.

          28. 5thDrawer Avatar

            LOL … one needs always to be ‘aware’ of surroundings … 😉

          29. Lol I was with a friend and we were busy in convo. I felt so silly

          30. That is rare to find these days,Your a good soul, i would have done the same except I might have asked questions later. and you know what , those cowards would be the ones that would go to the cops to report you on an assault charge after you smashed them. IT happened to me once , someone started trouble , i finished it, but then it cost me $3000 in legal fees for me to get off with a clean record….cowards have no valour or honour as you might notice…..and they can never look a good soul in the eye after their cowardly acts,

          31. Lol I doubt I could have “smashed them” but I still would have tried to stop them if it was really happening but they truly were filming coz I recognised one of the actors.

          32. Your still brave fighting the good fight , even just by speaking up, that’s a form of Jihad, and it counts,

          33. Tbh I wish that I didn’t care coz it just depresses the hell out of me the level of injustice.

          34. Keep the faith, with calmness ,firmness and patience. In the end God will deliver his eternal justice according to his rules, and this world would have passed in ,what would seem a blink of an eye.

          35. 5thDrawer Avatar

            And the bilking eyes will still be suffering for all of that ‘too-short’ time because they keep waiting for a god to make it ‘right’.

          36. I would like to share this with you,after studying the Quran
            to the quran’

            spake, inspired, our holy prophet,

            on whom we invoke Allah’s blessings

            For ever
            and ever- — we who are heirs

            his teaching, his exemplary life,

            And the
            exemplary thread which he inwove

            Into the
            web of human history.

            In pious
            retreats he prayed; much thought

            gave to lifes most obstinate tangles;

            all odds he strove with might and main;

            he led; gently he counselled;

            And firmly
            he subdued Evil.

            Mantle- clad he solved the most baffling

            Mysteries. His soul would scale

            heights of Heaven, yet showered its love

            the weak and lowly of this earth.

            a cloud that catches the glory of the sun,

            threw his protecting shade on all,

            widow’s cry and the orphans, found

            answer in his heart, as did

            cry of Penury and Need.

            searched out those who felt no need,

            by pride or ignorance blinded,

            he fulfilled their real wants.

            last great charge summed up the rule

            spiritual life in linking Faith

            one universal brotherhood.

            Ah! Ne’er
            shall we see such life again!

            But his clarion voice still speaks his message.

            love and wisdom still pour forth

            stint the inexhaustible Treasures

            Allah, for whosoe’er will bring

            purified heart to receive them.

            ne’er did the world, impoverished

            its own wayword lusts and greed

            those treasures more than now!

            oppression, wrong and hate.

            does Arrogance deaden Conscience,

            Rob struggling
            souls of e’en the crumbs

            pity, and make of loathsome flesh

            crumbling dust, fair seeming Idols

            worship. Still does Ignorance blow

            mighty horn to try to shame

            wisdom. Still do man drive Slaves-

            smoothly the end of slavery!

            does greed devour the substance

            helpless ones within her power.

            more- the fine individual Voice

            smothered in the raucous din

            Of Groups
            and Crowds that madly shout

            they call slogans New-

            falshoods long discredited.

            What can we do to make Allah’s Light

            forth through the Darkness around us?

            must first let it shine in our own true Selves

            that Light in the niche of our inmost hearts

            can walk with steps both firm and sure:

            can humbly visit the comfortless

            guide their steps. Not we but the Light

            guide! But oh! The joy of being found

            to bear the Torch, and to say

            our Brethren:” I too was in Darkness

            and behold, I have found

            and Joy in the Grace Divine!”

            Thus we should pay the dues of brotherhood-

            walking humbly, side by side,

            the ways of the Lord,

            mutual aid and comfort,

            heartfelt prayer,

            by action,

            Allah’s good Purpose

            In us
            all together!

            be accomplished

          37. Wow that is really beautiful. Did u write it?
            Thank u for sharing that xx

          38. Im glad you like it, im not that worthy to write something that beautiful, but I”ll take the compliment. I recognised good work , so I typed it out , with the hope it can touch some hearts,
            I hope it doesn’t stop here.

          39. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            That would look nice printed out on a roll of toilet paper.

          40. And the hater chimes in on cue

          41. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            I’ll repeat, SCUM.

          42. the quote came from this book

          43. That’s a form of jihad, wtf. Where do you get this from. Seriously man. Do you really believe that. You fool the real jihad is waking up every morning and going to work to earn an honest living. Real jihad is looking after your family and raising your children with love and respect and teaching them to walk away from an altercation. What if it was a real fight and barbie was attacked and killed God forbid, would he then be a martyr. Your unbelievable.

          44. So if u saw a woman being raped u would just “walk away”? Interesting!
            And who told u I’m a “he”?
            U need to stop assuming.

          45. To some people , doing the right thing is crazy….

          46. He/she knows its the right thing but he/she will use any excuse to denigrate anyone not shite/alawite. Instead of treating people as individuals he/she automatically hates anyone not from the same sect. I wish him/her well even if it might take lots of wishing.

          47. hatred does consume …..shias faith is based on hatred, and lies,we can see what they’re like. Maybe some might be guided away from hatred, but its not a mission that can be easily accomplished or would like

          48. I refuse to believe its the religion coz they have lived together for 1400 years but all of a sudden there is this hatred between the two that is being stoked by outside forces for their benefit.

          49. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Barabie … it IS the religion. It is not different than fights between ‘sects’ of the ‘Christians’ or any other ‘major faith’.
            The best/worst example being in the land of Ire. (they also noticed ‘blarney’ 😉
            Using religion for political gain is quite common, and works against the ‘common man’. Always. Humans wanted that ‘one god’, because remembering the names of all the others was a chore, but then they just fought over Him.
            ‘And God said: Let there be Light’. And LO there was light.
            There was nothing else ….. but you could see it a whole lot better.
            After that, unfortunately, there were also dark corners created.

          50. 5thDrawer Avatar

            An Addendum:
            ‘Ire’ – origin Latin ‘Ira’. – Literary word meaning ‘Anger’.
            ‘Irate’. (Iratus) – Very Angry.
            AND THUS, IRELAND. The Orange and the Green. A RACE of raving madmen fighting forever and pretending it’s about Catholics and Protestants.
            (helmet on … 😉

          51. man-o-war Avatar

            You sounded so reasonable in your earlier posts, then this “shias faith is based on hatred, and lies,we can see what they’re like.”, if you believe this and you teach your children this, how can you ever live side by side as neighbors in Syria? Is there any hope for Syria if people think this way?

            You put a picture up. Is that the flag that Al nusra and Al qaeda hijacked?

          52. its actually the original khilafah flag , that was carried by the prophet and the caliphates after him.
            Don’t get me wrong I don’t want trouble with the shia, but they are the ones causing it. I used have shia friends and business associates. But when it comes to religion, they cannot agree to disagree, and leave us alone. It doesn’t hurt me if they believe whatever they want, but why hate.

          53. Stop spreading lies, go have a listen to all the hate that’s been taught in Sunni mosques not just against Shiites and Alawites however every religion that no Sunni. The word used is Kaffar. Sure you’ve heard it the mosque you attend for the brainwashing.

          54. Have you been to a Sunni mosque, well I go regularly and have never heard an imam talk against Shias, but I have heard them be very diplomatic when they talk about the atrocities committed by Assad regime who are are the enemies of Islam.
            I hope our faith can be one true faith based on common ground, and not hatred.

            The ethics of disagreement are very much a part of the Islamic tradition. Muslims have traditionally accepted the existence of a plurality of opinions on various aspects of their religion. While one may hold a certain opinion to be more authoritative as compared to others, there is nothing in the Islamic sources that encourages a Muslim to disparage the views of others.

            It was this acceptance of diversity that was a distinguishing feature of the great Islamic civilization. Muslims now need to revive the ethics of disagreement which was in the past, a hallmark of Islamic thought.

            Let us reject attempts to divide and conquer Muslims
            Let us say NO to sectarianism and hate, let us reject attempts to divide and conquer us. Next time if you see someone promoting hatred and sectarianism and making fun of others do not laugh and support them. Have the courage to tell them not to divide Muslims and instead focus their energies on our real enemies. The pious Shia and Sunni leadership is unanimous in asking their followers to unite, it is high time that we listen to them and stop getting exploited by agents of imperialism no matter how holy they look and how articulate they sound.

            The recent visit by Sunni scholars to the Shia victims of Quetta was a slap on the face of those who attempt to divide and conquer Muslims

            The Shia leaders have instructed their followers to either convert the Sunnis to Shiism or make them pay. I had one scream and yell at me to convert. Their ultimate goal is not freeing the Palestinians as they claim , but to control Mecca , and desecrate and remove the graves of the prophet Mohammeds (pbuh) companions. The Quran says their is no compulsion in religion, righteousness stands out from misguidance. (This verse is straight after the most powerful verse in the Quran, ayat ul kursi. This makes freedom of religion very important point in the eyes of Allah(swt). Christians are happy being Christians , Shia are happy being Shia, so too the followers of the Sunna of the prophet are happy with their religion believing they are true Muslims.
            We can all come to common terms between us, but if their is murder and oppression , then it is the duty of every righteous Believer to fight with with his wealth and or his body, until the oppression has ceased.

            The world is in a sad state, mainly due the the design the UN ( the victors of world war 2)) created in the Middle East. It was not long ago American presidents embraced and continue to fund the oppressive leaders there. Now that the people have risen against this failed design, and so will lose all influence in the region with the yearning call for re establishment of the Caliphate. They are allowing genocide as punishment for their rejection. That is the way they operate . Just as we saw Palestine being punished by Israhell, for electing Hamas so too are Muslims being punished for resisting conformation to serve UN and Israhell interests.

          55. man-o-war Avatar

            If their your friends and business associates, why even bring up religion?

          56. Apparently these particular characters were trying to save my soul, , but I do admit , not all are the same.
            I try to Only talk about religion to those who are interested, at the appropriate times.
            But we must admit when worshipping god becomes a 24/7 obedience process, then the subject gets raised often, because we will be accountable for keeping quiet in matters concerning god, especially when questions are asked, or bad information his spread.

          57. man-o-war Avatar

            If religion is a 24/7 process and you feel its your duty to defend your faith, then it would only make sense to surround yourself with only Muslims. Otherwise, bringing up religion with non-Muslims will only lead to heated arguments. It’s pretty darn difficult to convince someone otherwise who is steadfast in their faith and feel they have God on their side. It’s a no win situation.

            I personally can’t stand bible thumpers. If I want to find out more about a religion I will do my own research or I will come to you and ask questions.

          58. Your are right ,a lone stray sheep is vulnerable target to the wolves, so I try to surround myself with family and brothers in faith. I try not to hang out with non Muslims because their lifestyle is different to mine, but I still do mix well in society. But I don’t want to live the lifestyle of the average non Muslim, because it condraticts my believe. As far as bible thumping or preaching goes, if you don’t want to read my posts , I can’t force you, but I am glad you do.
            May Allah bring us closer together, for only he can change hearts.

          59. IraniAngel Avatar

            i am so tired of ur god who happens to be mine too. yonno why? bcoz all he does is to tell me to do/not to do this n that widout giving me anything in return!!!!

          60. IraniAngel, thank you for your interest , it will be hard for me to change your perception of Islam considering how deep your hatred for Muslims is, assuming it is based on the sum of your experiences but I’ll try.,
            I take it you are an atheist so , you will need to reasearch more about god to increase your faith. Once you believe and are obedient to god, he can offer you contentment in this world and the next. I’m not saying life is not a struggle, because it is for everybody . But you’ve head of the saying no pain , no gain, well that’s life my friend. But including god (the Light) in your life , will have its benefits.. Including guidance of the soul and happiness…..

            I3- But his clarion voice still speaks his message.
            His love and wisdom still pour forth
            Without stint the inexhaustible Treasures
            Of Allah, for whosoe’er will bring
            A purified heart to receive them.
            And ne’er did the world, impoverished
            By its own wayword lusts and greed
            Need those treasures more than now!
            Injustice, oppression, wrong and hate.
            Still does Arrogance deaden Conscience,
            Rob struggling souls of e’en the crumbs
            Of pity, and make of loathsome flesh
            And crumbling dust, fair seeming Idols
            For worship. Still does Ignorance blow
            A mighty horn to try to shame
            True wisdom. Still do man drive Slaves-
            Protesting smoothly the end of slavery!
            Still does greed devour the substance
            Of helpless ones within her power.
            Nay, more- the fine individual Voice
            Is smothered in the raucous din
            Of Groups and Crowds that madly shout
            What they call slogans New-
            Old falshoods long discredited.
            4- What can we do to make Allah’s Light
            Shine forth through the Darkness around us?
            We must first let it shine in our own true Selves
            With that Light in the niche of our inmost hearts
            We can walk with steps both firm and sure:
            We can humbly visit the comfortless
            And guide their steps. Not we but the Light
            Will guide! But oh! The joy of being found
            Worthy to bear the Torch, and to say
            To our Brethren:” I too was in Darkness
            Comfortless, and behold, I have found
            Comfort and Joy in the Grace Divine!”

            5- Thus we should pay the dues of brotherhood-
            By walking humbly, side by side,
            In the ways of the Lord,
            With mutual aid and comfort,
            And heartfelt prayer,
            Backed by action,
            That Allah’s good Purpose
            In us all together!
            May be accomplished

          61. IraniAngel Avatar

            shia = sunni both r stupid n will never learn to live side by side peacefully. who cares anyways let ’em kill each other all they like

          62. man-o-war Avatar

            I care! The killing and hate directly effects my homeland and world peace.

          63. IraniAngel Avatar

            if the shias n sunnis all kill each other then eventually the wars going on in ur homeland will stop, u just have to wait for it

          64. Becareful not to lower yourself as the Quran says,

            “As He has already revealed to you [believers] in the Scripture, if you hear people denying and ridiculing God’s revelation, do not sit with them unless they start to talk of other things, or else you yourselves will become like them: God will gather all the hypocrites and disbelievers together into Hell”.

          65. My hero. I bet had the person being bashed was a Shite or Christian, you would have joined in. Because that’s the kind of people you really are. Go spin your crap elsewhere because the stench is unbearable.

          66. Your hatred is going to consume u. I hope u learn to love other humans the same way u love shites.

          67. The only people who spin crap r u and datem and hind. It’s hilarious reading your comment accusing others of spinning crap when you haven’t provided proof for ur biased rumours which were said only to cause hatred and division amongst people. Hell has a special place for people that start trouble.

          68. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            Ignore as much as you like just don’t decapitate them.

          69. Was there really a need for that? Grow up please.

          70. MekensehParty Avatar

            Open your eyes, the division is and has been!
            Stating facts is stating facts.
            Hiding the truth is the sin.

          71. Stating facts is stating facts. What does that even mean? So u would walk up to a fat lady and tell her she is obese purely coz ur “stating facts”. Enough of ur troublemaking and stirring. Go do humanity a favour and neck urself ur child killer.

          72. MekensehParty Avatar

            For someone who is very blunt in pointing fingers and accusing based on prejudice only I find your sudden sensitivity to the feelings of a fat lady a bit misplaced and totally hypocritical…
            The later being the only characteristic you have consistently shown.

          73. Trying to deflect from your ridiculous “stating facts is stating facts” ramble but it’s not working for u

          74. MekensehParty Avatar

            I understand. Stating facts as they are antagonizes everything a hypocrite believes in…

          75. man-o-war Avatar

            How do the moderate Muslims go about repairing their tainted image?

          76. 5thDrawer Avatar

            They probably need to be like Christians were, and simply ALL stand up, and say: “Get the hell out of my bedroom.’

          77. MekensehParty Avatar

            They immigrate…

          78. man-o-war Avatar

            What are your views on freedom of religion? Can I pray to a tree or a rock if I wish in a Islamic caliphate (the good interpretation)?

            Can new churches be built? As I understand it, in KSA no churches are allowed to be built and Christians must pray in secret. Not that the KSA is a shining representation of Islam (at least I hope not).

          79. 5thDrawer Avatar

            hohoho Man-O … I would guess so … wasn’t it war-game who had the rocks whispering at us the other day? 😉

          80. man-o-war Avatar

            What’s up with the hohoho’s ? Christmas has passed Santa ; )

          81. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Hehehe sounds feminine ,,,, and Christmas passed under ice this year. Santa’s sleigh slid off the runway … 😉

          82. man-o-war Avatar

            Hohoho! Yes, definitely more manly. Santa needs some winter tires, hohoho ; )

          83. it is only our duty to warn against going the wrong path, not to force people . Always must be nice, such was the example of our prophet(pbuh)
            60:8 Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just.

          84. Jeshurun Avatar

            ….and yet you worship no true god and your prophet was no prophet at all. Allat wants her fictional daddy back…….
            Revelation 16:13
            And I saw from the mouth of the dragon, and from the mouth of the beast, and from the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs.

          85. man-o-war Avatar

            “Allat wants her fictional daddy back” what does that mean? Did you come here to tell everyone that yours is the correct path to heaven?
            How do you know who the true god is?

          86. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            I like this version of islam I think it may work, are you positive this is legitimate islam?

          87. MekensehParty Avatar

            As if Syria was a model of secularism hahaha
            Some facts about the “secular” regime you so like to wrongly portray
            On top of the pyramid are a group of Alawites reigning supreme, owning all businesses and running all institutions. Other Alawites that are not big fans of the Assad dynasty are left in their misery.
            Next come corrupt and very few Sunnis, Christians, Druze… Who, by swearing allegiance to the Assads, gain favors in return and become de-facto dukes on their communities, giving the illusion of secularism while in fact they all live under a Damocles sword. As soon as they show signs of disloyalty they disappear or if they’re lucky enough they get exiled.
            Then comes the population in general, second class citizens of all religions living under the boots of the Assads mokhabarat.
            Finally, the third class citizens the Kurds and Palestinians who have as much rights as the stray dogs.
            Very secular indeed…

          88. wargame1 Avatar

            The Syria incident is a huge event and this will end when Jesus(peace be upon him) descend in Damascus and then kill the AntiChrist(Dajjal). Then there will be peace. But prior to that some major war will happen around this region. A meteorite will hit Syria near the Euphrates river on 15th Ramadan 2015 (This is my tentative calculation),about 70000 people dies and 70000 become deaf due to the sonic boom. The impact makes the Euphrates river reveal a mountain of gold , the greedy parties fight and die for it. In short the tribulation in Egypt begins , Al-Qaeda Iran and Syrian regime attacks Saudi Arabia, Roman invasion in Egypt in Alexandria,Many other battalion from the middle east coming in this region. The Romans are defeated in Alexandria then they land in Palestine and second battle begins , Romans are defeated again and then the Romans ask for a reconciliation to the Muslims to attack the common enemy such as Iran ,Iraq and some other common enemy. Al-Qaeda is destroyed completely. By that time Bashar is gone and Muslims capture Syria.The Romans break the treaty and invade all Syria except Mataq Mountain in Homs and Damascus. The final battle begins , the mother of all battle. Solders from Saudi Arabia arrives and many other solders too. A huge number of Roman solders defects and join the Muslim Army. The angry Roman demands the solders back with no avail. This will be the battle which no one has ever seen before. Countries around the world will team up against the Muslims and the Muslims will be in the verge of defeat and then Allah send help and the Romans are defeated but the good Romans remains victorious with the Muslims. A group of Jews join the Muslim Army. Antichrist emerges and stard his war and atrocities. After that Jesus descends in the Grand mosque in Damascus. Jesus pursues the Antichrist and kill him at a place called Lood today its Bengorian Airport.
            Well, These are my understanding from the prophesy and I can be wrong in calculating dates and the sequence of events. So take it easy.

          89. man-o-war Avatar

            Wow! Much wider conflict than I ever imagined. Are the Romans zombies? I thought the Roman empire collapsed a long time ago.

            Well crap, I guess mekenseh was right. I better invest in a popcorn company and make sure I’m as far away from that region as possible.

            According to you there is no resolution to the Syrian conflict, at least no until the arrival of Jesus. God help us all!

          90. wargame1 Avatar

            The Romans are alive and well. Prophet Isaac (peace be upon him) had two Sons Esau and Jacob. They were twins. Esau was red/White in appearance and Jacob (peace be upon him) Was Brown/Black. The descendant of Esau are the Romans. They are also called Edomites. In Arabic they are called Banu Al Asfar i.e.Yellow reddish people due to their hair/skin color. According to the Bible One of the wives of Easu was a daughter of Ishmael(peace be upon her) her name was Bazemath. So some of the descendant of Easu has Arab blood in their maternal side. Today the European USA Canada Australia people are the Romans. And I believe the Syrian people have the Roman lineage through Bazemath. Esau didnt have prophethood but he had some good qualities too.

          91. wargame1 Avatar

            Nu’aym ibn Hammad narrated from Ibn Muhayriz that he said: “The Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) said: “Persia will only take one or two thrusts, and then there will be no Persia after that. But the Romans will have many generations: whenever one generation goes, another one will take their place.”

            We can witness this event today in USA Canada European Union ,Australia etc. I have doubt about the Russians and I am not sure whether they are Romans or Turks. Iranian Empire didnt expand after their defeat against the Arabs.

          92. wargame1 Avatar


            Muslim narrated from al-Mustawrid al-Qurashi that he said: “I heard the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) saying: “The Hour will come when the Romans are the majority of people.”
            So ‘Amr ibn al-‘As said to him: “Watch what you say.” He said: “I say what I heard from the Messenger of Allah ”
            He said: “If you say that, it is because they have four qualities: they are the most able of people to cope with tribulation, the quickest of them to recover after an affliction, the readiest of them to return to battle after fleeing, and the best of them to the poor, the orphan and the weak. And they have a fifth good quality: they are the strongest of them in resisting the oppression of kings.”

            The above mentioned qualities clearly can be seen among the Romans of today although the Romans are infiltrated by the Ashkenazim Jews thus they can not keep up their good qualities like in the past.

          93. wargame1 Avatar

            The Syrian tyrant will be captured and killed and this incident may take place in mid 2015 , but again this is my calculation of the timeline. The Syrian tyrant will be killed by the Muslim Leader Al-Mahdi i.e. the Guided one. This man is a normal person who will be a descendant of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) There is another Fantom 12 Imam of 1200 years old who is also called mehdi. The sunnis are NOT waiting for that being.

          94. man-o-war Avatar

            What happened wargame? I asked you some questions and then you disappeared. Maybe you actually do have a real job. I guess when you have some more free time you will respond.

          95. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Like the tree, he had to ‘water’ himself. 😉

          96. Are you referring to the 150 year old tree nusra chopped down because they said people were worshipping it?

          97. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Actually, I was thinking of a ‘cherry tree’. 😉

          98. 5thDrawer Avatar

            But chopping any tree that produces fruit is not a great idea, is it … hmmm …

          99. man-o-war Avatar

            It’s a horrible thing. I can’t imagine why someone would want to chop down a fruit bearing tree. The tree dateam is talking about was an oak, they make acorns right? With a little work I hear acorns can be a tasty nut.

          100. 5thDrawer Avatar

            not popular … work … leave ’em for the squirrels … :-)))

          101. True story, My elderly neighbor had a fig tree in front of his house and one day my mom saw him with a saw chopping it down, she had a fit and asked him why he cut it and he replied “it was too old and all the figs made a mess ” a week later he went to home depot and bought and planted another fig tree only 2 feet tall.
            I said to my mom If senility is what I have to look forward to I am pulling the plug at 50… which doesnt leave much time for me 🙁 sorry no stutz Bearcat to leave you but I will leave my fave when I check out Detomaso Mangusta

          102. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Under each, spread a clean sheet …
            Only shake the tree.
            Drive over the old idiot.
            Collect in the sheets. 🙂
            (Don’t use the ‘Mangusta’ …)

          103. Are cherries allowed to be eaten? I know cucumbers and bananas are now banned for women?

          104. Aww, c’mon … you must be kidding!

          105. I wish i was…do you guys live in the states? I cant believe use havent heard this crap along with stuff like jihad nikah and all the other stuff.

          106. 5thDrawer Avatar

            They only heard about George Washington’s cherry tree. 😉

          107. You know dateam, I heard the same thing and it made sick to my stomach. I keep asking what kind of a sick religion would forbid a woman to enjoy fruit created by God. Maybe Nagy can enlighten us seeing though he and ASSir are so close.

          108. Its never the religion its humanity thats lost the plot…interpretations being made and brainwashing of people…poverty, lack of education , employment, iliteracy. Its used to keep the populace at a certain level far enough away from excuse the pun the forbidden fruits.

          109. 5thDrawer Avatar

            You MUST be kidding. Anyone who believes that line IS brain-dead.
            And Farq heard it too? WHERE?
            Is that Boko Haram again??

          110. Ok il put it another way…the “religion” is there whether muslim,christian,jew or whatever. Lets all agree that religion is supposed to teach respect, kindness and humility….if we agree to that then the rest is not considered religion its manipulation and deceit.

          111. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Dateam .. I was still thinking about the ‘cherries’.
            Eating them has always been fun 😉 … but not allowing women to do the same, and adding bananas and cucumbers to the verboten-list, is REALLY too much.

          112. MekensehParty Avatar

            How about you agree to leave your religions aside and concentrate on your humanity and its already tough conditions? Try it, might get you somewhere… (the 21st century maybe).

          113. 5th, I actually heard a salifist cleric issuing a fatwa. It f@&king disgusted me the level of their brain mentality. You hit the nail on the head. Brain dead.

          114. Here we go more unsubstantiated rumours. First of all where did u hear this “salafi” and how did u know he was salafi? And why did he tell u this “fatwa”? Again just BS designed to create hatred. Is this the “jihad” u were talking about teaching ur poor kids?

          115. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            As long as the battery capacities are below 24 volts, then yes. Otherwise they may be exposed to too much enjoyment.

          116. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Did you ever notice the Middle East (Lebanese) bananas are shorter than the South American? 😉

          117. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            SO are the cucumbers

          118. which tree? The one they chopped down because thay said people were worshipping it?

    2. Hind Abyad Avatar
      Hind Abyad

      2 days before the Geneva “Peace Conference2”.. why we never heard about it before?

      Syrian Peace talks are all part of the War. Boths sides are using the meeting in Montreux
      to declare military goals rather than ceasefire.

      Now International backers mark a new phase in the conflict, working directly with the commanders, one commander of the Supreme Military Counsel said: Everyone is offering us funding and weapons, we used to have no weapons whit witch to figth the regime, but now the stocks are full.
      US and Gulf Countries giving weapons and cash to Opposition to figth Al Qaeda out of Opposition is going to figth on all fronts. The world has became crazy, how much moore blood the Israeli vampire need from thie region?
      I wonder how people in the West would feel living forever in War since WW1 ?

      1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

        A Syrian Journalist asked the Syrian foreign minister how come your troops have not attacked Dahwash where the Jihadists are located and not too far from the syrian army, He refused to answer it after asking over 50 times. The journalist told him i will even give you coordinates so you can hit them hard. why is the Syrian army not attacking jihadists instead of innocent civilians>> i bet you never heard of it either and you prefer to play dumb ignorant you are anyway..

        1. man-o-war Avatar

          Nag, why do you feel it necessary to add the last part of your post. I’m pretty sure your point came across just fine without it. Or do you just enjoy antagonizing people?

          1. Why do u pick on certain people but not others? There’s a certain person on here who calls anyone who doesn’t agree with it every name imaginable but you’ve never picked on that. Consistency please

          2. man-o-war Avatar

            I don’t really see how I’m picking on Nagy in my comment, but ok, I will try and be more consistent. He had a valid point, but then he threw in a jab at the end. I asked about why he felt that was necessary. Thats all.

        2. Heres one for you…2 armenians came to their village to check on their homes…they were caught by nusra or whatever they are…they were told they had to become muslims or die….they gave the prayer to convert…they didnt believe them so they went to the leader of the group who then came in and shot them both in the head. Their families came to claim their bodies to bury them and trhey were told they couldnt because they are muslim now and have to br buried as muslims….heres another one i saw the clip 6 mean beheaded and they were kicking their heads around the ground like soccer balls..”.i bet you never heard of it either and you prefer to play dumb ignorant you are anyway..” you want to compare a foreign minister not giving away military targets to journalists to this?

          1. Another rumour spreader. Is your life that sad?

          2. No its not actually….whats sad is your denial that these things are not happening.

          3. Ok very easy to settle this. Provide proof and do so every time u choose to make claims that are done only to cause hatred.

          4. 5thDrawer Avatar

            No it didn’t … just needed a comma after the ‘No’.

          5. Head ball??

          6. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I didn’t know the official name … never saw the game before.

          7. Game? Not sure what u mean. I was talking about grammar
            If I’m denying it not happening then that means I’m admitting to it coz its a double negative.

          8. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Oh… right .. I was on the ‘no/not’ end of that. 😉 Too tired. I’m out.

          9. Lol good night old man 🙂 xx

          10. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            That’s what she does all day long, denying and calling it “rumors spreaders”

          11. Very easy to provide proof if u r honest but when u make things up its not so easy hence y u and him resort to attacks.

          12. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            I read it in a direct tweet from volunters activist organisation in Aleppo, they
            found out also their business was taken, the naive Armenian couple, Wanis
            and husband Livonian abu Minas 38, with a son and a daughter, went to negociate with the Emir at Aleppo Sharia Commetee, they were arrested at
            once when it discovered they were Armenians, they were told that they will
            appear before a judge.
            The judge was a gun, and the veredict was two bullets in the head, some volunters ngo managed to locate their bodies being held in the Aleppo Sharia Commitee, wich refused, they said “this is impossible they declared thir Islam
            they are martyrs and should be burried in a proper way, according to Sharia”. Verry scary.

          13. Was that where u read the HR report? So u expect people to believe u after having proven urself as a fraud and a cheat. Please screenshot this tweet u r now claiming to have read.

          14. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            What!!! Why you come to vegetate?

  2. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Reminds me of another little song …. old one …
    ‘He’s dead, but he won’t lie down.’

  3. Is this fool serious, does he really think his demands will be heard. He is a puppet on a string that will do as his told.

    1. Did you know this guy was in jail before 2011 for running drugs and prostitution rings in syria. Saudis got him released before this all started and look where he is now…half the problem the opposition had was the saudis wanted this man to be the head. They got their way i guess.

      1. Where did they get him released from? Please provide proof. All you do is spread lies and rumours like an old woman.

        1. I don’t see you defending HA when they get blamed for every atrocity in Lebanon with no proof. Oh sorry, I forgot, they are Shites. My bad.

          1. HA isn’t on here spreading lies and rumours like u and datem. Plus HA has quite clearly designated itself a purely shite terrorist group so I can’t defend them in all honesty. If they were an all inclusive group that cared about others and not just shites then I would but they made their choice and u asking me to defend terrorists is ludicrous.

          2. Is that your way of getting out of it. Far enough Mr or Mrs biased. Tell me, do you think beheading innocent people is wrong. Now be careful how you respond because only the Sunni’s behead.

          3. I’m still waiting for u to provide proof of ur rumours or to admit u only said them to cause hatred and stir trouble. Again is this any indication of the “jihad u teach ur children”?

          4. man-o-war Avatar

            Proof of what?

          5. I’m out atm but one comes to mind, the alleged assault at the shopping centre.

          6. man-o-war Avatar

            I don’t have any proof of that, but here is an interesting news piece.


          7. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Used to be an Australian ‘public street’. Fat thug evidently. The gang mentality grows, as it will. Ghettoization of immigrants has never been the best idea either. But there should be a lot more thought about where they can come from.

          8. “Sunni extremists” but “moderate alawites”. The title itself is biased which explains the point of view this is trying to portray. “Both sides have committed atrocities”. Can u imagine saying that about the Jews during world war 2? Enough of the propaganda and that still doesn’t confirm the rumour farq is spinning.

          9. man-o-war Avatar

            I understand what you’re saying about the title, but thats the title given by the person who uploaded it. It has nothing to do with the actual news report. And yes it doesn’t confirm the rumor, which I stated when I posted it.

          10. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I guess the Australian Cops just have to go in and beat the hell out of ALL of them then. Best way, right? They might learn to take that sectarian crap somewhere else. It’s bothering the natives.
            Send the Fat Fathead on a ‘walkabout’ with Mick Dundee … there’s a river he could bath in, in the outback ;-)))

          11. That was very smart of him to take the film crew to their premises and start calling them terrorists and Wahhabis and telling them they should go back to Saudi Arabia
            He’s next performance will be him jumping in the lions den and taking a cub of its mother.

          12. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Modern ‘in your face’ journalism … paparazzi specialty-style.
            You like it when they catch Prince Harry or Justin Bieber doing weird things. :-)))
            “everyone on the cell phones’ togetherness. :-)))))

          13. Lol how did u know I like it when they catch those two? That Harry is one sexy man.

          14. 5thDrawer Avatar


          15. Beiber is turning into a sexy man but still acts childish

          16. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Same problem as all these idiots.
            Lots of money for ‘toys’, and no-one has said ‘NO’ to him for years.
            Surrounded by the ‘paid gang’.

          17. Lol u could easily have been describing assaad. I don’t know if Beiber does this in Canada but when he is here he likes to graffiti buildings. He did it in Queensland a few months back and the mayor forced him to scrub it off. Lucky he wasn’t in Syria.

          18. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Indeed. He’d be singing a different tune there after. Perhaps soprano. 😉
            Or he’d become a basketball star. 😉 (stretched out …)

          19. man-o-war Avatar

            Barabie, the film crew works for a news station. They want a juicy scoop and this guy probably called them up and mentioned the threats he had been receiving. They were exchanging insults. I guess the big guy fell into the PR trap the Alawite man set up for him. He wasn’t helping the situation, he could have gone back in his store and ignored it, instead he helped make more of a scene and acted like a thug.

          20. This comment you have made is exactly why we arabs are we are at. You see only your version of events in spite of what wrongs are being done. Under the rule of law the man has done nothing wrong whther he brought a mufti priest tv crews or ronald macdonald. This pig spat on him and then hit him. So now tell us if he was beheaded would that be ok? Honestly its pitiful i really feel sorry for you and your like.

          21. Lol what a lame attempt to portray me as biased. Your own comment reeks of sectarianism. Your side is a “man” but the other side is a “pig”. Then you babble on about having a right to go antagonise a “pig” and when that “pig” responds u cry like a baby. I would love to see how u react if someone came to ur business and started calling u a sectarian pig.
            Then when you couldn’t think of anything more intelligent u throw in the beheading coz ur side doesn’t hang teenagesr for allegedly being gay and rape those alleged gay teens the night before the public hanging, that have gone wrong on numerous occasions. U r truly a hypocrite and a “person” who needs psychiatric help.

          22. And I am still waiting for evidence supporting ur hate inciting rumours. Just remember there r laws against inciting hate

          23. One more thing under the rule of law he is guilty of harassment but of course that escapes your “unbiased” opinion.

          24. I just can’t believe Australian people accept this shit. I’ve never heard of anything like this happening in the US. These sunni thugs should go fight in Syria, Australia will get rid of them and HA will eliminate them. Win Win

          25. 5thDrawer Avatar

            And then, we could also visit Dearborn Michigan USA. :-)))))

          26. Dearborn is nice place. The best Shawarma, people are nice nothing like this shit you see in Australia.

          27. I like your way of thinking Libnan. -:))))

          28. dotyoutubedotcom/watch?v=2ePzcGBSGBU#t=29 This what you call a true believer

      2. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
        Maborlz Ez-Hari

        Perfect he has all the required credentials another tick in the box.

      3. Hind Abyad Avatar
        Hind Abyad

        It makes me laugh, the absurtity, the farcical “serious concerns” over Syria by US-Saudi. Records show that Riad handed over “suspect” Ahmad al Jarba to Damascus in 2008,
        on charges of drug trafficking in accordance with the extradition agreement between Saudi and Syrian Security Services. Jarba used to run brothels.

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          Well Hind … I guess he doesn’t think the bodies are in good enough condition for ‘the house’. :-)))))

          1. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Look below..a very short post with a minuscule link, awayting moderates,
            i clicked on it doesn’t need intelligence to “click”.
            How come manowar has no trouble posting urls? Hum?

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            He changes the .co to .Co

          3. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Don’t look below, it’s gone! I said yesterday i will change tactics.

          4. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            You remember my stalker, “Malmequer”, he was like my shadow, i would say ‘Hi! to someone and down goes klik, now i have another stalker wahabarbi..
            I want to tell you “look bellow”, is gone. so i will change like you.

          5. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Cleaning bird cages. :-)))
            Really Hind, it wasn’t supposed to be ‘social networking’ here. The idea was to discuss what’s wrong with Lebanon and try to fix it.
            Oh … right … a ‘Confessional Social Environment’. :-)))))))

          6. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            You call that dicussing? Fixing? Hurling obscenities on somebody’s rigth to free speech? My God ..yes keep your Leborigine, your nags, bahariaba, your clans
            and stone anyone who’s not Exactly as he expected to be, that’s sectarianisn.
            Tomorow i will write the report, as you did url or adress

          7. Omg look who is complaining about hurling obscenities. The queen of obscenities.

          8. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            : ) hihi

  4. Listen Ahmed Jarba shit head, after watching the beheading may God help HA get rid of you bastards you deserve nothing but extinction. The world should step up to help get rid of all Sunnis and then let God determine who is bad and who is good.

    1. man-o-war Avatar

      ‘The world should step up to help get rid of all Sunnis”, the video has you seeing blood. Take a breather, clam down and rethink what you wrote.

    2. U should change ur color to red seeing u love blood so much. Again u manage to b disgusting but even more than last time.

  5. man-o-war Avatar

    If you have extra time, watch this.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Old guy falls asleep watching … :-))) Nothing ‘new’ in that, unfortunately. The Brits seem to have failed themselves. AND any appreciative immigrant who is not like the assholes.

      1. man-o-war Avatar

        Yeah, a little slow and nothing new. Just the mentality of some Muslims living in western lands is Absurd.

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          OK Man-O …. Finally got through it. Quite good, I think. Have to say the lady really tries to have some understanding … but in the end, and once again, she concludes correctly – everyone interprets ‘the words’ in their own way. And describes their feelings in it differently. The one thing she feels would help is in having people actually talk to each other. And BE educated.
          The ignorant Brit is as bad as the ignorant Immigrant. Both are ‘swayed’ by the ‘radical element’ easily too. And neither of those sides will ever accept ‘truth’ of the differences in humanity. MOST CAN live with each other.
          Her little ‘fling’ with going in disguise was a brave bit. Reminds me a little of the man who coloured himself as a black man in the USA to ‘feel’ (in that case for a long time with no ‘back-up’) what it was like just to stand and ‘appear’ to be on the ‘other side’. She was uncomfortable in a day – but also from having to wear more on a usually free head.
          Of course, I could say it’s all on the sign of the Mosque. 😉 There IS no Deity.
          Only the words of Man.

      2. man-o-war Avatar

        Did you catch wargames Prophecy post?

    1. man-o-war Avatar

      These are the guys the FSA has turned on, hope they crush them. Hopefully Assads troops assist them in combating these turds.

      1. Hind Abyad Avatar
        Hind Abyad

        Europe was calling us barbarians…
        The Culture of Sectarianism: community, history and violence in 19th century.
        1960 “Disturbances in Syria” were debated in the British parliament..

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          And obviously no-one got anything out of the debates even THAT far back. :-))))

          1. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            How could they, later in WW1 the British changed lines puting Shia tribes with Sunni tribes, in Mesopotamia (Irak).. in Arabia they helped Wahabi ibn Saud
            most extremist branch of Islam conquer Arabia, from the Hashemites moderate Islam..and here we are Wahabi Rats rule all over creating chaos.
            Wahabi are Christian killers

    2. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Man. I thought I got away from UTube stuff … was never enough massage parlour and crappy beaches stuff anyway, but there must be a billion ‘interesting’ things there now, I guess; now that the overpopulated world is blowing up.
      Check out The Ukraine lately for different and nicer faces. 😉

  6. Hind Abyad Avatar
    Hind Abyad

    As a child i was always wondering about Arab enmity and hatred about their own kin, now i fully understand the extent of the “problem”, and how Israel is riding Herd on all Arab States surrounding. Another thing got me was the deep, realy deep understanding of the Arab psyche by Tel Aviv,
    is sarcastic, lifts the veil and take a good look at Midlle East problem.
    Why are the Christians being killed by terrorists? Why are they becoming the victims of terror?
    And who’s sending them to Syria these terrorist to Syria?.
    Stupid chikengeagea said; they must be punished for supporting Assad, he’s Israel puppy,
    as he was in 1982 Sabra Shatilla. Saudis are Christians killers, they don’t want to alert Christians
    that they are killink Christians, that they are victims of persecution..all these wars made it very dificult
    for Christians minorities. The West want’s to clear the M.E. from the Christians showing they can’t live there, and make the ME a only Moslem M.E. for a justification to bring in the Zionists Christians..(their slaves). In 2011, Sarkozy told Al Rai who was red with anger; “prepare your people for an exodus to Europe”. How stupid be loosing time figthing between the Arabs do. The Wold is Kaput!

    1. And yet u keep avoiding what the shite government and militias in Iraq did to the Christians there. How they killed them and exiled them and made them second class citizens. Of course that doesn’t go with ur Wahhabi swan song.

  7. Izetta Strange Avatar
    Izetta Strange


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