Hariri urges Nasrallah to return to Lebanon and quit Syria


hariri on future TVDuring a televised interview Monday evening, former Lebanese PM and Future Movement leader MP Saad Hariri urged Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah to return to Lebanon, withdraw his forces from Syria and hand over the suspects in the murder of his father former PM Rafik Hariri.

He also said that he is prepared to participate in a cabinet with Hezbollah on the condition that the latter withdraw from Syria.

“There are radical differences with the March 8 group, and especially with Hezbollah. Hezbollah’s participation in Syria is igniting Lebanon, and Hezbollah knows it.” He said.

The Future Movement does not want to exclude any party. We told Hezbollah before that we are ready to give them the government they want but that they have to withdraw from Syria. We told them to form a neutral cabinet for people’s sake.

He said that discussions with his allies on forming a new cabinet are ongoing, after they expressed disagreement with his recent statement.

“Dialogue with our allies regarding the cabinet is still open…I hope Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea reconsiders his decision on this issue, and I am with him no matter what,” Hariri said.

Hariri continued: “I am a part of March 14, and nothing will separate me from it except death.”

Hariri stressed: “I refuse the existence of the ‘army, people, resistance’ clause in the ministerial statement…and I will not cover for the fighting in Syria, nor the illegal weapons, nor the suspects in the case of former Premier Rafik Hariri’s assassination.”

Commenting on Hezbollah’s role in Syria he said:
“There is one Takfiri only and it is Bashar Assad and all his supporters are also Takfiris.”

“Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah must return to Lebanon and withdraw from Syria, and also hand over the suspects in Rafik Hariri’s assassination.” He stressed

Hariri urged moderation

“Moderation is what will get Muslims out of this impasse. Extremism does not serve anyone and accusing Tripoli and Arsal of terrorism is nonsense.”

“Rumors saying I will cover for Hezbollah’s presence in Syria are not true and I am convinced that its involvement there brings chaos and destruction into Lebanon.” He said

“We have no problem with Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam or President Michel Suleiman regarding any issue, the only problem is with Hezbollah.” he added

However, the Hariri noted that “if Suleiman calls for dialogue, we will go,” adding: “We do not want to exclude anybody from the cabinet …things are on the right track and we will soon reveal the form of the cabinet.”

Hariri said that during the three times when the Future Movement was excluded, there was an economic recession in the country “because we are the experts on economy.”

The Lebanese Forces Party leader voiced their its refusal to join a government with Hezbollah.

In an interview on Monday Geagea stated that he does not agree with Hariri’s statement even though he agrees that “steps need to be taken towards solving the situation.”